Trying New Things

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My name is Bryce, I’m 5’11” 165 lbs, toned swimmer’s build, blue eyes, and kinda curly dirty blond hair. I was a completely straight, jock type, fraternity guy that was until Beth decided she wanted to change all that. She was quite the fun girl, long dark hair, green eyes, slender toned build accompanied with nice legs covered with a soft tan skin that complemented her perky tits and cute ass. The first time I hooked up with her I quickly realized that she very much enjoyed trying new things with me. We got back from the bar after having some drinks; upon entrance to my room (I share a house with 4 guys) we began making out and stripping each other down. She yanked down my pants and boxers before going down on me as i just laid there and enjoyed the view of her naked her figure. She took my now very hard and thick cock that stood at a little less than 8 inches into her mouth with her other hand gripping my ass. The attention she gave my ass surprised me but wasn’t necessarily anything new. Out of nowhere though she slid two fingers up my previously untouched asshole, getting them in quite deep right away. A shock and fear ran over me as I jerked away instinctively, Beth held me there though working her fingers in and out of me just as she eagerly sucked me up and down. The new sensation built inside me to the point that massaging my asshole overwhelmed me to the point I gave in and actively aided her in fingering me. The combination sent me over the edge exploding in her mouth. From then on my ass was hers and this practice became regular with Beth, she loved lightly teasing me on how I love having my ass toyed with, surprisingly to me I really did like it, the attention she gave me would make me groan or moan out in absolute pleasure. And so fingering it, led to strap-ons, she had me suck on hers, that she apparently had used previously with women, and then gave my ass the attention it so clearly craved as a means of switching things up every once in a while. I came to LOVE this kind of attention more and more each time actively looking forward to her toy spreading and filling my ass. Then one night after a particular vigorous use of my ass Beth said, after smacking me and removing her incredible fake cock from my ass, “Maybe I should have you do stuff with men, you clearly love my strap on and real cock is just so much better, I’m sure you will agree.” As she said this she forced the tip of the strap on back into my ass teasing me while I was on all fours for her, I moaned kocaeli escort out in response. “See you love having your ass filled, don’t you?” she sensually said leaning over me. I responded between my moans saying, “you know that I will never do things with guys… that’s simply not my thing at all.” All of this is just a precursor to what she had planned.

Well we were drinking one night and she decided she wanted to tie me up on all fours. We went back to her place and we both stripped, I got her naked first running my hands all over her body kissing her neck and down her body as I leaned over her while she was on her back. Beth pushed me over so that I was on my back and began to guide my clothes off to the point that I was completely nude as well. She began to kiss my neck and run her hands down to my cock, gripping it teasing me clearly. She leans in to my neck, “I have something in mind for tonight, I think you’ll love it” and with that gave my ass a very hard squeeze. “Did you get a new toy” I asked excited with my arms draped around all she did was look back up and respond smirking at me, “something like that, now give me your hands” She took them and turned me over, tieing them quite snugly to her bed posts using some sort of silky tie and then did the same to my ankles so that I was tied snugly on all fours.

After teasing my ass a bit ashe tells me she has something new for me and all of a sudden she brings in two of her older, bi, guy friends who she’s told me about before but I’d never actually met. Shock and fears runs across my body immediately panic sinks in as I realize now what she has planned.
These guys were both very hung and fit, they started talking down to me almost immediately it was clear that Beth had previously set this up. I completely freaked out at first and said I wasn’t into this sort of thing, although I was at the same time noticeably aroused. The two guys began to strip completely nude and they started to grip and tease my ass while Beth gave them advice.
They all began to tell me what they had planned how they were going to make me love cock and do everything imaginable to me. I was terrified but completely turned on somehow, I started arching my back for them, giving them my ass, moaning a little bit. I couldn’t believe how I all of sudden wanted this. The attention they were giving my ass felt so great.
One of the guys, Mike, put his hand firmly on my lower back and began to lube up my still very tight and innocent ass. He began kocaeli escort bayan to roughly finger my ass while Beth and the other guy, Tyson, he was a black guy, watched me moan and writhe around on the bed still tied helplessly. As it became more and more clear that I was turned on by this, the language they used towards me became more and more vulgar.
They would say things like I was going to be turned into their cock slut, or slave, and I found this sort of talk incredibly arousing. The commented on how I clearly loved being penetrated and that I needed more. They were rough and demeaning with me; determined to use and break in my tight innocent virgin ass. Mike gripped my hips and then positioned his thick cock at my ass (his cock was a bit bigger than mine, a little more than 8 inches). I looked back and saw it for the first time, my eyes got huge when I realized just how big the cock that was about to rammed into my ass was. My stomach dropped and then I felt his hand shove my head into the pillows and I bit my lip hard as he began to force his cock into me, I couldn’t help moaning and screaming out a bit as he did this, which was of course to the delight of the other two watching me take this.
He began to work it into me gradually. The pain was incredible I felt as though I was being split in two, he was patient with me though and I was increasingly eager to arch my back and take more and more of it. I could feel the shaft of his cock stretching my tight ass open ripping it wide, I would scream and yell breathlessly as he would thrust into me going deeper and deeper. Beth had her hands on my neck and shoulders, talking to me telling me: “Oh you love having your ass fucked, don’t you! Arch your back for that cock, moan for more, I can tell you love it. I’ve been wanting to do this to you for so long now.”
As this point I had adjusted to the size of his cock somewhat and truly did love it, I was moaning and wanting it more, thrusting my ass back at him, pre-cum had already been running down my cock as he would repeatedly ram my ass, I could feel his thick cock head nailing my prostate making me scream out every time my own cock bursting a huge load of cum with out even being touched. Then I felt his cock swell and knew he must be about to explode, I felt him unleash it inside me as he squeezed my ass hard and buried his cock in me completely at the same time.
After he exploded in my ass and filled me with cum, I kind of collapsed on the bed soaking in everything that just izmit escort happened. I felt his load of hot cum leak out my ass a bit and run down the back of my thighs as he pulled out, smacking my now very sensitive ass. He ran two fingers on my thighs gathering up some cum and then put it in my open, waiting mouth making me lick up my first ever drop of cum. He smirked, “you’re our little slut now aren’t you?” I blushed and swallowed as Mike looked to Tyson, “he’s all yours now.”
Then they untied me and put me on my back. You can imagine what they did to me after that,Tyson kinda lifted my hips up a bit as he stood at the edge of the bed and the buried his thick hard black cock easily into my now somewhat stretched and well lubed ass.
I felt the intense pleasure immediately this time. He got it all the way in almost right away, the pain struck me a bit as he was just a bit bigger than Mike thicker and longer. I moaned a lot and he wrapped my legs around him a bit. He pummeled my ass just relentlessly, it was obvious that what he had watched done to me just a few minutes ago had him very worked up. Mike was watching with Beth they were still talking down to me saying all sorts of things that I can’t even recall. I was so overwhelmed and my head was spinning.
Beth ended up having Mike get on his knees above me on the bed with one on each side of my neck and he put his big white cock into my innocent untrained mouth, insisting that I “learn how to suck cock.” I opened my mouth as he gripped the back of my head and slid his cock in, making me gag almost immediately as Tyson gripped my hips harder holding me in place as he fucked my ass over and over again. I sucked hard, I loved the feel of cock in my mouth almost as much as I loved it in my ass. I tried not to gag but it was impossible not too.
They kept saying how I was turned into a slut and things like that, Mike grabbed my arms and pinned them against the bed above my head. He began to fuck my throat with great force holding me down leaning over me as Tyson continued to brutally punish my broken in ass. I kept gagging over and over as I felt Tyson ready to cum, he exploded deep inside me just as Mike had done, The cum overflowing my ass running out every which way was possible. My ass felt like it was on fire they had fucked it til it was raw.Tyson pulled out commenting about how it felt to destroy my ass, thanking Beth for helping turn me and Mike was close I could feel his incredible cock swell in my throat and then he pulled out a bit ordering my mouth open. I obeyed as he came in my mouth and on my face as well. I licked up and swallowed what I could as it ran down my face and neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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