The Substitute Teacher

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The Substitute Teacher
Two college tarts get the surprise of their short intense sex lives.

When Talisia Grey and Zoe Clarke heard they had a relief teacher for their senior play rehearsal day they took it in their usual scheming stride. After-all they were both recently turned eighteen and felt very worldly. They conferred and believed they should be able to make excuses about costumes and knick off to the dressing room for some fun after lunchtime. Piermont College always got that geriatric Allwyn Davies to supervise drama and he was too easy to manipulate.

So when they arrived in the drama studio and saw a true bubble butt toned stunning arse in a tight fitting dress with exquisite matching red heels to die for; checking out the lighting system on the far side of the spacious workshop they were both intrigued. The butt cheeks on view: appearing to press into each other in a sweet inverted heart. And long shapely legs…toned thighs and curvy calves.

“The bitch” both college girls mouthed off softly in unison.

They saw the sub was organised and already had the day’s schedule on the whiteboard and in stylish bold printing, they saw the name of the substitute teacher: Roberta Shaw.

Talisia and Zoe were very fond of each other, especially each other’s over sexed college bodies: but they were happy to get intimate with other senior year boys and girls. Even the principal in his office; they were sexually up for everything.

Hell they even planned to get the principal to lure the bitch assistant principal Ms Belmont into his office for their last detention this afternoon for their penance for Monday’s fun and give her frigid sorry arse some real joy.

However, right now at 9.00am on a Friday morning; they were confronting their first ever serious competition in the school for best bum. They knew they were miles in front: equal first in the peachy arse stakes, when they sauntered wantonly along the corridors or flaunted their copious fleshy goodies, barely contained in skimpy uniforms around the locker bay. They both had top class titty packages that were eye candy drooling. They unfairly had it all: nature making both of them; pure temptation.

But here in the drama room, it suddenly got serious; the Shaw woman had sensational breasts.

“No way…they have to frickin enhanced”, Zoe whispered to Talisia.

Two senior college girls were staring at weighty, fulsome; sort of tear drop shaped breasts. But it was her frickin hip to bust ratio, with the clearly thinner waist that set her body off: and she had more nipple hint than the pair of school lasses combined. Roberta Shaw’s tits were simply: a turn on, well for horny young college students: mostly male but also discerning; exploratory females like Zoe and Talisia.

The rest of the class arrived for drama and their rehearsal. The guy’s in the drama class were all hanging on Ms Shaw’s every word and movement. She outlined the morning’s program in the absence of Mrs Harding. They had till the first break to practice their lines. Then they would run through the play before lunch and this afternoon there would be time to start on the props in the art workshops.

At least the play was well selected. It was Lysistrata. It was double- entendre and the girls got the chance to dress up in loose flowing; sexy Greek chitons. Though there was no way; as in the play: that, blonde Zoe Clark or brunette Talisia Grey would have given up sex for any cause. They would have cheated, if they had been confronted with the ancient Aristophanes’ scenario.

Ms Shaw was wandering around making sure everyone was task focused. She was leaning in on a boy’s group.

Talisia looked at the teacher’s body language: she was way too much into the guys: in fact it seemed the sub was flirting with them.

“Ask her when she comes over” said Zoe to Talisia, diverting her attention.

“You bet I will honey…her tits are too perfect not to be a very expensive job and boy is she flaunting them with the guy’s group.”

Roberta Shaw had fetching dark brown eyes…real softeners.

“Fuck the sub has gorgeous sensuous eyes” said Zoe.

The substitute teacher was close enough to hear the comment and smiled broadly. But it was a latent sex filled smile.

Roberta’s teeth were so white, her lips glistening, because her tongue had passed over them with the boys. This young teacher was all confident with her looks.

Talisia was listening to the slightly raspy husky but sexy voice: she couldn’t put her finger on something that was not quite au fait here.

Zoe though was a smitten kitten. There was something sexually drawing here. Her boy radar was on heat with a woman. But Zoe was bi, so mixed messages in her brain were no problem for her pussy.

“How are our canlı kaçak iddaa two leading ladies? Who is Lysistrata and who is Kleonike?” asked Shaw.

Zoe was under the sway of a frickin soft floral, top of the price range Dior scent as the sub leaned in.

Talisia could see Zoe was in a lezzo daze and responded for both of them. Then fired off the boob question. She was not a shy lass and hell she just had to know.

“Your breasts …where did you get them done and how much?” Our sassy femette only believed in the direct approach.

Roberta Shaw wasn’t the usual teacher annoyed with a very personal question. In fact the sub ran her tongue very deliberately over her lips before replying with:
“Yes they are stunners aren’t they…worth every cent of about three thousand US dollars in Thailand.”

“Shit three grand ” gasped Zoe.

“Honey, I’d love to show you how sensational they are…but its school” she said looking straight at Zoe.

Oh Zoe wanted to see them alright and school was no obstacle and teachers were no obstacle either: She fluttered her eyes and said: ‘A peek at lunchtime…please…please” like she was pleading for cock.

Roberta Shaw was walking away. Zoe and Talisia both taking in the unreal but actually heavenly real butt at close range…when the sub, sweeping back long hair, said over her shoulder, “Okay…stay behind.”

Behind was good…very; very good.

Zoe was quietly squeezing her legs together, and softly but excitedly repeating “Yes, Yes.”

Talisia articulated a strange comment to her best friend: “I thought for a moment that Roberta was a Robert.”

“Oh you stupid dill…look at that arse…those goddamn perfects tits…we get to see them at lunchtime…”

“I know…I’m really into seeing them too…I did the tell tale Adam’s apple check after the husky voice…but it’s not male prominent…Shit if she is a guy…well what a guy…she’s all woman now…well from the waist up” and she laughed.

“Oh you tart…you just want to feel up the sub teacher…had enough of my easy to get pussy eh.”

“No; never sweetie…your cunny is divine…but now you mention it…once we get a peek of her tits…I wouldn’t mine getting a look at the shaved delight between her thighs…God the perfume Shaw is wearing… that’s a quality one.”

Well to say the pair of Zoe and Talisia weren’t really focused on their play lines but rather on what Roberta’s chest would look like and more importantly how awesome it would be to touch her big titties and then the sensation of sharing womanly intimate wetness…well lunchtime Friday was looking good.

The class got through the line rehearsal with plenty of prompts from Shaw. The workshop emptied at lunchtime; except for Zoe, Talisia and Roberta.

Shaw locked the classroom door; carefully closing three inside.

Zoe and Talisia were both impressed…this Shaw must have had it off with a fair few boys given her suave cool assurance …wonder how many girls she had felt up…or been felt up by…well Talisia knew it was going to be at least two …very soon.

Shaw now carefully closed the curtains overlooking the south oval. Nothing left to chance.

No surprises coming: thought Zoe, who was near salivating waiting to fondle those tits she had been eyeing off all morning…God the bitch had big nipples …so prominent through her dress.

“Okay girls…over here…” and Shaw was in a semi private spot amongst the rostrum blocks.

Zoe the impatient tart brushed her fingers across the tight fitting red dress…getting a tingle through her pussy as she took in the wonderful hardness of the sub teacher’s nipples. She was heady excited as she saw Shaw quiver shiver with delight at the lightest of deliberate touches.

Roberta said: “Well ….its simple girls…you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

Zoe and Talisia weren’t shy…they actually liked this kind of game…it usually led to a lot of quality cock sucking…once they flashed their own titties.

Zoe was first to get her white school blouse off and shake her blonde hair out of its pony tail and unclip her superior snow white lacey bra and let her tits rest perkily…masses of softness so youthfully gravity defying with lovely little pink already excited nipples like so cute kitten noses.

“Oh they are deligious…shit I want to nibble on them right now…but Talisia…” said Roberta barely containing her arousal.

Talisia was happy for ‘Zoez’ to have her moment…and now took off her school blouse and her black bra…which drew attention to her brunette mane.

Roberta got to see another great set of nubile titties. Optimal unblemished flesh. Beautiful ripe melons. And the bitch Talisia rubbed her own wet fingers over her own nipples.

“Oh yum…yummme… pinbahis you are both stunning” said Roberta….dropping her dress from her shoulders and revealing a bombshell red and black bra holding; well fleshy bombs of delight.

The sub teacher just pushed her titties over the tops of both cups…there was flounce and bounce. Ripe, full and demanding titties, ready to be squished together. The nipples were so long and perfectly formed.

“Oh… out of sight” said Zoe.

“Geez…Wow” went Talisia, then added, “Worth every frickin cent.”

The girls cuddled in around the sub teacher …who invited them to fondle a titty each. Shaw was playing softly with the girls nipples at the same time.

“Suck them sweethearts” said Roberta and the college girls were nuzzling and sucking her teats and feeling the awesome suppleness and the goddamn amazing weight of these surgically created masterpieces.

Shaw strayed first…under the girls short school skirts. A shaved slit probed by the fingers of her left hand and an equally wet, pubes free pussy for the digits of her right hand.

The blonde and the brunette college girls were enjoying the pussy attention.

Roberta asked the girls to drop their skirts and their panties and twerk their butts.

Hell she could have asked anything and they would have complied.

Ah lovely, lovely naked young buttocks. A dream fleshscape.

“Shake your booty girls…twerk those arses” and it was said very lustfully; realised Talisia.

“Oh bend over sweeties…open your cheeks…show me your pink puckered vertical grins”

Well it wasn’t where both girls usually started…often they liked to finish off a good sex session with some arse play or a cock choker in the butt crease…but hey they could start here too.

“Oh can I lick your pucker slots…please…please” said Roberta…like a begging guy.

Zoe would have taken a finger or a dick straight up her starfish …if that was the offer…but a tongue sounded fine too.

Roberta was a conniving manipulating being who loved the back-eye slice…the allure of a bum’s reverse cleavage. Her tongue was poking into Zoe’s tight crimped space first…god it was delicate, sensitive and delicious. A finger was teasingly rimming the poop shooter of this obvious slut, Talisia, who was moaning and wriggling her butt.

Zoe was enjoying the arse licking of her tender years. Shit Roberta knew how to lick arse. Prod and probe, tease and sweep her tongue, then spit into the proffered gaped winker.

Roberta was close to losing control…one young arse at your mercy is heaven enough…but two tender tight arseholes…well you adjust and take care of both…as if you would neglect another butt …even with arse in your face.

The sub teacher gave Talisia instant relief…inserting her finger at a delectable hooked angle with copious spit …splitting the brunette’s body…damn near perfectly.

Talisia responded with a loud: “Aw Shit…that is good”

Roberta as any teacher can do; got into multi focus. Swapping her tongue between the two willing butts that were pushing hard into her face. The relief teacher’s fingers assuaging and expanding the tight little puckered arseholes in turn.

Zoe the tramp was lost in her own ares-hole’s greedy delight. Her butt was being gaped and it just felt great. Simple acceptance of pleasure.

Talisia was equally back crack happy but was anticipating something bigger and thicker getting in her back door…The slut must have a vibrator: thought the brunette.

“Okay girls …turn around and suck off my big, big clitty” said Roberta very casually.

Well Talisia thought as she turned…Yeah, you can’t have everything you bitch…

“Oh my fucking god” exclaimed the brunette.

“Whoa” said Zoe… her eyes nearly popping out of her head…but still she went straight for the head and then squeezed as much of the shaft in her gob as she could. A true college slutette.

Roberta was Robert…cock confirmed. And a goddamn huge shaved cock to boot. Inch after inch.

Talisia had a silky dangling scrotum to tease; and was licking and fondling, very contentedly.

Talk about sexy surprises…talk about taking all that sex offers in your stride…Probably helps if you are already bi-sexual…well no…

Frickin ready randy genitals, they just draw you in…

It was a cock fest for two senior college girls and all the more enjoyable for being…well unexpected.

Roberta thought these lasses need some coochie time…if she was going to get their fragile arseholes. She could have by-passed their tight slits for tighter crack.

“Bend over this rostrum block now” ordered the sub…using her authoritative teacher voice.

She could have used any voice…these two trashy misses were up for anything pinbahis güvenilir mi and everything.

Ms Shaw filled a pussy for the first time in a very long while. It was enjoyable enough…but to a shemale…really a form of foreplay. It was Zoe who needed a good coochie drilling first.

Zoe was in a bliss state…sexual nirvana…because her brain was in a direct line of understanding with her pussy’s acceptance of the biggest schlong it had ever received. The blonde was body passive, but pussy proactive…her sweet slit stretched to the max.

Talisia was the recipient at the same time of a quality finger grope and rapid finger fuck.

“Zoe sweetie…you need to share…Talisia needs some dick too” said Roberta after a couple of minutes of generous thrusting.

Zoe was close to tears as the hard long dong was removed from her sodden voracious pussy. But she was quickly moaning as three replacement fingers started to really drill deep into her hole.

Talisia had seen the monster cock…but now it was her coochie’s…her’s alone….and fuck the short wait had been worthwhile…it was a filler…it was a driller… and she didn’t know it yet ….it was going to a goddamn arse-hole thriller.

The brunette pressed her buttocks back into the long hard pressing meat now between her legs…stretching out her cunt hole…oh fuck it was good. It was the sort of cock a pussy has to have at least once in its life.

But Roberta only seriously had arse on her mind. Her addictive pleasure.

Zoe …sweetie pie Zoe…such a tender set of butt cheeks and a tight waiting, pink little pucker slot…Roberta was so careful easing in… She teased the crinkled constricted crack, so carefully, after asking Talisia to spit on her massive rod and have a quick suck.

Ms Shaw had a perfect understanding of what an arse needed from cock because her own arse knew the sweet filling sensation and her cock knew what to do in the constricted, eager, available nubile butt hole in front of her.

Zoe was in love with her own arse. There is no other way to describe the interaction. The teacher was in love with her own dick. The magic of sex is that a butthole and a cock made two individuals so happy together. Complete sexual satisfaction…and the unexpected extra…Talisia licking Roberta’s butthole and fingering Zoe’s clit…while her trashy friend came hard.

Roberta wanted to cream one of the sweetest arseholes she had ever fucked…but she had one more butt to taste…and it wasn’t going begging…

The sub got Zoe to spit in her girlfriend’s gaped arse…then manoeuvred her still rock rigid big dick around Talisia’s tight pinkish arsehole.

Zoe, however, wanted to see Talisia fuckin split open…she was over excited to see her friend…well fuckin shafted… totally buggered…by a big cock.

Roberta was again so careful…so gentle…so good-naturedly provoking on the indented sensitive cusp…patiently working her cock head into the small responsive hole…when Zoe…a true dirty skank shoved her middle finger to the knuckle up Roberta’s arse hole.

The teacher groaned in unexpected delight and instantly rammed her shemale cock deep into Talisia’s still slightly tight deeper arsehole…it was goddamn delicious…but nearly too much for the young lass…

Talisia yelped… but embraced her kinky needy wild side…God she had a huge cock rocking and rolling in her happy arse…a frickin big sexy cock…attached to a beautiful compelling body. Her butt hole clinched and constricted cock in rapturous satisfaction: after that startling; I’m going to frickin burst moment.

The college lass was cum dumb….so sexually gratified…her mind was blank…her body dominated by a surge of pleasure…then a euphoric orgasm…as her friend Zoe worked her clitty and Roberta pumped her gawped tiny bum hole full of jizz.

Fuck they were done…yeah really buggered…body and soul.

Zoe joked: “So now I know why sub teachers are called relief Talisia” because her girlfriend was fucked slushy flesh as Shaw’s cum dripped out of her gooey pucked love crack.

Before they all redressed; they did the girly kissy and titty fondle and cuddle together for a few minutes.

Roberta; the two college seniors realised was a girl with real benefits…soft and tender but subtly aggressive….and packing a great hard surprise.

Talisia had to ask though: “But Roberta …where’s your give away Adam’s apple? It crossed my mind you had a dick…but your body presents as …well all girl…dressed.”

“Ahh surgery sweetie…the cartridge of the throat is shaved away…”

Zoe had a more pressing question: “You’re not going all the way…full transitioning… are you…I mean god you have a super cock”

“No sweetheart” and the sub looked at the blonde saucily…and bent her head down between her thighs where her member was stirring again…Zoe’s sweet lips and tongue got a second go with a girl with extras…before the bell sounded for the afternoon class to begin.

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