The Mind Control Device Chapter 21: Breeding Mind-Controlled Cuties

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The Mind Control Device

Chapter Twenty-One: Breeding Mind-Controlled Cuties

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Eve “Dusk” Michaels

Dolly execute pep rally speech and then lead the cheerleaders in getting fucked by the football team, I typed into the command queue as the pep rally at my college was underway. We were up against our rivals tonight, and the school was getting into the excitement. Cheerleader Squad One follow Dolly lead and fuck the football team.

There were so many new additions that had been added to the smartphone app for my daddy’s mind-control device. One of them was the queue system. It let you put in a bunch of commands and then execute them all at the same time. No more having to type fast.

Football Team fuck the cheerleaders once they are in position

There were also “groups” where you could give commands to specific people who had been clustered together into their own unique group names. It was such a fascinating thing. I loved using it. My pussy dripped cream and cum down my thigh. Daddy had pumped me full of cum.

Mrs. Carrie Faye will approach Dusk and offer to use an anal vibrator on her and lick her pussy clean

My second-period professor would be thrilled to do that. I had programmed her to love having sex with me. One of the first things I had done. I shuddered and tapped the screen, executing that command as the bleachers were getting settled by the students.

Dolly darted out from the cheerleaders, dropping her pompoms. I had the pep rally speech preprogrammed into the phone. It was all so fascinating all the extra features Daddy and Vivian had implemented. I found this all so exciting.

“Good afternoon, Thompson College,” she said, her large breasts bouncing. She wore only her pleated skirt like the other cheerleaders. Her tits heaved as she thrust her right arm in the air and then did a high kick, flashing a shaved, pregnant twat.

She was already knocked up with Daddy’s child. It had been two weeks since Daddy first mind-controlled me, but I wasn’t pregnant. Yet. I would be. Daddy would breed me. He had to. I was his slutty daughter.

“Are you ready to get wild!” Dolly demanded. “We’re going to crush those sniveling Wolverines! We’ll trample them and dominate them because our boys are the best!”

The other cheerleaders all whooped and did their own high kicks and jumps that sent their breasts jiggling and skirts flashing. The students were all excited, especially the boys, who were staring at the cheerleaders like a pack of ravenous dogs.

I smiled as Mrs. Faye approached me. She was a gorgeous, blonde woman in a low-cut blouse that showed off her big boobs to perfection. The MILF dressed to show off her married body. She had a saunter to her steps as I leaned back on my spot on the bleachers. The space before me was conveniently open.

Mrs. Faye ducked and smiled when I held up the anal vibrator she was supposed to use on me. Her eyes sparkled in delight as she climbed the steps and reached me. She took that vibe and licked the tip, her eyes glossy.

“I glad you have this,” she said. “I had the sudden urge that my favorite student needed her pussy licked and her ass fucked by one.”

“Mmm, you read my mind,” I said, smiling as she sank down on the bleacher before me. She was so gorgeous. My asshole clenched. The students cheered again at something Dolly said. I wasn’t paying attention.

Mrs. Faye adjusted her position. She was so sexy. The hot wife licked her hungry lips, staring at my pussy. My short skirt did nothing to cover my legs. My pussy dripped juices and cum that ran down my taint I shivered as she leaned her head in. Her blonde hair brushed my inner thighs. A shiver ran through me at that fleeting contact. I groaned, my cunt on fire.

Then she pressed her mouth into my twat. She licked up the cum leaking out of me. I moaned, pushing up my glasses. My pigtails slipped off my shoulder as the naughty professor lapped the incestuous spunk leaking out of me.

“Mrs. Faye,” I moaned.

“Okay, girls, let’s show the college how our football team dominates!” Dolly shouted, her breasts bouncing. “On your knees, bitches! Prepare to get fucked!”

I glanced at the girls, smiling to see all the cheerleaders save Dolly falling to their knees. She was Daddy’s. Only he got to fuck her at the college. But the rest of her cheerleaders were fair game save Courtney. She was on the other side of the basketball court where the pep rally was being held. She was eating out Vivian’s twat.

Vivian had a number of girls in her lesbian harem.

As the football players pulled out their cocks, half the team Black and hung, Mrs. Faye nuzzled the vibrator up between my butt-cheeks and rubbed it against my asshole. I groaned at the contact on my sphincter. She massaged it around in circles, stimulating me while licking the cum out of my pussy.

She licked. Lapped. She fluttered her tongue up and down my folds. She caressed me. Her lips stimulated my pussy. It was amazing to feel. The pleasure rushed through my body. I groaned, my toes curling. I leaned back, my breasts jiggling and swaying.

The vibrator turned on.

She pressed the buzzing toy against my anal ring. It widened to swallowed that humming shaft. It was incredible to experience. I closed my eyes shut and squeezed my thighs about her face, holding her to my twat.

“Mrs. Faye!” I moaned.

The crowd cheered as the football players rammed their cocks into the cheerleaders. Live porn for the entire student body to enjoy. Mom had taught me the thrill of it. I shuddered, my asshole melting around the anal vibrator while Mrs. Faye’s tongue thrust into my cunt. She scooped out jizz she found in me.

The blonde professor devoured me. The naughty hot wife knelt before me and worked that anal vibrator in and out of my asshole. She jammed the toy into the depths of my asshole. My bowels squeezed about it. I loved that buzzing grip. It sent such heat rushing through me. This wild pleasure that would have me melting.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as she worked that shaft in and out of me. She plunged it in deep. Hard. She buried it to the hilt in me. It was amazing to experience. “Oh, that’s it. You naughty professor. Oh, yes, yes, lick that cum out of me and make me cum.”

She moaned and feasted on me. The students cheered. The cheerleaders’ tits heaved as they were rammed hard from behind. Dolly pranced around them, her big boobs bouncing as she led the crowd in cheering on the football team.

My asshole clenched on the vibrator, gripping that buzzing shaft ramming into my anal depths over and over again. It felt amazing. The pleasure rushed through me. The heat built and built, this exciting burst of pleasure that would have me cumming so hard.

I groaned, clenching my bowels down on the anal vibrator. It plunged into me over and over again. The heat rushed through my body. The ecstasy blazed through me. I groaned as that toy buzzed way in my anal sheath. It was amazing to experience. The bliss from it melted throughout my cunt.

Her tongue plundered that delicious hole.

She licked. Lapped.

She scooped out Daddy’s cum. She devoured it, loving every moment of lapping out the cream in me. The pleasure rushed through my body. It was such a delight. The heat blazed in me. I groaned, my body shaking and shuddering. I wiggled my hips, loving every moment of it.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I gasped, squeezing my thighs around her face. “That’s it, Mrs. Faye. Mmm, use that naughty tongue. Lick my daddy’s cum out of me.”

“Such yummy cum,” she moaned. “Mmm, and such a yummy cunt, Dusk.”

“Yes, it is!” I moaned, my breasts jiggling in my blouse.

My orgasm swelled with every thrust of that anal vibrator into my bowels. It massaged my velvety flesh. The heat melted through my nethers to my cunt being devoured by the sexy teacher. The MILF scooped out Daddy’s cum with hunger. Her lips rubbed on my shaved pussy lips. They rubbed over my plump flesh as her tongue brushed my clit.

Sparks flared.

The football players pounded the cheerleaders. I watched them through lidded eyes, my orgasm swelling in my pussy. My bowels clenched down on the anal vibrator buzzing away in me. Mrs. Faye fucked that hard vibrator into my asshole. She buried into me while her tongue drove into my pussy.

“Mmm, no more cum,” she pouted. “Just your yummy pussy cream.”

“You love my pussy cream,” I moaned.

“You’re my favorite slut-student,” purred the professor. “Of course I do.”

She latched onto my clit and sucked. I gasped, my body bucking. My asshole squeezed tight about the vibrator. Its buzzing stimulated my anal flesh. She jammed it deep into me and stirred it around while nursing on my bud.

Sparks flared from my clit and showered across my pussy. I groaned, my breasts rising and falling. The pleasure swelled my orgasm. I was so close to detonating. The students were cheering on the football players.

“CUM! CUM! CUM!” began chanting around me. “CUM! CUM! CUM!”

“Cumming!” I squealed and arched my back.

My pussy convulsed. My juices gushed out. The naughty Mrs. Faye ducked her head down and licked up the cream flooding out of me. I groaned, my asshole rippling around the anal vibrator while the naughty professor lapped up my passion.

Stars burst across my eyes. I watched the football players busting their nuts in the cheerleaders. One after another, they flooded their cunts with spunk. Dolly was doing high kicks and shaking her pompoms as the studs threw back their heads and roared out their passion, their cheerleader-sluts gasping out their own rapture.

It was all drowned out by the students roaring, pumped up for the game. I bucked, my asshole writhing around the vibrator. It stimulated me, sending new bursts of pleasure rushing out of my cunt. More cream spilling into my cunt. It was a heady rush that washed through my body. I hit that screaming peak of ecstasy.

I floated there while the school’s pep showered around me. We would trounce the Wolverines. I trembled through the bliss, my hand gripping my smartphone. I fluttered my eyes as I typed in the next command.

Girls Slut Squad Three lick the cheerleaders clean

The girls who I had put in that slut squad all burst out of the stands. They were in all grades, just the right number of them for cleanup duty. They were all so eager to lick up those creampies left in the cheerleaders. I smiled, reveling in the power I had.

The power my amazing Daddy had given me. I was so lucky to have the best Daddy in the world. I would worship him with my body. My soul. I would give him everything tuzla escort I had. I hoped he had finally bred me.

I wanted to have his baby. A daughter. I would raise her to be his slut, too. She would please him from the moment she turned eighteen.


Dean Michaels

Monday morning, the college was still buzzing with the excitement at beating our rivals, the Wolverines, last Friday night. It had been an amazing game. The football team had been fired up. They knew what they would get if the won: gangbang the Wolverine cheerleaders.

And they had.

But now I was back in my classroom. I had the period open and was monitoring the newest device I had installed at the Stay Awake Cafe yesterday. I was expanding the network of mind-control devices through the community.

My door opened and Vivian walked in. “Well, you did it, Mr. Michaels,” my nerdy partner said. She folded her arms, shaking her head at me.”

“Did what?” I asked, amused. I leaned back in my chair.

“I’m pregnant.” She pulled a pregnancy test. “That’s Britney and me you’ve knocked up. Lesbians aren’t supposed to get bred by a guy. Not the old-fashioned way, anyways.”

“And you loved every minute of it,” I said with a smile.

A wicked grin cracked her lips. Beyond her, in the hallway, I spotted Courtney and Milena, two members of her lesbian harem. She always had at least a pair of them with her. Vivian had taken to wearing skirts and no panties to always be ready for them to please her.

“Well, the device at the barista shop is definitely working,” I said. “The girls are working topless and there are two women acting as community relief. Both of them are getting fucked hard.”

That was a deliciously wicked thing that I had done. Since the cafe prided itself on being a gathering place for the community, and since the baristas were busy making drinks, I put a command where any woman, if she felt inclined, could strip naked and let the community use her.

Men would fuck her. She’d eat women’s pussies. She would have no shame at all for the dirty and kinky things she did for as long as she chose to do them. And then she’d walk out of there and think fondly of it. No guilt or regrets.

Even if she got pregnant, she would be thrilled.

“The foreman texted me,” Vivian said. “The factory is going to come online today. They are ahead of schedule.”

“He got the device installed?” I asked. “I thought he was having trouble?”

“I had to walk him through a few steps,” Vivian said. She rolled her eyes. “I swear, he must have lied on his resume about his computer skills, but he’s got it now. The workers are being trained and all are under the specialty commands. They will be putting out new mind-control devices by the end of the day.”

“Good,” I groaned. “I’m getting tired of soldering motherboards.”

“Poor you,” she said. “You just want to fuck all those girls. How many have you bred now.”

“Counting you, six,” he said. “June and Kimmie are ecstatic though neither of my daughters have come up pregnant. Nor my wife, but she just went off the pill. I’m told that can mess things up for her for a month or so.”

Vivian shrugged. “I wouldn’t know.” She shifted her hips, staring at me.

“So, you’re pregnant, huh?” I asked, smiling.

“I am because you’re a horny man who made me want to fuck you.” She squeezed her thighs together. “My lesbians just aren’t cutting it.”

I winked at her then stood up. “Let’s go out and test the mobile device.”

“You have the prototype ready?” Vivian asked. Her eyes widened behind her glasses. Eager excitement crossed her face. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“To see that look on your face,” I said.

I grabbed my boxers and jeans, pulling them on, then a t-shirt. I spent much of my time teaching naked. It made it easier to reward my female students. Thanks to my incentive program, grades were up. My students were eager to learn to get the rewards.

Dolly was even doing good.

Dressed, I led Vivian out of my classroom. She dismissed her harem girls and sent them to class as we strode through the walls. We passed a pair of students fucking in the corner. That had to be June’s work. She would randomly *********** a boy and a girl and set them fucking somewhere on campus while she was in class learning.

She liked making people fuck as much as her mother did.

All three of the women in my family had a voyeuristic streak in them. Kimmie especially was having fun orchestrating crazy live porn that she filmed. She had her own website going now with people paying to watch her amateur smut.

I burst out into the parking lot and jumped into my SUV. I handed over the prototype to Vivian. It was down to the size of a cell phone. One of those older ones from the late nineties, early two thousands that were thick and bulky. It just couldn’t be slim like a modern smartphone. It needed to have the speakers in there to broadcast the infrasonic commands.

“This is nice work,” she said, turning it on. “Mmm, I see you had to modify my program a bit.”

“Just some tweaks,” I told her as I drove. “Nothing major. Why don’t we test it out by the coffee shop?”

“Sure,” Vivian said. She leaned back. “We’re going to be so rich once that factories online.”

“We have all the safeguards in place?” I asked her.

“Yes, yes,” she said. “That was a smart idea to add the ‘no hacking’ protocol.”

I smiled. My greatest fear was someone getting their hands on the control app and hacking their way into a higher user level and putting my family or me under their command, but anyone who heard the signal from the device would never want to do that. Simple solution.

Still, selling these devices was a risk. But it would be a profitable one.

I could steal the money, but I’d rather make it. There was no challenge in typing a command, and it felt wrong. It was like stealing was the strange, moral line that I didn’t want to cross. I didn’t want to commit teal theft that caused economic hardship to someone.

But letting them have fun was another matter.

I pulled into the parking lot at the Stay Awake Cafe and parked the car. The drive-thru line was bustling. I caught a glimpse of a topless barista handing out a drink. There were a lot of guys in the line. I smiled, glad their business was up.

Vivian and I headed up to the traffic light. The cars were flowing by on the main street, people heading about their day, oblivious to the power of my device in the coffee shop. I took back the portable device from Vivian and turned it on.

“What’s the range?” she asked.

“Good question,” I said. I put in a continuous command: All;if you are driving a car, honk your horn twice

I hit enter. Instantly, horns blared. Everyone in range driving a car hit their horn twice. I winced at the sound then a car honked twice. Another car. Another. I glanced at the traffic streaming by. You could see the moment the driver entered the range and hit the horn.

“Ten yards,” I said. “Not bad for this little thing. I ended the command.

Vivian rubbed at her ears.

“So it’s working. Let’s get some commands going.” I put up the ignore, incest, lust, jealousy, and obedience protocols into active. They were useful. People would ignore anything weird, incest would be seen as good, they’d be horny, would have no jealousy, and obey the highest tier of users, which was Vivian, my family, and me.

The light turned red. A car stopped. I glanced in it to see a brown-haired woman driving with a young woman in the passenger seat. The girl looked eighteen or nineteen, her hair the same shade of brown but frosted blonde at the tips. She was staring at her phone. The mother glanced over at her daughter, cheeks growing red. The mom squirmed.

So did the daughter.

I glanced at the phone and ***********ed the mom’s dot, labeled A4891C.

Climb out of the car and ask Dean to breed 501A4B then begin stripping 501A4B

I added that to the queue then tapped the daughter’s dot, 501A4B.

Climb out of the car and allow A4891C to strip you then be excited to be bred by Dean.

Lastly, I added ***********ed the mother’s dot again and added a final command:

After stripping 501A4B, fall to your knees and beg to eat out Vivian pussy

I executed the command string then shoved the portable device into my pocket. I felt it bulge there. The doors opened.

“Are we having fun?” Vivian asked, pushing up her glasses. Her short, black hair swayed about her shoulders as the mother walked around the car and the daughter fidgeted on the curb.

The mother stared right at me. “I’m so glad you’re here. I need you to breed my daughter.”

I smiled, loving the little additions mind-control people would add to rationalize what they’re doing.

“She’s eighteen, and she just needs to be bred by you, don’t you, honey?”

The girl blew a bubble with the gum I hadn’t realized she’d been chewing. It was a vibrant red and the scent of watermelon filled the air. Her bubbled popped and she said, “Yeah, I do. Ooh, strip me naked, Mom. I need this guy to breed me. He’s perfect.”

“You’re going to be hit up with the mother of all child support bill if you keep breeding girls, Mr. Michaels,” Vivian said, shaking her head as the brunette mother began pulling off her daughter’s blouse.

“Yes, I am,” I said.

A cop car appeared on the other side of the intersection. He was outside of the range, but I didn’t care. The cops in my town were all under my power. After the mall, I had installed devices in their precincts one after another. Every cop knew to let me have my fun.

I waved to him. He waved back.

The mother tossed her daughter’s blouse through the open passenger window. The girl’s breasts were plumper than I thought. Maybe C-cups. They were held in a purple bra that her brother reached behind to unhook.

Vivian fished the device out of my pocket and she typed something into the phone.

“Oh, your breasts are just so cute,” the mother said. She squeezed her daughter’s breasts. “Mmm, just perfect. You’re going to get Mr. Michaels so hard. He’s going to breed you.”

“He will, Mom,” the girl moaned then gasped as her mother leaned over and sucked on her nipple. Right here on the street corner.

I remembered how scared I was the first time I’d tested the mind-control device. I’d driven two hours from home to a park that had no surveillance systems. I wanted to make sure that no one could find me if things didn’t go wrong. Now, I was orchestrating things in plain sight. The portable device was working. Those who might object would have to enter its influence to stop us.

The tuzla escort bayan mother sucked for one last time on her daughter’s nipple. She popped her lips off, leaving the pink nub gleaming with spittle. The girl shuddered, her perky tits jiggling as her mother bent down and attacked the girl’s fly. She wore hip-hugging jeans, not unlike Dusk would wear before she went to all skirts.

Those were just better for letting me get my dick into Dusk’s cunt.

My cock ached as the mother pulled down those jeans. She tugged them, working them off slowly, fighting against the stretchy material. The daughter’s tits jiggled. She smiled at me, this winsome, little grin that just brimmed with hungry promise.

The mother pulled off the jeans, taking off the girl’s shoes in the process. She stood in her ankle socks until her mother pulled those off one by one while Vivian typed. With a hungry groan, the mother sucked one of her daughter’s toes into her mouth.

“Oh, Mom!” gasped the girl. “That’s nice, but I have to be bred. You have to get me naked.”

“Mmm, sorry,” the mother said while Vivian kept typing. “Your toes are just so cute. When we get home, I’m going to have to lick them and love them and play with them.”

“Did you just give her a foot fetish?” I asked.

Vivian grinned and bumped her hip playfully into mine.

The mother’s hands slid up her daughter’s sleek thighs. The girl’s round breasts jiggled. She whimpered, clearly the touch exciting her. The mother reached the purple panties the girl wore, white lace trimming the waistband. It added a nice contrast. The mother hooked the panties and drew them off.

The daughter was shaved and wet. Her tight slit had that delicious gleam of arousal. Vivian moaned beside me, licking her lips. We had similar taste in girls. We liked them barely legal, though Vivian also enjoyed older women. She liked fucking them with strap-ons while they went down on Britney.

Britney’s mother loved it.

Kimmie was the only woman my age I had much interest in. My wife had that youthful countenance. She had been blessed. She was perfect for me. And she did get off pretending to be that barely legal slut for me.

Naked, the girl bent over the hood of her car. She clenched her butt-cheeks, her pussy dripping juices down her thighs. She thrust a hand between her legs and parted her cuntlips with a pair of fingers. Her pink flesh gleamed at me. Not a virgin, but those were so hard to find these days.

“Please, please, Dean, breed me,” she moaned.

“Breed my daughter,” the mother purred even as she fell to her knees before Vivian. “Let me eat your pussy. I bet it’s yummy.”

“Thank you, Mr. Michaels,” said Vivian. “Lift my skirt, mommy-slut, and lick me out. Mmm, just imagine you’re eating your daughter’s cunt. I know that’s the pussy you really want.”

“It is,” groaned the mother. “After I lick her toes, I’m going to eat her cunt. Just worship my daughter’s twat.”

“That’s right,” Vivian said, sounding so pleased. She pushed up her glasses. “Now get to feasting, MILF.”

“Yes, Vivian!”

The MILF shoved up Vivian’s skirt to reveal her black bush. With a hungry groan, the MILF buried her face into pregnant pussy. I smiled as Vivian groaned. She tossed back her head and just enjoyed getting eaten out on the street corner.

Cars were honking and people pointing. A guy jogged up, whipping out his camera only to hit the boundary of the mind-control device and to just stop caring about our fucking. He ignored us and shoved his phone back into his pocket. He looked confused as to why he’d run over here. He turned around to head back the way he came. He gave a final look and blinked, outside of the range. He whirled around and darted back in.

Only to ignore us again.

It distracted me so much, I almost forgot about the girl I need of getting bred. But she hadn’t. “Dean, Dean, I need your cock in me. You can’t breed me if you don’t fuck me.”

“Right,” I said and unsnapped my jeans. I unzipped my fly. My pants fell down my legs. I shoved off my boxers. My dick popped out, thrusting hard and ready.

“Mmm, breed her, Mr. Michaels,” moaned Vivian. “Mommy dearest here’s going to lick that slut clean when they get home.”

“After sucking on her toes,” moaned the MILF into Vivian’s cunt.

“That’s right.” Vivian grinned, her eyes squeezing shut behind her glasses. “Damn, Mommy dearest, you got a tongue on you. Just made to lick your daughter’s cunt.”

“Yes, it was,” I panted and pressed my cock into the girl’s spread open lips. My dick pushed them apart even more. The girl gasped, her head snapping up.

As the cars honked at the backup and the pedestrians out of range of the device shouted, I sank deeper and deeper into the girl’s twat. My dick slid into her cunt. The heat engulfed my dick. This wonderful, delicious, amazing cunt squeezed about my cock.

It was amazing to enjoy. Her pussy clenched down about me. I shuddered as inch after inch of my cock vanished into her cunt. That hot, tight twat gripped me. I groaned, my balls tightening as I bottomed out in her.

“Mr. Michaels,” she moaned in delight. “Oh, yes, yes, I love it. I love your dick in me. You’re going to fuck me hard and breed me, right? I need you to breed me.”

“Breed my daughter,” the mother moaned from beneath Vivian’s skirt.

My nerdy partner just smiled, her nineteen-year-old body trembling as she ground her snatch on the MILF’s face. She grabbed the woman by the back of the head through her skirt, holding her in place. I loved the pleasure she took in this moment.

I liked it when people felt good.

I drew back through the girl’s pussy. Her young cunt gripped my cock. She held on tight, her twat massaging me. The pleasure shot down my shaft to my balls. I loved it. I savored that silky heat as I buried back into her. I fucked hard into her.


I rammed into her cunt with powerful strokes. She groaned, her snatch clenching down around my dick. That wonderful twat gripped me. The heat of her twat washed through my cunt. It was amazing to feel. The pleasure rushed through my body. I thrust away at her. I fucked her hard and fast. I plowed into her cunt with powerful strokes.

She groaned, her twat squeezing about me. The pleasure was amazing. It was such a delight for me to feel. To experience. I groaned, savoring the rapture of that tight cunt squeezing about my dick. Her pussy gripped me.

I buried forward hard. Fast. I savored her juicy twat gripping me. My balls cracked into her shaved folds. Her clit. The car’s shocks creaked. I watched the traffic having to drive around her as the car I fucked her on blocked a lane. I stared at those oblivious people.

It was so hot to fuck this girl’s pussy in public.

I reveled in it as I plowed into that hot, tight sheath.

Her youthful flesh gripped me as I thrust into her hard. Fast. I buried into her again and again. I slammed to the hilt in her snatch. The pleasure radiated down my cock. My balls drank in the heat from her cunt. The ecstasy rippled through me. It was amazing.

I groaned, loving every moment of it. I fucked her hard. Fast. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. I loved every second of it. She whimpered and moaned, her juicy snatch gripping me as I plowed into her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Oh, my god, that’s amazing. You’re going to breed me with that cock, Dean.”

“Yes!” I growled, thrusting into her cunt, her hot flesh squeezing about me. “Right here on the street corner. You’re going to know where your baby was made.”

“Uh-huh!” Her pussy gripped me. That silky sheath massaged my cock. “Oh, Dean, pump me full of that jizz. I need it. Want it.”

“Breed my daughter!” the MILF moaned, voice muffled by Vivian’s juicy snatch.

“Oh, yes, breed her,” groaned Vivian., “And you, Mommy dearest, make me cum. You can do it. Yes, yes, put that tongue to fucking use. Lick me out. Eat me. I want to cum on that hungry mouth. I want to gush all my juices down your fucking throat.”

The woman moaned in delight. Vivian shuddered.

I loved it. I thrust with all my might into the girl’s twat. Her cunt squeezed around my dick. My balls tightened. The moment of my eruption came closer and closer. I would explode in her. I would have such a huge orgasm.

I would baste her cunt with my seed.

I loved breeding barely legal pussies. I savored every thrust into their young cunts until my cum boiled into them. I wanted to breed my daughters. My wife. Then I wanted to breed their daughters. The girls at my college. Random sluts at the mall or just driving down the street.

I wanted to breed them all.

“I’m going to cum in that juicy cunt, slut,” I groaned, my crotch smacking into her rump. “You want it.”

“Yes!” she hissed. “Knock me up! Put a baby in my belly, Dean!”

“Show me you love it,” I panted. “Cum on my dick. Let me feel that barely legal cunt spasming.”

She groaned, her cunt clamping down on me. The car shocks groaned as I pounded her. Flesh slapped flesh. Cars honked. People shouted. It was all background noise. There were only this girl and her tight, hot pussy squeezing about my dick.

She groaned. Her brown hair flew, her head tossing from side to side. She moaned as I buried to the hilt in her cunt. Her hot flesh went wild around my dick. Her twat convulsed. Spasmed. Her flesh sucked at my dick. The pleasure rushed through me.

“Yes!” I growled as I savored her pussy’s delights.

Her cunt writhed around me. Sucked at me. That wonderful delight had my balls tensing. I buried into her and threw back my head. A loud growl burst from my lips. My hands squeezed her hips as my cum pumped hard and fast into her.

I basted her tight cunt with my seed. The pleasure slammed through my body while the mind-controlled girl moaned out her delight. Her pussy spasmed with wild passion around my cock. She worked at it. The pleasure was incredible. It surged out of me.

I groaned, loving every time my jizz fired out of me. Splash after splash of cum pumped into her cunt. The pleasure rushed through me. It slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my thoughts. It was fantastic.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned. “Oh, that’s good. That’s amazing. Yes, yes, take that cum.”

“You’re breeding me, Dean!” she moaned. “Oh, god, yes, you’re breeding me. Pump all that spunk into me. I love it.”

I growled through the pleasure. I hit that wild peak. I spurted every drop of jizz I had into her. Her pussy rippled around me, sucking it all out of my balls with that greedy hunger. The mind-controlled girl panted and whimpered.

“Mom, I’m bred!” she gasped.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vivian escort tuzla moaned. “You are. You fucking are. And your mommy dearest is drowning in my pussy cream.”

I smiled, buzzing on the high. Not only I had I bred another girl, but I had a successful test of the portable mind-control device. The perfect thing when you were out of the network coverage and needed to have some fun.

Kimmie would love it.


June “Junebug” Michaels

I burst into Daddy’s classroom. I didn’t care that he was teaching. He stood naked before his students who were all taking notes. They looked so studious save for the one guy and girl fucking in the background. They were being rewarded.

“Daddy, Daddy!” I gasped, racing forward. “I’m pregnant!” I’d been peeing on a pregnancy test every day for three weeks. Other girls were getting knocked up by daddy before me and that wasn’t fair. But now… “I’m pregnant!”

A smile spread across Daddy’s lips as I flew into his arms. He picked me up and spun me around, my legs wrapped around his waist. I pressed my shaved pussy on his dick. I wore a skirt, but panties just got in the way of fun times.

My tongue danced with his, my pigtails flying. My eighteen-year-old, bred cunny ached against his cock. I ground myself on him, rubbing up and down his shaft. I loved every moment of it. My cunny throbbed with such delight. My hips undulated from side to side, smearing my pussy cream up and down his dick.

“You little brat,” Dusk panted. “How did you get here before me?”

I broke the kiss with Daddy. “Shortcut. Guess what, Dusk—”

“I’m pregnant, too, Daddy!” Dusk said. “You must have bred us on the same day or something. Because I’m pregnant, too. We took our tests together.”

Daddy swept Dusk up into his embrace. My sister kissed him on the mouth, her glasses shifting. I still humped against his throbbing cock, rubbing my hot flesh up and down him. It was so kinky to watch them kiss. To know that I was bred and so was Dusk.

“Class,” Daddy said when breaking the kiss with Dusk, “study quietly. There will be a test tomorrow. So make sure you excel. Guys, have that girl you want to fuck picked out, and girls, I’m going to shove a vibrator up your ass while I breed your pussy. But only if you score the highest on the test.”

“Yes, Mr. Michaels,” his students chorused. They were all so eager to learn. Daddy didn’t mind-control them to study. He just gave them the incentive to learn. He wanted us all to get our educations and succeed at life.

He was an amazing professor.

“Let’s blow his cock and get his cum fired all over our faces,” Dusk said. “Then we can go back to class dripping in jizz.”

“Yes!” I moaned and kissed my sister. She had great ideas.

After we broke our kiss, Daddy set me down. I knelt before him. His cock was smeared in my fresh juices. The wonderful scent filled my nose. I grabbed the base of his cock and darted in to suck on the tip. Dusk licked at the underside of his cock right where my cunt cream gleamed.

“Mmm, you taste good,” my sister moaned.

“Yes, you do, Junebug,” Daddy said, his hand grabbing my left pigtails. He seized Dusk’s right. “Both my little girls bred. My cute daughter and my naughty slut.”

“So naughty, Daddy,” Dusk purred and then she kissed at the tip of his cock.

I groaned and she moaned, our faces rubbing together. Our cheeks felt so wonderful against the other. It was a thrill. Our tongues flicked out, bathing over Daddy’s cock. Our tongues licked over the crown of his dick. We brushed each other, almost kissing as we shared his precum.

Then Dusk sucked Daddy’s cock into his mouth. She slurped with passion as she slid her mouth down that shaft. She made such wicked sounds as she sucked on him. My pussy clenched, the heat rushing through my body. I fanned my face, loving every minute of this.

“My turn,” I whimpered.

Dusk popped her mouth off and handed over his cock. I gladly sucked Daddy into my mouth. I nursed on him with hunger. My tongue danced around his crown. He tasted wonderful in my mouth. His precum soaked across my taste buds.

Drool ran down my chin as I bobbed my head. I sucked hard while he groaned. Then it was Dusk’s turn. My pregnant pussy clenched as we passed him back and forth, my hand fisting him the entire time. I stared up at Daddy.

“You bred your little girls,” I cooed while Dusk sucked.

“I know,” he groaned. “I’m going to cum.”

“Yes, yes, cum on our faces,” I moaned.

Dusk pulled her mouth off of Daddy’s cock. “Yes, yes, shower us in cum!”

I pumped my hand up and down his cock, frantically fisting him. I opened my mouth, ready for that explosion of cum to erupt. His face twisted in rapture. His brow furrowed. Then he threw back his head and growled.

Daddy erupted on our faces.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as Daddy splashed jizz across my features and Dusk’s.

“Oh, Daddy, paint your slutty daughter in your spunk!” Dusk moaned.

“Yes, Daddy!”

His cock pulsed in my hand. He groaned, showering his cum across my face. My pregnant pussy clenched. Heat rushed through me. I would have Daddy’s baby. That was so wonderful. I was so happy to have his child.

The pleasure rushed through my body. The heat soaked my face. The jizz ran down my cheeks. It was incredible to feel spilling over my face. It ran hot across me. I groaned, loving the feel of that naughty spunk. I licked my tongue across my upper lips.

That salty jizz brimmed there. It was perfect. Such a yummy delight to enjoy. Daddy groaned as he fired out the last of it. His face twisted with the pleasure. He panted as his spunk ran over our features. I glanced at Dusk.

Her glasses had white streaks across the lenses.

“Now I’m perfect for class,” said Dusk. “Mrs. Faye will love licking the spunk off of me. Thank you, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome,” Daddy panted.

“Mmm, I’m going to let it dry while telling everyone that my daddy bred me,” I said. “I love you so much, Daddy.”

He smiled. “I love you, Junebug. I can’t wait for you to give birth to our child.”

I squealed in delight. I was bred by Daddy. This was the happiest day of my life. I rubbed at my belly as his spunk ran down my face and knew I would be such an awesome mother. My family was the best in the world.


Dean Michaels

A month since the mall test, and the new control center was up and running. I had transformed our garage into it. The server bank was in a chilled closet to the right while banks of monitors showed camera feeds from all the various places that the devices were installed.

I had to have a fiber optic installed. The sort of data line that cloud servers needed. It was expensive, but the sales of the mind-control device would fuel it. And this was just the beginning. We’d have to create an even larger headquarters to handle the expansion of the network.

“This is…” My wife sat beside me. Kimmie’s pigtails spilled down her shoulders. They made her look so cute. “I mean, Dean, this is impressive. I can’t believe we have this.”

“Yeah,” I said and motioned to the control panel and the computer. “So you can *********** which camera you want on the main screen. The ones above are cycling through various feeds. Once you have the camera, you can move it if it has that function. Many of them are. These are the sort of cameras they use in Vegas to keep an eye on cheaters.”

“Wow,” my wife said. She leaned forward, staring at a screen. “And you can control the people?”

“Uh-huh,” I said. I tapped a button on the console. Labels appeared over everyone on screen. Most were the hexadecimal codes, but a few of them had names, especially at the college. “They’re all on the network.”

“Really?” My wife smiled and then she pulled out her phone.

Her small breasts jiggled. She was so cute and adorable. After a half-minute of typing, she stared at the screen. It was at the coffee house. Customers were in line to get their treats from the topless baristas. They were offering breast milk now provided by several lactating women. It was a premium price, but a few people liked the offering.

I found it delicious. I couldn’t wait to nurse from my daughters or Kimmie. My wife wasn’t pregnant, yet, but she would be.

“There,” Kimmie said.

On the screen, a woman with brown hair spun around and fell to her knees. She ripped down the pants of the Black guy in line behind her. She pulled out his ebony cock and then sucked it into her mouth like she was dying for it.

“Oh, my god,” my wife moaned as she watched it. “Tell me these cameras are recording.”

“They can be. It’s too much hard drive space to let them record all the time. We just don’t have that capability yet. But you can have them record when you want.”

“This is amazing,” my wife said. “Mmm, you want to breed me while I watch my porn?”

I grinned at my wife. Things were going great. The production line at the factory was producing several devices a day. It was time to start selling them. To start making some real money. I couldn’t wait for that to happen.

My wife bent over the console and wiggled her cute ass at me. That tight pussy gleamed with her juices. Shaved, she looked like she had such a young cunt. “Daddy’s going to breed his naughty Kimmie.”

“Yes, yes, breed me, Daddy!” she cooed.

I slammed into her, knowing our future would be bright.


John Preston

“And the local cops are not doing anything about this?” I asked as I watched the sight of Dean Michaels fucking a girl over the hood of a car stopped at a light and blocking traffic. She looked to be eighteen. Beside him, a nineteen-year-old girl named Vivian Bailey was getting her pussy devoured. It was cell phone footage shot from a distance. “It’s been two weeks since this incident.”

“The local cops don’t care,” said Gina Brand. She worked with me in the federal prosecutor’s office. “The local DA told me three days ago he was looking into it. Today, he told me it’s not important. He has real crimes to investigate.”

“What the fuck is going on in this town?” I muttered. There was more and more evidence of rampant public sex. Incest. Topless baristas. And the local authorities didn’t care. “What about the state attorney’s office. This isn’t federal yet.”

“Same thing,” she said. “I talked to someone from the Attorney General’s office. He went down and now he’s telling me it’s not important.”

My brow furrowed. “Okay, something weird is going on here. Government corruption at the least. I want the FBI to quietly start looking into this and why this man seems to be at the center of it all.”

I tapped the screen and studied Dean Michaels. College engineering professor.

To be continued…

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