The Ultimate Sexual Submission

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He came to semi-consciousness in the middle of the night, knowing from the softness of her lovely ass that she must have backed into him. He smiled vaguely, very pleased with the gesture. She had only been with him two weeks, and he had lived alone for nearly three years before that. Yet he had acclimated very quickly to her presence, partly because they had emailed and IMed on a daily basis for many months before that, and partly because she was everything she had led him to believe.

He rolled onto his side, accepting her offer as he *spooned* against the curve of her back. His still sleeping cock came to rest between those full cheeks, his chest pressing closely against her shoulder blades, his face washing itself in her flowing hair. His right calf inserted itself between hers, resting comfortably on her left foot. As though he had done it hundreds of times before, his right arm reached around her waist to cup one of her small, perfectly shaped breasts in his hand. The fit seemed perfect to them both.

He smelled the special fragrance of her hair. It reminded him of musk, or some other primordial animal scent. Was it natural? He had not noticed it before. Perhaps it was a special scent she had used just for tonight. With that faint smile still on his face, he started to drift back off into a smug slumber.

She had waited just the exact amount of time. As she felt his body relax against her, she started moving her hips side to side, rotating her ass cheeks subtly against his cock. There was nothing insistent, nothing urgent in her movement, just a highly personal invitation.

He felt that irresistible movement, and succumbed. His eyes opened lazily in the dark as his cock felt tiny bursts of energy surge through it. The pressure of his hand on her breast increased ever so slightly.

She felt that faintest of stirs, and her mouth curved in its own Mona Lisa imitation. He had held such promise to her over the months of their correspondence. He oozed deep wisdom from every word, sexy thoughts that never ceased to excite and torment her, and an overwhelming sense of mastery that crept day by day over her body, her heart, her mind, and finally her entire spirit. His firm yet gentle guidance had led her to fully explore the depths of her true submission. When they spoke together, when she even thought of him, she felt like a child, longing for the father figure who would teach her what she needed to know, punishing her gently but firmly when she strayed from his authority, yet rewarding and cherishing her at every single opportunity. And always protecting her, loving her, allowing her to rest in his strength and dominance.

She pressed her bottom more firmly against him, thrilled to have him respond so quickly to her. How delicious to have such a sense of power to excite her Dom!

She was still in a state of bliss, almost euphoria, at the deep sense of comfort and excitement she had felt since she had met him at the airport. She had nearly gone to her knees as soon as she had seen him, assuming the position he had taught her. Sensing her intent, he had spared her — and perhaps him! — that moment of embarrassment, reaching out to take her hand and lead her to the baggage claim area without a word.

He felt himself growing between her ass cheeks, and squeezed her breast more forcefully. Knowing she wished to please him, he kept his body still, content to fondle her breasts with his right hand as his left searched deeply into that alluringly scented hair, reaching down to gently massage her scalp. It took great self-control to resist thrusting his hips forward even slightly.

Her smile broadened as she felt his strong hands on her breasts, on her hair. She knew he would assert his mastery soon enough. Right now, she was pleased that he allowed her to awake his senses, to seduce him without his instigation. It proved her desire for him, as well as his indulgence in that provocative gesture.

The arc her ass described became three dimensional. It rotated around his wakening cock, it pressed and retreated, canlı bahis teased and entreated simultaneously. He allowed himself to remain in a state of half wakefulness, half arousal, his right hand firmly squeezing her breast, his left spread throughout her hair, simply resting upon there for the moment.

He was slightly surprised. Each morning, as she had promised, she had woken him gently with her mouth, the most heavenly alarm clock he could have imagined. He never knew how long she labored to arouse his flaccid tool. Like the rest of his ‘night owl’ body, his penis was not a creature of the morning, luxuriating in the somnambulant warmth and comfort of mornings in bed. Yet she roused herself early, no matter how late and how thoroughly he had used her body the night before, to perform her self-imposed ablutions. The few times he had attempted to caress her during this act of devotion she had gently pushed his hands away, desiring to serve him totally with her tongue, her mouth, her face and hair, occasionally her breasts, as she rubbed and kissed and sucked him to completion.

This nocturnal assault was new and unexpected, and therefore terribly stimulating to him. His cock grew tumescent, and then turgid as she ground her ass more urgently against him. Occasionally he could feel the dampness between her plump pussy lips, promising him his sweet reward for responding to her ministrations. Each time his swollen head pressed in between her labia, she gave a slight shudder of pleasure that caused him to squeeze her breast even more tightly.

It created in him the same feeling as when they had actually been alone together for the very first time. Then he had indeed required she assume the full subservient position, kneeling before him, hands clasped behind her and resting on her rounded butt, head down and eyes fixed obediently on his feet. The thrill of seeing her assume the pose he had taught her, of hearing her sweet voice reaffirm the pledge of submission to him, had swelled his heart with pride that a woman like this would give him such a gift. Now, as he felt her shudder each time his cock teased her swollen mons, he smiled privately at that eternal memory.

The aching hardness of his cock, the pungent dripping of her enflamed pussy, brought him fully to alertness. It was time to claim his prize. But as he shifted his hips in order to bring his throbbing member into that enticing channel, she gently reached down and grasped him, guiding him away from his intended target. As he felt her shift him upwards, and he encountered an unnatural lubrication, he suddenly understood.

The entire time they had communicated, he had stated that he would never force her to do anything. He would describe what he wanted of her, and it would have to be her choice to submit to that or to deny him, to please him or not. His subsequent actions would depend upon her choice. That included anal sex, in which she was still a frightened virgin.

Just as he had listed the different areas in which he expected her to submit — her body, her love, her mind, and finally her spirit/ego — so had he told her that there were different levels to which she must decide to submit. Each involved, in totally different ways, some degree of pain and discomfort. Perhaps oddly, this particular act seemed to be the most difficult for her to accept. He understood, and would not force her.

Now she was offering him that ultimate sexual submission. In the darkness of the night, with her needing to arouse him from slumber to emphasize the significance of her gift, she was entreating him to accept that final vessel of her innocence, that last vestige of herself she had not previously submitted. He bent his head to kiss the side of her neck, nuzzling her hair, letting her know that he understood her act, and accepted her gift with loving gratitude.

Her hand led the head of his cock to the puckered rose of her anus. He was pleased to find that she did not tremble, confidently placing him against her tiny portal.

He did not want to rush this moment. bahis siteleri He wanted the pleasure to be intense for them both, and for her to remember this moment with happiness. Although the now totally enflamed head of his cock pressed ever so gently into that tight orifice, he brought the rest of his body to bear on hers.

His left hand now gripped her hair with some force, turning her face upwards towards his. As his right hand kneaded her right breast, his lips sought hers with a quiet passion, savoring the sweetness of her strawberry breath. Their tongues dueled slowly as his right hand continued a leisurely assault on one breast, and then the other. After several minutes, he twisted her head further upwards and away so that his mouth could explore the fullness of her neck. His teeth raked the arc of her throat, his lips and tongue savored the hollow, and then meandered back upwards to nibble gently just under her chin, then licking the chin itself.

As he felt her body grow more excited, her breathing become deeper and her hips moving more insistently towards him, he began pinching her nipples, long and lightly, then sharp and quick, scratching them with his nails, and then circling the entire breast with the tips of his fingers. He intensified the attack with his mouth, using his teeth and tongue and lips to savor every inch of her face and throat he could possibly reach with the aid of his left hand, still forcing her head to move to his commands.

But his right hand trailed slowly down her stomach, fingernails raking her tender flesh as he navigated the soft swells of her stomach, delved the depths of her belly button, and finally arrived at the crest of her neatly trimmed pussy.

Now the roles were totally reversed. She was helplessly reacting to his every touch and kiss as he played upon her body like Segovia on a priceless guitar.

His fingers strummed lightly around the circumference of her vulva, and finally one fingertip plucked lightly on her quivering clitoris. She surged against him as her body jerked with the touch. The movement drove her own anus ever so slightly back on his cock, which was totally still except for the throbbing he could not possibly contain. As he felt the head enter her nearly half an inch, he sensed the first faint flow of pre-cum ooze to join the lubrication she had applied to herself.

Immensely pleased by her reactions, his right hand redoubled its ministrations to her damp pussy, fingers rubbing in and out, circling her nether lips, flicking even more forcefully against her clit. His left hand pulled forcefully at her hair, leaving her face and neck helpless to his mouth as he ravaged her, then bending forcefully to bite and suck her breast, raking the tender flesh of her throat with his teeth. Two fingers penetrated her now sopping mound, digging eagerly to find her G spot, fucking her insistently as they plumbed her depths.

Her bottom pressed against him, begging, insisting that he take his ultimate prize.

“What?” he hissed in her ear. “What?”

“Please!” she moaned. “I am your little love slut. I am your personal whore. Please use my body!”

She tried to impale her own ass as she spoke, becoming desperate with her passion.

“What part?” he insisted mercilessly, his voice nearly cruel with intensity. “What do you want me to do?”

“Oh, God! Please fuck my ass! It is yours! ALL of me is yours! Please fuck me in the ass, I beg you!”

It was all that he wanted to hear, all he could have hoped to hear. Now pressing his fingers firmly against her vulva to give support more than to enflame her passions, he applied his own urgent pressures. He firmly yet forcefully slid his cock forward. Her anal ring, willing yet totally unused to such treatment, automatically resisted.

“Push against me!” he urged. “Open yourself to me!”

There was a moment of almost stillness. He pulled her hair fiercely and raped her mouth. His right hand mangled her entire pussy. His forcefulness drove her wild. She pressed hard against his vulcanized bahis şirketleri tool and opened herself like a flower to the sun.

Her sphincter blossomed. The head of his cock dove in.

For a moment, they paused like a total eclipse, the moon blotting out the light of the sun as they both went black from the incredibly wonderful agony. Then she shuddered as his cock drove fully home. His body convulsed from head to foot as her virgin ass accepted him. Then the sun began to reappear, and the intensely bright pleasure raced across them.

She heaved a tremendous sigh, as much from bliss as from relief. He gasped at the moist warmth that held him in like a baby in a womb.

Then, knowing the anxiety he must be feeling for her, she began to move against him once more, reassuring while restimulating him. He gratefully accepted her reassurance, thankful that their intense earlier love-making session had sated him, or he would surely have cum with that initial incredible entry into her now revolving rectum.

Having successfully gained his entry, his fierce manual assault on her became the most tender of ministrations. His left hand was massaging her entire head, as though trying to communicate his love directly into her brain. His right hand was stroking her pussy as though promising that he would never stop touching her, lavishing her with affection.

Because of his tender foreplay, her anal passage welcomed him in a way that promised she would never allow him to leave. She could not believe the incredible sensations emanating from that previously virgin channel, not just because of his thoughtful lovemaking, but because her submission now seemed so easy, so silly for her to have ever resisted. She felt like an atheist who had finally accepted God, and was now just entering the portals of heaven.

But he was already in heaven. He had imagined this moment many times, and it had never been this perfect.

They blended together like cushions in a rocking chair. He slowly rolled her over onto her stomach, and their bodies melded into one, bonding in every possible place they could touch.

He crooned into her ear as he steadily fucked into her ass, and she hummed like Mother Earth accepting the strong, thick roots of an oak tree. His hands were firmly on her head and mound, yet gave more comfort than stimulation, letting her know he held her in every way possible.

Almost imperceptibly, their quiet passion began to build. He could not believe how hard he was, how scintillating it was to slide in and out of that tight sheathe, deliciously impaling her as she pushed back to meet each new stroke. She was amazed at the electrical charge flooding through her body. Each time he withdrew and then plunged back into her, another burst suffused every nerve ending, every cell in her flesh. And constantly his hands, one asserting his mastery over her in the ancient, primitive fashion, the other holding her womanhood like a prized possession. Indeed, at that moment she truly realized that she was his most prized possession.

Her eyes flew open wide as a final, massive jolt of energy nearly convulsed her. She gasped as her body stiffened in ecstasy.

“Oh! OH, SIR! Now, I beg you NOW!”

Her rectum clenched his pulsing cock as she stiffened, then her words of entreaty sent him over the edge. His hands clenched. His head snapped back, his teeth bared as he fucked her ass wildly, furiously in response to her invitation.

“YES my little whore! My lovely little slut! My bitch in heat! Take it NOW!”

She thrashed recklessly, trying to force herself farther back, to feel him impossibly deep inside her.

“Oh, YES Sir! FUCK me! RAPE me! TAKE me, please!”

He spurted deep into her bowels. She felt his hot cum blasting, filling her, and finally allowed herself to drown in her own orgasm. The electical energies flowed back and forth between them, slowly ebbing as it ran out of juice. They rocked together for more than a minute, until he relaxed his entire weight on her prone, accepting body. He buried his face in her hair.

After a moment he heard her murmur: “Now I am your total personal slut.”

“No,” he whispered gently into her ear. “You are my lovely little girl. And I love you.”

“I love you too, Sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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