The making of my wife, the cuckquean, part 2

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The making of my wife, the cuckquean, part 2
As my wife and I re-entered the main room of our beachside bungalow, our new friend Mia was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing just her panties, legs crossed and holding up one of my wife’s new purchases. It was a very sheer top that was cut to hang just below the waist.

“Mmm,” I said, still holding my wife’s hand, “That looks hot. Who is it for?”

“Oh, your lovely wife bought it” Mia relied, “She thought that you might like it.”

“Well then” I suggested, “Perhaps my wife should try it on for me?”

Mia smiled, stood and walked over to my wife. My wife was wearing her skimpy bikini and blushed slightly as Mia suggested that my wife remove her top and then told her to raise her arms. My wife hesitated but Mia reached around my wife’s torso, unclasped the bikini top and easily pulled the top away, revealing my wife’s small, yet perky breasts. These two lovely women were now standing topless on each side of me. I took-in this moment before canlı bahis it slipped from my grasp. Still wrapped in my towel, I turned to face Mia.

“Let’s NOT put that on her” I said, as I looked into Mia’s sexy eyes. “In fact, I think that we should remove her bottoms… and by ‘WE’, I mean you, Mia.”

Mia now got a very mischievous look in her eyes and my wife blushed more as Mia slipped her fingers into the waistband of my wife’s bathing suit bottoms. Mia slid just a couple of inches of the fabric down, exposing just the top of the clef of my wife’s succulent pussy and then stepped in and kissed my wife on her lips! To my surprise, my wife seemed to melt against Mia’s topless body as the two of them passionately kissed. I felt my own erection grow and press against the terrycloth fabric of the towel still wrapped around my middle. I wanted to see where this would go, but I also had other plans. As my wife and Mia kissed, Mia’s fingers still inside my wife’s elastic bathing bets10 suit bottom, I reached for the waistband of Mia’s panties and slid the thin material down over her shapely ass, down her long legs and to the floor, where Mia stepped out of them without breaking the kiss with my wife. I then whispered into Mia’s ear, loud enough that my wife could here.

“Finish undressing my wife” I said softly, yet confidently, “Then undress ME.”

Mia broke the kiss with my wife, leaving my wife’s lips wet with desire, and she quickly bent at the waist to remove my wife’s bathing suit bottom. As Mia was bent over and as my wife stepped out of the material around her ankles, my wife and I made eye contact… the look of excitement was written all over my wife’s face. I took the opportunity to do two things as Mia was still bent at the waist: I slid my fingers down between Mia’s ass cheeks, over her tight little rosebud and then easily slid my middle finger DEEP into Mia’s dripping bets10 giriş folds. Mia exhaled loudly and left no doubt as to where finger was resting. I then looked my wife straight in the eyes as I withdrew my finger and brought my slick middle finger to my wife’s lips, gently, yet firming, guiding it into my wife’s mouth. As my wife submissively licked my finger clean of Mia’s juice I added:

“You, my dear” I said while looking into my wife’s very excited eyes, “will be seated on the edge of the bed… and will be watching only.”

Mia then stood and I placed my arms around her ribs, then slowly slid my fingers up to her amble breasts and nipples.

“We will invite you to join in” I added, “once I am finished with Mia.”

My wife sighed yet her nipples hardened at hearing those words. Mia, who’s eyes were darting back and forth between my wife’s and mine, now slipped her fingertips into the towel around my waist. While looking deeply into my wife’s eyes, I nodded and Mia pulled the towel from my waist and my hard cock sprang free. Mia instinctively gasped and reached for its length.

“Go sit on the far edge of the bed” I directed, looking a my beautifully naked wife and pointing, “NOW.”

To Be Continued…

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