Triple Threat

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Stephen and I have been friends for a couple of years now. There was a short foray into dating but it didn’t work out. The sex was phenomenal but ya can’t base a serious relationship on that. (Well, you can, but that is another story for another time.) We have now settled into a comfortable friendship that works for the both of us.

So when Stephen called with a favor, I was game for helping him out. It seems that Stephen had bought his current girlfriend a toy that was a bit intimidating to her. It had an attachment that tickles the clitoris while the penis is thrusting inside the vagina. And, it had another attachment that vibrates inside the anus as well. They are all meant to be used together. He wanted to show her that the toy was fun and not painful or hard to use.

I had gotten the exact same toy for my birthday from Stephen. I thought it was kinda shitty that he was buying me and the girlfriend the exact same gift. But, I did want to show him what I have learned to do with it.

We arranged a time for him to come over. I thought it would be just the two of us. He said would videotape it for his chick. Imagine my surprise when the two of them arrived at my doorstep.

I tried not to show what I was thinking, which was “WHAT THE FUCK?”… It is always best to be cordial when your ex brings his current chick to your home to watch you masturbate. I offered them tea and juice, which they declined. I lead them into the sunroom and we sat down to talk.

His girlfriend, Alisha, seemed really ill at ease. I haven’t the slightest idea why, though. After all, I was extremely polite in talking about the weather and movies that we had all seen while my nipples almost popped out of my dress. (He really could have warned me that this chick was coming too! Sheesh!)

After a tense 10 minutes of making small talk, I couldn’t take it any more. “Look,” I said. “I have no idea how to segueway into showing off this toy. Alisha, if you don’t want to see this, we can just sit and chat and never speak of it again.” I gave Stephen the evil eye for putting me in this position. I sooo resented having to be the one to put his girlfriend at ease.

Alisha smiled uneasily and responded, “No. I came because I really do want to see how the toy works.” She paused and put her hand on Stephen’s leg. “He didn’t tell you I was coming because I asked him not to. I didn’t want you to change your mind or be different just because I was here, too.”

Stephen looked relieved. I guess that meant that it was okay to start the show. At least, I was hoping that was what that look meant.

I pulled out my toy. “An ex-boo of mine gave this to me and I have gotten very well aquainted with it.”

Alisha laughed. “It is ok. Stephen already told me that he bought you one, too. He said you enjoyed cumming too much not to have one in your arsenal.”

Oook…Well hell, if she knows, Imma just go ahead and be my normal damn self. No need to pussy foot around and play like he is just a buddy.

“OK, cool. Do you mind if Stephen sucks my nipple while I get ready to push this in. Even though I love how it feels, it is so big, I have a little stimulation to get things going.”

Stephen gave me the “that-is-really-fucked-up” look. Alisha, on the other hand, smiled broadly and leaned forward. “Oh sure. I understand what you mean. When I use my toys, I usually have to suck on them first to get them and me a little wet.”

I could tell this was the first time Stephen had heard that little tidbit. I don’t know if he was more turned on or surprised. But, hell, that is for him to deal with on his own time. I was getting excited about the prospect of showing off for these two.

I was in a long black flowing dress. The bottom flowed freely around my legs. The top covered very little, though. I usually wear it with a T shirt underneath. But with nothing but mocha skin showing, the straps of the shirt barely covered my dark nipples and left nothing to the imagination. My 40 KK breasts were full and bursting to be let free.

I positioned myself on the sofa I was sitting on so that I was leaning back again the pillows. I moved one of the straps so that my right nipple was completely accessible. My breast, more than two handfuls, felt very full. I needed a little attention there.

“Stephen, would you help a sista casino siteleri out? My breast says it needs to be sucked and bit.” Before I had the whole sentence out, Stephen was there with both huge hands wrapped around my breast. He took his time to suckle me. First he licked the tip of my nipple and blew it. Then he ran his teeth slowly over it again and again. With all that nip attention, my pussy was juicing itself rather nicely.

I sighed in contentment and was just about to insert the toy when Alisha stopped me. “Girl, you need that toy lubed up just a bit.” She came to sit on the sofa by my legs and tood the toy from me. I watched as she slide the whole thing in her mouth.

I am not into women so I hadn’t really given her a good look. But, watching her full red lips surround the purple shaft of the toy had me starting to check her out a bit. She was a really light skinned black woman, with a cute face. She rolled her eyes a little as the shaft rolled over her tongue. Her breasts were very full, at least a 44 G. They were heaving in her top, just a little. I could tell she was getting excited as well.

Just when I thought she was going to raise her jean skirt and use the toy on herself, she smiled and slide the toy from between her lips. “Sorry,” she giggled. “I got a little carried away.” She casually placed her hand on my thigh as she returned my toy now covered in her saliva. “Here ya go, girl!”

I told myself “what the hell” and propped my left leg up on the top of the sofa. I wanted them to be able to get a good view of my toy going in. My other leg I put down on the floor so that I could have some leverage.

I could feel the thick, slick head going in slowly. It felt so good that a moan came from my throat before I knew it. I pushed it in until it fit snugly inside me with the clit teaser resting on my full lower lips. I was trying to get the anal probe inside my ass without dislodging Stephen from my nipple.

Just as I was about to give up on that, I felt a soft warm hand touch mine on the toy. “Do you want me to help you get that last part in your ass?” Alisha licked her lips and scooted closer to my parted legs. “I can stick it in for you, no problem.”

Stephen hadn’t stopped licking and biting on my nipple, but his eyes got huge when he heard what his girl said to me.

I grinned at her and told her, “Please slide it into my ass. That would be great.”

I felt her hand parting my asscheeks. It was weird to have a woman touching me like that. But, it felt very erotic as well. I thought she would just slide the toy inside my ass. She, apparently, had other thoughts.

I felt one of her fingers stroking my butt hole lightly. It tickled but I wanted more of it. When she pushed, my back door bloomed open to allow her access and suck her in. I wiggled my ass so that she could go deeper. Deeper would have been great right then.

But, she took her finger out and slid the probe in. “I just wanted to make sure you were ready for it.”

I smile and said, “Oh yeah. I am ready for it.”

Our eyes met and we both could tell that we meant more than just the anal probe. I knew that before this was over, I was going to feel her tongue on my pussy.

Then, Alisha switched the toy on. My body jumped at the shock of the first vibrations. I tried to reach down to take the toy so that I could start to fuck myself with it. Alisha started to move it for me.

Slowly at first, in and out, twisting it just a little bit. I started to grind my hips on it, creating even more friction. The anal probe was vibrating deep inside me, as was the shaft. And the clit stimulator was drumming up and down at a nice steady pace.

I smiled at Stephen and requested that he suck me other nipple for me. He readily complied. It felt so good to be running my fingers through his dark curly hair as his girlfriend fucked me with the toy. I could tell from how he was sucking on my breasts so deeply that he was into it too.

I could no longer see Alisha, but I sure could feel what she was doing to me. With her long fingers, she parted the top of my pussy lips so that my toy had better access to my clit. It felt like the vibrations started on my pussy all over again. I felt her moving her fingers on my lips and playing with me while the toy was working me over. I knew canlı casino it would be a quick cum for me.

I wanted more. I needed more. “Alisha, do you mind if I suck Stephen while I cum? I get a much better cum if I have something to suck on.” Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say ye..

“Go ahead.” Alisha sounded breathless. “I am sure that would help him out as well.” When Stephen raised up to unzip his pants, I could see Alisha, still fucking me with the toy. But, I could tell that she was playing with her pussy as well with her other hand. She had unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra was pulled up so that her breasts were hanging free. Her pink nipples looked like they were pencil erasers hanging from her milkly breasts.

I had forgotten that Stephen was so big. When he started sliding his chocolate 11 inches into my mouth, I had to adjust so that I wouldn’t choke as he went all the way to the back of my throat. My lips were being stretched the max around his thickness. I knew I would have stretch marks on my lips the next day. I wrapped my fingers around his base and jerked him off into my mouth as I sucked and licked all over him.

I was in nirvana and I knew that my cum was inevitable. I started to suck Stephen with intensity. I opened the back of my throat and let him fuck my mouth until his pubs were brushing against my face. My hips were working overtime grinding on the toy. Stephen could tell that I was about to cum so he started to twist and pull on my nipples hard.

That was all I needed to push me over the edge. My inner lips started to convulse like crazy. I could feel the hairs all over my body stand up as waves of massive pleasure washed over me. I had to stop sucking Stephen because my body was jerking so hard. When he pulled his dick out of my mouth, I screamed in pleasure until my body slowed down to a intermittent jerk.

When I could open my eyes again, I looked down and Alisha was mesmerized by what she had seen. If I cum really hard, I have a tendency to be a squirter. I must have squirted pretty good, because Alisha’s whole hand looked like I had peed on it. It was even on her sleeve a little bit and on her skirt.

I was mortified. I tried to sit up and apologize, the toy still inside me. But Alisha wasn’t listening. While Stephen stood stroking himself and watching his girlfriend, she got her first taste of pussy.

Alisha bent down to where the toy was still connected to me and began to lick me and the toy. It felt like she was just tasting me at first. I guess she liked what she tasted because next thing I know, she had pulled the toy out and dived straight into my pussy.

Right after cumming, my poor kitty was still sensitive. It wasn’t ready for the onslaught that Alisha gave it. She opened my lips up and ran her tongue inside my walls. I could feel her tongue wiggling around up in me. She switched up and started licking my still sensitive pearl and my body started to twitch in earnest again. I couldn’t help but to cum all over her pretty face and breasts.

Stephen looked like he was ready to bust as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. I could tell he needed to fuck but didn’t know where to put his dick.

I smiled at both of them and said, “I guess we need to help the both of you cum now. You gave me such a wonderful nut. I would be a selfish bitch if I didn’t give you guys one, too.”

Alisha looked like that was the best idea she had ever heard. I thought I could play with her pussy while Stephen fucked her. She wanted to try a different approach.

Alisha stood up and disrobed completely. She was a sexy full figured woman with a full bottom and thighs. Her big breasts swayed seductively as she lay back in the middle of my floor. She motioned me over. “How about this,” she said with a big smile. “How about you fuck me with your toy while I lick your pussy some more and Stephen fucks you. I love the taste of Stephen. And I am finding that I love the taste of you. What could be better than tasting both of you while my kitty gets stroked?”

Stephen and I looked at each other in amazement. We never saw this day going this direction. He smiled at me and said, “Hell, I am game. Let’s do this!” His clothes hit the ground even quicker than his girl’s had.

I always loved how Stephen looked naked. But, I felt a little kaçak casino guilty staring at his six pack and nipple rings with his girl right in the room with us. I couldn’t help but to go up and bit a nipple before I took my cum covered dress off and joined the party.

Alisha had her right hand between her legs diddling away. “Oh yeah, bite his other nipple. I like how his dick jumps when his nipples are bit.”

Well, fuck, if you gonna give me the go ahead and fuck ya man, who am I to say no thanks. So, being the champ I am, I put my all into pleasing his nipples. I am 5’2 and he is 6’3. When I pulled him closer to me by his asscheeks, his nipples where right at mouth level to suck on.

I took my breasts and rubbed them around his shaft while I sucked his nipples. I could see Alisha playing with herself and sucking one of her own nipples while she watched the two of us. Stephen’s gigantic hands were cupping my ass, urging me on.

I knew I had to stop before I started fucking Stephen right there, his woman be damned. I broke away and said, “Hey, let me just wash this toy off so we can get with the gettin’.”

Alisha stopped playing with herself and sat up. “No, don’t!” She looked embarassed. “I want you to put it in me while your cream is still on it.” I could tell she was uncomfortable saying it out loud. I could also tell that she really, really wanted it that way.

Stephen and I exchanged glances again. It was apparent that there were hidden depths to this chick that he didn’t know about. Somehow, I guessed Stephen was going to be in for a wild ride with this girl.

I straddled Alisha’s face, centering my pussy over her lips. Before I could bend to go into a full 69 position, Alisha pulled my hips to her face. With her nose in my ass, she licked me until my cum started to drip into her mouth once again. Then she allowed me to move so that I could get into position to put the toy inside of her.

Alisha’s tongue slithered over my wet lips while I parted her wet ones. She was so excited that her thighs were even covered in creamy juices. I could feel the heat coming out of her sex as I opened up her inner lips. Her hips started to grind as I put my shaft into her, one inch at a time. When it was all the way in, I made sure the clit teaser was ready to do its job. Then, I slid the probe into her ass.

Instead of her acting intimidated by the toy, Alisha seemed to welcome all the intrusions into her body. I moved the toy in and out one time to see if everything was attached right. I could her the slurp of her juiciness on the toy. When I turned the switch, I saw her body jump. With a soft “oh”, I knew she was ready for whatever that toy was going to give her.

I felt her lips on my sex once again as Alisha started to hold me down to her face and tongue me slowly. Stephen put a knee on each side of Alisha’s head. With one sure stroke, he was all the way to my womb.

We developed a rhythm. I was fucking Alisha with the same beat as Stephen was fucking me. Alisha was taking her time to run her tongue over every inch of my open lips.

That only worked until Alisha started to stroke Stephen’s sac. Then, all hell broke loose. Stephen started to fuck me with determination and strength. He was holding my hips so firmly that I couldn’t run if I wanted to. (Which I didn’t….) That made me start to fuck Alisha harder. I also turned up the speed on my little clit friend to maximum strength for her. Alisha, in turn, took my clit into her mouth and sucked on it with all her might. My inner lips grabbed Stephen and milked him tightly. I heard his growl only a second before I felt his cum shoot into me deep. My pussy started squirting juicies out everywhere. Alisha’s face was covered with my cum. Alisha started screaming into my pussy hole as her kitty started to climax.

I could see lots of girl cum dribbling out of Alisha as she flopped under me. Her hands grabbed my breasts and twisted my nipples through her orgasm.

When she had come back to earth, I sat up on her face and let Stephen’s nut dribble down into her mouth. Stephen came around so I could clean him up, too.

Once Stephen and I were cleaned up, we all fell into an exhausted heap. I looked at Stephen and started to giggle. He started to laugh as well. Then, we both looked at Alisha, all covered in our cum and started to laugh even more.

Alisha looked back at us with a grin. “I am happy this put the both of you in a good mood.” She started to rub on her nipples. “Once we take a little break, I would like to try that all over again.”

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