Ultimate Interface 1.0 – Chapter 3

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Big Tits

My sister on top of me, her big round belly swollen from all the cum I had just pumped into her, my mother Sandra just gazed at us, smiling like a proud mother.

“I suppose it was too much to hope that I’d be your only girl hey son? How long have you two been at it?”

I had forgetten that I had not instructed mother as to my intentions with the rest of the family, I suppose I should rectify that. “Why don’t you both show each other some love” I smirked as mom walked over without question and pulled Jenny to her feet, kissing her deeply and wildly. Both girls cupping and caressing each other, my mothers hands all over Jennys ass, cupping and squeezing her newly formed, perfect ass while her bulging belly pushed into mothers.

I wanted something to amuse me while I thought about how I wanted this to play out, after all, there were so many posibilities with my new found power, I needed to think. There were always going to be scenarios I hadn’t thought to take into account, I had to try and reduce the amount of times I was going to have to freeze people whenever I forgot about something, like this scenario where my mother caught me fucking my sister after I had just unloaded a wad of cum into mothers mouth not half an hour previous.

I watched as my mother and sister sucked each others lips, necks and breasts. So erotic I thought. My cock was raging as I watched them make out, one simple thought and they would do whatever I wanted, but it was more interesting to see what they would do off their own back. I don’t think either of them had a lesbian encounter before, but then they would never tell me. I admired them both as mother lay Jenny back, spreading her legs and diving inbetween her legs to lap up her pussy.

Jenny groaned as mother licked and prodded her pussy with her tongue, sliding her tongue deep into her own daughters pussy. Though they couldn’t see each other for Jenny’s enlarged belly, not that she needed to of course, she just needed to enjoy her mothers tongue driving her crazy, moaning and groaning, cupping her own breasts and tweaking her enlarged nipples as mom ate her.

I wanted to breed them both I thought, I wanted a home with just us and our offspring, fucking and sucking whenever we like, no one to challenge us and tell us we can’t do what we wanted. I debated about the rest of the family of course, I didn’t want to share them with dad, I just wanted them kocaeli escort all to myself.

I grinned as I gave one thought towards my mothers tongue, enlarging and lengthening it as Jenny almost screamed. I smirked as I watched mothers tongue slide deeper and deeper into Jennys body. I could see her tongue wriggling inside her belly, she must have pushed though her cervix and in to Jenny’s womb! God it was an amazing sight.

Mother did have a brother and sister, my aunt and uncle respectively, but only Allison, my aunt had children. Niki, my counsin and year younger than me was gorgeous, a knockout blonde with a smile that made you melt. Everytime I saw her I wanted to fuck her brains out. A smile crept along my face as I set about making plans for the family, who I was going to fuck, who would know about it and how people would react in certain circumstances. Obviously I wanted the men out of the picture, so I would make it so that whenever we saw each other the members of the family would either go away, or join in depending of the situation.

I was really horny now, watching mother tongue fuck my sister and thinking about who I was going to fuck next. I stood up and walked over to my new lovers, admiring my mothers perfect ass as I lined up my throbbing member to her ass. I had never has sex before my sister, let alone fucked anyone in the ass. I’d seen it online, but never done it, I wanted to know how it felt as I pushed my cock against mothers ass.

I felt incredible resistance. Obviously mother had never had anal sex before or if she had, it had been a while. I could not get in. And the more I tried, the more mom groaned in pain. I didn’t want to hurt her of course, so I tweaked the elasticity of her sphincter and lubricated my cock so that I could get in. Soon, I was sliding in.

I groaned in pleasure as my cock opened her ass for the first time, my cock squeezed like never before. Now I get it, now I see what all the fuss is about, so tight, my cock squeezed from all angles as I pushed harder and harder, stroking my cock into my mothers ass while she moaned into my sisters pussy. Soon I was balls deep in my mothers ass as I gripped her firm, bubble butt and stroking my cock back and fourth, in and out, deeper and deeper each time, I held the side of her ass as I drove my throbbing hard cock into her. Soon I was almost hate fucking her ass, faster and faster each time, plunging kocaeli escort bayan my cock into her, fairly certain that had I not made the changes she would be in severe pain right now.

Pounding away at my mothers ass while she drove her tongue into my sisters pussy, exploring her womb as she did, no doubt tasting the familiar honey taste of my cum inside Jennys womb.

I had an idea, an image I had only seen in hentai porn until now, I grinned as my cock grew in length, snaking its way deeper and deeper inside mothers ass. I could feel every sensation as my cock explored her body. I placed my hands under moms body as I could feel my cock winding its way through her. I made sure she could handle it and that there would be no discomfort. Using my thrusts to push my cock through her body. I held onto her huge breasts as I fucked my cock all the way through her. I felt the throbbing as I passed her heart and past her lungs, my hands reached further until I held moms neck while I fucked her body, I smiled as I felt my cock pushing through her neck and out her mouth before slipping once more into my sisters warm, wet pussy.

Jenny gasped as I did. “Ohhhh my GOD brother! Is that your cock in my pussy?!! I don’t know how your doing it but I don’t care, oh jesus that feels amazing, don’t stop, oh god don’t stop, this is amazing, my mothers tongue and my brothers cock both inside my womb!! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkk!!!!”

My mother was effectivly impaled on my cock, though it would feel pleasurable to her as I fucked her. I groaned in pleasure as my mother used her long tongue to wrap around my cock as it slipped into Jennys pussy. Fucking two women at once, one my mother, the other my sister and both of them were loving it! I continued to fuck them both at the same time when I suddenyl felt something entering my cock end from inside Jenny’s womb, it was mothers tongue! I almost blew right there, such imagination from mother!

My eyes rolled back as I felt my urethra being opened as mothers tongue snaked its way inside. Such a strange senstation, I had not antiscipated this action, as nice as it was, it was begining to hurt, but a quick thought and it soon became pleasurable again.

I felt my load begin to boil, I was going to explode! “Oh god, fill me! Fill my womb once more, breed me!!!” my sister cried out as she came for what seemed like the millionth time, but I had other izmit escort thoughts. Jenny’s womb was full enough, enough to give birth to a hundred babies I thought. No, this one was for mother as began to retract my cock, pulled my mothers tongue out as it snaked back inside my mother, working its way back out of her body and out of her ass.

I grabbed mothers legs and twisted her around on to her back, I looked at Jenny and instructed her to sit on mothers face as she did dutifully. Then I smiled as I drove my cock deep into mothers wet cunt. I heard mother moaning into Jennys pussy once more “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!” she almost screamed.

Jenny watched, smiling as I fucked our mother, locking eyes with her, “do it brother, fill her up, don’t stop until she is as bloated and swollen as me! BREED HER!!!!”

That was it. It was like she knew exactly what I wanted to her to say as my cock throbbed and erupted inside our mother. My cock went off like a fire hose inside her, streams and streams of my hot, sticky sperm filled my mothers womb directly almost. Filling her belly and causing it to swell, just like Jenny’s. My sister smiled too, her eyes wide as she watched me fill our mother, no doubt impregnating her as she placed her hands on our mothers swelling belly, rising and rising as I continued to spew, hot cum into her,

I was grunting hard by now as I too placed my hands on Jenny’s, feeling our mothers belly rise. “MMMMMMmmmmmmmm oh FUCK!! God i’ve never cum so much in my life!” I screamed.

Soon I had to stop, almost in a panic too as I realised my mother was quite large now, she could have had a small child inside her already for her size. I released my cock as my cum came spewing out onto the patio, all over the floor as I was relieved to see my mothers enormous belly reduce inside to a more respectable fat, pregnant lady.

Dribbles of my cum spewed out onto my mother and sisters bodies, coating them in my shiny, white cum.

A few minutes passed as we all caught our breath. Jenny propped herself up next to mother as I admired my cum soaked, cum filled mother and sister. Both smiling because of what I had done to them and both looking at me with lust. Both probably wanted more. Mother and Jenny turned to each other and kissed, licking and sucking as the rubbed each others large, inflated belly’s, each one filled to the brim with my seed. I grinned, knowing I was going to have so much fun.

I’ve read your comments and taken on your advice, I hope my stories continue to excite and fill your arouse. Constructive criticism only please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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