Vampire Desires

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I really had done it now. If I hadn’t let my lust for him get to this point he would be one of us. That moment keeps haunting me in my dreams. The night that I was with him. Did I do right? We were leaving a celebration. We were celebrating our football victory over the rival school. Nick, offered to give me a ride home and I couldn’t refuse. I decided tonight was the night I was going to tell him my feelings for him so I told him to go the long way home. On our way there a drunk driver nearly hit us and we went off the road and over a steep bank.

I was knocked out (I don’t know for how long) and I smelled blood. My acute senses could tell that there was a lot of it. Once my vision focused I could see Nick lying on the ground bleeding to death. I struggled to get over to him to realize how serious it was. The sweet smell of his blood tempted me to sink my fangs into his soft skin. I couldn’t figure out what to do. I didn’t want Nick to die. He was only seconds away from death.

I was on the ground trying to keep him alive. It started to rain. He was there motionless with his tattered shirt teasing me with glimpses of his hot body. I was screaming for help knowingly we were in the middle of nowhere. He then gasped for his final breath and I panicked. Not wanting to loose him and sank my teeth into his neck and turned him into a vampire. And then everything faded away.

“Oh your awake Edward!,” said a familiar voice. I rubbed my head. Man it hurt like hell. “What…where am I? What happened to Nick?” I shouted a little dazed and confused. “Your back home in the hospital wing. We found you unconscious with some boy in your arms,”

“Where is he?” I shouted. “Keep it down you’ll wake him! He’s in the next bed!,” with that the doctor pushed back the curtain. I dropped back on my pillow in relief that he was all right. “What on earth was you thinking?” he whispered to me. “I don’t know,” I said looking away not wanting to explain things.

“I don’t know! That’s all you got to say for your-self! Don’t you know that an un-authorized turning results in severe punishment,” he scolded. “I know,” I said quietly.
“Didn’t you know that he will be your responsibility and yours alone?” he continued. “I know!” I quietly said. “Don’t you know that means that you and you alone will have to teach him about being a vampire and no one can help you! Not even your mentor!,” he said raising his voice. “Look I don’t need your help! I’ve been a vampire all my life, I think I know what it is to be a vampire!” I shouted.

“You would be how much you don’t know!” he said.


The Next Day

The next day I was fit enough to be released from the hospital wing. Nick was now my responsibility so if I left the hospital wing so did he. Nick was still unconscious so I had to carry him back to my quarters. The higher ups must have known of my predicament because when I entered there was an extra bed in my room. I laid Nick down on the bed and dressed his wounds. I spent the best part of the day sat next to his bed pendik escort wondering what to say to him when awoke. Would he accept the fact that I turned him into a vampire because of my feelings for him. Hell I didn’t even know if he ever swung that way so I was hoping for miracles.

Then as the sun started to set his eyes opened. He looked at me with his green eyes. “What happened?” he asked and I froze. Should I tell him? “Ah, well,” I was loosing the nerve to tell him. “What happened?” he asked again. “Don’t you remember?” I asked trying to bounce the conversation in another direction, but I was doing a poor job of it.

“Well I do remember I was driving you home and, on the way we, we. I think we drove off the cliff! That can’t be!” he said in a dazed trance trying to piece together what happened. “Yes it can!” I said finally. “Edward, tell me what happened!” he said starting to get a feel of where he was.

“Well I got something very important to tell you,” I said pacing around the room. “Go on, tell me,” he said. “You may not believe me now but you will later. Nick, I’m a vampire,” I said. Then Nick started to laugh. I couldn’t believe it he was laughing. But, unlike me, he wasn’t living around vampires all his life. He thinks its all a myth!

“Yes, Edward your a vampire. Hey, isn’t this room suppose to be padded?” he joked. “Laugh all you want! I’ll tell you what happened!,” I said. As soon as I said that I immediately got his attention. “After we drove off the cliff, I awoke some time after to find you near death. I wasn’t in that great of shape myself but I managed to get over to you. Apparently you were thrown from the car. You were nearing death and there was nothing I could do. You drawn you final breath and I panicked, so I turned you,” I said.

“So, you’re saying that I’m a vampire! I don’t believe you! Vampires are nothing buy myths,” he said. Then there was silence. “Well, there’s clothes in the drawer over there and a shower in that room there. You should clean yourself up!” I said leaving the room. I returned 25 minutes later to find him in clean clothes.

“So, where are we anyway?” he asked breaking the silence. “Well, it’s my home. Welcome to Dark Wing Castle,” I said. “No way! You live in a castle?”

“Well don’t all vampire’s!” I said with a smirk. “Funny,” he said. “Come on, we should go down for dinner!” I suggested and he followed.

In the dining room only the higher ups sit at the table. The gigantic table makes a U shape in the room. The Grand Vampire (my father) sits at the head and all of his family and friends sits around. I sat at the end with Nick trying not to attract any attention from any of the other guys.

The dinner was awkward because people were looking at me. They know that I’m the father of The Grand Vampire. They think I should know better. Hell, I was a vampire all my life. I should be a symbol of the new age of vampires. A symbol of the vampires, who evolved to over come their weaknesses. But, they don’t understand. There’s one weakness no amount of evolution can cure…. love. They don’t understand. The council has prearranged all of their relationships. They don’t know the first thing about it.

Once the dinner was over, Nick and I were summoned to my father’s chambers. My mentor was there as well. “Well, what do you have to say about it?” he said sternly. “Well sir he…” “He? Who the hell do you think you are to break tradition? You escort pendik know better than any body the rules and regulations in this organization. Turning another in against the rules!”

“Dad! I didn’t mean…” “Dad? You don’t have the right to call me that! Do you know how turning another changes you? Do you?”

“Hey!, Aren’t you being a little harsh?,” Nick spoke up. “Quiet! As a new mentor Edward you best teach him about the hierarchy here!” he shouted.

“Hey! You can’t talk top us that way, we have rights!” Nick shouted. Then dad laughed quietly.

“Sorry to say that your little friend here signed your rights over to me the seconded he turned you! And as for your punishment Edward you will be confined to quarters for the week! And Andrew here can’t help you! You know the rules once become a mentor you loose you own! Your dismissed!” he said sternly.

“But, dad!,” I shouted. “Your DISMISSED!” shouted my father.

I went to my room and Nick followed. “Jesus, that guy needs to get some!,” Nick said jokingly but I didn’t respond. He walked over to the window. The moonlight illuminating the room. “So, its true,” he said. Where did this come from? A minute ago he was all joking around. “What true?”

“That you and I are vampires!” he responded. “Yeah, its not all that bad,” I said to him.
“So, when can I go back home?” he asked. “About that, you got to stay here!” “What? How come?”

“Your an untrained vampire! If your set free the will hunt you down and kill you to keep themselves hidden from the outside world,” I responded.

“So, was that the only reason why you saved my life?” he asked. “Well, I, I,” bang, bang, bang. There was a knock at the door. I quickly went to the door to answer it.

“Oh, hello dearest cousin! I heard you turned one of them and I bet I know the reason why!” he said. “Quiet,” I said to Jeremy (my cousin). “What are you talking about?” Nick inquired. “You don’t know? Ha,ha,ha!,” “I’m warning you!,” I shouted. “You see Edward here is the only ga..,” smack. I punch him and he fell over. “Okay! Okay! You made you point! Anything to get a feel eh Edward?” he said and left. Man I hate him.

I shut the door and was Nick staring at me like I had three heads. “What was he talking about?” he asked. “Well, um, you see there was another reason why I saved your life!,”
“Wait a minute are you telling me that you’re gay?” I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t even look him in the eye. “I, I, I’m going to bed,” I said finally. Nick didn’t say anything and went to bed too.

When I got to sleep I recall that I had this amazing dream. It was about Nick and I.


“Wait, what are you doing?” I asked him. Nick was standing in the middle of the room stripping while somehow I was on the bed with me shirt off already. “Well, I’m a guy, you’re a guy. Your gay and well for me, I’m gay too,” he said to me. “What? Are you serious?,” I asked. “Shhhhh! Don’t talk, just let your passion take over!” he said.

I got to my feet and walked over to him and we kissed. I kissed his hairless pecks, and then slowly down over his rock hard abs, then I stopped. I took off his belt and undid his jeans. His dick was already tenting his boxers. I pulled down the underwear and his gorgeous dick popped out ready for action.

I licked the head of his dick and then circled pendik escort bayan my tongue around the head. Precum was already leaking from it and I licked it up. It tasted great. “Fuck, this feels great,” he gasped. Then I started to take his dick into my mouth. Inch after inch it disappeared into my mouth. I then had all of it into my mouth and started to deep thought him. He had a good size dick. It felt enormous in my mouth.

I took it faster and faster in my mouth. I grabbed his firm ass so I could take his did faster. “Yes Edward! Faster!,” he moaned. His hands grabbed my head and pushed my head in faster on his dick. He started thrusting into my mouth with great speed. “Fuck I’m cumming!” he shouted and he held me there with his pulsating dick about to erupt into my mouth.

Then jet after jet of his hot juicy cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed all but a little. I shared this small morsel with him when we kissed again. We kissed passionately again. While kissing I grabbed his ass and started playing with it. We stopped kissing and Nick just looked at me. He grinned. “So, you want my ass too do you?” he asked. “Well, If you want it your going to work for it! Strip for me!,” he ordered.

He went and sat on the bed completely naked and left me standing in the middle of the room. I took off my belt and lowered my jeans. Now it was my dick that was making a tent. I then slowly took off my boxers. This little show was making Nick get hard again. I then walked over to him and my dick was in front of his face.

He took the head of it into his mouth and in know time he had the whole thing in his mouth. He then released it and lid down on the bed with his knees on the floor. The first thing that caught my eye was that there was a small tattoo on the far left side of his ass. It was a black bat.

I got down on the floor and started to lick his ass. My tongue darted in and out of his ass. “That feels good!,” Nick sighed. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have his ass. I got into position and slowly slid and big dick into his soft but firm ass. “Ahh! God that hurts!,” Nick moaned. “Are you alright? Should I stop?,” I asked. “No! I got a feeling this is going to get good!,” he assured me.

My dick then continued the invasion on Nick’s sweet tight ass. I then had my entire dick in his ass and it felt great. I paused for a slight second for Nick to adjust to the feeling. Then I started to pull it out and push it back in. I got a stable but slow rhythm going. “God! I love your ass!” I moaned. I picked up speed. My thrusts were getting faster and harder.

“Yes! Fuck my ass! This feels great!,” Nicked moaned. I was savagely ripping in and out of his ass. My balls was slapping against the soft cheeks of his ass. Nick was matching my movement’s blow for blow. Sweat poured off both of our bodies. The moon light cover our bodies.

“I’m cumming!” I moaned. Waves of pleasure washed over me. Then streams of my own cum shot into his ass. God it felt so good. “Your cum is so hot!,” Nick moaned. I never had an orgasm this good ever. We collapsed on the bed. We were spent.

“Edward,” he said finally. “Yes?,” I asked. “I’m glad I’m with you!” he said. At that moment I was so happy. We were finally together.


I then woke up. Nick was in his bed. I looked at the clock. It read 6 am. I looked over at Nick again and realized he had a boner and was tenting his sheets.

“What the hell was that?” I asked myself.

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