The Sybian Club Ch. 06

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It was Tasha’s curiosity, really, that started it all. She was obsessed with Sybian porn. Her eyes would get all dreamy and half-closed every time they watched. And Max had to admit, the thought of watching her climb on and ride one of those things had him going. Besides, he never could say no to her. Still, Max was a business man, an investor. The cost of a Sybian of their very own was cost-prohibitive, to say the least. There were rentals available, but none in their area. That’s when he got his brilliant idea, and that’s how the Sybian Club began—a two thousand dollar investment, clearing out a private room in their basement, and a website. They started by offering free introductory sessions. Max felt a little bit like a heroin dealer… “The first one’s free, man!” But Tasha’s instincts had been right on. Once a woman had a ride on the Sybian, she wanted to ride it again. “If you build it, they will cum!” she said… and man, did they cum… and cum… and cum!


Ashley’s body was trembling so much she could barely keep still. Tasha held onto her, standing on the stool next to the table where the dark haired woman was riding the Sybian. Tasha crooned and cradled her head against her shoulder.

“I can’t,” Ashley whimpered, shivering all over like someone with a fever. Her body was hot, flushed, like a little heater. Tasha smiled, stroking her hair.

“Yes you can,” Tasha murmured, fingering the controls. “Just hold onto me.” She had turned them way down after Ashley’s first—first ever!—orgasm, giving her time to catch her breath. Now she edged them up a notch. Just the vibration, not the rotation.

“It’s like a wave,” Tasha murmured into her ear as Ashley squirmed on the vibrating machine and clutched at her. “You just need to learn to ride it…”

Ashley gasped, her hips rocking in spite of her protest. She twisted and rocked, moaning softly and shaking her head. Tasha knew the feeling. You weren’t sure if you wanted to try to get away from the sensation or keep going. It was so intense it felt as if your whole body might burst into flame.

“Stay with it,” Tasha crooned, stepping back a little to let Ashley ride, but the woman grabbed her, pulling her in tight. “It’s okay… I know it’s intense.”

Tasha started the rotation, just a slow turn, and Ashley’s body stiffened in response. Her fingers dug into Tasha’s shoulder blades, her breath hot against her neck.

“Please,” Ashley begged, and Tasha stroked her cheek, dancing her fingers over her collarbone to find the woman’s nipple. Dark and enormous, it was already hard, and Tasha thought it must be sensitive. She was right. The moment she had it between her thumb and forefinger, squeezing and rolling it, Ashley groaned and rocked faster on top of the Sybian.

“Ohhhhh!” Ashley threw her head back, her arms out, arching. Smiling, Tasha fingered her other nipple, pinching the dark, oval areolas gently and pulling forward a little as she squeezed. This made Ashley sigh with pleasure, her eyes closed behind her dark-rimmed glasses.

“Keep riding it… like a wave.” Tasha upped both controls, looking down at where the Sybian met the woman’s flesh. Her pussy was mashed against the machine, the thick dark hair beaded with wetness. Tasha reached her hand down and parted the woman’s lips with her fingers.

“Oh my god!” Ashley’s eyes flew open wide, surprised. Her clit was as tiny as her nipples were large, barely a nub and covered with thick folds of pink. Tasha moved to the front of the machine, using her fingers to spread the woman further, pushing back the hood of her clitoris until she could see that little glistening pearl. She had an urge to kiss it.

“Keep riding that wave,” Tasha encouraged, looking up at her, all that long dark hair falling into her face. Ashley was biting her lip, shaking her head, but there was no use resisting. Tasha had been there, too, not wanting it to go on, wanting it to go on forever.

“Oh!” Ashley cried out in surprise as her clit touched the slick, humming surface of the Sybian. “Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Tasha smiled. Ashley was lost. She was really rocking, now, her hips shifting back and forth, her pussy lips completely spread casino oyna over the surface like the wet wings of a butterfly newly opened and drying in the sun. Tasha kept her fingers there, pulling back all the soft, pink folds of flesh, so her little clit could get the most exposure to the rising hum of the machine.

“Oh that’s so good!” Ashley cried, fingering her own nipples now. She mimicked Tasha’s earlier motion, her hands cupping their heavy weight, squeezing the areola as she came forward to pinch the nipple. “More… more!”

Reaching for the controls with her other hand, Tasha turned the dials. Up, up, up they went, and Ashley’s moan grew louder, her breath coming in fast gasps.

“Again!” Ashley cried, just that one word as her second orgasm seemed to shoot through her like an arrow, driving her body into a tight arch, her toes curling upward as she quivered on top of the machine. Her body turned quickly to jelly again, trembling and nearly collapsing.

Tasha stood quickly, her fingers never leaving the woman’s wetness, and came to stand next to her on the stool. Ashley quavered against her, still moaning and twisting on the machine.

“Stay with it,” Tasha encouraged her, spreading the woman’s lips as she squirmed on the Sybian. “There’s more.”

“Noooo!” Ashley cried. “I can’t, no more!”

Tasha lifted the woman’s chin off her shoulder with her other hand, turning her face to hers. God, but her eyes were beautiful. Dark and questioning, searching for something. “Yes… you can.”

“Please,” Ashley begged, swallowing hard. “I don’t think…”

Leaning in quickly, Tasha captured the woman’s mouth. It was soft, like rose petals, and she tasted sweet. But this was no little kiss, no brief connection, like before. Tasha’s tongue pressed past her teeth, forcing past her resistance. She didn’t think, she just acted, her mouth slanting across Ashley’s, taking the kiss as the hum of the Sybian rose all around them. Tasha could feel her give, she could actually feel it in the way Ashley softened against her, kissing her back, now, their tongues gently exploring.

“Yes,” Ashley murmured as the kiss broke, their eyes meeting. Tasha saw a trust in the woman’s eyes that made her heart lurch in her chest. “More… more…”

Ashley’s hand slipped behind Tasha’s head, her fingers lost in the soft black wings of her short, dark hair as they kissed again. The jolt that went through Tasha was electric and she moaned, unable to help herself. She had spent hours listening to and watching clients ride her machine today, which always left her wet and ready for a ride herself. But now, this quiet, shy woman was kissing her so hungrily it was as if she had never been kissed or touched before, and Tasha couldn’t take anymore.

“More,” Ashley insisted, breaking the kiss only to say the word before pressing her lips to Tasha’s again. Ashley’s fingers were moving over Tasha’s blouse, her dark little nipples hard and noticeable, even through her bra. What she lacked in experience, Ashley made up in enthusiasm, giving up on the buttons and just pulling Tasha’s blouse out of her skirt, shoving her bra up over the soft little mounds of her breasts.

“Oh god,” Tasha moaned when Ashley began to finger her nipples.

“So tiny,” Ashley murmured, moving back and forth between, as if she were testing them.

Tasha tried to fight the ache between her legs, growing even greater as her nipples were tugged and gently twisted in the woman’s fingers. The hum of the Sybian made her ache to climb up on it herself. Could two of them fit? she wondered. Tasha’s eyes flew open. What was she thinking!?

“Oh my god,” Tasha gasped, breaking the kiss, moving her hand away from the woman’s pussy for the first time since she had first touched it. “We can’t… I’m sorry… this is…”

Ashley looked her, quizzical, her eyes glazed. She was still rocking on the Sybian, the wetness spreading to her thighs.

“This is very unprofessional,” Tasha said, swallowing hard. “I apologize.”

The woman’s lips curled into a smile. She reached her finger out and touched Tasha’s hard nipple through her blouse. “I won’t tell.”

Ashley pulled her canlı casino in for another kiss. Tasha tried to resist, and if her skirt had had a zipper that day instead of elastic, she might have been able to, but Ashley’s hand had found its way underneath, seeking heat, and found it. There was no thinking anymore after Ashley’s hand cupped her mound, rubbing there as they kissed. Resistance was futile. Tasha was lost, too.

“Oooooohhhh!” Ashley moaned against Tasha’s mouth, her hand curling into a fist against Tasha’s pussy. She was trembling, and Tasha knew she was close again.

“Keep going,” Tasha gasped, feeling the woman’s knuckles moving over her pussy lips, as if knocking for entrance. “Don’t stop… remember, it’s a wave…”

“It’s so… goooooood!” Ashley shuddered and Tasha’s hand crept down again, spreading her lips and exposing her against the machine. “Ooooooooo yeah yeah!”

Ashley came for a third time, wrapping her arms around Tasha and pulling her in hard. The climax seemed to go on and on as Ashley bucked on top of the machine, grabbing Tasha breathless with each shuddering wave.

“Oh hell,” Tasha whispered, kicking off her heels and reaching under her skirt, pulling her panties off in a flash. “Want to see if this thing can hold two of us?”

Ashley nodded, still gasping, holding her hands out for her. “Come on.”

They tried it facing each other first, but the angle of their legs made it too difficult. The Sybian was going full blast and Ashley was quivering still as the dildo up inside her kept going and going. Tasha swore, climbing down, biting her lip and thinking.

“Ohhh yes,” Ashley moaned, leaning forward a little, her hands gripping the front of the machine as she rode. The woman hadn’t ever had even one orgasm before she walked through the door, and she was well on her way to her fourth! Tasha, on the other hand, would be happy with just one…

“Ah ha!” Tasha cried, wiggling out of her skirt and pulling her blouse over her head, not even bothering with the buttons. Her bra joined the rest of her clothes on the floor and she saw Ashley’s eyes moving over her briefly, lingering at her completely shaved mound, before Tasha mounted up on the Sybian behind her.

“Like a horse,” Ashley murmured, reaching behind her for Tasha’s arms and wrapping them around her.

“Giddyup,” Tasha agreed, cupping the woman’s heavy breasts with a sigh. She’d been aching to do that since she first saw them, and the weight of them didn’t disappoint her. Ashley shoved forward a little to give her space, although with the dildo up inside of her, there wasn’t much wiggle room.

If Tasha hadn’t been so narrow, they might not have fit, and she was thankful that Ashley had chosen an attachment that stretched all the way from the front of the machine to the back. She settled her wet, aching pussy over the machine with a happy sigh, fitting her hips against the soft, rounded seat of Ashley’s behind.

“You feel good,” Ashley murmured as Tasha pressed her breasts into the woman’s back and pushed her hair aside to kiss her neck. “Ohhh I like this…!”

“Me, too,” Tasha whispered, her mouth moving over the woman’s shoulder. They rocked together, their breath coming fast in the little room. Tasha knew it wouldn’t take her long at all to cum, at least the first time. Her pussy was humming with pleasure, her belly quivering in anticipation.

“Ohhhh god!” Ashley moaned, cupping her own hands over Tasha’s, leaning her head back against the woman’s shoulder. “I can’t stand it!”

“Yes you can,” Tasha insisted, rocking her with her hips, moving her forward and back on the machine as the dildo up inside Ashley’s pussy whirled. “Ride with me, honey. You can do it.”

“Something inside me…” Ashley whispered, and Tasha could feel the woman’s fleshy thighs trembling against slim ones. “Is… is…”

“It’s okay…” Tasha bit her lip, rubbing her own clit over the flesh-colored rise between her legs. “It will… feel different… but still really, really… oh god this feels so good!”

“Mmmm!” Ashley turned her head for a kiss, and Tasha obliged. Tasha swore she could feel the electric pulse of their tongues kaçak casino touching down in her pussy, where the Sybian was roaring against her clit.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Tasha cried, breaking the kiss and gasping against Ashley’s neck. “My pussy feels soooo fucking good!”

“Mine toooo!” Ashley’s fingers were digging into Tasha’s thighs as they rode together, hips locked and thighs spread over the back of the machine. “Oh something’s… happening!”

Tasha knew Ashley was about to be carried away by her first g-spot orgasm but her own body was like a runaway train, and she couldn’t stop to explain it or prepare her. All she could manage was, “Hold onto me, baby,” as she wrapped her arms around the woman from behind, resting her cheek against her shoulder.

“Ohhhhh yes yes yes!” Ashley moaned, wrapping her arms around Tasha’s as she came, her head going back, her long hair spilling over them both. The jolt of Ashley’s body against Tasha’s, again and again, sent her rocking over the ridge of the machine, her pussy making wet noises as she shoved her hips into the woman in front of her.

“Gonna cum,” Tasha whimpered, bucking her hips against Ashley’s as she did, her orgasm, so long-awaited, hitting like a thunderbolt, rocking them both forward and back in its wake. Ashley held tight, pulling Tasha’s arms around her as she came, wiggling her behind against the woman’s mound, both of them squirming in an attempt to stay on the machine.

Tasha kissed over Ashley’s shoulder and neck again and again in the wake of her own orgasm, still moaning softly at the hum between her legs. She could ride again—she could ride all night, she knew, until she found that place where orgasms peaked over and over in her belly, like one, long continuous thing.

But Max was due home in an hour, and she had to clean up. Groaning, Tasha slid down, reaching for her blouse and the controller at the same time. Ashley sighed when the dials were turned down and then off. She slumped over the machine, still panting.

“Thank you,” Ashley murmured, lifting her eyes. Tasha looked into them as she buttoned her blouse, feeling a slow heat rising in her face. My god… what kind of line had she just crossed? She just nodded, pulling her panties on and searching the floor for her skirt.

Ashley slid the dildo out with a little cry, tumbling off and leaning back on the table on her elbows. Tasha glanced over and saw her pussy, the inner lips red and swollen, a thick, creamy buildup of her juices pooling at the entrance. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

“I’m really…” Tasha gave up looking for her skirt, coming over to stand by the table, her eyes meeting Ashley’s. “I haven’t ever done that with… a client… or… anyone…”

Ashley nodded, pushing a strand of dark hair out of her face, her eyes large behind the squarish frames of her glasses. “It’s okay… I told you… I won’t tell…”

Tasha gave her a small smile, her eyes moving down the woman’s breasts and belly to rest between her thighs. “I didn’t mean for it to happen… you just… you were so…” she shrugged, at a loss for words.

“I liked it.” Ashley shifted on the table, her hips moving slightly, and Tasha couldn’t take her eyes off the woman’s pussy. It was so swollen and pretty… “I’d like to do it again.”

Lifting her eyes, Tasha remembered the reason she was here, saying, “Well… there’s this club that I’ve started…”

“No,” Ashley cut her off, reaching her fingers down to touch herself, and Tasha’s eyes fell there again, like a magnet. Ashley spread it open, easing those thick folds of flesh back a bit at a time and Tasha found herself wondering what she tasted like.

“No?” Tasha managed, the ache between her thighs nowhere near sated.

“I meant, with you,” Ashley finished, biting her lip.

Tasha met her eyes… god, those big, beautiful brown eyes. She imagined doing this again and the throb between her thighs thickened. Smiling, her hand covered Ashley’s swollen mound and she murmured, “I think that could be arranged.”

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