The Reward

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The bell rang and I rushed to open the door. It was Louise, as I’d hoped, wearing her spectacular smile.

She had called an hour ago, the first I had heard from her since our encounter at the gym a month ago. I had been desperate to repeat the experience, to taste her again, to fuck her.

As time had passed, I had begun to fear that perhaps I had failed the test after all.

She had offered no explanation for her silence on the phone, and she offered none now. Instead, she placed a palm on my chest and gently pushed me back into the room, kicking the door shut.

She placed a finger against my lips as I started to speak, motioning that I should say nothing. Instead of speaking herself, she dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle my jeans.

I started to ask what she was doing, as if it wasn’t obvious, but she shot me the same fierce glance as she had when we had first met. I took the hint this time, keeping quiet and letting her do what she wanted.

She undid my trousers and pulled them down, leaving me standing in my boxer shorts. She extended one finger and traced the shaft of my now erect member from the tip down to my balls. Her lithe fingers wrapped around my penis and caressed my sensitive balls. I shuddered as soft, long fingers explored, feeling the silky skin of my shaft and the coarse hair that surrounded it.

She pulled down my boxer shorts, freeing my dick. Her eyes lingered on the sight. I’m pretty well endowed, even illegal bahis if I do say so myself, a good eight inches.

With her finger, she gathered a drop of precum from the tip of my cock and brought it to her lips. Her eyes met mine as she tasted, and a dirty grin appeared on her face.

She wrapped her hand around the base of my penis and placed a little kiss on the tip. She followed that kiss with more, all along the length of my shaft, small kisses and long open mouthed kisses, never staying in one spot for long.

I was in ecstasy. I sucked in my first breath and closed my eyes Her lips moved slowly and sensually around my member, kissing and licking, teasing with small little pecks, and driving me wild with her mouth. My dick was soaked in her saliva, throbbing with pent-up pressure.

Louise bent over my sensitive dick, obscuring my view with her black hair. I felt her lips part at the tip of my head, then slide down my shaft. I gasped as the heat of her mouth enveloped me. Her tongue slid up and down my shaft, flicking from side to side, and gently withdrawing.

She took me deep into her mouth, moving faster and faster, sucking my cock in and then sliding it out, taking a bit more with each thrust.

She caressed me with her tongue, her hands moving over my balls and my ass. I groaned, and heard her anxious moaning replies, sharing in my excitement.

Those unusual eyes remained locked on my face. I could see that she wanted illegal bahis siteleri me to come.

My excitement mounted. I bucked deep into her throat and yelled an inchoate exclamation as I came into her lovely mouth. She didn’t pause for a second, but continued her rapid fellatio while attempting to swallowing as much of my spunk as she could. Some of it dribbled down her chin.

When I finished my orgasm, I slowed her head down, then took it off my cock. Without saying a word, I pulled her up to her feet. One of her hands, sticky with my semen, still held my limp penis.

She looped her other arm around my neck and brought her lips to mine, her tongue darting hungrily into my mouth. I kissed her deeply and slowly, savouring the taste of my own come mixed with her saliva.

We parted. She smiled at me and said, “I owed you that.” She looked around. “Do you have a bedroom?”

I laughed, took her by the hand and led her there. We shared another deep and passionate kiss, stumbling onto the bed together. Wordlessly, we began to unfasten and remove our clothing. Our mouths still clung together, tongues still licking and lapping at each other. She slid the bra down her arms and dropped it to the floor. I wrapped my arms around her, my cock jutting impolitely against her stockinged legs.

I eased her tits out of her lacy black bra and caressed them gently. She groaned with pleasure. She sat in front of me, bare chested. I took a moment to canlı bahis siteleri enjoy the sight of her large, creamy skinned breasts with lovely pink nipples. I placed a kiss on one of those nipples, and I allowed my hands to move over her body. I took that nipple into my mouth and sucked gently, circled it with my tongue, teased it with kisses and gentle bites.

I laid her down on her back, pulling down her panties, leaving her naked but for her black stockings. I removed the rest of my clothes and then kissed her again, tongues snaking together as our hands roamed over each other’s bodies.

My thigh urged at her pubis, as she rotated her hip against my cock. Her long legs lifted around my hips.. With a hard, single thrust, I entered her wet heat.. Her body jolted and she clawed at my arms with her fingers

I pushed her arms down to her sides, as I eagerly rammed my cock deep into her welcoming cunt. She moaned with delight as I rode her, hard and wild. Her taught nipples rubbed against my chest. I bent his head to hers, capturing her mouth with mine. Our passion deepened as she shifted her hips to welcoming each one of my thrusts.

We came together in a torrent of groans. She gave everything when she came, holding nothing back.

We held each other tightly. I had rarely come twice in such quick succession, nor with such intensity.

We talked then, at last, though of nothing important. Just words of intimacy. We made love again a little later, this time slowly, quietly, with Louise on top, grinding her hips rhythmically against mine and our eyes locked together. We slept then.

She had gone when I woke. There was a note on the table. “I’ll call you” it said. And she will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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