the Ring of Salazar part 6

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Hermione had the worst night of her life… It all started the day before.
At first, her last day had start normally… Normality only break off, at the beginning,by a bad mouth breath become stronger as the day goes by. Hermione always kept good mouth hygiene because her parents were dentist…

The nightmare had started after Hagrid class. The class had been totally normal as always… Hagrid had explain centaur with the help of Firenze, who did give all the important information about centaur reproduction… But, while returning to the castle after the class, Hermione had starting to feel bad. Her stomach started to hurt like she had eat two time her size of food. She had the impression thousands of little creature were moving front side to side in her belly. Adding to the discomfort, she was stinking bad… Her body… Not just her mouth anymore.

She had make it to the Griffondor common room, trying not to be seen. She had finish her trip over a toilet bowl, vomiting her stomach content while Ginny asked her what she had…
Hermione could clearly remember, but do not understand why, she had begged Ginny to shit in her mouth… She was happy now that her friend refuse even if at the time she felt desperate for it.

Her friend had leaved her alone and She had resume her puking session.
This is when her nightmare did really start. The sun’s light had just disappear from the horizon when Hermiome Granger felt she had empty all the white foul contain in her.
But right when she was about to exit the room, Hermione sensed she needed to go back lying in front of a bowl.
The girl got on her knee in front of the first toilet and lower her mouth over the opening but instead of vomiting again… She begin licking the seat with long lap. She couldn’t stop herself. It took her, at least, one hours to lick the toilet cleaner that it was never been. At the end of it, she found herself getting up and walk the the next toilet. It took Hemione the entire night to clean all of the 12 bowls inside the girl washroom.
All the while asking herself why she was doing this… The comment that Gregory Goyle had shouted at her after Hagrid class what echoing inside her mind… “Make sure to lick all the toilet bowl before the end of the night”… or something like this.

She walk out of her torture room but stop in the entrance of the common room. The room was empty but for one person… Harry Potter was asleep in a couch. She tried to cross the room ,without waking him up, not wanting him to see her like this and ask her questions. Only, Hermione Granger couldn’t really smell how much she was stinking due to the fact her nose and mouth only had the taste of all those toilet bowl. Right when she passed Harry did he open his eyes.

-Damn! What is that horrible smell? Hey Hermione? What are doing up this late, questioned Harry Potter while getting up to her.

When he approach her, however, he immediately could tell the odors were emanating from her. Hermione just wanted to run to her dorm but he put his Hands on her shoulders and bursa escort turned her so he could se her face and eyes.

– Oh God Hermione! What did happened to you… Your a total mess and I think I could smell you from the great hall… You looked like you’ve just been sick.

-I’ve been Harry, and the odors is stain of vomit on my cloths, lied Hermione. And you what are doing up late morning? She’d ask to change subject.

-I was waiting for Ginny… I’ve waited
All night… I must have fallen to sleep?
Explain Harry. I didn’t saw her since this noon. But I know she was here since her book are still on the table there, he said pointing to one of the round table.

– yes she was there when I came back from Hagrid Class this afternoon, replied Hermione, but we had a little argument… and she left in hurry…
You know maybe she went to Luna’s dorm to sleep not wanting to see me again tonight… I’ve been a little harsh since I was sick, lied the stinky girl who hoped her friend would never know the truth.

Hermione Granger told Harry that she wanted to go sleep before they had to really get up. Harry Potter agreed with her friend clearly seeing that a night of sleep would be for her greater good… A shower also…

Hermione start to slowly climb the stair that lead to the two door of their dorm. What Hermione didn’t know is that Harry, who was following her close in the stair, had his face directly at the level of her ass still enclosed in her tight stained jeans.
Harry watch her ass sway until they reach the top of the stair and arrive in front of their respective dorms doors. Suddenly, he couldn’t take what he was watching no more without doing something so he said:

– Hey Hermione! Hope you don’t mind but you have the best ass of the school! You should always wear jeans! They make it unbelievably hot!

And he smack her right ass cheek, not to hard before saying good night but he was stop from turning the door knob of his dorm by the girl.
He turn his face to looked at her expecting she was angry he just slap her ass but instead he find something he had never seen. Harry had sometime fantasy to see Hermione face look at him with lust and passion in her eyes but it could never have prepared him for what he saw on her face now.

All trace of fatigue had dissipated and had been replace by pure lust, passion, desire. It was a new Hermione in front of him… From whom was emanating horniness. She looked at Harry with pleading eyes.

-Harry… Please you need to fuck my ass! Please I beg you! I promise I’ll suck you clean after! Please…

Harry watched his best friend drop on her knees and put her palm together to beg him properly. He didn’t know what to do… He wanted her on his cock so much but he was almost sure she didn’t act as herself. Only when she begin to kiss his cock through his pants did he lost control and his hardening cock told him” put
Me inside this Whore

-Ok said Harry to the begging girl.

– Thank you Harry! Was her only Answer before resuming her tease of His bursa escort bayan cock. When she felt Harry was rock hard, she got up and took his hand, leading him to her dorm. Harry realize the stair hadn’t change to slope like when him and Ron had try to go up the girl dorm in their second years… Surely it was the Hermione’s hand leading him that grant him the access.

For the first time, He could look at Hermione and Ginny bedroom. Ginny wasn’t in her bed. The room was almost identical to his but one thing gathered his attention… On a nightstand between the two bed was standing a lot of sex toy. Dildo and vibrator, Buttplug and Anal Beads…

Harry walk to the stand and took a black butt plug in his hand wondering which of the two girl had maybe use it. He was hoping that it was Ginny for his own luck but the tough that Hermione Granger masturbated with this in her ass was intoxicating since he now knew she love it there. Suddenly, Hermione voice bring him back to reality…

– Harry will you fuck my ass or not?
Please I need it!

Harry turned to look at Hermione bed and almost blew in his pant. There she was,naked, on all four, face first on her bed, he hand holding her ass cheek open and her little anus clenching and relaxing to urge him.

Harry put back the plug on the desk and undressed, only taking few second to do it. He then grab the butt plug again and climb on the bed.

Hermione Granger was looking at him with pleading eyes… Harry showed her the plug and ask if it was her.

– Ginny and me buy them all together so they are at the two of us but this one was never used…

Standing on his knees, on the bed, behind Hermione, Harry took hold of his 8 inchs cock and rub it against the girl pussy and clitoris. Hermione looked at her best friend with one eye, her face was still glue to the mattress.

-Harry! I said the ass not my pussy…
I don’t want you there, I’m still virgin…

Harry was surprise by this information. He had thought Ron and Hermione were fucking but Ron wasn’t
Lucky has it seems. Harry wanted to find a way to trick the girl in letting him take her cherry.

-My cock need some lube,answered Harry.

-Fuck me raw! It’s my ass I offer you not my pussy replied the desperate slut.

-I won’t fuck your ass unless I get your pussy first…

Please Harry! I beg you… You don’t understand how much I need it… You can fuck my pussy after I promise! She said not realizing she would be her again after Harry finish in her.

Ok… Said Harry to happy to argue
He lined his cock with her rosebud and push…

It’s was raw and tight. He was sure Hermione would told him to stop but instead she made a grunt and urge him to fuck her raw like the slut she was and every second he was fucking her she was building toward orgasm.

But her conditioning kick in and like everytime she would see balls, she would need to empty them on her face… She beg her best friend for a facial…

Not letting him choose she turned around and sucked his dirty escort bursa cock until he blow load and load on her face.
As soon as his cum hit her face
Hermione return to herself only to realize what she just done.

More of Harry’s cum land on her face
And start dribling…
-Harry what have we done? Asked The girl fully knowing what they had done. But Harry answer:

– you beg me to fuck your ass so I did and you promise me your pussy for it.

Harry pushed her on on her back on the bed and spread her leg.

-No please Harry! I’m not myself… I’m curse! Help me…

Harry wanted to fuck his little bitchy friend but he realize she did need help… So he stop just before entering her pussy…

Thank Harry! I don’t know what is happening to me…

– why did you beg me to fuck your ass? Asked Harry?

The moment you slap my ass, I could only thing of this, respond Hermione while Harry’s cum was leaking from her chin.

-Hermione… You should wash yourself… Your face is still full of my cum and your really reek…

I need a shower, Hermione almost run to the the washroom and Harry got back to his dorm to change. He went down the common room. To wait for Hermione but meet Ron there instead.

-Hey Harry! You want to go eat breakfast sooner this morning?

Most Griffindor where up but still in night clothes. Harry was hungry since his morning fuck.

-Yes sure, Hermione will catch up with us later…

But when the arrive, the main hall entrance was close, Hagrid on watch.

– Sorry… No one in before 9, he said before they could ask anything.

-For what reason, ask Ron disappointed

-It’s top secret… You see,answer Hagrid with a dreamy tone

-So here’s Potter and his friend, came Malfoy voice from behind them…
Right after he said Potter, Harry’s bowl let loose in his pant.

Ron who saw something was wrong with his friend when he saw his disgusted face turn toward
Malfoy with his wand and strike.

– Levicorpus!

Malfoy found himself head upside down held by the right ankle in the air. Unlucky for him the ring came flying of his finger and roll up to Ron’s feet.

Ron intrigue by the piece of jewelry,he had never saw on Malfoy, put it around is finger.

-Give me my ring back Weasley!

-What is it about this ring Malfoy?

Drago could do nothing but tell him about the magic of the ring of slithering.

-You heard that Harry! Ron’s asked

-Yes… Respond Harry, it explain a
Lot of thing but it’s weird… i can’t see it…

-Harry you can now see the ring. Said Ron. And all the effect put on you with it are lift.

-It works! I can see it! Pass it to me so I can lift any command put on you.

Not minding, Ron gave the ring to Harry who put it.

Malfoy and Ron… This ring doesn’t exist and you can’t see it… You won’t remember anything about it or what it has done before.

Finally, Malfoy when someone will tell your last name you will say
“Drago Malfoy is a Faggot”

After that Harry went to clean himself before returning to the main hall to wait the opening of the door.
A lot of people as arrive and where waiting…

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