The Weekend-Her Side

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Author’s note: This is half of the story being told, you must read HIS SIDE if you wish to know his side of the story/account. I would GREATLY appreciate and welcome any comments on this or any of my written works, but as this is a work in progress, I greatly encourage comments (public or private) as they will help decide if I will finish this story. Thank You!



George’s plane is landing as she approaches the exit terminal. Lyn hides near the escalators watching the line of passengers from several planes waiting on their luggage at the carousel. She spots him immediately-almost feeling his presence. She has worried he wouldn’t show though he has nothing to lose by coming, except the money for the air fare and room if she didn’t show. He stands there waiting for his bag to appear, glancing casually around for her. He isn’t a dashing young prince from a fairytale, he hasn’t lied there. He is taller than she, but only by a few inches, and his brown hair is thinning. His goatee that bolsteres her confidence, so she leans forward and lightly kisses his lips.

“Hello, Sweetheart,” George says. She begins kissing him, gently, but he drops his bag and slides his arms around her.

Lyn is startled by George’s reaction to her little kiss, though not for long. He touches his tongue to her lips and slips his arms around her. When she gives him access to her entire mouth, he claims it as his own. He is a man and she knows it. She isn’t ready to let go when she feels him start to pull back ever so slightly. When he finally releases her, she steppes back and asks, “Shall we go?”

“Sure, Baby; where did you decide you wanted güvenilir bahis to go for supper?” He asks bending over to pick up his bag. He slips an arm around her waist and they head toward the nearest exit.

“I thought I’d let you decide that. I have a few suggestions, but no clue what you are in the mood for; past the obvious… umm… desert.” She blushes a deep crimson at her bold statement, trying to convince herself there was truth in the statement. She has never been overly confident, but especially when it comes to her body. She keeps walking and avoids his eyes as she names off the short list she has narrowed their dining options to. She finally looks at him again when he stops. She only blushes more when their eyes met, knowing she had been correct with her statement. She hurries to the truck and unlocks the doors. He holds the door for her as she slips into the driver’s seat.

Jasper’s, the restaurant George chooses, is one of the quieter ones she had put on the list. She had secretly hoped he would choose this one as it would give them a chance to chat without having to attempt to be heard over the din of a crowd. He helps her slip her jacket off and she sees that he obviously approves of her attire. She had debated the outfit, as he frequently said he liked an outfit to be either long or short. This was the shortest she had. She wasn’t hanging out of the dress, at least not until she attempted to sit, then she found she was barely sitting on her skirt. This didn’t seem to be a problem for him though. He picks up his menu and looks it over. She asks questions about his week, his kids, and comments on her life in parallel. After the waiter takes türkçe bahis their order, she begins to feel shy and attempts to slide her skirt lower. Then, rather suddenly, he slides his warm hand up her leg and thumps her lips. She tries not to jump or cry out as he has startled her. She looks him in the eyes and smiles, liking his naughty foreplay in the restaurant. He begins to play more, encouraged by her smile. She watches as his eyes light up when he realizes she isn’t wearing even a thong-giving him full access. He tells her she isn’t to cum until he says and she just nods, enjoying every moment of his playful exploration. He withdraws from inside her and pinches her lips together rather hard until she sits up looks him square in the eyes.

“Is that clear?” He asks a second time.

“Yes, Sir,” is all she manages to squeak out. She slides her hand to his thigh, still relishing his teasing.

“Sit still feeling shy again and not certain of what he really wants her to do, or how fast he wishes to let go again. She begins to lightly trace the head of his cock. Allowing her fingers to reach down the sides just far enough that her palm touches top of his head and then she draws them up. When he groans and kisses her deeper she grows more confident, grasping him fully around and stroking his full length. She only does this for a few moments before he moves her hand up to her nipple. When she looks at him, he answers all her questions before she can ask.

“I am about to explode again already, Baby. NO! You have not ruined anything. You are making me the happiest man in the world!”

She grins and twists her nipple sending her rocketing back to that peak güvenilir bahis siteleri she had only just left. He kisses his way down her neck as he crawls to her side. She fears for a moment that he is going to ask her to swallow his length again when all she wants right then is to have him inside her. He surprises her by lifting her into the air. Startled, she wraps her arms around his neck hastily and in the process places a tit to his lips. He nibbles and sucks on it as he carries her the few short steps to the bed. He bites her nipple causing her to yelp as he climbs onto the bed between her legs.

“You ready, Baby? I can’t stand it any longer. I need to feel you around me; need to be buried deep inside you. It won’t be long this time, but I want you now!”

She caught him off guard and manages to roll him to his back. She straddles him, running her warm wet folds up and down his cock once, then twice. Then she can wait no longer and slams down on him hard causing them both to scream. She wastes no time with slow movements; they were ready to cum, ready and very willing. They reach their climax at the same time, neither very quiet about it either.

She starts to slip off him, but he holds her tightly to him, “I want to enjoy this feeling a little longer. Please?” She happily gives in; though not certain they will either last long if the pillows weren’t arranged a little. As if reading her mind he adjusts them to the most comfortable position.

They settle into each others arms, and she whispers thank you-thinking not of the fantastic height he had taken her to not once but twice in such a short time but of his wanting to hold her there, in that spot; wanting to feel her around him a bit longer.

“No, thank you!” He kisses her forehead and as they relax in each others arms she releases her anxieties and simply enjoys being there in his arms, soon slipping into a restful slumber.

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