Thunder Bay Ch. 04

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With Carson Wheeler at the helm of Thunder Bay Houseboats, I was able to concentrate on the business of banking. Centennial Bank, a family owned business since its inception, was doing great with assets in the billions. As President of the bank, my highest priority was monitoring every penny, a job I’d been doing when I was the Vice-President.

I thought my new position would prove more challenging but it wasn’t. I seemed to actually have more free time than I did in my former position. Cole Bannister, the bank’s new Vice-President was working out really well. He was a little on the pretentious side, informing everyone he came in contact with that he had a PHD in Finance and a Master Degree in Management from Harvard University. His attitude was to be expected. I’d met a lot of well-educated people in my lifetime and boasting about their education seemed to be their favorite pastime.

Cole’s wife, Nicole was the exact opposite of her husband. She was warm and bubbly with a down-to-earth personality that you couldn’t help but like. She was drop-dead gorgeous with a fantastic figure, coal-black shoulder length hair and bright, emerald green eyes. I doubted Cole was taking care of business at home. Nicole usually stopped by my office, just to say hello, after visiting her husband. She frequently suggested we have lunch together sometime, which led me to believe she wanted to talk. Maybe I was reading between the lines, then again, maybe I wasn’t.

Connie Marshall, my new secretary, was working out well. She was quite proficient at her job and always ready to do as I asked. Connie rarely had any male employees stop by to chat. Her work area, just outside my office, was probably too intimidating for most male suitors.

The Labor Day weekend was just a week away. I was planning on driving down to Lake Cumberland, wanting to see how things were going for myself. I hoped the weather would cooperate with my plans so I could enjoy some time out on the lake. I’d prompted Connie to clear the entire week before the holiday off my schedule. Since she didn’t have any vacation time left, I offered to let her take time off but she declined my offer.

Returning from a quick lunch at a nearby fast food restaurant, I went about cleaning up any unfinished business before leaving on vacation. Connie was busy at her desk, typing up a financial report for me.

“Just finished the last report.” She declared, rushing into my office. “They’re ready for you to sign.”

“I proofread them.” She stated, before I could ask. “I didn’t find any mistakes.”

“Are you sure you don’t wanna take next week off?” I asked, thinking she might want to change her mind.

“Nah. I don’t have anything to do.” Connie replied. “I’d rather be here than cooped up in my apartment.”

“Well, you’re more than welcome to go with me if you want.” I suggested. “Lake Cumberland’s really beautiful and the weather’s supposed to be nice for the entire week.”

“Oh….yeah! I’d love to go!” Connie exclaimed. “Are you sure I won’t be a bother?”

“You won’t be a bother.” I replied. “The drive gets a little boring with just the radio to listen too. I wouldn’t mind a little company.”

“What do I need to take?” Connie inquired, showing her excitement. “A bikini or two I guess. Maybe something dressy in case we go out for dinner. Better take some casual clothes too.”

“Take whatever you think you’ll need.” I asserted. “There’s shopping malls and stores at the marinas for anything you might forget.”

Connie’s excitement about going down to Lake Cumberland was a reward in itself for me. I was sure she had boyfriends even though she never mentioned anyone in particular. If getting away to the lake worked wonders for me, I was sure it would have the same effect on her.

Early Saturday morning, I picked Connie up at her apartment complex. It was still dark, at least an hour or two before sunrise. I knew the interstates would be packed with traffic going both ways but I hoped to beat most of it around the Chicago area.

Connie and I chatted about anything and everything during the eight hour drive to Lake Cumberland. She avoided talking about anything personal, which I thought was a little strange. Even so, the drive was much more pleasant having her along.

It was approaching 1:00pm when we finally arrived in Somerset. Traffic on the four-lane divided highway was heavy but moving along at the posted speed limit. Crossing over the new bridge, Connie got her first good look at the lake. Her excitement was like that of a teenage girl about to go out on her first date.

Turning onto Smokehouse Road, Connie noticed the sign for Whiskey Creek Marina.

“Is that where we’re going?” She asked excitedly. “Whiskey Creek?”

“Eventually.” I replied, feeling my excitement rising along with Connie’s. “I’ve got to stop at Thunder Bay first.”

Seeing the mammoth houseboats, perched on their concrete stanchions just inside the chain link fence at Thunder Bay, the young woman practically jumped out güvenilir bahis of her seat.

“Oh My God!” She shouted. “Would you look at those! They’re huge!”

“Yes, I know.” I responded, noticing there were only three houseboats on the lot.

Driving up to the building, I saw Robbie’s pick-up, Rebecca’s mini-van and Carson Wheeler’s Cadillac Escalade along with a couple of other vehicles with out-of-state plates on them.

Carson was chatting with a middle-aged couple, standing alongside one of the houseboats. Rebecca came out of the building to greet us, noticing I had a traveling companion.

“And who is this?” She questioned with a warm smile.

“This is Connie Marshall, my secretary.” I answered introducing the two women. “I thought she’d get a big kick out of coming down to the lake and getting away from Chicago.”

“Welcome to Thunder Bay.” Rebecca greeted Connie, shaking her hand. “I’m sure you’ll like it down here with us country folks.”

“How’s sales doing?” I asked, noticing two fairly new powerboats sitting along the front of the building. “Looks like you’ve sold two of the new ones.”

“If that couple Carson’s talking to buy the one they’ve been looking at we’ll only have one new one left.” Rebecca answered. “The one on the end is already sold. They’re launching it Tuesday morning.”

“Wow! That’s great!” I exclaimed, overjoyed at hearing the good news. “What about the used houseboats? How many of those are left?”

“Just two. But I think that couple’s wanting to trade theirs in.” Rebecca replied. “If they do, we’ll have three.”

“Sounds like Carson and I oughta get together and discuss Thunder Bay’s future.” I remarked. “If sales are this strong, we should keep on building houseboats.”

“Wait’ll you see the new one!” Rebecca exclaimed. “It’s just about finished. Robbie’s thinking the guy’s will have it all wrapped up by Wednesday.”

Entering the construction building, I was astounded at the progress that’d been made since the last time I’d seen it. Robbie and another guy were putting the vinyl decals on the sides of the houseboat, which really set it off. All the canvas trappings were done in a bright blue to offset the basic tan color of the houseboat.

“How big is it?” Connie inquired, looking quite astonished.

“A hundred and ten foot long by twenty foot wide.” Rebecca proudly proclaimed. “It’s the biggest Thunder Bay houseboat ever built.”

Climbing the steps to board the houseboat, I noticed Robbie checking out Connie. For him, it was typical behavior. The salon was yet to be furnished, which made it look even bigger than it was. Stainless steel appliances and natural oak cabinetry complimented the galley. Plastic sheeting covered the plush carpeting and ceramic tile floors for protection. The bedrooms, all five of them were done as were the three bathrooms. Ascending the circular stairway at the rear of the houseboat, Rebecca and I had to duck our heads to keep from bumping into the buildings roof trusses.

Standing on the top deck at the front of the houseboat, we watched Carson and the couple walking towards the office. From the expression on the trio’s faces it looked like we’d sold another new one.

“Which houseboats are left at the Marina?” I questioned. “Connie and I are gonna need one while we’re here.”

“There’s an ’04 Sumerset, eighty-six by eighteen and a ’99 Stardust, one-hundred by eighteen.” Rebecca replied.

“Let’s take the smaller of the two?” I suggested, looking over at Connie. “I’m not that well-versed at handling houseboats.”

“We’re gonna spend the entire week on a houseboat?” Connie questioned. “That’s awesome!”

“First, we’re gonna have to lay in some supplies.” I asserted. “It’ll be late when we get done so we’ll wait until tomorrow morning to cast off.”

Before leaving I stopped in to have a word with Robbie in private.

“That’s some sweet little honey you brought down with you.” Robbie smarted off. “You gonna let me have a crack at her?”

“You stay the fuck away from Connie!” I exclaimed, keeping my voice down. “She’s not your type!”

“You’re my type!” The young man laughed, grabbing my arm. “You’re a whore!”

“You heard what I said.” I retorted, jerking my arm free of his grasp. “Stay away from both of us. I don’t want her getting the wrong idea about us.”

“Since when did you worry about what people thought?” Robbie questioned. “Since you became President of that bank of yours?”

I assumed Carson Wheeler had told him about my promotion, so his mentioning it didn’t come as a surprise.

“Is that you’re lover?” Connie asked, getting into the car. “Or is he just a boyfriend?”

“He’s neither.” I replied. “Robbie’s just an employee. And if he doesn’t straighten up, he’s gonna be an ex-employee!”

Returning to town, the traffic seemed to have thinned a little. The supermarket was doing a thriving business but it appeared they’d taking extra measures to have plenty of food and beverages on hand.

Before heading back türkçe bahis to the marina, we made a quick stop at a swimwear store located in one of the strip malls. While Connie picked out a few bikinis, I added a couple more to the only one I had. Plenty of sunscreen and a few beach towels completed our shopping at the specialty store.

We sped by Thunder Bay, anxious to get down to the Whiskey Creek Marina. Again, my secretary was awestruck seeing the countless number of boats, not to mention the lake for the first time.

After getting everything transferred from my car to the Sumerset Houseboat, I gave her the grand tour. Pointing out the guest stateroom across from the master, she quickly put her things away.

“Let’s run up to the café and get something to eat.” I suggested when we were done. “I’m not much of a cook and I’m too tired to fix anything anyway.”

Connie agreed, feeling pangs of hunger herself. Walking along the main pier, we stopped to look over some of the high-performance powerboats moored at the docks. I could see Connie was mesmerized by them as much as she was the houseboats.

“This place is so awesome!” She exclaimed. “I’m gonna hate it when we have to go back to Chicago.”

“Yeah but that’s what makes coming down here so special.” I reasoned. “If you lived down her all the time, you might get tired of it.”

At the café, we sat out on the terrace. Since we had a great view of the lake and marina, we took our time eating. A couple of young men, closely resembling each other and looking to be in their late twenties, sat at a table next to us. Striking up a conversation with us, one of them disclosed they were from Aurora, Illinois.

“We’re from Chicago.” Connie divulged. “This is Valerie and I’m Connie.”

“Trey and Trevor McCall.” One of the handsome, young men responded. “We’re here for the week, hoping to put some hours on a new boat we just bought.”

“What kind of a boat did you buy?” I asked, joining in on the conversation.

“A Fountain.” Trevor McCall proudly replied. “It’s a twenty-nine footer with a five, twenty-five Mercury and Bravo One drive. She’s sleek and she’s fast!”

“Maybe you girls would like to join us tomorrow?” Trey suggested with a smile. “We’re docked at the far west end of the marina.”

“Thanks but we’ve got a houseboat.” I replied. “Maybe we’ll run into each other out on the lake though.”

“That’d be great!” Trey exclaimed, staring straight into my eyes. “Speaking for myself, I’d really like that.”

“Yeah, me too.” I muttered, noticing the deep blue of his eyes.

We continued chatting and drinking a beer with the two brothers. Trevor seemed quite captivated with Connie, never taking his eyes off the long-haired blonde. Trey, the elder of the two, pulled his chair up next to mine.

Sitting down it was hard to tell but Trey was a good two inches taller than me with an athletic build. His pleasant smile revealed his nearly perfect teeth. Both guys had short dark hair, which gave them a youthful appearance. I’d noticed earlier that neither of them was wearing a wedding band so I assumed they were single, probably divorced.

“I’m a chemical engineer for Kemcor.” Trey stated. “What’s your line of work?”

“Oh….I work at Centennial Bank.” I stammered, not wanting him to know any more than that.

“Valerie’s the President.” Connie proclaimed, without thinking. “I’m her secretary.”

“The President!” Trey exclaimed, seeming a little put-off by the news. “Oh….a….I see.”

“Does that bother you?” I asked, not too pleased at his reaction.

“Oh….no.” Trey responded, trying his best to sound nonchalant. “I just never figured anyone so young could be a bank president.”

“Well, I’m not THAT young.” I laughed. “I’m probably a lot older than you think.”

“I’m terrible at ages so I won’t venture a guess.” Trey stated, with a smile.

“Thirty-five….just in case you’re wondering.” I freely admitted.

“I’m twenty-eight.” Trey muttered, grasping my hand and entwining our fingers. “Does that bother you? I mean….being seven years younger than you.”

“I guess I can live with it.” I jested, squeezing his hand. “It’ll just take a little getting used to.”

Unexpectedly, Trey leaned in and kissed me. It caught Trevor and Connie by surprise as much as it did me. The other guests didn’t seem to so much as take notice, not even when he kissed me the second time.

“Are you leading up to something?” I murmured.

“Depends on how far you let me get.” Trey whispered, staring into my eyes.

Remembering his brother and my secretary were watching and listening to everything, I pulled back. I wasn’t about to let another handsome young man seduce me, no matter how much I needed to have sex with someone.

Changing subjects to the lake and all its recreational facilities, I chatted more with Trevor than I did his brother. Connie joined in but Trey hardly uttered a word for the next half hour. It was getting late so I suggested we call and end güvenilir bahis siteleri to the evening. I sensed Connie didn’t much care for the idea and neither did Trevor. The guys paid for our dinner, then escorted us out onto the main dock.

“Maybe we’ll see you guys out on the lake tomorrow.” Trevor commented, putting his arm around Connie’s shoulders. “At least, I hope so.”

“What about you, Valerie?” Trey questioned.

“Where you guys staying?” I asked. “In town at one of the hotels?”

“Nah. We’re gonna sleep on our boat.” Trey spoke up before his brother could answer. “It’s got a cozy little cabin below deck.”

“Why don’t you bring it over to our houseboat?” I suggested, giving in to temptation. “We’re docked at the far end of the main pier. You can tie off to the stern of our houseboat.”

Both guys looked more than just a little stunned at my offer but they gladly accepted. Connie was beaming a huge smile, letting me know she was all for it.

“We’ll be right down!” Trevor exclaimed, his excitement bubbling over.

“One of us will be out on the rear deck so you can find us.” I asserted before leaving them.

“You think they’re gonna try anything?” Connie inquired, sounding coy and displaying a big grin.

“Let’s hope so!” I laughed. “Otherwise, we’re gonna wake up in the morning still horny as hell!”

We both laughed until we almost choked. Boarding our Sumerset houseboat, I switched on the lights in the salon and corridor, while Connie scurried to the rear deck. I took a few beers from the refrigerator, placing them in the freezer compartment along with all the ice we’d bought.

Trevor McCall idled the Fountain powerboat up to our stern. When it was close enough, Connie tossed Trey a rope so he could tie off to us. The two men, climbed onboard the Sumerset, relieved to have found us in the dark without any trouble.

“This is some houseboat!” Trevor remarked, grinning. “I could live on one of these year round.”

“We stopped at Thunder Bay Houseboats this morning to look at theirs.” Trey asserted. “They build one awesome houseboat!”

Connie started to say something but I managed to shush her. She caught on that I didn’t want the guys to know I co-owned Thunder Bay.

“How about a cold beer?” I suggested, walking into the galley.

“Sounds great!” Trevor responded, pulling Connie in close to him.

With drinks in hand, the four of us sat out on the top deck, enjoying the cool breeze coming in off the lake. Finding out Trevor was a veterinarian elated Connie, who was a dog enthusiast. Sharing a common interest, the two were hitting it off more and more the longer they conversed.

Other than Trey’s earlier comments about Thunder Bay Houseboats, he seemed to have grown quiet. I sensed he might be uncomfortable. Remembering Trevor had been the one who’d spoken up and wanted to stay on the houseboat with us, I wondered if Trey preferred not to. His silence was bothering me.

“Is there something the matter?” I murmured, leaning close so Trevor and Connie couldn’t hear me.

“No, nothing’s the matter.” Trey responded, not sounding anywhere close to convincing. “I’m….a….just a little tired is all.”

I didn’t believe a word he’d said but I wasn’t sure what to do next. Lighting up a cigarette, gave me a moment or two to think of something.

Looking up the pier, towards the main building, I saw Robbie briskly approaching.

“Oh no!” I muttered. “God damn him!”

“What’s the matter?” Trey asked, trying to figure out who I was looking at.

“It’s nothing.” I answered, setting my beer on the table. “I can handle it.”

Before Robbie reached the houseboat, I managed to scurry down the circular stairway and run to the front of the houseboat. Robbie was just about to set foot onboard when I rushed out onto the front deck.

“Whatta you want?” I asked. “I told you to stay away from us!”

“I know you didn’t really mean it.” Rob asserted, his voice slurred.

“Go home and sleep it off!” I exclaimed, surmising he’d been out drinking with his so-called friends.

“What’s going on here?” Trey inquired, stepping up behind me. “This guy bothering you?”

“Who the hell’s this?” Robbie asked, taking a quick step backward. “You’re new lover?”

“That’s right buddy boy! So back off before I throw your drunken ass off the dock!” Trey shouted, coming around in front of me.

Robbie wasn’t about to try and take him on. At least, not in front of me and risk making a bigger fool out of himself than he already had. Turning, he stumbled back up the pier, leaving us be.

“I’m….I’m sorry.” I stuttered. “I didn’t want you to get involved.”

“Hah!” Trey laughed. “I’m good a getting involved in things I shouldn’t. Sort of a white knight thing, I guess.”

“Well, I’ll have to think of a way to reward you, won’t I?” I quipped, putting my hand to the back of his head so I could pull him in close for a kiss.

“That’s a start.” Trey murmured when our lips finally parted. “But I’m expecting a lot more.”

We kissed again, this time grinding our lips hard against each other’s. Trey held me close, so close I could feel his heart pounding in his chest. His cock, pressing against me, felt like a steel shaft.

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