The View is Absolutely Breathtaking

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You need a distraction in your life, so I figured that as your reading this, you can also imagine that your there!

Every day after work, you come home exhausted, with tired feet and a achy back. As you sit on the edge of the bed catching your second wind, I come in and pulled a chair to sit in front of you my Darling Maria!

I ask you to take a few seeps of the Iced tea I brought in for you and just close your eyes and relax.

I caress your face with the tenderness of a Rose petals against your skin, I lean forward and gently disposted a wet lingering kiss upon your forehead and lips. I take out the bobby pins and whatever else you held your hair up and run my fingers through it, I gave your head a sort of a massage with my fingertips. My lips slowly move from one ear lobe to the next, whispering “I love you.”

My hands travel down to your breasts and I lift them up to relieve the pressure of being confined all day, with the minor exception of taking them out from time to time to take a picture for me to drool over.

I canlı bahis start tugging your blouse up over your head and you stretch your arms out and feel the Air conditioning flowing around us. Leaning forward, I reach behind you to unclasp your bra and in doing so I slide your straps and bra off.

You look down and see your nipples are beginning to harden and further down, you see my erection beginning to form in my shorts. I playfully grasp each Breast and heft each one to my mouth and I suck hard on each nipple and I hear a moan!

I move my mouth up and kiss your lips and then I pushed you back on the bed. I took off your shoes and caressed your feet and ankles. I reached up and started tugging your pants off, then I massaged your calves and thighs.

I huge wet spot has been forming on the front of your panties, I leaned forward and started kissing your pussy through them. I opened my mouth and tried to enclose your pussy and suck hard!

****your turn baby ****

Ohhhh honey. You know how to relax me. Live how you pamper me. bahis siteleri Relax me before you devour my body with your fierce love making.

Your touch feels good on my skin leaving me tingling all over.

You excite me with the growing of your member.

Kiss me honey let me taste what you taste…??

****My turn huh?

I playfully try to bite your pussy through your panties, in doing so I seems your clitoris begins to harden and is protruding outwards from between those succulent folds of fat!

I reach up and I drag your panties up and off your hips and down your legs! The sight before me is truly breathtaking!

The lips of your vulva are wet and your essence is coating the folds of your entire cunt. I help lift and spread your legs and I plant my face directly in the center, exactly where you could feel my nose playing with your clit and feel my tongue sliding inside your cunt!

****your turn snugly bear ??**

Ohhhh honey bear. I don’t want your tongue there. I want your big cock deep inside. Feeling bahis şirketleri you up inside me. The tip of your cock pounding past my belly button. Mmmmm hmmmm honey, my legs wrapped around your waist pulling you into me deeper and deeper.

Kisses honey bear ??????????

I stand up between your legs and I slide my shorts down to my ankles, my hard throbbing cock of 9″ willing to please you darling.

I reach under your knees and raise your legs high and wide, you help by grabbing your feet and holding them up. My huge cock wiggles in front of your fat sexy pussy, I shake my lower half and cause him to slap against your cunt and legs.

You moan out loud after hearing that familiar sound, you thrust a hand down between us and you guild my dick towards your opening and yell “Fuck me baby! Pound my pussy until I say stop “

I thrust myself deep inside your birth canal hard and fast, my head bumps past your cervix and I bottom out! You yell “Make it hurt baby!, make me feel good, I need to feel yours and mine fuck juice flowing together!

*****snugly bear, it’s your turn ??

My honey bear, you know how to Fuck me loooooooooong n hard. You know just what I need. You spoil me with your touch. I love the fact that you know just what I need….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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