The Temp

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It was my first morning in this new booking. A large open-plan office, desks separated by shoulder-height screens, daylight at the edges, computers, two huge photocopiers, water coolers… and in the far corner was a cluster of four desks, one of which was to be mine for the next two weeks.

Basic audio-typing, answer the phone, take messages, all letters and reports, nothing difficult. Ordinary work.

By nine-thirty I’d got the hang of the place, knew where everything was, and I was typing busily. I’d worn my usual ‘first day on a job’ outfit, a very demure white shirt and grey skirt, long, with a bit of a split up the back, but nothing to show my long, tanned legs. I’d wear more revealing clothes later on, if it was acceptable. For now, I looked like a school girl, with my long wild hair wound up in a loose knot at the back of my neck, its flame-red the only colour about my outfit. Even my make-up was subtle, very ladylike.I looked around now and then, noticing the younger people. All very industrious, all rather dull looking, staring at their computer screens and working hard.

‘Hello. You must be the temp.’ I glanced up, a polite smile pinned onto my lips, and saw a plump, middle-aged man, quite tall, looking untidily squashed into a dark grey suit. His face was bland, the sort of pillowy plumpness that men get when they’ve spent all their lives in offices, doing safe boring jobs that never frighten them.

‘I’m Robert, the office manager. Any problems, just let me know’. He was hearty, friendly, but I could see his eyes were expertly scanning my figure, what he could see of it.

Right, I thought. You’re the one to watch, I’ll bet. Dirty old man! Your big soft hands would like to be all over my firm young body, wouldn’t they.

I just kept smiling politely and he went away, swaggering a bit, into his office at the far end of the floor. I typed like a demon – the work was easy – produced a respectable pile of letters by the end of the morning, and went off to the canteen to lunch, drifting along behind a gaggle of women.

I’d been a temp for long enough to know the rules of behaviour; never become too chummy with anyone, just get your head down, do your work, be pleasant but not over intimate. And at lunchtimes, stay near the women workers, but not right in with them. That way they don’t think you’re trying to be too friendly, nor do they think you’re after the fellas. Quite a few tasty young fellas here, though, for office workers. I ate my salad and yoghurt, then read from my notebook, and added a few lines. I was working on a story, all set down in my own secret shorthand, that would have made their hair stand on end if only they’d known about it! Every office I worked in, every situation I encountered, I noted down, and wrote it into my story.

Promptly at ten to two, I returned to my desk. The rest of the office was still empty, but I wanted to be seen to be a Good Worker. Mr. Damp-Hands came through the swing doors at the far end, looked over, noticed me, and came over. I glanced once at his crotch, and had a sudden shocking urge to pull open his flies, and give him a blow job, standing right there at my desk…. I blinked and controlled myself. He had one of the letters I’d typed, in his hand.

‘Er, this is very good, Miss – er – ‘

‘Marie.’ I helpfully prompted him.

‘Oh, right. Marie. Yes, well, I just wanted to point out a couple of little things to you…’

He put the letter on the desk, then leant over to point out güvenilir bahis exactly what he wanted done. His big bulky chest was almost touching my shoulder, and I could smell his aftershave. Rather nice, spicy aftershave. I moved my thighs closer together as I felt myself warming up, and he paused in his talk, and one big hand just lightly brushed my shoulder before going firmly into his trouser pocket.

‘So, think you can manage that okay?’ he said, a little louder than necessary, and I nodded, looking up at him with my Big Innocent Eyes look. He was quite red in the face, then he straightened up and moved away – some of the lads were returning to their desks, over by the window. They looked over at me, and said nothing, but I could see their smiles. Yeh, yeh, the boss is making a play for the temp, what a surprise.

I made the amendments, ran a fresh set of copies, and took them into his office, closing the door quietly behind me. He was busy filling out forms – stationery forms, something really complicated and dull. I stood in front of his desk, which was just level with the tops of my thighs, and I could see him wanting to reach out and touch me, but he restrained himself.

‘I’ve done the amendments. Are they correct now?’ I kept my voice very submissive and little-girl high, and smiled inside at the way he was shifting in his chair. Oh, he was interested alright – it could only be a matter of time before he made a play for me.

‘Right, well, if you’d leave them there, please? I’ll have a look at them later.’

He was being the Big Important Man… I smiled sweetly, and smoothing my skirt down over my hips, turned and swayed gently out of there, letting him have just a hint of the shape of my firm round arse as I left his room.

That evening I left prompt at 5pm, with everyone else, but was one of the last to the lifts, and didn’t fancy six flights of stairs. I waited, got in a lift with a few others, and went home, to my solitary little flat in a blandly anonymous development.

The next morning I was at work ten minutes early, worked hard all day, hardly spoke a word to anyone, and by 3pm was quite pleased to see Mr. Boss Man coming over to my corner.

‘Er, Marie, isn’t it. Um, I wonder if you could work a little later tonight, it’s just that we have a rush job on right now, could do with some extra typing?’

I smiled demurely and agreed to stay until 6pm, but no later – ‘I’ll have to be off by then’ was all I said. He flustered and looked worried, pleased, and excited all at once. More than one woman looked at him as he strutted back to his office, then at me, and smiled – I gave them all my Innocent look and kept typing.

5pm came, they all went, Mr. Boss Man called me into his office to show me what he wanted doing. It was a simple enough spreadsheet, but he made a big deal of it.

‘I hope you can manage. Any problems, anything at all, just give me a wave, I’ll come and help you’.

I bet you will, you randy old bugger, I thought, as I took the stuff back to my corner. I’d worn a tighter, shorter skirt today, and my blouse was a nice silky cream one, which could unbutton to reveal a lot of my ample breasts. I’d gone to the ladies just after 5pm, and taken off my bra, so my big, firm tits were swinging free under the thin silk of my blouse. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I walked away, and smiled… it wouldn’t take long.

I kept him waiting, in the deserted office floor, for ten minutes, before I looked türkçe bahis around, and hesitantly waved. He was there before I’d lowered my hand.

‘I’m sorry to disturb you… this bit here, it doesn’t seem to go right?’ I indicated the screen, and he came around behind me, leaning on the arms of my chair, his head close to mine as he studied the figures.

I knew he could see a lot more of my cleavage as well, and I deliberately pushed it forward, arching my back and looking up at him, breathing in deeply his rather nice scent – aftershave and arousal, always a potent combination.

‘I’m sorry, I just don’t see how I can fit that in’ I half-whispered, and he moved one hand, resting it heavily on my shoulder, circling around on the thin, slippery fabric as he explained the thing to me. His body was close enough to my back to touch, I could feel his warmth all down me, and I shivered with excitement.

‘Are you cold? It’s not very warm out here, in the general office. You could do this in my own room, you know.’ he was thick-voiced with excitement, and his hand slipped ever so gently down from my shoulder, to caress my breast, his fingertips just brushing my nipple – oh shit, he was good at this! I leaned my head back against his arm, and half-closed my eyes, abandoning all pretence of working, and he leant down and kissed me, a hard demanding kiss that made me moan and sprawl out on the chair, his other hand stroking me from throat down to my belly, and then down further, teasing me, running up and down my thighs through my skirt…

I reached for his crotch, but he pulled away, panting, his eyes glittering in his great slab-red face.

‘Oh no, not just yet.. we really do have to get this work done first.’

I had to keep typing, but he pulled up another chair and sat right behind me, his hands coming round my sides and playing with my nipples as I worked, and as he whispered in my ear, describing all the deliciously filthy things he was going to do to me. He leaned forward, breathing onto my neck, and kissed and mouthed me all around my neck and throat. Then he pulled up my skirt to get at my crotch, and worked his hand down under my tights and panties, wiggling his big fat sausage-like fingers expertly around my hot, wet crack, making me jump and moan for him again and again. But he wouldn’t let me come; not until I’d done the typing, finished the wretched job, and printed it off. I had to collate and bind it all, standing at the long printing table in the middle of the office, with him looming up close behind me, running his hands across my buttocks and pulling himself close up against me.

Then he turned me around, standing so I was face to chest with him, and he pulled me close, letting me feel the huge hot swelling at his groin as he rubbed it back and forth across my stomach.

‘Right, you dirty little slut. Now you’re going to really see what a man can do when he’s in charge’, and with that in one smooth, practised motion he pulled my skirt up around my waist, hooked my pants and tights, and pulled them down over my knees, then loosened my blouse, and pulled it up so my tits were exposed to his greedy, urgent kisses. I could hardly stand by then, I’d been kept on the verge of coming for so long, and he had to half-carry me back to my corner desk . Carefully, he sat me on the desk, then pulled my tights and pants right off me, and helped me take off everything else. It was incredibly exciting, sitting there at a work desk, stark naked, my legs trembling güvenilir bahis siteleri as I kept my knees pressed together, watching this big powerful man as he slowly undid his flies and out sprang the most magnificent, purple-red, hard cock I’d ever seen. He took hold of my knees and parted them, pulling my thighs wide apart, running his thumbs up the insides of my thighs to meet at my hot, wet slit. He slipped them both inside, smiling evilly at me as I moaned and squirmed, then slowly, very deliberately, he leant forward, nudging his dong into position, and took his hands away. He was so huge I could hardly take him, and my tight little cunt took some time to stretch to his size; he held my hips and nudged, and pushed, and worked it in, carefully and gently, until finally I was impaled completely on his monster cock, and I could hardly breathe for excitement. Already I was quivering, ready to soar, and he just twitched inside me a few times and I was off, moaning and spreading my legs, his big hairy chest hard against my firm, silky breasts, as he jerked and thrust into me, coming with a huge volcanic explosion of cum that filled every bit of me, and oozed slowly out along the shaft of his dong, dripping onto the desktop. He shuddered and moaned as I jerked on his manhood, raking his back with my nails, and then laid back in his arms, exhausted and totally satisfied.

He softened, slipped out of me, and I sat up, suddenly aware of what we’d done; we’d fucked without once even thinking about security men, or cleaners, or the security cameras… he just chuckled when I said this.

‘And who d’you think is in charge of all their duty rotas?’

He made me get dressed again, in just shoes, skirt, and blouse, putting my underclothes into my bag; I could hardly walk from the strain of taking his full strength, but he made me stand while he tidied my desk, then took my arm and helped me into his own private office, locking the door behind him.

He had a black leather sofa there, big enough for him to lie full length on; within ten minutes of him pouring us each a stiff drink from his hidden supply, he was hard again, lying on his back, fully clothed except for his open flies and that wonderful springing huge cock.

He had me take him by mouth, this time, and I sat on his chest, his fingers inside me, working around making me collapse onto him in utter pleasure, while I licked, and blew, and gently sucked his cocker, my fingers playing all the time with his huge heavy balls. He told me what to do, and I obeyed him all the way, even letting the spunk spurt onto my face and down my neck. He’d pulled my hips down so I was sitting on his face, and his tongue flickered and darted around my clit like a wet flame, getting me higher and harder than I’d ever been before.

We lay there, exhausted, my face against his groin and his hands just gently playing with my cunt, and after a while he told me to get up and get dressed again, it was time to go home. In the lift, I leaned against him, but he didn’t respond, just held me upright and took me out to his big car, not even a security guard on duty at the door at that particular moment.

He drove me to my flat, hardly said a word, didn’t even look at me when he stopped the car.

‘See you tomorrow’ was all he said, as I got out of the car, and he’d driven off before I even had my door key out.

But the next morning I had a call from the agency, just as I was examining the bruises round my nipples and wincing at the burning tenderness of my cunt.

I’d been pulled off that job, they needed me to go uptown to some even more urgent and higher-powered posting. It was just as well, I thought, that I got him to sign my time sheet last night.

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