The Writer 2

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To Crystal’s disappointment, he did not come up to shower with her. “Too bad”, she thought “ I would have loved to feel his cock deep inside of me, filling up every inch of my pussy”. Instead of pleasuring her boyfriend, Crystal just concentrated on preparing herself for the day ahead, plucking every stray hair on her body, and massaging her skin with lotions. She wanted to make sure that she was as perfect as she could be for him.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Nick was still sitting in the chair, utterly speechless. He could hardly believe his good fortune, he had created himself a fucktoy out of thin air, one that he could change however he wanted. She would be totally compliant to his every desire, and the mere thought of that intoxicated him. Suddenly a thought entered his head, and he immediately smiled, and pulled out a pen and a piece of paper, upon which he began to write, “Crystal had never been fucked in the ass before, and she never wanted to. However, once she got fucked in the ass once, she would love it, and beg for me to fuck it again”. Nick smiled to himself as he tucked the piece of paper into his safe, he couldn’t wait to fuck this blonde slut, and now she would even fulfill another one of his fantasies, she would struggle, at least the first time.
Nick knocked on the door of the bathroom, and was immediately answered by Crystal’s soft, melodious, voice. “Come on in gorgeous”, she called out. Nick, still not wearing any pants, opened the door, and was greeted by the sight of Crystal stepping out of the shower, water droplets rolling down her body. Without hesitation he strode across the room and pulled her close, passionately kissing her, to which she responded enthusiastically. Crystal instinctively reached down and started stroking his cock, as he hungrily shoved his tongue down her throat. Finally, Nick pulled away and whispered in Crystals ear, “Hey baby, I’m gonna fuck you in the ass now. So why dont you go bend over that counter like a good whore?”
Crystal froze, her ass was the one hole that nobody had ever fucked kocaeli escort and she wanted to keep it that way, her friends had always told her that it hurt like a bitch and she couldn’t even imagine what it would feel like to have Nick’s huge cock in her ass. She just smiled at Nick and whispered in his ear, “Baby, I’m not sure I want to do that just yet, why dont I just suck your cock for a bit, and then you can fill up my pussy for me?”. As she said this, she went to drop to her knees, already licking her lips in anticipation of Nick’s delicious cock, but Nick acted faster.
In one swift motion, he grabbed a handful of her hair and smacked her across the face, “Bitch,” he said, “I didn’t ask you, I told you. Now shut up take it like a good slut”. Crystal screamed in pain, and tried to push Nick off of her, but he was much too strong. Nick grabbed one of Crystals tits, and placed the nipple in his mouth, biting just hard enough to hurt, while at the same time swirling his tongue around it. This nearly drove Crystal to orgasm, she loved being treated like a cheap whore, especially if it was how Nick wanted it. Unfortunately, this momentary lapse in concentration allowed Nick to spin her around and bend her over the counter, so that her ass was sticking up in the air. Nick continued to press her face into the counter-top as she begged him to reconsider, “Please baby, dont do this, I’m not REEEEEEEAAAAAADDDYYY”. Nick, with such a gorgeous ass pointed up at him, had not been able to resist, and he immediately shoved his cock into her tight virgin asshole.
Crystal could not believe how much it hurt, she could feel every millimeter of his cock as he shoved it deeper and deeper into her ass. She screamed, and tried to buck him off, but he was much stronger and easily kept her pinned down, the only effect her struggles had was to drive his cock even deeper into her ass.
Nick, on the other hand, was in heaven. His cock felt as though it was being squeezed by a velvet vice, “Goddam shes fucking tight”, he thought to himself. He had never felt more kocaeli escort bayan alive, with a beautiful blonde struggling against him as he raped her asshole. The combination of how tight her asshole was and the feeling of absolute power he had combined to make it the greatest sex he had ever had. After what seemed like only seconds, but was in fact nearly ten minutes, of his balls smacking against her ass, Nick could feel his balls tightening. Ramming his cock home one last time, he pulled Crystal against him, just as he exploded, shooting load after load of hot, sticky, cum deep into her body.
Crystal, thought that she was going to split in half, he had been fucking her ass for what seemed like weeks, and every time he rammed his cock home, she had to scream in agony. In fact she was so preoccupied with the pain, that she barely noticed that he had stopped, at least until she felt the cum that is. AS soon as she felt his cock begin to vibrate, she had the most powerful orgasm that she had ever experienced. As Nick’s cum shot up into her body, all the troubles in the world seemed to disappear, the pain was still there, but it was somehow distant. She faintly felt Nick pull his dick out of her and slump back on the toilet, but for just a moment she stayed there on the counter, revelling in the ecstasy of feeling Nick’s cum slowly drip out of her ass.
She felt so stupid, why on earth would she have struggled against that? It had been amazing! “And anyways”, she reminded herself “it doesn’t matter what I want, I’m just a toy for Nick to use however he wants”. She slid down to her knees, and crawled over to the toilet, where Nick was sitting, exhausted, his cock covered in his own cum. It was the most delicious sight she had ever seen. “Im so sorry baby” she said, “I didn’t have any right to tell you not to fuck me. Please let me make it up to you?”
Nick could hardly believe his ears, he had just raped this bitch a whore, slapped her across the face, and raped her in the ass until she had screamed for him to stop. And now she was asking izmit escort him for forgiveness?!?! He smiled to himself as he said, “Alright you slut, why don’t you start by cleaning my cock off?”
Crystal accepted him calling her slut, she had disobeyed him and now she would need to earn back his love. She eagerly took his cock in her mouth, and sucked off his cum, it was the greatest taste she had ever experienced. She was so engulfed in sucking his cock clean, that she barely noticed that it was getting hard again. It was only when Nick grabbed her hair and forced her down on it that she really noticed, and she couldn’t have been happier. “Come on Crystal” she thought to herself “you better please him after you tried to fight back just now”. And so she concentrated on giving the best blowjob of her life, playing with his balls and swirling her tongue around his shaft, even as she forced herself to take his whole cock down her throat.
Nick was in a state of complete bliss, but after the rape, he knew he wouldn’t last long. So he stood up, marvelling at the fact that Crystal didnt even miss a beat, and, when he knew he was about to cum, he pulled her off his cock and exploded all over her face. Thick ropes of cum splattered her face, landing on her chin, in her hair, and landing on her perfect tits. He was stunned by how much cum he was pumping out, and also by the fact that Crystal never broke eye contact, even when a thick gob of jizz landed right in her eye. After he finally finished, he pushed her away and walked out of the room, saying as he left “get yourself cleaned up slut”. Leaving Crystal laying on the floor, cum covering her face and chest, and laying in a slowly growing puddle of cum that was dripping out of her ass.
Crystal just lay there for a minute, soaking in the feeling of being covered in cum, like a discarded sex toy. She would have loved to just stay there and revel in the feeling of his cum, but she eventually stood up and went back into the shower, after all, who knew what else was going to happen today. She needed to be perfect for her master.
Nick was also having a pleasant thought, “Maybe I should write another one?”, he thought to himself, “I’ve always wanted a threesome”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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