The Pet – part 4 – a surprise new addition

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“I have a question,” Jess said as they sipped their coffees and sat and chatted about nothing in particular.

“How exactly are we going to fuck him with all those pegs and pins attached to his prick?”

The sight of Kim spread-eagled on the floor, twenty clothes pegs and forty hat pins stuck on and through his perineum, balls and foreskin, had turned the sixteen year old on more than she had thought it would.

If the truth be told, she was slightly jealous of Kim. She secretly wished that she could be the pet to the three older women who had so expertly punished and humiliated Kim for the last hour.

Earlier, when she’d asked if Kim could lick her arse clean for her after she’d been to the toilet, she had been glad that she hadn’t been allowed. She had been close to arguing in the hope that the older ladies would have become cross with her and decided that she too needed to be punished, but she’d held her tongue. She still hoped that at some stage over the weekend she could do something special for her friends and Sally’s reply sent a shiver through her young body.

“We are not here to fuck him, Jess,” the older girl said. “We are here to use and humiliate him. Abuse and torture him. He is here for us to do whatever we want to him, and fucking him was not on the agenda.”

“However, as you seem so keen on this arse licking thing and now you tell us you want to be fucked, you can have a choice. Seeing as we’ve all had a coffee break now, we had planned on giving Kim something to drink for the next hour. After all, he looks a little parched down there. He must have exerted a lot of energy in the last hour. But I think we should help you satisfy your need to be fucked and, at the same time, help you with your arse licking fixation?”

“What do you mean?” asked Jess, slightly scared but at the same time very excited.

“Well, how about this,” Sally continued. “Because of you, Kim gets to wait a little longer to taste our piss while we take it in turns to fuck you with some of those lovely dildos in that suitcase. You, in return though, will lick each of our arses for us. It’s not quite the same as having your own arsehole licked but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much, won’t you?”

With that, the three older ladies grabbed hold of the teenager and pulled her down onto the floor, Liz immediately spreading her arse cheeks and sitting squarely on the sixteen-year-old’s face, her arsehole directly covering her mouth.

While Liz reached down and grabbed hold of Jess’s ankles and pulled her legs back as far as they would go, exposing her sweet, tight virgin pussy and arsehole, Sally and Lorraine chose two 6-inch long dildos from the suitcase and sat between the teenager’s outstretched legs.

As Liz pushed her arsehole hard down onto Jess’s mouth so that the sixteen year old had no choice but to French kiss it, Sally gently parted Jess’s pussy lips and slid two fingers as far into her pussy as they would go.

Lorraine was about to do the same to Jess’s arsehole when she remembered that the teenager hadn’t wiped herself clean after going to the bathroom, so instead of sliding a finger or two into her anus Lorraine gently eased the 6” dildo into Jess’s arse instead, stretching her virgin anal muscles and filling her rectum so sweetly.

The teenager was, of course, totally helpless to stop any of this but that wasn’t a problem for her. Her wish was coming true. She loved being part of this team that had totally control over Kim but she also wanted to be dominated herself – and what better than to have someone sat on your face forcing you to lick and suck and kiss their arsehole while two others fucked your own arse and pussy?

Jess’s tongue greedily probed Liz’s well-lubricated rectum while Sally’s fingers and Lorraine’s dildo eased in and out of the teenager’s pussy and arse, bringing her to an almost instant orgasm. And when Sally bent down and sucked Jess’s clit into her mouth as hard as she could, the sixteen year old’s climax exploded from her tight virgin pussy.

With every fresh wave of her orgasm, Jess’s pussy and arse expanded and contracted uncontrollably and, each time her holes expanded, Sally and Lorraine were able to push their fingers and the dildo even deep inside her, filling her so much that she thought she would split apart.

Jess pulled Liz’s arsehole down onto her face as hard as she could, ever more eager to push her tongue as far into Liz’s rectum as her orgasm reached its zenith.

The three older friends had positioned Jess and themselves as close to Kim’s face as possible so that he could get the best view and, when Jess had climaxed as fully as possible, Lorraine took the dildo out of Jess’s arsehole and slid it into Kim’s mouth, telling him to lick and suck all of the teenagers arse juices from it.

“Don’t take too long,” Lorraine told him, “because it’s going right back up where it just came from in a minute. I think Jess liked it up her arse so she’s going to have it back in there for a little while longer once you’ve finished tasting her arse juice.”

“Hey, girls,” Liz said. “I think Jess should say thank you to you two for so expertly fucking her like you did, don’t you?”

“Oh definitely,” Sally replied, “and seeing as you’ve just had your arse licked, I think that’s the perfect way for her to thank us as well.”

When Lorraine was satisfied that Kim had licked all of Jess’s arse juice from the dildo, she gave it to Liz to put back into the sixteen-year-old’s rectum while she and Sally got down on all fours and spread their butt cheeks as wide as they could, ready for Jess to thank them.

Sliding the dildo back into Jess, Liz said “ok, young lady. Five minutes for each of them. Thank them for what they just did for you. If you do it to their liking, we might let you be the first to give Kim his drink. If not, then maybe you’ll be the one to have his drink instead of him.”

Not wanting Kim to go without his much-needed drink, Jess held Lorraine’s cheeks wide apart, her mouth finding Lorraine’s arsehole and her tongue probing her anal muscle hungrily.

As she continued to tongue-fuck Lorraine’s arse, Liz slowly slid the dildo in and out of the sixteen-year-old’s rear entrance. Each time Liz pushed the whole of the 6” dildo into her, Jess’s arsehole stretched just a little bit more, the feeling almost giving her another orgasm straight away.

After five minutes of watching the teenager expertly lick, suck and kiss her friend’s arse, Sally took Lorraine’s place in front of Jess’s face and said, “Ok, young ‘un, my turn now please.”

Jess was only too happy to oblige and when Lorraine’s fingers found her clit and started rubbing it furiously, the teenager couldn’t control herself any longer and came hard again.

Satisfied, Sally said, “Ok Jess, you did well enough to have earned Kim his drink. Now, the only thing we have to decide is how, exactly, to give it to him. Any ideas, ladies?”

“Well, there’s four of us, so we’re going to have to come up with four different ways I think,” Liz said. “The easiest thing to do is if we each think of our own way we want him to drink our piss. He’s in no position to argue so we can make each one as kinky as we want and he’ll just have to get on with it and drink it.”

“I agree,” Lorraine said, “but between the four of us, we’ve got an awful lot of the stuff for him to drink in one go. Why don’t we spread it over the next hour? We each have fifteen minutes with him to do exactly what we want to him but, of course, one thing he must do is drink from us.”

“I quite like the idea of him drinking a mixture of all our piss,” Sally said, “so when it’s each of our turns, we should save a little at the end and piss into a bowl. Then we can think of a special way for him to drink it. After all, it’ll be a mixture of all our piss so it has to be a little bit special. Jess, you licked our arseholes so expertly that we couldn’t possibly not let you go first.”

“Do I have to keep this dildo in my arse?” the teenager asked. “I have to admit that’s the first time I’ve been arse-fucked and it felt so damn good but it feels a bit weird now.”

“No way, girl”, Sally replied. “You keep that in there until we tell you can take it out. In fact, you’ve just given me a great idea. Now, give Kim his well-earned first drink before we make you drink our piss!”

Although the idea of drinking the older girls’ piss filled Jess with excitement, she really wanted Kim to get some refreshment, even if it wasn’t of the usual variety so, with the dildo still firmly wedged in her anus, she walked gingerly over to the prone pet and squatted down over his head, her pussy just an inch from his mouth.

The combination of watching the three older ladies use Jess as their sex toy and the thought of finally getting to drink their pee straight from their wonderful pussies meant that Kim was still rock hard.

The clothes pegs were really beginning to bite into him now and the hatpins stuck into his exceptionally sore flesh were causing him great pain but this, after all, was what he desired. The pain was intense and, although it was also pleasure for him, he hoped it didn’t distract him from the task of drinking what these lovely ladies were going to serve him.

“Wait,” Liz said to Jess, just as she was about to open her bladder and direct a stream of warm, yellow liquid into Kim’s greedily opened mouth. “Let me go and find a bowl for you to finish off in, Jess”, Liz said. “Do you think you can hold on just a moment?”

“Sure,” replied the sixteen-year-old. “While you’re gone, I’m gonna get Kim to clamp the end of this dildo in his teeth and fuck myself in the arse a little more. Then, after he’s drunk my piss, if it’s ok with you of course, bursa escort I’m gonna take it out and get him to lick it clean for me. I really want him to taste my shit – and what better could there be than a piss and shit meal?”

Sally and Lorraine looked at each other, shocked. They’d never imagined their sixteen-year-old friend to be quite dirty-minded or imaginative. But they weren’t complaining. The more ways to humiliate Kim they could all think of, the better. And, besides, if Jess was thinking like this, she would be oh so much fun to fuck with later. And boy, did they have plans to fuck with her later!

Jess positioned her arsehole right over Kim’s mouth. Without being told what to do, Kim opened his mouth and clenched his teeth firmly around the part of the dildo sticking out of her anus.

“You’d better make sure you bite onto that thing hard, Kim,” she told the prone and helpless pet. “We don’t need any excuses to punish you further but if you let go, you will be. Do you understand?”

Kim, of course, was in no position to answer her, the dildo wedged firmly between his teeth, and Lorraine commented, “My my, how rude of him not to answer you, Jess. Who cares whether he holds onto the dildo properly for you to arse fuck yourself – let’s just punish him some more anyway while you do it.”

“That butt plug looks so snug stuck in his arse,” she went on, “but I think it’s about time he took an arse fucking himself. Sally, while I do that for him, why don’t you whack his balls about a bit with that paddle? And hit him really hard this time, will you? None of that soft “nice” stuff like earlier!!” she added with a smile.

The shape of the butt plug was, of course, conical – thinner at one end (this was the end deep inside his rectum) widening towards the other (this was the end just inside his anal opening), with a ridge running around the perimeter to hold it in place. The overall effect was that Kim’s arsehole was stretched and held firmly open, and had been for quite some time now. So it was no surprise to Lorraine that, when she eased the dildo from its snug resting place, Kim’s arsehole remained wide open, stretched so that the opening was about one inch across!

“Oh!” Lorraine exclaimed, “How delicious does that look? We could certainly have some fun with that,” she continued.

The feeling of the butt plug being pulled out of his arse was like nothing Kim had ever experienced before. He’d become so used to his anal channel being filled to bursting point over the last hour, the vibrations loosening his bowels uncontrollably. As the vibrator had slid easily out, its movement made easier by the fluids from his bowels, he felt as if his insides were also coming out of his body.

The feeling was unbelievable and he knew that over the next few minutes it would only intensify as Lorraine arse-fucked him.

Jess, meanwhile, was happily riding up and down on the dildo that Kim was trying so hard to hold onto with his teeth and Sally smacked his balls as hard as she could with the leather riding crop.

Each time Sally struck him, his body jerked involuntarily as the crop struck the clothes pegs and hat pins, increasing the already intense but wonderful pain he was feeling. Sally hit him so hard that it was only the hat pins stuck through the pegs and into his ever so tender flesh that kept the pegs in place, and each time the crop struck the pegs pinched even tighter and the pins pulled and ripped at his skin.

As Lorraine eased the dildo in and out of his arse, the alternating feelings of emptiness followed by being completely filled again were sensational. Each time she withdrew the butt plug, Kim so desperately wanted it back inside him, filling his arse again. Yet each time it was deep inside him again, he desperately wanted it to be pulled back out so that he could once again experience the uncontrollable feeling that the whole of the insides of his rectum were leaving his body.

What was being done to him was making him weaker by the second and he longed for some respite. He was sweating profusely and could feel his strength slipping away quickly. He knew that soon the combination of being arse-fucked, the pain that Sally’s hitting was giving him and Jess thrusting her arse up and down on the dildo clenched between his teeth would be too much for him and his body would simply give up.

So it was a huge relief for him when Liz walked back in the room, her face lighting up with excitement when she saw what her three friends were doing to him.

“I see you’ve been having a bit of fun without me,” she said, smiling. “That’s good though,” she added. “We wouldn’t want him to go off the boil, would we?”

“Anyway,” she continued, “I couldn’t find a bowl, so we’re going to have to think of something else to collect our pee in.”

As she said this, Lorraine slid the dildo from Kim’s arse once more, once again his anal muscle remaining wide open.

“Oh,” Liz exclaimed. “Don’t you think that’s just perfect?”

The other girls looked at each other and then back to Liz, confused. Seeing their confusion, Liz explained, “well, we don’t have anything to collect out pee in but I’m sure his arse would make a perfect receptacle, don’t you?”

“What we need,” she continued, “is something to keep it wide open and a funnel. I think I saw a speculum in that holdall and I know I definitely saw a funnel in the kitchen. Hold on while I go and get it.”

While Liz went back to the kitchen, Sally searched in the holdall for the speculum that Liz had said was in there. When she showed it to Jess and Lorraine, Jess asked, “What’s that for, Sally?”

“It’s for holding your pussy lips wide open so that a Doctor can do an internal examination of your twat,” Sally explained. “But it can also be used for forcing and keeping someone’s arsehole open,” she added with an evil grin.

Kim’s heart missed quite a few beats when he heard this. His arsehole already felt completely worn out as it was. What other tortures had they got planned for him? He would find out soon enough.

While not harbouring even the tiniest of homosexual inclinations, Kim had always enjoyed arse play, whether it was giving or receiving. The abuse his arsehole had taken already was more than he had ever bargained for but he knew it was only the beginning. His fear and excitement was immense. The fact that his body was on the brink of exhaustion simply increased his excitement. He knew that, even if he were to be untied, he would not have the tiniest drop of energy left to defend himself against his abusers. Not that he would want to, of course!

And now, as Sally inserted the end of the metal speculum into his already wide-open arsehole and pushed it gently in, he knew that his abuse and humiliation really was about to take off spectacularly.

The coldness of the metal felt wonderful to Kim, a stark contrast to the burning sensations he felt inside his arse. The speculum was about six inches long and, as Sally pushed it fully in, Kim nearly came. He knew that that wouldn’t be a clever thing to do (unless he wanted to give the ladies a further excuse to punish him) but if his body had decided to cum, he knew to that there wouldn’t have been much he could have done about it.

With Jess riding up and down on the vibrator that Kim held between his teeth, Sally began to turn the thumbscrews on the speculum, gently opening the two separate sections of the device. When she’d inserted it into Kim’s hole, his anal muscles had clenched tightly around the metal but now, with each turn, he felt his arsehole stretching open again.

As she continued to open the speculum, Kim could barely concentrate on keeping Jess’ arse dildo in place in his mouth. Kim felt his arsehole stretching wider and wider and, although it hurt, it was at the same time a wonderful feeling.

Eventually, with the speculum buried deep in Kim’s anus and opened as far as it could go, Sally said, “I think it’s time for our little slave to have a drink, don’t you, girls?”

Climbing off Kim’s face and gently easing the dildo from her own arse, Jess sat astride Kim’s face again and, holding her pussy lips wide open, she told Kim to open his mouth as wide as he could. As the first few drops of her warm piss began to trickle from her pussy and splash onto Kim’s face, he could feel hands at work on his cock and balls as the other three removed the hatpins and clothes pegs.

They weren’t gentle about it, and as they pulled each hatpin from his very sore flesh, his instinctive reaction was to clench his teeth in pain but he knew that if he did this it would displease Jess in particular, and all four in general, because it would mean that he wouldn’t be able to drink all of the golden shower that Jess was so kindly providing him with. Besides, her hot piss tasted so good to him anyway that he didn’t want to waste a single beautiful drop.

The flow of pee from Jess’ tight pussy had reached maximum now and it was all Kim could do to swallow quickly enough to keep up with it but it tasted so good to him and he swallowed each mouthful greedily.

As Lorraine removed the last of the clothes pegs from Kim’s sensitive balls, she reminded Jess not to totally empty her bladder into Kim’s mouth saying, “Don’t forget, we’re going to end this particular little treat for him with something extra special.”

Reluctantly, Jess deliberately stopped the stream of sweet, warm liquid into Kim’s mouth and, as Liz placed the funnel into Kim’s gaping arsehole, Jess repositioned herself so that she could empty the rest of her bladder into the wide end of the funnel and, consequently, directly into Kim’s arse.

If the things that had been done to him so far had turned him on immensely, they were nothing compared to bursa escort bayan what he was experiencing now. Not only was he bound so totally, lying on the floor, that he couldn’t move a muscle, but he had just been forced to swallow mouthful after mouthful of hot, sharp, piss directly from the sweet pussy of a sixteen year old girl (who had just arse-fucked herself with a vibrator held firmly between his teeth)… and now the same girl was straddling his wide open legs, aiming what was left of her golden stream of pee into a funnel planted firmly in his arse, which was stretched to about six centimetres in diameter and held wide open by a speculum.

After all that had been done to it, Kim’s arsehole was feeling a little sensitive, to say the least and now, as the last of Jess’s hot urine flowed through the funnel and into his rectum, it stung even more. At least all the pegs and hatpins had been removed from his cock and balls, and although it was a slight relief that his skin was no longer clamped tightly between each wooden peg, the feeling as the blood rushed back to the places it had previously been restricted from was exquisite.

Jess quickly emptied the rest of the contents of her bladder into Kim’s arse, the warm liquid feeling wonderful as it settled in his rectum.

Next to allow Kim the privilege of drinking from her was Lorraine. As she squatted over Kim’s face, he opened his mouth wide for her, the anticipation of the taste of more sweet liquid gold pleasing him. Lorraine pressed her wide-open pussy hard onto Kim’s mouth, her hot piss filling his mouth completely.

“Don’t forget to keep some back for his arse, Lorraine,” reminded Sally. “I am so looking forward to his special drink,” she continued.

Lorraine’s pussy lips were a lot larger than Jess’s. She stretched them wide open and sat down on Kim’s face, his wide-open mouth thirsty for her hot piss. At first, the slow trickle was easy for Kim to swallow but, as the flow of Lorraine’s warm nectar increased and reached maximum, it became more difficult for Kim to swallow sufficiently quickly to keep up.

It had been easier when Jess had given him his drink, because she had held herself a few inches above his mouth, allowing him to breath while he drank. Now, though, Lorraine’s pussy completely enveloped his mouth and his nose and swallowing was difficult. He could feel his mouth filling up completely with Lorraine’s piss as he struggled to swallow. Mercifully, Lorraine quickly stood up, her bladder nearly empty, just a small amount left for her to empty into Kim’s gaping arsehole.

Kim’s wide-open mouth was completely full of her hot, yellow piss and, as she re-positioned herself between his legs to empty what was left into his gaping arsehole, she said, “Be a good pet and don’t swallow what’s in your mouth yet. The image of you with a mouthful of my piss is just so appealing!”

While Lorraine emptied the rest of her bladder into the funnel stuck in Kim’s arse, Jess, ever-keen for new experiences, knelt over Kim’s face and started to kiss his piss-filled mouth. She ran her tongue over his lips and probed into his mouth, the taste of Lorraine’s pee feeling wonderful to her.

“Well, well,” Sally said. “It looks like our little teenage friend is a little more kinky than we thought. I’m sure you’re enjoying that immensely, Jess, but be a good girl and let him swallow now, won’t you?”

Reluctantly, Jess stopped kissing Kim and pinched his nose closed so that he had no choice but to swallow the rest of Lorraine’s pee.

Liz was next and had soon given Kim another refreshing drink of piss, finishing off by adding some more to the ever-increasing volume in his rapidly filling arse. The level of pee inside Kim’s butt had nearly reached the top by now but as Sally first squatted over Kim’s face and then emptied the last few drops into his piss-filled arse, the girls realised that they’d misjudged slightly: Kim’s arse wasn’t quite completely full.

“Hmmm,” wondered Sally. “We’re all pissed out, but there’s still room for more in there. Any ideas, ladies?”

“Well,” replied Liz. “There’s one of his who hasn’t contributed yet, and that’s rather rude of him, I think. It’s only fair that Kim should be the one to have the honour of finishing the job.”

Hearing this, Kim realised that he was now going to be made to piss into his own arsehole but, with his cock still rock-hard, he also knew that there’d be no way he could do that unless he came again. He’d also worked out by now that the reason the girls had saved some of their own piss and used it to fill up his arsehole was that he was going to be made to finish his piss-drinking by drinking what was inside his arse.

Of course, he had drunk his own and Mistress Ashly’s piss many times before, but as she’d told the four friends during their earlier introduction to Kim, he’d never drunk it from anyone’s arse.

His thoughts drifted back to the time when Ashly had collected his piss and used it to fill some baby’s bottles. Then she’d done the same with her own and played a little game with it.

Blindfolding Kim, Ashly had selected a bottle and he’d had to drink it all and then decide whose piss it was. If he got it right, he had to masturbate for fifteen minutes while French-kissing Ashly’s arse and was allowed to cum and the game was over. If he got it wrong, he had to masturbate for fifteen minutes but wasn’t allowed to cum. He’d then had to drink another bottle and guess again, with the same results if he got it wrong. Of course, although Ashly hadn’t known, he’d got it deliberately wrong quite a few times. Of course, although Kim hadn’t known it, Ashly had sometimes told him he was wrong when he was right.

A sharp slap to the face brought him back to the present and he heard the girls discussing who was going to relieve him of his erection so that he was able to empty his own bladder into his arse.

The ladies decided that Liz could wank Kim, and while she did the other three took turns in sitting on his face, giving Kim another delightful taste of their anuses.

With his mouth open wide and his tongue buried deep in Sally’s, Lorraine’s and Jess’s arseholes, it didn’t take long for Liz to bring Kim to his orgasm, her hands and lips and tongue and teeth expertly working on Kim’s exceptionally sore prick and balls until soon he exploded into her mouth.

Liz didn’t swallow his cum. Instead she moved her mouth to the funnel protruding from his arse, and spat his cum into the mixture of the four ladies’ piss that was almost filling his rectum.

“Now we have to decide how to get his piss from his cock to his arse,” Sally said.

“Well, seeing as young Jess seems to have a taste for it, or at least for ours, why doesn’t she help out here,” Lorraine replied. “She could transfer it mouthful by mouthful.”

“How about it, young ‘un?” Sally asked.

“I’m game,” Jess replied, and she placed her head flat on Kim’s stomach, her mouth only an inch or two from the head of Kim’s cock.

Wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the base of Kim’s prick, and squeezing hard, Sally told Kim to piss. The restriction her fingers caused meant that Kim couldn’t, of course, and the pain increased as his urine built up inside him. Finally, Sally relaxed her grip and Kim’s piss gushed out, splashing over Jess’s face. The teenager managed to catch most of it in her mouth and, when her mouth was full, Sally squeezed hard again on the base of Kim’s prick, stopping the flow of his warm, yellow piss.

Jess emptied her first mouthful of piss into Kim’s arse then moved her head back to his stomach, ready to collect another mouthful once Sally loosened her grip again.

Despite having just drunk a whole load of the ladies’ piss, Kim’s body was dehydrated from the exertion of the last hour or so, so it only took another four mouthful’s for Jess to transfer the contents of his bladder to his arsehole. Now, his arse was totally full with a mixture of his own and the four ladies’ pee, not to mention a generous portion of his own cum.

Removing the funnel, Liz replaced it with one end of a length of plastic tubing she’d found in the kitchen earlier. She’d also brought some packing tape in from the kitchen and now she tore a strip off the roll and stuck it over Kim’s mouth and lips, gagging him very effectively.

Making a small hole in the centre of the tape, Liz pushed the free end of the plastic tubing through the hole and into Kim’s mouth and tore a few more strips of packing tape off the roll and arranged them on the section of tubing protruding from Kim’s mouth, securely holding it in place.

Kim couldn’t believe that in the next few minutes he was going to drink these ladies’ piss straight from his own arse. Not only was he going to drink a delicious mixture of their piss, but added to the brew was his own pee and a good portion of his cum.

He’d drunk his Mistress’s piss before, of course. He’d drunk his own piss before, too. He’d frequently tasted his own cum as well. They’d all tasted heavenly to him but he’d only ever drunk them individually, never all at the same time. And most certainly not from his own arsehole.

But drink them from his own arsehole he was going to do. He had no choice, did he? Of course, he would have done it even if he’d had a choice. His obedience was absolute. Everything his Mistress had ever told him to do, he’d done. Ok, so sometimes he had initially defied her, deliberately of course, to give her reason to punish him further, but mostly he’d done it more than willingly.

As Kim was just about to take the first swallow, the front door bell rang.

“Who the hell could that be?” Sally asked. “I thought we’d agreed that we’d tell all our friends we were going away for the weekend escort bursa so we wouldn’t be unnecessarily disturbed?”

“Well, it’s your house Sally,” Lorraine said, “So unless you told someone then it’s got to be nobody for us. If we ignore it they’ll just go away.”

“Umm, actually…” Jess began.

As one, the three older ladies turned to stare at Jess, whose cheeks had turned the colour of beetroot.
“Ummm…” the teenager continued. “A-a-ctually, I invited a f-f-riend of mine from the r-r-riding stables over,” she stuttered.

“What the hell did you do that for?” Liz asked. “Don’t you remember we agreed that we’d keep this totally private?”

“Me and Debbie are best friends and, well…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Jess,” Sally said. “Go and let her in before the neighbours see her standing there.

As Jess went to let her friend in, Liz and Lorraine turned on Sally.

“I thought we’d agreed?” Liz said.

“Yeah,” Lorraine added. “We were all adamant that…”

“Listen,” Sally replied. “Jess has been dropping some not-too-subtle hints that she’d like to be the slave one day. Well, this gives us the perfect excuse for giving her exactly what she wants. And with Debbie here too, wouldn’t it be just perfect to have them both as slaves?”

“Oh yum!” Liz agreed. “And as well as doing deliciously horrible things to them ourselves, we can get them to do deliciously horrible things to each other!”

“And don’t forget,” added Lorraine, “we’ve still got Kim. The three of them together will be so much fun to play with. Quickly, get a blindfold from that bag and let’s give Debbie an experience she’s never actually going to see, but one she’ll never ever forget.”

As the door to the lounge started to swing open, Sally called out to Jess, “Jess, I hope you told your friend how much of a surprise this is going to be for her?”

“Oh yes,” Jess replied. “I didn’t try to explain anything to her, but told her to expect just about anything.”

Sally’s face lit up with the broadest of smiles as she moved towards the door, saying, “Well, just to make it all the more of a surprise for her, put this blindfold on her before she comes in. Then, when she takes it off, she’ll be blown away.”

“Oh, and tell her she’s not allowed in unless all she’s wearing is a bra and panties,” Lorraine added. “And don’t take too long about it. We’re all just dying to meet her. I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful addition to our little gathering here.”

About thirty seconds later, the door swung open and, holding hands, Jess led Debbie into the room.

“Lorraine, Sally, Liz… meet Debbie,” Jess said. “We’ve been friends ever since we met at the riding stables about six years ago and we basically do everything and go everywhere together. I hope you don’t mind too much that I invited her along today.”

“Oh Jess, darling,” Sally said. “We don’t mind at all. In fact, we think that Debbie will add so much more excitement to our fun. Now, Debbie, kneel down on the floor exactly where you are please. I think it’s only right and proper that we all say hello properly, don’t you?”

Jess, of course, knew exactly what this meant and started to protest.

“But… but…,” was all she managed to get out before Lorraine and Liz grabbed one of her arms each and pulled her roughly away from her friend.

Despite the blindfold, the frown on Debbie’s face was obvious for all to see. What the hell was happening here? she thought to herself. Before she had chance to voice her confusion, Sally had crossed the distance to her and had grabbed her from behind by her ponytail and shouted “DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME YOU LITTLE SLUT? GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES!”

If Debbie had had a choice, it was taken away from her as Sally pulled hard on her ponytail and kicked her legs from underneath her.

“From now on,” Sally said, “when I, or either of my friends tell you to do something, you had better do it immediately, because none of us likes to have to say things twice. Is that totally understood?”

Debbie was far too confused to even think about answering, and her silence was greeted with two hard slaps, one on each of her tits. Despite the unexpected pain, she was still too stunned to react, other than to say, pitifully, “Jess?”, for which she got another two slaps.

“Leave her alone,” Jess yelled. “She’s done nothing wrong!”

“Oh but my dear Jess,” Sally said with an evil grin on her face. “I know that… but you have, haven’t you? And now, your friend is going to pay for your indiscretion.”

“Please,” Jess pleaded. “She’s my best friend. Please don’t hurt her. Do anything you like to me, but please don’t hurt her.”

“Well, it’s funny you should say that,” Sally said. “Because we plan on doing absolutely anything and everything we like to you as well. Nobody breaks an agreement with us, and punishing you is going to be so much fun. But punishing your friend while you watch is going to be just wonderful.”

Turning back to Debbie, Sally told the cowering 16-year-old brunette, “Here’s how it’s going to be. You will do exactly as you’re told, and you will do it immediately. You will obey every command we give you. And you will not make a single sound. You will not speak, unless you are asked a direct question. If you can manage all that, we might – but only might – take it a little easier on your so-called friend over there. You know, the one who invited you along today without our permission?”

“Now, where were we before we were rudely interrupted? Oh yes, we were just about to say some proper hellos. I realise you don’t really know us that well yet, but our names are Sally, Lorraine and Liz. Oh and of course you know Jess already. Please tell us whose arsehole you’d like to lick first?”

Oh please, help me someone, Debbie thought to herself. This can’t be happening. But the pain in her nipples when Sally took each one between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed as hard as she could and said sweetly, “I’ll let you off this first time for not answering me straight away. Now, I’ll ask you once more – whose arsehole would you like to lick first?” gave her a reminder that it was all too real.

“Y-y-yours,” she just about managed to blurt out before her already tender breasts were slapped again.

“Ok, that’s progress,” said Sally, “but it would be much nicer if you made it sound as if you really wanted to lick my arsehole. Repeat after me, “Sally…””


“Please can I lick your arsehole first?”

“Please can I lick your arsehole first?”

“There, that wasn’t too hard, was it?” Sally said as she stroked the frightened 16-year-old’s cheek.

“No! Please!” Jess pleaded. “Make me do it instead, please? I beg you.”

Laughing, Sally replied, “Oh baby, don’t you worry. You’ll get your turn soon enough. And trust me, you’ll be doing plenty of begging before we’re finished with you.”

Turning back to Debbie, Sally said, “Usually, we have to give our newcomers a little helping hand when they do this for the first time. For some strange reason, they don’t seem too keen on sticking their tongue into a complete stranger’s arse. I can’t understand why though. It must be such an honour for them, yet we still end up holding their head still to stop them pulling their face away. But you… well, you’re going to show us you’re different. You’re going to just kneel there all on your own. Nobody’s going to touch you, but we are trusting you to bury your tongue into each of our arseholes without being forced to. That way, you’re going to show us right from the start that you really are our little bitch. Does that sound ok to you?”

“Y-y-yes,” Debbie managed to reply, just before Sally stood in front of her, spread her legs and, leaning forward, reached behind and pulled the cheeks of her arse apart and pressed her arsehole to Debbie’s mouth.

As the tip of Debbie’s tongue touched Sally’s anus, a shiver shot straight up Sally’s back and all the way down her legs to her toes. Damn! she thought to herself, this girl’s going to be so much fun.

Surprising herself, Debbie found that the feeling and taste of Sally’s arsehole on her tongue wasn’t as disgusting as she thought it would be. After all, it was only skin and flesh, wasn’t it? Pushing her face deeper between Sally’s widespread cheeks, Debbie soon found her tongue proving deeper into Sally’s arsehole, her lips opening wider to such while her tongue pushed further and further in. She could feel the moisture building between her own legs and dampening her knickers.

Jess, who was still being restrained by Lorraine and Liz, stopped struggling so much when she saw that her friend seemed to be enjoying sucking Sally’s arsehole, until eventually the two older ladies let go of her arms and let their hands wander over her body, exploring her breasts and nipples, finding their way between her legs, where he own pussy had become wet again.

Kim, meanwhile, was still trussed up on the floor with his bowels full of the ladies’ piss and his own piss and cum, waiting for the command from someone for him to start drinking.

In the ten minutes since Debbie had arrived, he’d been keen to get on with it, to show the ladies that there was nothing they could make him do that would be too much for him. He felt slightly jealous of Debbie, because he was supposed to be the slave here, right? He was the one that the ladies were supposed to abusing, right? Although he had to admit that watching Debbie sucking and licking and kissing Sally’s arse as though she was born to it was a very sexy sight indeed.

He knew that he’d have to wait until Debbie had been made to kiss all the ladies’ arseholes before he got his drink, but he knew that he’d still get his opportunity soon. Little did he know that he was soon going to be very disappointed, and that the ladies had other plans for the special brew that was fermenting inside him.

To be continued…

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