They Never Exchanged Names

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I noticed her as soon as she walked in the room. I saw her enter out of the corner of my eye and had to turn my head to get a better look. I had trouble forcing myself to look away but I didn’t want her to see me stare. The first thing I noticed was her breasts. They were on display in a low-cut black tank top. They were perky and large, big enough to fill my hands with my fingers spread all the way out. From that very second I had an overwhelming urge to squeeze them to see if they felt as wonderful as they looked. Her nipples were barely visible underneath the thin fabric, teasing me. A quick second look showed she had a trim waist with nice, round hips and long, shapely legs. Her hair was long and red-brown. I was too busy noticing the rest of her to notice much about her face and she turned before I had a chance to check.

As she walked across that end of the room towards the next room over I took a third look to see her amazing ass. Her hips were swaying sensuously and I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to take her from behind. Her jeans were so tight that I could imagine it very vividly.

I turned to my friend who was sitting next to me. “Who is that girl who just came in?” I asked. It was his party, his house, after all. He should have known.

He grinned at me. “You noticed her, too, huh? I don’t know, but she’s probably someone’s girlfriend. Probably got invited by someone else.”

It made sense. There were about a hundred other guests here. He had only invited about a third of them.

A guy I didn’t know raised the pot in the poker game we were playing. I looked at my hand and remembered that I didn’t have shit to work with. I scoffed at his raise, though, hoping to pull an amazing bluff. I met his raise. He raised his eyebrow then smiled. I knew I was screwed. I folded and walked away, leaving the cash on the table.

I walked into the room I had seen her go into. My friend had some high-paying corporate job that I didn’t really understand. As a result his house was huge and his parties were outrageous. This room, just off the dining-room we’d been playing poker in, was some sort of den. He had 3 or 4 dens in this house. She wasn’t in the room, but there were a few people gathered around a T.V. where a game of Halo was going on.

I tapped someone on the shoulder. “Did you see a girl with red hair come through here?”

The guy shrugged me away and pointed towards the sliding-glass door leading to the back yard.

Great, I thought, now I’ll never find her. The back yard was a maze of gardens and gazebos with a pond. For all I knew she had left the party entirely, or gone through any one of several doors that led back into the house. Not for the first time I took a mental note to figure out what my friend did for a living and look into it as an option for myself, though I’m pretty sure it involved some high-level degree that I didn’t have the patience for.

I walked along a trail towards one of the gazebos, this one surrounded by flowers and hedges. It was warm out, late July in California often is. The night gave the whole landscape a mysterious quality that made me feel like I wasn’t on Earth anymore.

I heard someone clear their through behind me and turned around. There she was. I must have looked surprised because she laughed nervously at my facial expression. “Sorry.”

I gathered my cool. “Don’t worry. What are you doing out here?” Her face was a picture of beauty. Big blue eyes, full pink lips, not a blemish in sight. She smiled, which caused her face to light up. I found myself wondering how it would feel to have those lips around my cock, then pushed the thought to the back of my mind. No way this girl would be interested in me!

“This is my first time here,” she said. “My friend, Ashley, invited me.” Ashley was the girlfriend of the guy I had just lost poker to. “I wanted to explore,” she continued. “This is such a beautiful house!”

“The owner is my best friend,” I told her. “I come here all the time. Would you like a tour?”

She nodded enthusiastically and latched herself to my side, izmir escort bayan grabbing my arm. I felt tingles as her amazing breasts pressed into my arm. It was impossible to be this close to her without having a throbbing hard-on. I prayed she didn’t look down.

Not for the first time in my life I felt entirely abandoned by the divine presence as she looked down and gasped.

What came out of her mouth next was just about the last thing I expected. “My God you’re huge!”

I had been complemented in the past, which definitely feels good. The part of me that thought it might be hot air pretty much disappeared that night. Her hand crept down my arm, leapt to my stomach, and slid down over the bulge in my jeans. She squeezed a little and rubbed it, as though she was testing that it was real. I was entirely speechless.

She looked up at me with those big eyes, almost appearing innocent. Her other hand swung up around the back of my head, and pulled my mouth down to hers. She kissed me somewhat ferociously, but still sweetly, savoring the sensation and the taste.

With the one hand she managed to unbutton my pants. She slid it down into my boxers and pulled my dick out. She began stroking it, softly at first but then more firmly. Her tongue flicked into my mouth, running along my tongue.

I instinctively put my hand over her breast and squeezed. Her nipple was poking my palm, still teasing. Her breasts felt incredible, soft yet firm, completely natural.

She shoved my hand away and I wondered if I’d stepped over a line. She dropped to her knees and deep throated me before I had a chance to react. I moaned, and she made adorable little grunting noises as she moved my dick in and out with her mouth, her lips firmly around it, sucking. She would occasionally take it all the way out and lick it, teasing, sucking gently on the tip, then thrust it all the way in. She looked up at me as I watched her, going faster and faster. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever had, a blowjob from heaven. I came closer and closer and managed to utter “I’m going to…”

She just moaned “mmm hmm…” and I blew my load inside her mouth. She kept on sucking, softly this time, coaxing as much out as she could, swallowing it in big gulps. She cleaned me up with her tongue, as though she was savoring the taste.

She stood up as I put cock back in my pants and zipped myself up. “About that tour?”

I nodded and cleared my throat. “Yeah, sure… this way.” I lead her back towards the house.

We walked through the den, again, past the group of people around the T.V., into the dining room where my friend and a few other guys were still playing poker. He saw us enter together and gave me a thumbs up sign with a big, goofy grin on his face. I just smiled and waved. “That’s the owner of the property,” I told her, gesturing towards him. She smiled and gave him a little wave, as well.

I showed her the huge kitchen, the other dens, and a few other rooms on the main floor. There were people everywhere. I took her upstairs.

“There are three staircases that lead upstairs here, this is the back one that nobody uses.” It was in the end of the house that wasn’t really near anything, just a couple of small storage-rooms and pantries.

Upstairs were several bedrooms. A few of them had people inside, making out drunkenly. Some of the doors were locked. She oohed and ahhed at the size of the house, the amount of rooms. I got to the end of the upstairs area and couldn’t think of what else to show her.

“There’s no attic?” she asked.

“Oh, there’s an attic,” I told her. “It’s completely empty, though, except for some old crap from the previous owner.”

“I want to see it!” she said, excitedly. “I love exploring big old houses like this one!”

I shrugged and lead her to a small hallway of the side of the main hallway. At the end of it was a small staircase that lead upstairs. I started climbing it, with her behind me, and lead her into the attic. It was basically one big room that was the same size as the floors beneath it. You could see the escort izmir shape of the roof in the ceiling. I went forward a few steps, fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch or something. I found a cord hanging down, and pulled on it. A single, hanging light bulb turned on overhead, pretty low-class for such a fancy place.

I turned around towards her and my jaw dropped. She had pulled off the tank top and her bra, both of which were laying on the floor next to her (not that I noticed at the time). Her huge, magnificent breasts were there, naked. She walked right up to me and started kissing me. My hands found her breasts and squeezed them, massaged them, just felt them in their perfect nudity. She pulled my shirt off for me then undid my pants and pushed them down, boxers and all. I stepped out of them while she undid her own.

She pushed me down in a pile of clothes and straddled me. She leaned forward to have a good angle on me, and I found one of her nipples in my mouth. I started licking it, teasing her a big, and she moaned. I put my mouth over it entirely and sucked, causing her to moan even louder with pleasure. I rolled her onto her back and got on top of her, squeezing, licking and sucking on her breasts, not wanting to miss a second with them. My cock was the hardest it’s ever been, just screaming for its chance to feel how that pussy matched up to the rest of her.

I put it against her pussy, feeling how wet it was and slowly slid in. She moaned even louder than before as I started sliding in and out. She was so tight! I had never felt a pussy so tight! She arched her back and moaned in rhythm with me as I went faster, faster, faster… she started getting louder and louder until she was screaming in ecstasy. Her legs were wrapped around my body, her back arched so her breasts were pressed into my chest as I pounded into her again and again… I kept going and going, getting closer and closer as she screamed, and then told her, “I’m almost…”

“Don’t stop!” she begged. “Oh God, don’t stop!”

I came in her, second time that night, feeling tingles and shivers over every inch of my body. I collapsed onto her, breathing heavily as she wrapped her arms around me and gently rubbed my back.

We laid there for a little while until it began to feel too warm and I got up. We got dressed and she smiled at me. “You… are… amazing…” she said, enthusiastically. Then she turned and walked away, disappearing onto the staircase.

I followed shortly after, but didn’t see her. I couldn’t find her anywhere. The most amazing sex of my life and the girl just vanished, no chance of getting her number for a repeat session.

I began to feel like it was time to take off. After that experience all I wanted to do was go to sleep so I said goodbye to my friend and walked out to my car.

I was surprised to see her come around from the other side of the house and begin walking towards me. “You taking off?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I told her. “I’m a little tired.”

She smiled and pressed herself into me, wrapping her arms around me. “Want some company?”

I smiled. This was too good to be true! I put my arms around her waist, then gently squeezed her ass. It was firm, well-shaped, with just the right amount of softness. “Well,” I said, “it is pretty lonely in my apartment.”

I opened my passenger door for her and she climbed inside. On the way to my apartment she kept licking her lips and looking at my crotch, almost like a preview of what the rest of the night would bring.

When we got there, as I let her inside, she asked where the bedroom was. I pointed her in the right direction and then went to use my bathroom. When I finished and went into the bedroom she was already on the bed, completely naked. She was on her hands and knees with her amazing ass pointed right at me.

My cock was suddenly hard and throbbing as she turned her head to smile at me. She reached her hand between her thighs and opened her pussy lips with her fingers so I could see her wet, tight pussy just begging for me.

I climbed on the izmir escort bed and slid myself right in. It was so incredibly tight and wet! I grabbed her hips for leverage and began thrusting, faster and faster, her moaning turning into screams that were even louder than before. Her ass was amazing, watching it move as I pounded into it. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her so I could cup her breasts as I nailed her.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “Stop!” she said, suddenly.

“Just ignore it,” I told her, not willing to stop.

“I mean it!” she said. “Go answer the door!” She moved forward so my cock came out of her pussy, feeling somewhat abandoned in the process. I growled at her, but pulled on my pants and shirt and went to the door.

At the door was a girl, dark hair and green eyes with similar proportions to this first girl. The first girl came up behind me, still completely naked, and smiled. “I hope you don’t mind, I invited a friend to join us while you were in the bathroom.”

I didn’t mind at all. The second girl shoved me aside as she entered my apartment and started passionately kissing the first girl. She undressed as they kissed and caressed each other, making me wish I had a camera available as it was the single sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life, to this very day.

They both turned and looked at me. “Are you going to join us, or not?” they turned and went into my bedroom, climbing on my bed, with me soon after.

The second girl was just as wet and tight as the first, and she bent over with her awesome ass so I could start fucking her from behind. Meanwhile the first girl was kissing me all over, right next to me with her breasts pressed into my chest as I fucked her friend. Her friend was moaning, then screaming as I sped up.

Then, the first girl moved to in front of the second girl, laying on her back with her legs spread wide, so the girl I was fucking could lick the pussy of the first girl. Suddenly, I had two girls in front of me, one who I was fucking, while I was watching her finger and lick the other. I was watching lesbian sex while fucking the lesbians! Two girls on my bed, both of them moaning, screaming, arching their backs. Two wet, tight pussies, two sets of huge, perfect breasts, and two beautiful, firm asses.

I went faster and faster, got closer and closer, then came inside her, as she screamed in climax.

I sat down and watched as the two of them started 69-ing. They were moaning breathily, sensuously as their tongues caressed each other’s most sensitive areas. They both started climaxing around the same time, as my cock woke up again and got hard. They both started moaning loudly, louder and louder, until the simultaneous finish that left them both gasping.

The one on top turned around and started kissing the other. They began rolling around on my bed, kissing each other, fondling each other’s breasts and occasionally fingering one another for a few seconds.

My cock was at full mast, now, so hard I knew I had to join in or I’d be in pain. I grabbed the closest girl, I didn’t pay attention to which it was, and positioned her on her back. I started fucking her tight, wet pussy while she moaned and moaned. Her legs were spread out, and I was upright on my knees so I could get in even deeper. She moaned loudly even though I hadn’t even sped up that much. The other girl straddled her face, facing towards me, and began to moan as the girl I was fucking started licking her pussy again. Two sets of perfect breasts in perfect view, I began feeling them, squeezing the low set while leaning forward enough to suck on the higher set.

They started moaning louder, both of them arching their backs, and the one I was fucking’s moans sped up as my rhythm got faster and faster… I fucked her faster and faster and faster, as fast as I could, her moans getting to the point of screams. I got closer and closer until came all over inside her. I collapsed on top of her, the other one squeezing in next to us press against us.

I took a bit of a breather then rolled off of her onto my back.

That night, I fell asleep with two women, one on each side of me. One had her breasts pressed up against my side the other had her ass pressed up against me.

I couldn’t wait to see what happened in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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