V – Marcus , Patty – The Hot Tub

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V – Marcus and Patty In the Hot Tub

The ride from the restaurant to our house was only about five minutes. As soon as we were out of the parking lot Patty unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Apparently she didn’t get enough during dinner. I slid my seat back a bit so she could have better access. She engulfed my entire seven inches and caressed the head with the back of her throat. Sonia was good at giving head, but Patty was sucking dick like a pro. She kept taking me to the edge and then would pull my cock out of her mouth and the cool air would slow me down.

As we turned into the long drive way to our house, she kissed the end of my dick and said that had been a good appetizer, but the good stuff was coming later. As we pulled around behind the house to the garages, Marcus was right behind us. Patty sat back up in her seat just as they pulled in behind us. Marcus’s lights kept me from seeing what Sonia was doing, but I would bet money Marcus’s cock was covered with her saliva. As we got out, I started to put my dick back in my pants, but Patty said to leave it out. She liked the look and she was sure that Marcus’s would be out. Sure enough, as they joined us at the portico going into the house, Sonia had Marcus by the cock and was leading him like he was on a leash.

Sonia gave Patty a knowing smile. Then she gave Marcus’s impressive cock a quick squeeze as she said, “Looks like everybody’s been getting to know each other better. I know I certainly got to know Marcus a bit better, didn’t I baby? Everybody up for a drink before we continue?

Everybody walked through the kitchen into the den and over to the bar. As Marcus and I fixed drinks, the ladies playfully toyed with our exposed cocks. Once drinks were fixed, Sonia wanted to do a quick tour of the main part of the house for our guests. It was odd walking around with our cocks hanging out, but I liked it. When we got back to the den, Sonia suggested that we finish our drinks in the den and then maybe go out and enjoy the hot tub for a bit.

I put some Nelly Furtado on the stereo and turned the fireplace on. The only other lighting in the room was dim accent lighting around the room. It was a very intimate setting. Patty and I sat in one love seat and Marcus and Sonia in the one directly opposite. Patty quickly leaned into me and started kissing my lips lightly. I couldn’t wait any longer and fondled her firm tits for the first time tonight. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her firm soft tits felt awesome. Patty let out an audible sigh as I squeezed them and toyed with her nipples through the puckered top. She caressed my neck with one hand and played with my cock with the other.

I whispered in her ear that her top needed to come off. Without hesitating, she lifted her arms for me to pull her blouse over her head. Once her top was off, I could see how perfectly formed her 36C breasts were. Each was capped with a large dark areola and a thick hard nipple. As I stared at her gorgeous body, she unbuckled my pants as I kicked my shoes off. I lifted my hips so that Patty could push my pants down and I kicked them off. I wasted no time in removing my shirt as Patty slid against the couch so she could slide her tight skirt over her hips and onto the floor.

We kissed passionately and pressed our naked bodies against each other. She pulled me tight to her and had one hand firmly planted on my butt. I rubbed her tits and squeezed her nipples as I fingering her dripping pussy. Patty was wiggling wildly every time I touched her clit. She was doing her best to pay attention to my cock, but my fingers were getting her close to cuming again. Patty tongued my mouth in time as I stroked her pussy. She was very good with her tongue and lips. Her breathing was very rapid and she was hunched hard against my hand as I slipped a finger into her pussy. She was moaning and grabbing hard at my cock. I adjusted and slid two fingers as deep into her pussy as I could go and massaged the g-spot on the front side of her pussy. As I hit the spot again, she groaned loudly and pushed against my hand even harder. I added another finger and then another. I was sliding four fingers in and out of Patty’s hot cunt and she was crying for more.

She was now lying on her back and I was kneeling on the floor beside the love seat. I reached under her ass with my other arm and found her puckered asshole with my fingers. As soon as I touched her she grabbed my hand and guided my finger to her anus. Her pussy juice had run down between her legs and there was plenty of lube. I put my index finger against her sphincter and slowly pushed. She released the tension on the tight muscled rim and my finger slid right ataşehir escort in. After several pushes, my entire finger was buried in her hot rear end. Her soft anal canal squeezed against my finger and it felt nasty.

As soon her ass was relaxed I began fucking her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other. Patty started bucking wildly and telling me to make her cum. She got louder and louder and all of a sudden stopped as her legs got stiff and she started to shake. She was almost screaming, “Oh yeah, that’s it. Keep it up. Yeah, deeper in my ass. Fuck me, fuck me, make me cum. Make me cum”

I could feel her juices release as the orgasm hit her. My hands were flooded. Patty continued to jerk and twitch as I fondled her pussy. She finally reached down and grabbed my hand to keep me from playing with her pussy any longer. Her breathing was getting back to normal and she was basking the afterglow of the orgasm. She looked at me and whispered,” Michael that was wonderful. I owe you.”

Patty looked so slutty laying there with her wet swollen bare pussy spread wide open. I wanted to suck her pussy, but I thought it was too soon to try. I started to remove my finger from her ass, but she clamped her sphincter tight around it and she said, “Please play with my butt while I calm down. I love the feel of something in my ass. It’s so hot and nasty.”

Then she reached down between her legs and grabbed my hand, raised it to her lips and then erotically sucked the pussy juice from each of my fingers. As she slowly cleaned my fingers, I kept finger fucking her tight juicy asshole. She did my middle finger last and now she was sucking and licking it like it was a cock. She was definitely not just the average slut next door. Patty was a fucking machine and meeting her and Marcus was going to be awesome fun.

I looked over at Sonia and Marcus. Both of them were nude and in a hot sixty-nine with Marcus underneath. Sonia’s face was covered with Marcus’s cum. Marcus had his face buried between her thighs and was working hard on her bare pussy. Sonia was holding onto Marcus’s shinny cock and her body was shaking as she started to cum. She moaned loudly and urged Marcus to suck her clit harder. She stiffened and then collapsed on top of Marcus. She twitched for a bit and then quietly laid her head in Marcus’s lap.

Patty stirred under me and I slipped my finger out of her ass. She slid off the couch and crawled across to the other loveseat. Patty knelt and put her hand on Sonia’s neck and began to caress her. Then she bent forward and started to lick the cum from Sonia’s face. Between licks, she kissed Sonia’s ears and lips and neck. She then took Marcus’s cock and licked the remaining cum off his thick shinny monster. Sonia’s huge tit hung down against Marcus’s ribs. The golden brown of her tit against Marcus’s chocolate brown torso was delicious. Patty stroked the underside of Sonia’s tit and pulled lightly on her swollen nipple. Sonia looked at Patty and smiled happily back at her. After another quick kiss, Patty crawled back over to me and snuggled into my arms. She handed me my drink and she picked up hers.

I was thirsty and the drink tasted good. Patty’s free hand was roaming over my body and it felt great. Sonia and Marcus were now sitting up on the couch and Marcus had his arm around Sonia with his hand resting on her gigantic torpedo tit. Marcus looked at us and said, “You’re both sure are right. Sonia’s tits are magnificent. I love them.”

Sonia gave him quick jab in the ribs and we all started laughing. I chimed in, “I knew you’d love ’em. I know I can’t get enough of them.”

Patty looked at me, then her husband and said, “I know what you mean. I can’t get enough of playing with them either.”

Marcus and I looked at each other and raised our eye brows. Obviously, we were behind the fun curve versus the ladies. Sonia was smiling and said, “Hey, who wants to try out the hot tub. Patty and I will make drinks and we’ll meet you at the tub.”

Sonia got up and grabbed Patty’s hand and pulled her up. The two girls left the den with their arms around each other’s waist. Sonia’s tits bounced wildly as the girls skipped out of the room.

I motioned for Marcus to follow me. As we got up, I noticed that Marcus was a really a well built guy and looked good being naked. He had very little hair on his body and a completely shaved pubic area. His big thick cock hung well below his balls and swung heavily side to side. In fact, I wished I was endowed with his physical prowess.

It was a little nippy outside, so I got a robe for each of us. I knew that Sonia would get one for her and avcılar anal yapan escort Patty for going outside. The hot tub is located in an intimate setting and doesn’t have a roof of any kind. It’s very romantic being able to gaze directly up at the heavens. The landscape lighting was designed so there was just enough light to see your way to the hot tub, but once your eyes adjusted to the low lighting there is enough light to see anything that goes on.

We met the girls half way to the tub. Sonia handed me a fresh drink and Patty gave Marcus his. The ladies walked in front of us and Sonia got there first. She hung her robe on a hook and sensuously lowered her naked body into the hot steamy water. Patty was right behind her and giggled as she sunk into the water. Marcus took off his robe and started to get in. Sonia stopped him before he could get under the water. She reached out and grabbed his heavy flaccid member and lifted it as if she was weighing it. She looked toward Patty and said, “I know why you love this man. I can’t get enough of this cock.”

She sucked the tip of Marcus’s cock for a moment and then released his hardening cock. Ii made a solid slapping sound as it landed against his thigh. He smiled at the ladies and then sunk into the water between them. I grabbed my drink and lowered myself into the tub next to Patty. Everybody was talking and enjoying the hot bubbling water. There was lots of touching going on and places were changed frequently so that everyone could enjoy someone else. Patty kept sliding next to Sonia so she could play with her gigantic titties. She enjoyed every minute of it.

Sonia stood up and said that she was hot and was going to sit on the side of the tub for a minute. She raised herself out of the water and perched herself on the side of the tub spreading her legs just a bit. Her huge tits hung down against her chest as the water ran from her body. Patty and Marcus couldn’t take their eyes from Sonia’s massive tits. The sag and wiggle was just right and her nipples are almost constantly hard. The cool evening breeze seemed to make them even bigger and harder.

Patty was the first one to say anything about Sonia’s clit ring. Patty was sitting directly across from Sonia’s eye level pussy. When Patty mentioned Sonia’s pussy jewelry, she spread her thighs a bit more so the piercing was easy to see. Patty floated across the tub and looked right at Sonia’s pussy and said, “I’ve never seen a piercing like that this close up. Did it hurt when you had it done?”

Sonia replied, “Only for a split second. A very special friend of ours did it. He was very gentle and very good.”

As Sonia was talking she slid her right hand to her pussy and she ran it between her pussy lips spreading them apart slightly. Then she put her index finger through the ring and pulled up on it exposing her clit and the opening of her pussy. Patty was mesmerized by the sight.

Patty had her face very close to Sonia’s pussy. “Marcus, look at her pussy. You could feel it when you licked her pussy in the den, didn’t you?”

Marcus pushed himself toward Patty and moved between Sonia’s legs so he could see her pussy. Sonia was pulling the ring in tiny circles. Marcus said, “Yeah, I played with it with my tongue and teeth. It was a cool feeling.”

Sonia looked down and said, “Patty, would you like to play with my ring. I love having it played. You can’t believe what it’s like to have it rub against my clit all day.”

Patty stared forward and nodded as she raised her hand toward Sonia’s pussy. As Patty’s fingers neared the ring, Sonia let go of it so that the ring rested against her clit again. Patty hesitated a second and then reached forward, lightly touching Sonia’s pussy as she grasped the ring with her fingers. Patty pulled on it stretching Sonia’s clit hood forward. Sonia sighed and opened her thighs wider. Patty got comfortable playing with the jewelry and started moving the ring in circles like Sonia had done. Sonia loved the attention Patty was giving her. Patty lifted the ring upward and Sonia’s pussy opened like a flower. Without saying anything, Patty leaned forward and started licking Sonia’s pussy. The girls were in a world of their own. Marcus and I stroked our hardons as we watched Sonia being pleasured by Patty.

Sonia was breathing hard and caressed Patty’s face with her free hand. She looked down and Patty and said, “Patty, you are so good at that. You’re definitely not new to eating pussy. You’ve got my pussy dripping wet.”

Patty pulled her head away, looked into Sonia’s eyes said, “I’m glad you enjoy my tongue. I really like your sweet pussy.”

Sonia avcılar bdsm escort whispered back to her, “You’ve got me hot and I really need some cock in my pussy. I’d love to have Marcus fuck me silly. Would he do that for me?”

Patty stood up and said, “I think we should go inside so that Marcus can fill you with his cock. I can’t wait to have Michael fill me with his cum.”

We all grabbed our robes and headed into the house. Marcus had his arm around Sonia and I had mine around Patty. We went back into the den and dropped our robes as we entered the room. The fireplace made the room toasty warm and it felt good to be naked. Both couples stretched out next to each other on the floor in front of the fireplace. Patty and Sonia were on their knees sucking our cocks.

I love watching Sonia sucking another cock and watching her with Marcus was awesome. She was trying to deep throat him, but it was impossible for her to get all of his girth into her mouth. As soon as she got him rock hard she crawled up and straddled him and slowly lowered herself on his dark pole. She slowly worked her pussy on his cock and after a half dozen pushes had his entire cock buried in her soaking pussy.

Patty followed suit and sat on my cock and slowly lowered herself until I was buried completely in her tight pussy. Sonia was taking her time working Marcus’s massive cock into her talented pussy. Other than the music, the only sound in the room was the squishy sound of cocks sliding in and out of wet juicy pussies.

Patty developed a pace and was rocking up and down on my cock. Sonia was doing the same. We were close enough that Patty reached out and started to play with Sonia’s breast. Sonia let out a moan as she felt Patty’s touch. I put my hands around Patty’s hips and started jack hammering her pussy with my cock. Patty was moaning now and pulling on Sonia’s nipple. Patty’s head was rolling from side to side and her eyes were closed. Patty’s eyes popped open as Sonia reached out and grabbed Patty around the neck and pulled her toward her. Their faces met and the two began kissing hungrily. Marcus and I slid closer so they ladies could have greater access to each other. Then we started working our hips like pistons as we continued to fuck our tongue kissing wives. Marcus looked over at me and said, “Let’s fuck them doggystyle.”

I smiled and nodded. Both ladies crawled off our cocks and got on their hands and knees. I grabbed an ottoman and pushed it into the middle of the room. Patty and Sonia leaned forward on the ottoman and resumed kissing each other. Marcus got behind Sonia and I got behind Patty. We both stroked the ladies pussies as got them ready for our cocks. Sonia reached between her legs and opened her pussy for Marcus. He put his cock against her slit and pushed forward. Sonia grunted as half of Marcus’s cock disappeared. I slide my dick into Patty’s juicy slit and it went all the way in. She reached between her legs and started to caress my balls.

I held her hips and started fucking Patty in smooth strokes. Marcus had worked all of his cock into Sonia and she was moaning like crazy. Marcus was fucking her hard and we could hear his balls slap against her ass. I could see that Marcus was sweating as he pounded Sonia’s pussy. She and Sonia were moaning loudly as they kissed and caressed each other. Marcus and I were pounding our cocks in and out as fast as we could. Patty’s pussy was clenching around my cock on every stroke. I heard Marcus moan and I could tell he was cuming. As he stiffened, Sonia yelled, “He’s cuming. I can feel it. He’s cuming.”

I slowed up for several strokes. Patty yelled, “Fuck me hard, fuck me hard.”

I sped up and felt my orgasm coming. I drove every stroke as deep into her cunt as I could. I could feel the cum starting to rise and told Patty that I was about to cum. She grabbed my balls and I started shooting. I kept pumping into her pussy as I filled her with my cum. Marcus and I kept fucking until our cocks were too soft to slide back in. As I pulled out, Patty quickly spun around and put my cock in her mouth and sucked me clean. Sonia did the same thing to Marcus. Then the girls crawled into our laps and cuddled. As my cum started to ooze out of Patty’s pussy I started fingering her juicy slit. There’s nothing like the creamy smooth feeling of a freshly fucked pussy covered with cum.

We caressed each other in silence and enjoyed the fire and the feeling of being well fucked. It was late and everyone was tired. Sonia said, “Michael, I think Marcus and Patty should by our guests for the evening don’t you?

“Definitely honey. They will be very comfortable in one of the suites. Then we can all have a nice breakfast in the morning.”

Patty and Marcus agreed to stay over so we all meandered to the guest wing where the suites are kissing and fondling as we went. After deciding on a natural arising in the morning everyone kissed goodnight again. I put my arm around Sonia and we headed toward our room.

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