The Other Man

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The night started much like any other. I had gotten off of my shift and headed next door to my regular restaurant. It was my way of unwinding after a long day, and today had become a longer day than I expected it to be. By this time of the night, my quiet table in the corner had been spoken for, and I was left with the only real choice of taking up a seat at the bar.

I ordered my usual plate, plus my usual drink, but tonight it was a double.

“That rough huh?” Said the bartender, Janet.

“Something like that…”

Janet was gorgeous, and perhaps too young for me. I looked young for my age though, and not like that would stop me anyways. It’s not like I was that old, but 5 years can seem like a lifetime in your 20’s. I rather liked young women. I liked expanding their sexual horizons. Young women were malleable, and wanting to please older men, like they were trying to show you that they aren’t inexperienced.

As I drifted into my own little world at the crowded restaurant, my glasses contents disappeared as my meal showed up.

“Eat up, Buttercup!” Janet said as she pushed my plate into view. Her cleavage managed to catch my eye as well.

“Thanks.” I said. Maybe I should sit at the bar more often. She didn’t seem to mind my not-so-subtle glance.

As I dug in, I was interrupted again.

“This one’s from them.” Janet said as she slid another round in front of me and nodded behind her.

A couple in their late 30’s on the other side of the bar smiled at me in unison. The man raised his glass at me as the woman just maintained her gaze.

“Well that’s a first.” I said to Janet. She turned and glanced at them as she went to rubbing down her bar.

“I think they like you,” she smirked. “He’s hot.”

“He’s not my type,” I retorted. “She’s pretty cute though.”

“Yeah,” Janet said as she tossed her wet rag into the sink behind her barely looking. “I’d hit that.”

I chuckled a bit and glanced back at my new drinking buddies. He was now pre-occupied with his drink, but her gaze was still locked on me. She ran her finger over the rim of her glass. It was an obvious plow to be sexy but I didn’t mind. I blushed a little and diverted my eyes back to my plate.

I finished my meal, and my second drink, and squared away my bill. As I left, I gave a final glance and a nod to the attractive couple. They nodded back, just as politely, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit like a dick for just taking my drink and running. How would I have felt in their place, giving a drink to a pretty girl and then having her drink it and run off. I’d never been in this situation before though. By the time I realized I had been lamenting over it, I was already out the door.

No sooner than the cold night air caught my face did I hear a woman’s voice from behind me.

“You know, normally a lady at least humors us when we buy them a drink.”

I spun around, with a clear look of embarrassment on my face. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” I turned to see the woman from the bar. She had some color in her cheeks from the cold air, probably the same shade as mine, but it brought out the beautiful green hue in her eyes from this distance. “You caught me off guard. A woman’s never bought me a drink before, especially not one with a boyfriend.”

“Husband, actually,” she said, putting her hand up to show her wedding ring. “and he bought the drink… technically.”

I probably looked more confused now than embarrassed. “My name’s Amy, by the way.” Amy reached out her hand to shake. “And my husband’s name is Brandon.”

I pulled my hand out of my jacket, awkwardly, to meet hers. “Sean.”

“Do you live nearby, Sean? Because me and my husband are staying at the hotel around the corner. Before you brave onward to your walk home in this cold, you could come grab another drink with us.”

Amy reached into the pocket of the coat she had clearly just thrown on in a hurry and pulled out a keycard. “It’s a suite and everything.” She winked at me amusingly. “Top floor. I mean…it would only be fair. After we bought you the drink and all.”

I smiled at her and now checked out her body. She was wearing a dark red dress with a modest neckline, and a hem that came down past her knees. I could tell that she had strong legs and a thicker, but athletic build. Even without her black heels, she was probably a bit taller than the average girl, but not by much. The cold had cut through the silky fabric of her dress and the I could just barely make out the hint of a nipple and a lacy bra.

As I was about to reply, though what I intended to say I don’t know, her husband emerged from the restaurant. “Are we all set?” Brandon asked.

“I think so,” Amy said as she turned back to him and smiled. “Come on.”

She grabbed my hand and gently tugged as her husband heading down the street away from us. It was only enough of a tug to encourage the first step, and then she let go, but it was enough to gain the momentum I needed.

She stayed maltepe escort a step or two ahead of me at all times, and walked with a sexy precision I admired. She caught up to her husband as I kept stride and grabbed his arm and leaned into him. She looked back at me and smiled as Brandon gave her a peck on the cheek. “We’re way up there!” She said sarcastically, pointing up.

I smiled and nodded.

What was I getting myself into? Did he want to watch? Did he want to join? Did they just want ME to watch? Did SHE want to watch?

I had never done anything with a guy. I had a threesome with another guy and a girl, but I didn’t touch him. It was all about her. I wasn’t repulsed by the though, but I just have never found myself attracted to other men. I enjoyed butt play. Touching, maybe a finger. I even had a girlfriend who gave me a rim job every once in a while. I loved to do it to women. I love how they squirmed at first. It was nice to get the treatment returned, and I have to admit I loved it.

I’ve always loved going down on a woman and giving her pleasure with my tongue, and I loved licking her ass just the same. But if a woman wanted to make me melt, all she had to do is play with my ass.

I used to think that made me gay, like gay men have some sort of monopoly on anal play. As I got older I learned that it doesn’t really matter. How can enjoying a woman playing with my ass make me gay? Now if I’m imagining a man do it to me instead, that’s a different story. But as I said, I’m not attracted to men.

These thoughts swirled through my head as we entered the elevator in the hotel lobby. Amy stood in between me and her husband, still clutching his arm as he worked the elevator. Top floor. Well at least she didn’t lie. It had become an almost awkward silence when Amy spoke up.

“So what do you do, Sean?” She asked, still looking at her husband. As a man not attracted to other men, Janet the bartender did have a point. Amy’s husband was very good looking. He was clean shaven, with distinguished hair, piercing blue eyes, and sharp features. He was perhaps as tall as me and clearly took good care of himself.

“Oh, I sell stuff. Online, mostly…and manage the website.” One of Amy’s hands had wrapped around her husband’s waist, under his coat as she clearly massaged his side and back.

“And here we are.” Said Brandon, interrupting what was sure to be more small talk from his wife. The elevator dinged and we emerged, walking straight across the hall to Suite .

“Allow me,” Amy said as she pulled her keycard out of her jacket and swiped at the door. Her husband’s hand brushed up her coat and found the small of her back. It tightened her red silky dress just enough for me to make out the traces of lace panties cutting across her cheeks.

He noticed my gaze and smiled at me as he waved me in after his wife.

“Would you like another drink?” Amy asked as she danced across the ivory tile floor, discarding her coat in the corner of an open room with giant window and a great view of the skyline. She stopped at a small bar in the corner, her back to me, and began to pour herself two glasses of wine.

“Rum, if you have it.” I said. “Thank you.”

“And a splash of Coke.” She replied. “Janet told us all of your dirty secrets.”

I looked a bit confused as she bent at the waist and opened a drawer. Under the light above I most assuredly could make out her panty line now, and could fully admire her curvy body and thick ass.

“The bartender, silly.” Amy remarked as she now stood straight up and glanced at me over her shoulder.

“Oh! Janet the bartender.” I continued, “Right.”

Brandon made his way past his wife to the bedroom, opening the double doors wide as if to invite us both in and proceeded to throw his coat down haphazardly on the floor. He sat on a plush chair in the corner of the bedroom.

“Come come,” Amy said, deftly handling two full glasses of wine in one hand, and my drink in the other. The melodic clapping of her heels stopped as she moved into the bedrooms carpeted floors, and I followed.

“This is very nice,” I remarked looking around the room. Two chairs were set in the corner of the room with a small table in between them. They faced the large plush bed head on. Brandon worked his shoes off and then began work on his tie.

“Take a seat,” Amy said, passing me my drink, “and allow me.” The second command must have been directed at her husband as she sat on his lap and proceeded to remove his tie.

I took off my jacket and sat down, sipping my drink next to them.

Amy flung off her husband’s tie and began to unbutton his shirt. His hand moved to the top of her thigh, caressing it. It pulled her skirt up slightly, letting me pay more attention to her toned legs.

“So, you like the room?” Amy asked. Brandon gently kissed her neck as she leaned into him and looked at me shyly.

“Yes. Very much,” I said.

“I maslak escort could get used to this, honey” She smirked.

Amy leaned forward, grabbing her wine glass she set down on the small table in between us. As she took a sip and began to set the glass back down, he husband ran a hand up her back and whispered into her ear. As he did so, I heard the familiar sound of a zipper going down as her red silk dress loosened in the front.

From this angle, I could now see down her dress a bit, exposing ample cleavage, and hints of a black lace bra. Amy slinked off of her husband’s lap, using my knee as a support, and got onto her knees in front of her husband.

Her hand slid off of my knee and onto her husbands. As the other hand ran across the front of his pants. She smiled at me and then put her head in his lap, running her hands down his legs and pulling off his socks. When she lifted her head back up, there was a noticeable bulge in the front of her husbands pants, and her hands went to his belt and fly to expose it quickly.

Brandon unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and removed it as she slid his pants down. He wore silky looking black briefs, and Amy seemed to relish the feel of them as she groped his thickening cock through them.

Brandon was indeed in very good shape. I kept in good shape, but he was toned, rugged. He pulled his undershirt off, exposing a slightly hairy chest, thin happy trail, and toned abs. Amy was done teasing now, and pealed his briefs off exposing a nearly fully erect cock. She grabbed it firmly with her far hand, as if to show it to me, and then ran her outstretched tongue along it, starting at his balls.

At first, I tried not to stare, but it was clear that she wanted me to.

His cock grew harder, and was perfectly straight. It looked slightly shorter than mine but was much thicker. I had to admit, he had a very nice cock, and his wife certainly seemed to be enjoying it. She stroked it slowly now, looking at me as she did it. Her other hand cradled his balls and massaged them gently.

I now leaned forward to watch unapologetically. It was like watching live action porn, but much, much better. And sensual. Amy was still mostly dressed, but I could see the length of her back since her dress had been unzipped. I could see the back of her black lacy bra of course, but now that I surveyed the whole scene, I was a bit embarrassed to admit to myself how hard I had become just by watching a mostly clothed woman and her completely naked husband.

Amy turned her attention to her husband now, and he pushed her hair back, over her ear to expose the view of her taking him in her mouth. She struggled down at first, but once she pulled back up on it, she slid down his shaft easily, taking him all the way in with pride and moaning.

Brandon looked at me and nodded, and then motioned with his hand to behind his wife. I hesitantly stood up, looking down at them, and then got on my knees behind her. My hand found her hip, and at this gentle touch she moaned and arched her back, pushing her ass towards me. I let my hands trace the contours of her shapely body, and then proceeded to continue to pull down her zipper the rest of the way, exposing matching black lace panties to her bra.

Amy pulled back from her husbands wet cock and leaned into me, exposing her neck as she reached back and pulled me into her. I accommodated, gently kissing her collarbone up to her ear. She moaned with delight at this.

Her husband took delight in it as well, smiling at her while he cupped her full breast. She stood up and slid out of her dress. I still sat at my knees and reveled in the delight of having her thick, curvy hips in my face.

Her panties looked more like a thong currently, as they had worked their way up her crack, but as I gently kissed her skin I played with them, pulling them back out to witness the beautiful line they made across her full figure.

“Your turn,” She said, turning around and motioning for me to stand up.

I did as I was told, and she removed my shirt, and then my pants, lowering them along with my boxers as she followed them to the floor. I know stood in front of Amy on her knees, fully exposed and erect, while her husband sat naked in a chair in between us. He looked me up and down as he sipped some of his wine.

Her hand cupped around the base of my cock as she looked up at me with delight. “mmm…he’s big,” Amy declared. Seeing both of our cocks so close together now, I could see that I was maybe an inch bigger, but he was definitely thicker. I had always wanted a thicker cock, but mine had a nice curve to it that seemed to hit just the right spots. I couldn’t complain, but I did have to admit some jealously over his girth.

As I compared, Amy took me deep into her mouth before gagging and pulling out. “mmmm.”

“It’s nice” her husband said.

“mmmhhmm,” Amy moaned. “I can’t wait.”

Amy reached back, stroking mecidiyeköy escort her husband’s cock as she sucked mine on her knees. I caught myself watching her expertly stroke his more than I watched her sucking mine. She pulled her mouth away from me and turned around, grabbing my cock and gently tugging it down. I got the hint and knelt back behind her, my dick rubbing into her back, feeling her lace panties. I cupped her breasts and felt her nipples through her thin lace bra. They were rock hard and she seemed to love the attention to them.

She sank her mouth back down on her husband’s thick cock a few times, just enough to get it wet again, and then she grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me in close over her shoulder and whispered into my ear.

“Can you suck my husbands cock for me?” She nibbled my ear and reached back and grabbed my dick hard. I couldn’t help but let out a moan. She let go and then slid her hand around to my ass. She squeezed it and then scratched her fingernails across it.

I didn’t know what to say, but I turned to jelly when she grabbed my ass.

“Please…” she whispered. “It turns me on so much…and I’ll let you do whatever you want to me…” Amy grabbed my jaw and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. “It gets me so wet…” She grabbed my hand, which had been distracted by her heaving breast and led it down between her legs. I could feel the heat coming off of it before she buried my hand over the front of her panties. She was wet…very wet.

She whispered “please…”

She continued to guide my hand, and she ran it up her husband’s inner thigh and then squeezed it around the base of his thick cock. “That’s a good boy…” She said, now looking at her husband.

She worked our hands together up and down his shaft. I could barely touch my thumb and index finger around it, but I couldn’t wrap them around his cock like I could mine. I was so jealous of his girth. I bet it felt amazing in her pussy even though mine was longer. I was nervous enough about it that I had forgotten that I was now stroking his cock all by myself. Amy had grabbed her glass of wine and was watching me euphorically as she took a drink.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” She asked, “my husbands thick cock.” She set down her glass and stroked the back of my neck as she knelt beside me. “It feels so good inside me, but it’s too thick for my ass.” She leaned forward to whisper in my ear again “and I love getting fucked in the ass…” She gently sucked my earlobe. “Are you going to be a good boy and suck it now?”

All I could do is nod to her, and she gently pushed my head to her husbands dick. A strong hand, his hand, went to my shoulder.

I started slowly, putting my lips around his head and then tasting it with my tongue. It tastes sweet, a mix of her spit and his pre-cum. I opened my mouth wider and struggled to fit it all in without getting my teeth in the way. I know how much that can hurt. I was amazed at how smooth the skin felt as I worked my way past his head and down the first few inches.

Brandon moaned as I fit the head in my mouth. Amy replied with a moan of approval as well.

“Mmm…such a good boy. You’re doing so well.” Amy traced my back with her fingers as I took her husband deeper. “Isn’t he baby?”

“Oh god.” He moaned. He ran his strong hands up my neck to the back of my head. He didn’t push me deeper, but he help my head down so I couldn’t withdraw. “Fuck…”

One of my hands held the base of his cock still, my other arm rested at my side. Amy now stood up and sat next to us at the other chair, close enough to cross her legs and place her foot in my hand. She surely had a great view now, as I rubbed my hand past her black heels and up her calf. Brandon breathed hard as I gained speed and confidence, stroking it with my hand like I knew I liked and sucking the tip. Brandon had let go of my head, and I withdrew briefly from his pulsing cock and looked up at Amy. She sipped her wine and smiled smugly down at me.

“Husband,” Amy said non-chalantly, “would you like to fuck him now?”

Fuck. What had I gotten myself into. My eyes widened as I pulled back from his cock. I had avoided eye contact with Brandon throughout. Maybe I thought it made this less gay, but now I looked up at him and could see a slim smile form across his face. He looked at Amy and they exchanged a brief, passionate kiss.

Amy looked down at me as she grabbed my chin. “It’s okay baby, he’s going to be nice and gentle.”

Her husband stood up as I leaned back away from his lap, and Amy led me to turning my kneel towards her as he walked away. “You’ve got me so turned on baby. I want you so bad right now.”

She leaned forward and kissed me slow and sensually, running one hand down my arm and reaching behind her with the other. When she pulled away, her bra fell away from her breasts, exposing the perkiest, hardest nipples I had ever seen. She pulled the rest of the bra off and pulled me towards them. I buried my face in them, finding a nipple with each hand.

She moaned in delight. “What do you want to do to me baby?” Amy asked. She spread her legs and pushed my face down between them. “Do you want to eat my pussy?”

“Yes” I mumbled, my face in her thighs. She smelled heavenly, and she deftly slid down her panties before I could say anything else.

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