The Spin Cycle

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I have to say I love sex in all its forms; masturbation is a big turn on for me. It is only then that I seem to cum; I don’t know if it is because I allow my mind to go wherever it wants to, instead of concentrating on the act of love making itself.

Over the years I have masturbated with all sorts of objects, from my fingers to household items like bottles, handles of brushes, electric toothbrushes, but it was only when I found that the vibrations from my washing machine on full spin sent me to heaven in orgasm terms that I really found the one item in my house that was always able to take me to places I had only dreamed of.

My neighbour asked me just after I found my new found toy what was going on, but I was able to fob him off with a story of how I had a dirt phobia, and how I was fastidiously clean. He seemed to buy the story, but I did think that he was unsure of me after I told him of this, but he never said anything more about it.

All was going fine. I was getting off with my washing machine’s help up to four times a day. I found that the best way for me to get the best result was to straddle the corner of the machine as the spin cycle built up to fast spin; by the time the spin cycle finished I would cum. Sometimes I experienced multiple orgasms during the cycle, leaving me frantically thrashing about on the floor after slipping into a heap of orgasmic blubber.

After casino oyna months of pleasure, disaster strikes. It was first thing in the morning when my washing machine broke down, just before the fast spin cycle started. I was only half way there; I was so frustrated that my fingers went crazy on my clit with two fingers inside my cunt, the fingers on my other hand frantically milked my rock hard clit, but to no avail. I was unable to cum with the same gusto that the washing machine gave me; it was more of a whimper than an orgasm.

The same day that the machine broke down I called the mechanic. I was shocked when he told me that he needed to take it away to repair; I was in shock. After two days, in sheer sexual frustration and in an act desperation, I set out on my quest for satisfaction. It was three in the morning; it was dark and I set out on my quest. I left my house to go to the all night laundrette in the centre of town. Luckily it was empty and despite being petrified of being caught, I eased myself on to one of the machines as the spin cycle started.

In mid-cycle I realised that I was not alone. I was being watched, but I was to far gone to care. The rhythm of the machine had taken me to the point that I wanted to be; as the first wave of an orgasm swept through me, I felt the hands of my watchers on my body, heightening the pleasure I was going through.

It canlı casino was only moments after I felt the first hand on me that my body experienced its first orgasm. It washed through me like a tornado. I opened my eyes to find two men groping me; they started to push me harder against the machine.

As I started to panic, I suddenly felt my knickers being pulled down and the cheeks of my arse pulled apart. I could feel my body giving me away as my juices began to run down my thighs.

As a second orgasm started to pulse through my body I felt the shaft of one of my attackers push between the cheeks of my virgin arse. I tried to pull away, but the effects of my orgasm and the second man holding me against the machine were to much for me. His prick came up against my arse hole and I tried to keep him out, but my body was no longer under my control. His prick pushed me open and I attempted to scream, but to no avail; the second man put his hand over my mouth, gagging me, but I screamed with all my heart.

The man in my arse pumped furiously, trying to keep up with the spin cycle on the washing machine, and as the cycle slowed he shot his load of cum into my arse, growling as it left his body. My body began to convulse as the remnants of the orgasm played with my senses, but the next thing I heard brought me back to some sense of reality.

“It’s my go now. Bend her over that machine kaçak casino and set it off. I want a piece of that cunt.” The two men bent me over the machine, pushing my breasts hard against the top, leaving my naked arse sticking out into the shop. I felt the machine start to vibrate as the second man pushed his prick into my wet cunt. I heard my pussy squelch as he slipped inside me; I had not had many men, but they all told me how tight my pussy was and this tightness seemed to excite this man. He soon got into a rhythm and increased his speed as the spin cycle built up.

I was not as excited by this but I did start to feel the tingling of an orgasm building as he thrust hard into me.

He pulled out just as he shot his cum and I felt it splatter my arse, and then they let me go. I slipped off the machine as they disappeared out of the door. I had been raped with the help of a washing machine; I was no longer an anal virgin; and I had taken two men into me in the same session. Although it had not been my plan to be fucked, as I sat there with the spin cycle winding down I realised it was the experience of a life time.

I picked my knickers up from the ground and used them to wipe my pussy and my abused arse, then slipped them into my pocket and walked home.

Once there I found some cream and rubbed it around my burning arsehole. I let a finger slip into my sore hole and the cream soothed the burning. As my fingers massaged it I found that my body was responding and the more I probed the hotter I became. Then I knew that I had, in this one night, become an anal slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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