Three Girls and a Datsun

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I had to pee, but there was a problem. A few problems, actually. Not only was I going to have to fight the erection that was growing, and the fact that it had been in use for a few hours earlier in the evening, but I was going to have to get the girls off me. I was in heaven when we fell asleep; Deanna on my left with her long, slender body pressed against mine, Silvia laying on top of me where she had stayed after that last fuck with her on top, and Kathy snuggled up on my right. And on top of that big pile of flesh, the cheap hotel covers kept us all warm and content. Deanna and Kathy had my arms pinned and my cock was growing in response to Silvia essentially sleeping on it. As I contemplated my options and the growing need to get out from under this lovely pile of women, the memories of the past 24 hours ran through my head.

We had embarked early that morning for the amusement park in the next state, a meager 3 hour drive to the best roller coaters in the region. Deanna was the pilot, the tall gangly girl with the irrepressible smile and the unruly curl in her medium-long, wild hair. Next to her sat her long time partner in crime Silvia. Almost the exact opposite of her driving friend, Silvia was short and curvy, sullen and moody, hair cut short and at that point somewhere in the ;platinum blonde’ range. In the back seat next to me was Kathy, a mousy little thing and coworker of both Deanna and I. She was a simple girl. Not stupid, just uncomplicated and straight forward. She had tagged along almost as an after thought as she wasn’t really part of our group, but we all knew her well enough to not feel ill at ease. She and I huddled together in the cramped back seat of the compact and I wondered how I, the big burly man, got crammed back there when teeny tiny Silvia got the passenger seat all to herself. Best friend privilege, I guess.

After 3 hours in the tin can we arrived to a hot and sunny day in Ohio. The lines were long and the sun was hot, but we rode and rode and wrung the most out of the day. Silvia was the least covered, wearing a bikini top and short shorts to cover her naughty bits. There wasn’t a shy hair on her head and I was plenty glad for the view down that heavy cleavage. Kathy was the middle of the road as they went, wearing a crop top and fairly short cutoffs, though nowhere near as scandalous as Silvia. Kathy was a cutie and she had an innocent sweetness about her that made her good company, though it turned out to be a bit of a ruse. Deanna was the ‘prude’ if you will, wearing a t-shirt and denim shorts on her long, slender body. Deanna and Silvia often joked that they’d trade 3 inches of bust for 3 inches of height, but Deanna could use a lot more than 3 inches to fill out her shirt. Her legs were spectacular but the top side was just about barren.

All was well until the rain arrived, as I had warned them it would. The storm front raced across the sky, dumping torrents of rain on the crowded park. People ran for cover and warmth as the temperature dived, and within an hour the sunshine was a memory, replaced with a cold, blustery northern import from across the great lakes. The crowds dissipated in the wake of the cold front and only those few people who had planned ahead were fit for further amusements. The girls were shivering.

We retreated to the car for a while to let the heater blast up some warmth and to decide what to do. We were all fresh out of high school and enjoying the last summer before college so our funds were meager and none of us had a credit card. I was fine but the girls would need more clothes to go back outside and the clothes available at the park were wildly overpriced. I enjoyed saying ‘I told you so’ for quite a while as they pooled their money and tried to figure out what to do.

Eventually we went back in and the girls bought some sweat shirts and we continued our merrymaking into the evening. Once the fireworks announced the end of the day we were ready for it, and the resurgence of the rain came just as we piled back into the little Datsun. A few miles down the road, the tire blew.

No cell phones (this was 1989, by the way,) in the rain on the side of the highway, after dark, in a strange town. We were kind of fucked. Fortunately I still had a few dollars in my pocket and we had just gotten on the highway so there were a few hotels within a half-mile walk. We slogged through the cold rain and muddy roadside to the nearest place and I got a room. I had the girls hide so I could get a single rate but as soon as possible we were all out of the cold and vying for the hot shower.

I let the girls go first, making sure to nab a towel and hide it before they noticed. Since they hadn’t brought a change of clothes they had to fight for their dignity. For various reasons, they didn’t fight too hard. Silvia was the first to disrobe and she damn near flopped her big titties out right in front of me. I’m guessing there was a mischievous smile on her lips but my eyes didn’t get that high. Deanna was the unlucky one who had izmir escort bayan to dry off with hand towels. The glare she gave me as I went into the bathroom with the good towel was priceless, and watching her try to cover her long body with a few small towels was nice too. After a warm shower I decided to have some fun. Might as well make use of a room full of naked girls, right?

I stepped into the room bare assed naked, toweling off my hair and looking for trouble. The girls were all huddled under the covers of the king sized bed and they had turned up the heat in the room. I tossed the towel on the chair, placed my hands on my hips and gazed over the buffet of lovelies before me.

“Uh, you know there are ladies present, right?” said Silvia with a smirk.

“Why the hell do you think I’m naked? Besides, you’ve seen it before.” Deanna and Kathy both looked at Silvia with raised eyebrows, wondering if it were true. Silvia blushed a little at my exposure of our ‘secret,’ a half-drunken tryst after a late night game of strip poker when her intended beau couldn’t handle his liquor and she needed a real man to take over, but she wasn’t one to be shy.

“I’ve done more than see it, sweetie.” The attitude on that woman was easily as erotic as her curves. “But what about them? Are you just in the habit of exposing yourself?”

“Not usually, but in Deanna’s case I thought she might like to get a better look at it. It was awfully dark in the back seat at the drive in.” Heads turned toward the lanky brunette this time as her eyes bulged out of her head. She was definitely not as outgoing as Silvia and her blush was deep. I was surprised she hadn’t told Silvia about it since the shorter woman had actually been there in the car next to us at the drive in on that double date. The look on Silvia’s face was a mixture of triumph and scandalous surprise, that her mousey little friend could do such a thing.

“You tramp! Why didn’t you tell me?” Silvia sat up and plucked a pillow out from behind her, leaning around Kathy and swatting Deanna with it as the blankets fell to expose her generous bosom. Deanna, roused from her shocked stupor by the pillow, reached behind Kathy and pushed Silvia a bit, just a shade more than playfully.

“You don’t need to know everything,” she replied defensively.

There was an awkward silence in the room as Kathy and I stared at each other. It took a moment but Silvia was quick on the uptake.

“Her too? You fucked all of us?” I replied to her with a wink and a very broad smile.

“He didn’t fuck me, but I blew him a couple of times,” said Kathy matter-of-factly. I remembered her blow jobs quite fondly, especially since I had received them while backstage at the school play as I was waiting for my cue and with 600 people on the other side of the plywood set.

Through all this reliving of good times, Big Jim was starting to inflate a bit. I couldn’t be sure I was going to get anything that night but I certainly shared his optimism.

“Ladies, I may be out of my mind but it seems to me that a situation like this comes along once in a lifetime, and I’d be crazy to let it pass me by. You three have been all over me all day, and I’ve been intimate with each of you in the past so you can’t say you have no interest. We all go our separate ways in a few months, so I say we live life out loud tonight. Let’s do things other people only dream about.”

My little speech was worming its way into their minds. Sylvia was inscrutable but her eyes were on mine, while Deanna looked away and chewed her lower lip in trepidation. Kathy looked embarrassed, but she couldn’t hide a mischievous little smile growing on her lips. I waited while they thought about it, their eyes spending a fair amount of time on my dangling phallus.

“How do you want to do this?” I knew Silvia would speak up first!

“I am at your command. Draw straws, play rock-paper-scissors, whatever you like. Everything I have,” and I raised my arms wide to show off the goods (and I actually had some goods back then as a very fit young man,) “is yours tonight.”

“Go into the bathroom. We’ll let you know if you can come out.” Yes! That they wanted to talk about it was far better than nothing. I skipped happily to the little bathroom and closed the door, wondering what wonders I was about to behold. I didn’t wait long. A knock on the door summoned me back to the room. Deanna and Kathy were standing by the heater and Silvia, the one who had released me, was walking toward them. She looked at me and pointed to the bed, now cleared of the comforter and sheet. I dutifully reclined in the middle of it and watched as Silvia held up her little fist, 3 strips of paper sticking up from it. First Deanna, then Kathy pulled a scrap, then Silvia cursed as she examined the shortest one which was left in her hand.

“Kathy gets the long one, Deanna gets second choice, and I guess I get to watch first. Kathy, go get him.” Kathy looked as if she would be hesitant, her pretty and escort izmir demure girl-next-door looks disguising the lust within her naked body. Her breasts were a little bigger than I remembered from fondling them in the dark behind the stage a few months earlier, a bit pointy and with puffy nipples, and her body was nicely proportioned.

She climbed up on the bed and straddled me, her pussy resting on my shaft. She reached down and stroked my cock, driving me quickly toward a full erection.

“Deanna gets the consolation prize,” declared Silvia. I smiled at the tall, hesitant girl.

“There are no consolation prizes on me, Dee. Come here.” She was obviously in a quandary, pushed beyond her comfort boundaries. I don’t think she had ever expected to be involved in something like this, but it didn’t take long for her adventurous spirit to rise up and quell the butterflies in her stomach. She stepped up on the bed, one hand on the wall to steady herself, then walked to my head and straddled it. It was quite a sight, staring up the length of that 6-foot tall naked woman. She lowered herself down slowly, folding those long legs next to my head and lowering her lightly tufted muff down to my face. She held on to the headboard and settled down to hover directly over my face. Her enormous green eyes closed as my tongue slipped between her pussy lips and she released a sound somewhere between a groan and a gasp.

While I slowly pushed my tongue around Deanna’s sweet pussy, Kathy had brought my cock up to full mast and was preparing for insertion. She moved forward and reached back to position me correctly, then slid down my shaft in one slow motion until I was buried deep inside her. I groaned and put one hand on her hip, the other on Deanna’s ass, trying to show my immense pleasure to both at once.

The view up at Deanna was stunning, her long, slender torso seeming to go on and on, past her hard little nipples and up to her pretty face framed in her wild curly hair, her eyes now open again and watching me. The intensity and lust in her eyes was nearly as intoxicating as her dripping wet pussy. A mixture of my saliva and her juices was coating my face and dripping down my neck and I couldn’t have been happier. I reached my hand up her body, caressing her hard tummy and trying to reach her tits but she was just too tall and my shoulder was partially pinned under her leg. I just let my hand roam where it could while I flicked my tongue against her clit.

Kathy had pulled her feet up under her and was squatting on my cock, bouncing up and down. I pushed my butt up off the bed to give her easier access and she increased her pace, throwing her little body down on my dick again and again. I wished I could see that but the current view was pretty damn good too.

Deanna’s eyes closed and a low moan escaped her lips. She moved a hand from the headboard to my head and let her fingers splay through my hair and around to the back of my head, holding me a little tighter to her as she started to grind into me, obviously anticipating an orgasm. I thought that was awful fast but as I recalled from our earlier romp in the back of Dad’s Grand Marquis, she had a bit of a hair trigger. Just as well since I had extra duties that night.

Sure enough, her orgasm was coming and I maintained my attention on her clit to expedite the event. I let go of Kathy and held Deanna’s ass tight to keep her in place. Her breathing became fast and shallow and the sounds she was making made it clear she was on the edge. I just kept up the action, and in a moment it happened.

I though she was going to break my damn nose! Her hips jerked and bucked like she was on a rodeo bull and I thanked God I already had a strong grip on her butt. At the same time this monster spasm hit her she unloaded a heavy squirt of pussy juice into my open mouth, an experience I had not yet had at that time. I swallowed what I could quickly and got back to work, much of it running down the back of my head. I locked her in tight with my arms and weathered her storm as well as I could and in a few moments she was spent. I saw her slump as if completely drained. She settled onto me, leaning back a little and putting her weight on my chest. The hand which had held me tightly to her rollicking pussy was now a gentle touch on my face. We shared that tender moment for a very brief time as Kathy was still bouncing on my cock behind Deanna.

“We need to be alone again sometime,” I said quietly, hopefully unheard by the others over Kathy’s noises. Deanna smiled down at me, exhausted and fulfilled, and stunningly beautiful. I was glad we were going to the same college in the fall. I would have ample opportunities to explore her more fully.

“Are you done yet?” asked Silvia, already crawling up on the large bed. Deanna didn’t answer but swung a leg up over me and dismounted, sliding down on the bed next to me as Silvia took her place.

“Damn, Dee! You came all over his face!” She held on to the headboard with one hand just izmir escort as Deanna had, but with the other she spread her pussy lips as she descended to sit on my face. “Serves you right, fucker…” That last was delivered sotto voce and with considerable passion, perhaps harboring some anger at the large load of sperm I had sprayed over her face a few months earlier.

Silvia’s pussy was more tangy, pungent and sexy. She tasted like sex; hot nasty sex. Once my tongue landed between her pussy lips her hand moved to my head and took a strong fistful of my hair. She was rough, even mean, grinding her hips on my face and mashing herself down onto me. Where Deanna had worn a look of pleasure and serenity, Silvia’s face was contorted into a sneering mask with clenched teeth and flashing eyes. She was a talker and her mouth kept up a constant stream of filth as she rode my chin.

“Suck that fucking pussy you mother fucker. Lick it up, bitch. Ungh! That’s right you fucker!” Half of it didn’t make any sense and a few times I almost laughed, but I paid attention to my work. Plus, the sight was incredible. Her short torso, coupled with the fact that she was bending over a bit, put her large tits in easy reach of my hands and in full view of my hungry eyes. I let go of Kathy’s hips and put both hands on Silvia’s hanging breasts for a while, enjoying their soft, full weight. I still felt like I was losing a fight, though. My jaw was starting to ache and my tongue was definitely tired, but I dared not stop. I had dreamed of this girl for years and now finally she was…well, not mine exactly. In fact I was more like hers, but it was worth it.

Kathy was still going to town on my cock down there, grinding her hips into me and leaning forward to apply pressure to her clit. I guessed by her actions and sounds that she was coming close to her orgasm but it was a bit hard to tell with Silvia riding my chin. I figured I would try to give Kathy a bit more attention since Silvia seemed quite adept at getting what she wanted all by herself. My hands went back to Kathy’s hips and I started thrusting hard up into her, raising my hips off the bed. She squealed like she had been pinched and fell forward into Silvia who almost smothered me as she fell on my face. I had a brief fear of having to explain to a doctor, or worse — my parents — just exactly how I broke my nose.

Silvia realized she was taking second fiddle so she lifted up a bit and gave me some room, though Kathy was still collapsed on her back while I fucked her. Kathy was definitely about to come so I threw everything I had into her. In moments her little body became terribly tense and she held tightly onto Silvia as the orgasm swept over her. A deep shudder and an explosive exhalation, nearly a shout, announced her climax and the odd triangle we formed kept moving.

I tried to keep it going until she was done, and in a few moments I could feel the tension flow out of her body. She let go of Silvia and sat back as I let my hips fall back to the bed. She slumped to the side, my cock slipping loudly out of her little pussy. I could finally see her and the look of contentment on her face was incredible. She was glowing with perspiration and the weary smile on her face was priceless.

“How fucking precious,” said Silvia, sneering at me. “Get back to work!” She tried to drop back down on my face but I had had just about enough of her tough girl act.

I reached up and grabbed her by the ribcage, pushing her off me to the left. She couldn’t have weighed more than 90 pounds so it was easy to toss her around. I hopped up quickly and flopped her over on her belly, then pulled her little ass up. She tried to twist away but I grabbed her arm and pinned it behind her back as I took my position behind her.

“You don’t talk like a lady. Lets see if you feel like one.” I slid easily into her sloppy hole and she grunted at the intrusion. I had little patience left and I felt like it was time to win that fight.

“You take it, bitch” I said around clenched teeth as I hammered away at her from behind. Thank God the headboard was actually a part of the wall. Otherwise I think I would have shaken the thing loose. I fucked her about as hard as I could, setting a fast pace and slapping her ass back against me. She didn’t have a chance to talk dirty and it was all she could do to hang on as I drove into her.

Kathy was still on the other side of the king size bed, on her side and watching the show from up close, while Deanna was in a chair a few feet away wrapped in a blanket. They both watched us with full attention and I would swear Deanna was playing with herself under there.

Silvia’s free arm went wild, searching for something. It landed on a pillow and she quickly brought the thing to her face. I let her other arm go and grabbed her ass with both hands, lifting her up a little and fucking her silly. My balls were starting to get tight and that sharp pain/pleasure at the tip told me that I wasn’t too far away. Fortunately she started bellowing her orgasm into the pillow, stifling her screams as I continued to use her body for my pleasure. I had intended to come on Silvia’s face but in that position it wasn’t going to happen, so I offered it to the others.

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