Two Boys in a Storm

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Daniel sighed as he began his short walk home. On the outside, he was just average 18 year old, brown eyes, naturally black hair, average height, and some slight muscle definition that showed he had only just recently begun to work out. He and the rest of the class of 08 had just received their diplomas. He would have felt better if he had been able to just receive the damned thing in privet and go home. But no, he had to sit there surrounded by his classmates even though he would never see more than half of them ever again. No, that wasn’t fair of him to take it out on his classmates, in truth he was in such a horrible mood because only a month ago had he been dumped by his girlfriend of three years.

The last three years with Samantha, though turbulent at times, had been the best of his life. Being an only child, he had come to think of her brothers and sisters as his own. Her mother seemed at times to be more of a mother than his own had been. But that had all ended when he realized that while he did love her, he never could trust her again after being cheated on. She had claimed he had changed when he realized he was bi only a few months prior. Seeing her at the graduation ceremony hadn’t helped matters one bit. He couldn’t bear to be anywhere near Sam or her family; the pain was just too great.

Then the already bad day got worse as he heard an all too familiar voice calling his name.
“Hey! Hey Daniel wait up!” Sam’s younger brother Luke was coming straight for him, followed closely by Sam’s mother. Luke was only an inch shorter than himself, despite being only 16. With brown hair, blue eyes, he was attractive enough for Daniel to notice, and it had caused problems with his relationship with Sam and Luke. He had to admit, seeing the two of them alone without Sam was wonderful, but it also made his chest tighten like someone was squeezing all the air out of his lungs. Daniel stopped walking and turned to greet them.

“Hi Luke” he then looked up at the woman who had given him the best advice of his life for the last three years and smiled “Hello mom.” His second mother smiled and gave him a welcomed hug before replying “Hello son. Congratulation! I’m glad to see that you decided to walk in the end.”

“Yea, well, I almost didn’t. You know how bad things have been for the last month. Not getting into college due to money issues, having your whole life plan ripped out from under you despite fighting through hell to keep everything together. The normal teenage stuff.” This made the three of them laugh seeing as how they all knew Daniel was on the verge of losing all of his sanity.

“So your parents didn’t make it huh?” Luke asked in the tone that made it clear he didn’t have to answer.

“Nope, they left town for the week. I don’t blame them, my Grandmother is having some kind of operation and they went to be with the family. I told them to go it wasn’t a big deal we plan on celebrating when they get back. So where is she?”

Sam’s mother glanced over her shoulder to look for her daughter exiting the school then saw her heading towards them. “If you leave now and walk quickly you might be able to, no too late.” Her voice changed when her daughter was near them. “Congratulations baby!” Samantha stood next to her mother, looking amazingly wonderful in her dress. Her brown hair hung loss around her shoulders, something she rarely ever did, and her smile was the first thing Daniel remembered about her when he first met her. The smile however, did not extend to her green eyes, nor was there any love in her tone when she addressed her ex. But what really made Daniel want to die right then and there was the 23 year old who had his arm around her. “Daniel, so nice to see you.” She then turned and hugged her mother then kissed her new boyfriend.

“Yea, you too. Well I better get going, big dinner plans with the family and all.” If Sam was able to pick up on the lie, she didn’t show it. But her mother and Luke did, and the look in their eyes made it clear that they loved him and didn’t believe he should deserve to be treated this way when it was evident he still loved Sam. He turned and quickly walked away as a few tears leaked out of the corner of his eyes. Glancing up to the sky he noticed that the big puffy white clouds that he saw earlier were not gone, replaced by a sheet of gray that appeared to be getting dark by the minute. Then he felt a drop of water hit his arm and was grateful that his apartment was only a five minute walk from the high school.

As soon as he closed the door he went straight to his room and pulled out a small black box from his desk drawer. Inside was supposed to be the box that the ring was held in and he meant to give her tonight seeing as they never had any problems until only about a year ago. They had planned on getting married, but a long time away, that didn’t mean that it wasn’t clear they wanted to at least be engaged. But this box was empty, just a hollow reminder of what he had so recently lost. Sighing again, he took his shirt off then his pants. In only his boxers, he pulled out a naked pic of Sam she had given him. He had lied and said he destroyed it a while ago, but he lied. Seeing her spread on her bed with one hand rubbing he beautiful C cup breasts made him hard. How many times had he sucked on them while she writhed underneath him in ecstasy? Using one hand he slid his boxers off to reveal his seven inch hard cock sticking straight up at attention. It looked even larger to Daniel because Sam had loved it when he shaved his pubic hair off and the habit had stuck with him.

Using his left hand he grabbed his cock and began to slowly pump up and down as he stared at her picture. His eyes strayed down to her other hand, which held her cleanly shaven pussy lips open so he could see it in all its glory. Leaning back on his bed he remembered the feeling of his stiff cock pushing into her warm and wet pussy over and over. He felt his precum leak out of the tip and he used his thumb and index finger to rub it all around the tip of his cock and moaned quietly and he quickened his pace with his hand. Feeling his stiff cock slide up in and out of his hand was an amazing feeling, but he began to fantasize that it was Sam’s hand grabbing his cock, and he began to replay the one thing that she kocaeli escort always said that made him go crazy while having sex with her. You have the biggest cock I have ever seen! Now cum for me baby, let me have the cum you never would let anyone else have! He lay back on his bed as his hand flew up and down his cock and felt the warm sensation start in his balls and move quickly up his penis shaft and then felt the hot cum flying across his hand and stomach as his orgasm hit and the convulsions of his cock sent the cum all over him. Then just as quick as it came, it was over and he lay there panting while his cum that had only seconds before had been hot and sticky was not cool against his skin.

He walked into the bathroom to take a hot shower and wash the cum off his hand and stomach. He could hear the phone ringing and his cell going nuts with congratulations and offers of parties that would be going on that night and well into the rest of the week seeing as the first of them had started right at the end of exams. When he turned off the water he looked out the bathroom window at the now blackened sky and smiled a little when he heard the distant rumbling of thunder. Looks like we are in for a bit of a storm he thought to himself as he walked into his room and put his athletic pants and a tee shirt on, he didn’t even bother to add the boxers. While he was getting changed he noticed that rain was starting to come down and rather hard.

He sat down in the living room and was about to order a pizza when the rain turned into a torrential downpour and weather alert sirens blared to life. This didn’t really surprise him but what did surprise him was the door bell ringing. Getting to his feet he walked over to the door and opened it to find Luke standing there drenched to the bone, holding a plastic tub full of food. “It’s fucking freezing out there bro.” He came in and put the food down onto the kitchen table.

“Is it? Never would have guessed” Daniel shut the door and went to get Luke some of his cloths and a towel. “Here, you can dry off and put these on and wait for the storm to die down a little.”

“Thanks” Luke took his shirt off and dried off his top half before holding up the shirt with a puzzled look on his face. “Hey, isn’t this mine?”

“Yeah, sorry you let me borrow it a few months back and I just never returned it.” He then turned to the food and smiled when he saw a note from their mother neatly placed on top. How go those big dinner plans? Love your other mother. “Thanks mom” He smiled as he began to place some of the food onto a plate to heat up.

“She wanted to invite you over, but well, she and everyone else figured it be awkward for them and you. Mat doesn’t get it that you were like our brother for three years rather than our older sister’s boyfriend.” Luke watched for a reaction from Dan to see if he would rather not mention it again.

“Yes, I can see it now,” Daniel put on his imitation of Sam’s voice “Why are you here? Go home I never want to see you again! We are over, so leave my family alone too!” This made the both of them laugh and then they began to eat while the weather outside raged on. His phone rang just as the sirens went off for a second time in the last half hour. Luke’s mother wanted to make sure they were all right and to ask if Luke could stay the night seeing as the weather channel said tornados and severe weather would be hitting the area all night and into the better part of the next day. After he hung up he looked at Luke “Looks like you’re stuck here.”

“Can’t be that bad, we have movies and music and the internet, and don’t deny that you have a stash of porn hidden somewhere in there” Luke was pointing to Dan’s room. “I know that you and Sam made your fair share of home videos.”

“Like I would ever show you that? Better yet, why the fuck would you want to see me and your sis having sex? Isn’t that a little weird for you?” Daniel eyed Luke waiting for his response when just then a bolt of lightning followed instantly by a blast of thunder shook the panes of glass in the windows and seemed to make the building rock on its foundations. No sooner had the thunder defend them than the power went out and plunged them into semi darkness while the lightening outside lit up the room like a strobe light. “Shit that was close.”

“Understatement of the year bro.” This made them both laugh. “But to answer your question, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen her naked. In a house of nine kids with one bathroom, we tend to run into each other if one of us is in the shower or something. And let’s face it, how many times have you two been in the middle of sex in her bed when I came up to talk to you guys or get something for Amy or someone? So no, it really wouldn’t be that weird. Why would it be weird for you?” Luke smirked knowing he had just backed Dan into a corner that he wouldn’t be able easily get out of.

“To be honest, yes it would. I know you know some of why we broke up, but do you know the whole reason?” Luke didn’t reply so Dan sighed and looked out the window at the storm raging on. “Luke, when she cheated on me with Mat, I felt so betrayed. I had opened up my heart to her and she knew all about me for the last three years, she knew stuff no one else does. And while we haven’t had the easiest of times in the last year with college preparation and stuff, I never thought it was anywhere near that bad. Then we had that fight you walked in on about Mat and how I couldn’t trust her anymore, and you left but she threw my biggest secrets back in my face, and I did the same to her. Like one night last year, we were joking around and she wanted to know if I would ever sleep with a guy, and I told her the truth. So I brought up her having sex with her friend Beth. After that our relationship was just sex, and we split a few weeks later.”

Luke interrupted Dan then “Yea I know, you both changed after that fight. You wouldn’t even come around or talk to me in school anymore. But, that doesn’t explain why that would make it weird for you to let me see the videos of you and Sam having sex.”

“Oh… did I not explain that?” Dan clearly was uncomfortable now and Luke decided to drop it.
“Well I suppose now that the power is out I wouldn’t be able to see them even if you were willing kocaeli escort bayan to show me. But hey… what did you tell Sam? Your answer about ever having sex with a guy.”

Daniel couldn’t help but notice that Luke wasn’t finding it weird that he had mentioned sleeping with a guy, and it seemed Luke wanted to know the answer, couple that with him wanting to see the videos… “Not entirely true… they are on my laptop, and I told her that I would.” Daniel waited wondering how Luke would react to this new bit of news. He held his breath and was once again reminded that Luke was beautiful like his sis. Then he heard the words that almost made his heart stop, kind of like when he first saw Sam smile. “Well can I see them then?”

Getting up, the boys went into Daniel’s room and he turned on his laptop. The battery would only last about three hours if they watched the videos but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make. Opening the file with the videos he sat on the bed while Luke sat on the other side of the laptop. “Well, what would you like to see? I have a lot of them.” Luke shrugged then said “Anything really.” So Daniel clicked on one in which Sam was furiously masturbating for the camera. “Ok, just not something with her by herself.” This surprised Dan but he clicked on a new video.

On the screen Sam was slowly taking her clothes off for Dan, who was leaning back on his bed already having his clothes off. She slowly lifted her shirt off over her head and then threw it to the floor, then unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders effortlessly. Dan was rubbing himself while gazing longingly at Sam’s breast and apparently couldn’t hold himself back anymore as he grabbed her and pulled her over to him. Standing he grabbed her left breast and leaned his head down and wrapped his mouth around her nipple and clearly began to suck on it. Sam moaned and snaked her hand down his back to grab his ass and pull him closer to her while her other and shoved his head harder onto her breast. Clearly Dan wasn’t opposed to this as he pushed her against the wall and then attacked her right breast and nipple. His hands were working on the front of her skirt as he worked it off her to reveal her red lace underwear that he also worked off. Once they were off, he bent down slightly and Sam grabbed his cock and shoved the tip into her slit. “Wow… it looks amazing” Luke was transfixed on watching his sis having sex with her boyfriend.

“That’s nothing really, a badly shot one. Watch this,” Dan clicked on another one, this time Sam was spread out on her bed, showing off her naked pussy to Dan, and he was resting on the floor near her legs. Then he began to gently bite his way up her legs and then used one of his fingers to rub the inside of her pussy. Whatever he was doing, Luke knew she liked it by the way she started to grind on his hand and begged him for more. Then Dan started to use three fingers on Sam, and then licked the top of her slit, focusing on a little pink knob. She began to shake uncontrollable and moaned Daniels name over and over then clamped her legs around his head and started to grind on his face. “What did she taste like?” Luke had a puzzled look on his face and Dan knew that while the boy was 16, he still had yet to have sex. “A little bit sour, I can’t really describe it, but she tastes wonderful.” He glanced at Luke’s lap and noticed a significant bulge was growing there. He also couldn’t help but realize that even his cock was rock hard and begging to be freed from the pants that were imprisoning it. Feeling bold he placed one hand down his pants and began to rub his cock against his palm. Luke noticed and figured that if Dan was doing it, he’d be okay with him rubbing his own cock. Luke immediately went to work on getting his belt and pants open enough to stick his own hand into his pants. When he looked back up the screen was showing a new video.

Sam was on her knees in front of Dan. She was opening his pants and from where the camera was, Luke knew that he was about to fully get to see Dan’s cock. Swallowing a lump in his throat he stole a glance at Dan to see if he was uncomfortable yet. He clearly wasn’t as he was also staring at the screen. What Luke didn’t see was Daniel glancing at him to see how he was reacting. Back on the screen Sam had pulled Dan’s pants and boxers down. She licked the tip of his cock then slid her tongue down the shaft all the way to his clean shaven balls, which she then took one into her mouth and rolled it around before doing the same thing to the next one. Then she worked her way back up the shaft and began to swallow almost half of it while working the rest with her hand. Both boys had to admit, she appeared to suck like a pro. Daniel couldn’t hold back anymore from watching the screen and seeing Luke rubbing himself, and he pulled his cock out and began to rub it up and down like he had only a few hours ago. Luke also took his cock out and began to rub away. On the screen, Dan was close to cumming and grabbed Sam on either side of her head. She held still and smiled a deviant smile up at Dan and he began to pump away furiously in her mouth. Then she opened wide and nodded at him and he shoved his whole cock down her throat as she drooled all over his balls which were now rubbing along her chin. Then he moaned loudly and Sam started to swallow but it didn’t help, cause Dan pulled out and cum was leaking out of her mouth all around his penis. Then Dan shut the lid of the laptop and stopped rubbing his cock.

“Luke, why the hell are you so interested in this? Watching you sis I can understand but why did you want to see me in them too?” Daniel was staring at Luke waiting for an answer.

“Bro calm down, why is this upsetting you so much it’s just like were watching porn just forget that it’s you and her.” Luke still had his now softening cock in his hand. “Besides, I know how you really feel about it. I didn’t go too far that night. I was worried you two were finally done so I stuck around. I heard what she really said to you.” Luke could see that Dan was shocked.

“You mean you heard that…. That I was fantasizing about you?!” Daniel was horrified that Luke knew this about him.

“Yep. Truth be told, I have been doing the same thing. So I volunteered to run the food over and that’s why I wasn’t izmit escort too offended when you stopped talking to me in the halls because I figured you were pretty shaken up and felt like you were losing not only her and my mother but me and the rest of the kids as well!” Luke sounded like he wanted to punch Daniel and at the same time like he was about to cry and laugh. Then without warning, he leapt at Daniel.

Forgetting all inhibitions and completely taken over by their own arousal, their lips met as Dan wrapped his arms around Luke. Luke’s lips were perfectly smooth and then Daniel felt something warm and wet slip into his own mouth. Luke’s tongue played with his own, and they twisted and writhed like two mad snakes. Daniel was vaguely aware of something hard and warm poking him in the stomach as he put his hands under Luke’s shirt and began to lift it up off the younger boy’s body. Once he had Luke’s shirt off he got his own off over his head and then decided to go for the special spot on his neck that drove Sam nuts hoping that Luke had it too. As his mouth clamped down on the right side of Luke’s neck the boy let out a gasp and shivered then began to attack Daniel’s pants as he slowly slid them down off his body. Daniel didn’t even waste time taking Luke’s pants and boxers off separately and went for both at the same time. Sadly he had to release his hold on the boy’s neck but once he had his clothes off they both stopped and panted for air.

“Luke, you sure you want to do this?” The answer was immediate and carried a hidden message behind it that he would never have any regrets for what he was about to do with Daniel. “Shut up and love me!”

With a smile on his face, Dan embraced Luke moaning as he attacked the boys neck again. Feeling the younger boy tremble in his arms was even more amazing than any fantasy he could have imagined and in its own way, far better than his older sis’s reaction. Then he felt a hand snake its way down his chest and grab his seven inch hard cock. Both familiar and new, this hand grabbed his cock like its owner knew how a cock liked to be handled, because Luke did, and all guys masturbate. Moving off the boys neck he once again kissed Luke and invited the younger boy to put his tongue back into Daniel’s own mouth. Then he felt an amazing feeling, as both his and Luke’s cocks touched for the first time ever, their precum mixing as Luke worked both cocks in his hands. Daniel pushed on Luke and the boy fell over onto his back on the bed.

Climbing on top of him he lay down and their hips began to grind against each other while their rock hard cocks rubbed up and down each other getting precum everywhere. Outside the storm started to kick up again as lightning flashed and thunder rolled. Then Luke made a choice and rolled Dan onto his back and pulled him up to sit on the edge of the bed while he kissed Dan’s chest and stomach all the way down to the older boys clean shaven groin. Dan placed a hand on Luke’s cheek and made the boy look up at him. “Luke…”

Luke smiled and licked the tip of Daniel’s cock before replying “You have the biggest cock I have ever seen! Now let me have the cum you let only my heart breaking sis have!” Then he opened his mouth and swallowed more than half of Dan’s cock. The inside of Luke’s mouth was warm, and wet. Not at all like Sam’s mouth or her pussy, this was a whole new feeling. Moaning loudly, he allowed the younger boy to suck and lick on his penis as the boy used his hand to play with Daniel’s balls. The moans and slurping noises that Luke made were driving both of them crazy and neither of them could go much longer without cumming all over the place. Before long, Luke felt what he was expecting, as Daniel gently grabbed his head and shoved the rest of his massive cock down Luke’s throat. The cum was hot, and it splashed down his throat and filled it in no time, and he began to choke. Then Daniel slid his cock up and out of Luke’s mouth spewing cum into his mouth and on his face the whole time. Moaning in pleasure he stood and shoved the older boy back down onto the bed and leaned in for his kiss. When Dan opened his mouth his tongue licked all over the boys face to get his own cum off it before he kissed Luke again. But this time they also swapped Dan’s cum between their mouths spilling a good deal of it all over their chinks and cheeks. Then Luke heard Dan whisper into his ear “You can either pull out and spray my back, or cum inside. Either way I love you Luke.” Then he rolled over and reached into his nightstand and handed Luke a bottle of lube.

Luke smiled and spread Daniel’s ass cheeks apart to find a more than inviting hole ready to be filled with his own six inch cock. Opening the lube, he rubbed some onto his own cock, and then rubbed it up and down Dan’s crack. Daniel shivered as he felt the cold of the lube contact his skin, then moaned as Luke ran his penis up and down his crack. Suddenly he felt pressure on his anus, but not from the inside. Daniel took a deep break and tried to push and this made all the difference. Suddenly he felt Luke slide right into him, expanding his own anus as the boy entered into him. The pain was great, but it also felt wonderful at the same time. Not wanting to have to risk Luke going soft, he shoved back to meet Luke shoving forward.

Luke was amazed. Daniel’s ass was immensely tight, and dry. Moaning loudly, he felt Dan shove back to meet him and he couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled back, and then pushed in again; the dry heat of Dan’s ass coupled with the immense pressure was enough to drive him insane. Then he lay down on top of Dan and sucked on the older boy’s neck as he pushed in and out, but only felt his cock move a slight amount either way. Then he felt it, that feeling of fluid moving up his penis shaft. “You can either pull out and spray my back, or cum inside. Either way I love you Luke.” Luke groaned and started to spray his cum inside Dan’s ass just as he pulled all the way out as Dan screamed with pleasure and felt the hot cum spray into his ass, onto his crack, over his ass cheeks, and all up his back. In seconds it had cooled down and then he felt Luke lay down on him and rub the cum all over the boy’s own body, before rolling Daniel over to rub it on his chest. They both kissed again and smiled at each other.

“So, Daniel… who is better? Me or my sis?” Luke saw Daniel roll his eyes and then he leaned in and whispered into Luke’s ear “You are, now shut up and love me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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