Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 12

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Author’s Notes

All characters are at least 18 years old, except where stated otherwise.

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Jake’s POV

I woke with a raging boner. Amy was draped across my body, her head resting on my chest, her hair a tangle of curls. Normally I’d deal with my hardon quickly, then jump out of bed into the shower, but instead I held her contentedly, watching in awe as she peacefully slept on.

It was a little strange to be waking up in her bed. I’d always sleep on my air mattress on the sitting room floor whenever I stayed over and, before breakfast, would be dragged into the garden by her eight-year-old stepbrothers, demanding a game of football. I smiled to myself as I savoured the peace of that morning. I’d grown very fond of Tom and Ben – I could just about tell them apart now, but it had taken six months.

I thought back to the first time I’d met the twins, in fact Amy’s whole family – literally the morning after the two of us had got together. The whole thing had been so bizarre, it really had. And a shock to everyone. They’d come back home after visiting Rob’s parents to find a strange boy working on his maths revision at the kitchen table, with Amy still upstairs in bed. After the revelations about the previous evening had poured forth, it was a miracle that her mum had allowed the two of us to date.

In hindsight I’d bonded with her family pretty quickly. The boys liked me because I played football with them in the garden, especially first thing in the morning when the rest of the family was still in bed. Rob seemed to enjoy my company. True, he wasn’t the most exciting conversationalist, but he was always friendly and welcoming. Since the prom, things had been a little awkward between the two of us – Amy and I had been waiting for him to collect us when Ritchie attacked us, and Rob clearly blamed himself for what had happened, (Amy’s mum certainly did).

Quite what Jenny Norton would have made of Amy and me having sex, I wasn’t sure. Apart from my girlfriend’s midnight curfew, the other iron rule that her mum imposed was that I had to sleep downstairs whenever I stayed over. We’d broken the spirit of that rule twice previously, when Amy had slept in the sitting room with me, but losing our virginities upstairs in her bed had shattered it completely.

But maybe that was unfair; initially Amy’s mum had been a little wary of me, understandably concerned that I would lead her daughter astray in our crucial exam term. Amy was the most precious thing in the world in her mother’s eyes; Jenny was strict to protect her, perhaps counterproductively so.

Jenny’s reaction on meeting me was understandable, but she’d at least given me the benefit of the doubt and the chance to prove myself. James’ mum (a fellow lawyer at the same firm, who’d known me since the age of five), had undoubtedly helped to allay fears. Eventually though, I felt confident I’d won her over; the tear that Jenny had wiped from her eye as she’d waved the two of us off to the prom had been genuine – she’d been happy to see Amy happy – that was all that mattered. No one could have forseen what would happen later that night.

Of course, there was one member of Amy’s family that I hadn’t met – that was her dad. He hadn’t ever come up in conversation – ever. Not even on exam results day, no ‘your dad would be so proud,’ no congratulations card on the mantlepiece, nothing.

There were two things I knew about him, or thought I knew: I presumed that his last name was ‘Norton’, as that was Amy’s surname and the one her mum used professionally. Secondly, as Jenny was a natural blonde, he’d certainly have given my girlfriend her dark hair and brown eyes, but beyond that, I knew nothing – not even if he was dead or alive. I’d been waiting for Amy to mention him, so I could ask her about him. But not a word – a complete mystery.

Amy began to stir beside me.

“Jake?” she whispered. “Are you awake?”

“Yes,” I whispered back, lightly stroking her back. She scooted upwards and our lips met. We kissed tenderly.

“Last night was amazing,” she said. “Thank you. I’m so happy to be with you.”

“It was wonderful,” I smiled. “I’m so in love with you!”

She stroked the top of my chest making small circles around my nipples and running her fingers through the wispy blond hairs. She inhaled deeply, intoxicated by my scent.

“Oh Jake,” she sighed, “you’re so manly, so masculine.” She shuddered in delight.

We kissed again and she shifted her position, moving her body across so she was lying more on top of me. I felt her leg brushing against my erect shaft, her eyes widened in excitement.

“Jake, you’re hard!” she whispered.

“That’s what you do to me!” I replied.

I felt her arm moving down my body and she grasped my cock in her hand.

“He’s so big!” she whispered in amazement. “I can’t believe he fitted inside me like this!”

“I didn’t hurt you too much did I?”

“No,” she said, “it pinched a little to begin with and then it antalya escort was a bit uncomfortable, but after that it was just really nice – really, really nice!”

“And you’re not too sore now?”

Amy shook her head. “No, I thought I might be, but no, not at all.”

I kissed the top of her head and she began to move her hand in long, lazy strokes.

“That feels really good,” I murmured.

“You make me really horny too,” my girlfriend replied.

“Really?” I smiled.

She nodded and I rolled over onto my side, letting Amy rest on her back. We kissed again and I brushed her hair tenderly away from her face.

“You are so beautiful,” I murmured.

I ran my hand over her body, caressing the proud swell of her breasts and the sweep of her hips. I ran my fingers through her coarse pubic hair, cupping her mons and dipping into her slit.

Amy’s eyes widened in delight as I made contact. She was wet. Very wet.

“You turn me on so much!” she gasped.

Our mouths met again and our tongues slid past each other, tenderly at first, then more intensely as I stroked her. My cock throbbed painfully as she gripped me in her small hands. I broke the kiss and stared deep into her eyes, which smouldered with love and lust.

I kissed gently along her jawline, bringing my hand up from her sex to cradle her cheeks, letting her savour the scent of her own arousal. She whimpered as my lips slipped lower and I took each nipple in turn, pulling it softly into my mouth and letting my tongue swirl around the rock-hard buds.

Amy grabbed my hand sharply, pulling my fingers between her thighs and guiding me to her clitoris. In the past month she’d become more confident, more assertive about directing me to where she wanted me to go.

Obediently I began to make gentle circles at the base of her mons, spreading the wetness of her arousal across her labia. Amy started to buck her hips. Her moans were becoming louder and deeper; if we weren’t careful, she’d end up cumming soon, and I didn’t want that, at least not yet. She yelped in protest as I removed my hand and rolled her onto her front.

I moved on top of her, pressing my chest against her back and letting my cock slide along the cleft between her buttocks. She hissed in surprise and delight as she felt my erection pressing against her.

She began lift her hips, pushing her bottom back against me, feeling my steely hardness between her cheeks.

“Ah fuck Jake!” she cried. “You feel so good, so strong, so hard. I love this!”

“Yeah,” I replied. “You like my big cock?”

“Yeah, Jake, you feel amazing. You turn me on so much.”

I brushed her dark hair away from her face as her mouth searched frantically for mine. We kissed again, our tongues writhing together in pleasure as we ground against each other.

“Yeah Amy!” I cried breathlessly. “Tell me what you want, what you want me to do to you.”

Her phone buzzed on the bedside table.

“Oh fuck!” I cried in frustration.

Someone was calling her. I pushed up off her. She turned and looked at me dejectedly.

“Sorry Jake,” she said. “It’s probably Mum. I’d better answer. I’ll get rid of her as soon as I can.”

She reached across to pick up her phone, glancing at the screen as she brought it to her ear.

“Hello, Jackie?” Amy said, a little breathlessly. (Jackie was her boss at the Stables.)

“No, it’s OK, you didn’t wake me up,” she said, fighting to get her breathing under control.

“Oh no! Is she OK?”

“Yes, of course! More than happy, anything to help. What time do you want me?”

“No, it’s OK, Mum can give me a lift. You’ve got other things to worry about.”

“Could Jake do that?” Amy said into the phone, turning to look at me. “I’ll have to ask him, but I’m sure he would.”

“Yes, he’s been checked for the Campsite. He’ll have the certificate at home. I’ll get him to bring it.”

“OK, I’ll text you when I’ve asked Jake and I’ll see you at half nine.”

Amy removed her phone from her ear and pressed the button to end the call, a look of disappointment in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Jake,” she said. “Change of plan. Jackie’s mum’s been taken ill overnight and she’s in hospital in Sheffield. Jackie’s gonna go up and see her as soon as she can, but she’s got three birthday parties booked in today. And she’s gonna have to cancel unless I go in.”

“That’s fine, honestly,” I replied, doing my utmost to suppress my frustration. “Jackie’s been so supportive of us both this summer, we need to support her now.” Every fibre of my body wanted to fuck my girlfriend, but that would have to wait.

“The other thing,” Amy continued, “there’s a hack booked in for this afternoon – just a small group. Tim was going to lead it, but he’s going up to Sheffield with Jackie. I said I’d ask you. Could you do it? Is that OK?”

“Yes, of course,” I nodded.

“So Jackie needs to see your criminal records certificate – it’s for the kemer escort insurance. You’ve got it at home right?”

I nodded again. “Yes, it’s in one of my desk drawers.”

“And you’ll need to bring your passport and your NI number as well.”

“That’s fine, I bring those.”

“Thank you, Jake,” Amy said, kissing me softly on the cheek. “I’m sorry.”

“Amy, don’t apologise!” I said.

“But I wanted to stay in bed with you all day!” she moaned.

“That’s OK,” I replied. “We’ll be together for most of the day and then when we’re done, I can bring you back here and we can rip each other’s clothes off and pick up where we left off!”

I kissed my girlfriend lovingly on the lips.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s go down and have breakfast and then we can jump in the shower together!”

I’d wanted to take a shower with Amy from almost the day we’d got together. I’d fantasised about running soapy hands over the smoothness of her skin and cupping her pert breasts as I pressed my hardness against her buttocks. My girlfriend though, had always politely declined whenever I’d suggested it.

That morning was different. We’d eaten breakfast together in the kitchen, but before Amy had disappeared upstairs again, she’d whispered in my ear that she wanted me naked in her bathroom. My erection hadn’t fully subsided since we’d got out of bed, even in the light of Jackie’s phonecall and with Amy’s instruction to join her, I leapt again to full salute.

Three minutes later, to the millisecond, I slid open the door to the shower cubicle and slipped under the stream of warm water. Amy’s eyes sparkled as I bent my head to kiss her.

Wordlessly she began to wash me, tenderly spreading bubbles of soap across my chest. I turned and felt her sweep her hands between my shoulders, before sliding them down my sides. She squealed with delight as she grasped my buttocks.

“Oh Jake,” she cried, “I love your bottom,” she sighed. “It’s so firm and pert and uuuhhhh,” she shuddered.

I turned to face her once more and her eyes widened as her gaze alighted on my fully erect cock. She reached forward to touch me, circling me with her delicate fingers. I felt her begin to stroke me as I trailed my hands across her stomach.

We kissed again.

I turned her and took a few drops of shampoo in my palms. She mewed contentedly as I lathered her hair, before doing to same to my own. Amy handed me a bottle of conditioner and I repeated the process.

I pulled her body against mine, reaching around to cup her breasts, nuzzling against her wet hair. She murmured in appreciation as she felt my hardness press against her.

“Oh Jake,” she moaned. “You are too perfect. How did a girl like me end up with such an amazing guy like you?”

I kissed her gently on the cheek, and soaped up her back. She reached behind to grasp my cock once again.

She wanted me, I knew it. I was horny, so horny. I leant forwards to kiss her, slipping a little as I did so. Couldn’t we be just five minutes late?

Common sense intervened and Amy turned off the shower, turning to face me.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s get dried off. We haven’t got much time. And we’ve got to make sandwiches to take with us.”

I parked the car in front of the Stables. I’d dropped Amy off about a quarter of an hour earlier and had gone home to change and to pick up the various documents that Jackie required.

The door of the office was open, but I knocked anyway.

“Oh hello Jake,” said Jackie, looking up from her desk. “Thank you so much for doing this.”

“That’s OK,” I replied. “Anything to help.”

Jackie smiled. “Have you got your criminal records certificate?”

I slid it across the desk and she read it through quickly to make sure I was ‘clean’, before writing the number down in her records. Then she scanned my passport into her computer.

“Do you have your NI number?” she asked.

I recited it from memory and she typed it into the database.

“I’m sorry about this bureaucracy,” she said. “This is the last thing either of us need right now, but if we don’t do it and something goes wrong, we’re in big trouble.” She slid a couple of sheets of paper across the desk. “This is a standard casual contract, if you can just sign the back page, then we’re done.”

I skimmed the wording and then signed.

“So the only other thing I need to say, and I hope it’s not too controversial,” Jackie smiled, “is to tell you to do what Amy tells you. Let her deal with fitting helmets and all that sort of thing – she’s had the training and she knows what she’s doing.”

“Of course,” I replied smiling. “I always obey her instructions!”

Jackie smiled back at me. “Great. I need to lock up here and get going, but you go and find her and I’ll see you next week.”

“OK,” I replied. “And I hope everything works out alright with your mum.”

“Thanks Jake,” Jackie smiled. “And thanks for doing this.”

I leaned against the fence talking konyaaltı escort to Danny’s dad as we watched his daughter and about half a dozen of her friends riding around the sandy arena under Amy’s expert eye.

“I didn’t know Emma rode,” I ventured.

“It’s her latest five-minute wonder,” he replied wearily. “One of her friends has been having lessons here this summer and the rest of them have caught the bug now. Just as well it won’t stick, it’d be a very expensive hobby.”

“Well, when she turns sixteen, she can earn the money to pay for it herself,” I suggested.

Danny’s dad grimaced. Emma knew how to wrap him round her little finger – there was no way she’d be getting herself a job in a year’s time.

“She’s fifteen now?” I queried.

“Yup, can’t believe it,” he replied. “She was born only five minutes ago, now she’s getting ready to take her GCSEs! It’s gone so quickly. Danny too – he’ll be leaving home in under three weeks – not that he’s been around much this summer.”

“Have you heard from them?” I asked. Danny and Lauren were backpacking round Europe.

“I know they got to Prague a couple of days ago,” he replied, “but you’ve probably seen more on Facebook.”

I shook my head. “Danny’s always been a bit hit-and-miss with social media,” I replied. “And I think the last photos I saw were from Vienna – that was a week ago maybe. Lauren’s always been very discrete about her relationship with Danny. If you just looked at the stuff online, you’d hardly know the two of them were going out.”

“Well they seem to be having a good time,” he said. “They’ll have blown all the money they earnt at the start of the holiday, before they get to university,” he added ruefully.

There was a pause.

“You and Amy weren’t tempted to go away?” he asked, indicating my girlfriend with a nod of his head.

“We wanted to,” I said. “We were just making plans when the prom happened and we had to abandon them. But we’re going to Dorset the weekend after next for Amy’s birthday. Then she leaves for uni the same week as Danny.”

“What’s happening to Ritchie?” he asked hesitantly, as if he wasn’t sure if he should ask about my attacker.

“There’s going to be a hearing in the magistrates’ court in Guildford in early October. But it’ll just be a short appearance. If he pleads guilty then there’ll be a sentencing hearing early next year, but if not, there’ll be a full trial, maybe not until next summer.”

Danny’s dad shook his head. “Such a waste,” he sighed. “The best three years of his life spent in a young offenders’ institution. And as for that school…”

“Brian!” Danny’s mum was calling her husband.

“Must go and do her bidding,” he said, rolling his eyes.

I watched Amy discretely from the side of the arena. She was an exceptional instructor – she had an eye for detail, but was positive and encouraging to each one of the girls as she gave her feedback. And she looked so hot in jodhpurs and riding boots!

My conversation with Danny’s dad had highlighted the inescapable fact that I’d been trying to ignore for so long: Amy and I would be parted in under three weeks. It seemed particularly cruel after the summer that we’d endured – we were just hitting our stride as the next phase of our lives beckoned.

Perhaps I was being a little too melodramatic. London was under an hour by train from Cambridge, a journey that thousands of commuters endured every day. Amy would be living a fifteen-minute bus ride from King’s Cross station. Door to door, from my college to her halls would be round ninety minutes. Certainly doable, if we made time for each other. If we could make time for each other. If we wanted to make time for each other.

I heard a noise behind me. A young couple, maybe a year or two older than me were walking hand-in-hand towards the paddock, carrying a couple of rucksacks.

“Can I help?” I asked.

“Yeah,” said the guy, “we’re booked in for a hack at two o’clock. We were just checking we’d come to the right place.”

“Oh right,” I responded. “Well Amy’s in charge, she’ll need to go through the paperwork with you and get you kitted up, but it’ll be me taking you out. I’m Jake by the way.”

We shook hands.

“Simon,” he said, “and this is Julie.”

“I thought there were four of you, all on the same booking?” I asked.

“There were,” he replied, “but the other couple…” his voice trailed off, “well they may not be a couple anymore.” He looked a little embarrassed.

“We did send an email earlier,” added Julie.

“I don’t think anyone’s checked the messages since about half nine,” I responded apologetically. “It’s only the two of us here at the moment, but if you come back just before two, Amy will sort you out. I’m just here helping out really.”

“OK,” he nodded. “Is it alright to have our picnic in one of these fields?”

“Well strictly speaking they belong to the farm next door,” I said. “But the best place to go is down to the millpond.” I pointed to the path. “Just follow the line of the fencing down to the stream and then turn right past the weir. You can’t miss it. Oh and you might find a few grumpy anglers telling you that it’s private property, but just say that Jake Hardwick said it was OK!”

“Thanks,” said Julie smiling. “We’ll see you later on.”

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