Virgin Flower

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It was a hot night as Princess Amria tossed and turned in her sleep. Waking up, she fumbling for ghee wax and a match for light. “It’s so damn hot! I can’t sleep a wink. Maybe I wouldn’t be sleeping so crappy if I didn’t have to get married tomorrow. I hate tradition!”

Yes it was for tradition. She was the daughter of the Maharaja Rohan. He had already married of her two sisters years before her. It was the way of life, especially for royalty.

Amria loosened her sari and walked around in her choli and thin lehenga. She placed her small candle flame behind a small sheath of curtain to dim the light, and walked over to her balcony. Looking out over the city, she sighed. This would be here last night here, unmarried and being able to look over the city undisturbed…

“I have to suffer either way…” Her thoughts wandered as she continued to look over the city, unaware of the dark figure approaching her balcony from the royal garden below…

He was breathing shallowly and waiting for her to return inside. He had waited so long to have her and couldn’t wait anymore. Taking off his turban, he hid it amongst the tall bamboo trees and slowly crept towards the wall, covered in blossoming vines. He heaved a sigh of relief– the trellis would be covered to help muffle any noise caused by his climbing. Slowly, he placed his hands and feet along the vine and climbed up. Years of climbing trees and trekking the desert had made his body limber and muscular, so climbing the vine was no problem for him. He was almost there, and the Princess had left the balcony and gone back inside…

Amria sat on the side of her bed and looked down at the engagement bracelet she received not 6 months ago from the man she would be marrying. “Why did I accept this stupid thing? Oh, I know why…I would have brought disgrace…why does he even like me anyway??” It was almost silly of her to ask that however, for Amria was quite beautiful in body and soul…the body being the most attractive and catching the most attention of men. She had large breasts with large brown nipples many a man would love to suck on, a slim waist, and wide hips, with a firm, full behind. Amria had once seen her muff’s reflection above her bath pool and noticed that she had large pussy lips which were pink.

Her skin was a light olive tan, which was considered the most beautiful skin tone to have in her kingdom. Her hair was down to her hips, with waves and curls and was as dark as midnight. Her eyes were long and wide and almond shaped and slightly green with brown centers. Her lips were full and smooth, and her nose above them was small, with a gentle curve towards the end. She was regarded more beautiful than her older sisters and every suitor in neighboring kingdoms had asked her father for her hand in marriage, all but one she had refused.

Prince Kiran, for some reason, had caught her attention. She was not sure why she liked him. They had conversed and shared company on a few occassions and then one day…she had the gold bracelet with sapphires on her left wrist.

Not that she should complain. He was very handsome, brave, and intelligent. She knew that the other princesses from neighboring kingdoms would be jealous enough to kill her if they knew she was going to wed this man tomorrow. But no matter what, one thing made her nervous, no matter how many assurances she received about his wealth, the goodness of his family, Kiran’s kind nature and warmth towards her, the respect and pride she’d bring her family…

Princess Amria was still a virgin and quite honestly, was scared witless about tomorrow night’s upcoming event. She stood there and hugged herself, not from the cold breeze, but to calm herself while thinking about this…but antalya escort little did she know of the dark figure behind her…

He stood there, entranced her Amria’s long hair and the sight of her without her sari draped about her. His cock went hard.

Suddenly Amria saw a shadow from the flicker of the candle and turned around. “YOU!! What do you think you’re doing, coming her at this time of night!?” “It’s okay Amria, shh you don’t need to be alarmed” Kiran said as he slowly approached her. Amria ran to her bed to retrieve her sari, but Kiran was faster. “You don’t need it…I like how you look, my beautiful lotus.”

Amria felt her face turn hot. “But…but this is not proper. What if one of the servants finds you here?? do you realize what will happen…”

“It’s okay…take your clothes off…”

“WHAT!” Amria hissed loudly. “What is wrong with you?? we’re getting married tomorrow so what difference–“

“Exactly– what difference does it make? I want your clothes off NOW, with you naked underneath me in bed.” Kiran’s voice began to sound rushed and his breathing became faster. Amria noticed this.

“Are you sure you’re alright? I mean, are you sick? I can get someone for you–“

“NO! I have waited for too long for this. I should have had you a long time ago! I want you NOW Amria!”

Wait a minute, Kiran thought. Could she possibly be– well of course she has to be– but how could I have never guessed??

Slowly Kiran approached her…and Amria backed away. “No it’s alright” he said soothingly. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I have been thinking about you day and night ever since we last saw each other 2 weeks ago. I want to make love to you…I can’t wait anymore. I know you’re scared and I promise I’ll be gentle.”

His soothing voice slightly swayed Amria, who snapped out of it and remained defiant. Kiran noticing this became firm again. “Amria you are going to be my wife tomorrow and the law states that the day before a man marries his wife, he is allowed to have her and she MUST submit– you know what the penalty is.”

Amria knew. She didn’t feel like being put to death by burning, or being exiled either. But little did she know that this law had been overturned 2 years before her birth– at least the part about the wife being punished was overturned. Kiran was aware of this, but was secretly enjoying her reaction to everything. It made him more excited.

“What? oh…” Amria seemed to be lost in thought for a minute. Kiran knew she was thinking but didn’t want her to be thinking too hard about it, so he grabbed her roughly and kissed her. Amria started to make some noise but quickly relaxed her is tongue met hers. She kissed him back as Kiran’s arms enveloped her body. His hands slid along the smooth, soft skin of her back and began to loosen her choli. Going down along her back, he found the tie to her lehenga and undid it quickly, before Amria caught herself and quickly drew back from him.

“No! I don’t want to tonight. We can wait until–“

“NO! I WANT YOU NOW…and if you will not obey me now…”

“Alright alright!” Amria quickly said. She didn’t want to think about what Kiran would say, even if it was something he made up, for she knew he was well-versed in the law.

“We can…you know…” Amria was slightly embarrassed to say it and at the same time was starting to feel slightly aroused, but was too proud to admit it.

“Good…” Kiran reached for her and kissed her again. Amria responded reluctantly as Kiran’s hands slid over her body and finally loosened her choli. Her top fell off and his hands were able to explore her breasts. “By the gods these are huge pillows!” Kiran’s thoughts became wild lara escort as his hands explored her breasts roughly. His hands could barely cup them and his felt her nipples go hard. Kiran could barely restrain himself and his hands went down to her hips and he gripped her full ass tightly. He felt Amria pull away in surprise, but quickly pulled her back and pulled her lehenga down. Kiran grinded his hips against her roughly and rubbed his hard thick cock against her.

This was almost too much for Amria to take. She pulled away quickly and backed away, unbeknownest to her bed. “I don’t know if I can do this– this is happening to fast Kiran. I do care for you but…”

“But WHAT?! What are you–” Kiran’s anger faded quickly as he beheld his future wife’s naked body. She was beautiful!! Never in all his life, even when he had lain with the most beautiful temple prostitutes, had he ever seen a woman as beautiful as Amria. She was even more beautiful than the most elegant lotus flower gardens he had ever seen. Her breasts were large, rounded, with big brown nipples. Her hips were curved with am ample behind and her waist sloped in gently. He began to feel his cock throb. He needed it in her soooo badly!

“You’re beautiful.” He said softly as he approached her slowly, every step making him aware of how much his cock needed to be buried inside her.

Amria’s eyes widened as she saw the bulge underneath his dhoti. She accidently bumped into the side of her bed and ended up falling into it. Kiran noticed how her breasts jiggled as she fell and wanted to make them jiggle even more when he was pounding her from behind.

Quickly Kiran took advantage of the situation, and dropping his dhoti with a flash, was upon Amria in the bed. He had her where he wanted her and was intent on getting what he wanted.

“Amria…please…I am giving you two choices…you can either submit to me now or…or maybe something much worse can happen.” Amria’s eyes went wide. Such beautiful eyes, thought Kiran. He wanted to be able to look at those eyes for the rest of his life, but first he wanted to have his fun before getting romantic.

Amria lay underneath him, realizing the brevity of the situation. Her thoughts ran and then realized this would happen sooner or later– whether she wanted it to or not. “Al-alright. We can…” Kiran was disappointed in her reaction and then pushed his hard cock into her muff. She gasped. Kiran chuckled and began to kiss and nuzzle her neck. He could still feel her tension and reluctance, but after kissing her neck slowly and sensuously, he felt her body relax and heard her sigh. He was definately going to enjoy this.

He continued to kiss her while his hands explored every curve and crevice of her body. His hands continued down to her body until he could feel her sweet wetness. His mouth found hers and his tongue plunged in her mouth and his fingers slid into her tight pussy and he began to push it in and out.

Amria moaned through their kiss. She had never felt like this before! Her sisters never told her it was like THIS! Wait a minute! She shouldn’t be enjoying this– he needed to stop right now–

Her thoughts were stopped abruptly and his mouth moved to her left nipple and he sucked. Amria moaned loudly and unashamedly. No!

“Kiran please stop–” She pushed his face away from her hard nipple and tried to push him off, but he continued. This time, Kiran had her completely undearneath him. He plunged his tongue into her mouth again, and this time Amria submitted.

She knew that if she didn’t do what he wanted, there would be consequences she didn’t want to think about. She felt Kiran’s mouth go to her other nipple and moaned with side escort pleasure. Amria’s legs opened without her consent as she continued to moan. His tongue swirled around her nipple as they rose. Kiran’s hands went down to her muff and he placed a finger into her pussy. She was so wet and slippery! It was like feeling glass. Kiran wanted to take her as quickly as he could and it was taking all ounce of strength for him not to ravish her.

Amria moaned with pleasure as his fingers explored her wet sex. Kiran quickly moved down to her wetness and started to flick at her pleasure nub with his tongue. Amria squealed with pleasure and held Kiran’s head in place as his entire mouth began to pleasure her. She felt her legs rise up in the air and Kiran continued to lap. She felt her sweet clit get licked by his tongue over and over and her back arched. His tongue swirled over and over and his lips sucked on her pussy lips. His lips then sucked her throbbing clit and then his tongue went into her tight pussy and tickled her hymen. Amria had never felt this before and wanted Kiran to keep going. Amria held his head tightly in place and looked past her fat tits to watch him. “Oh yes…please…OOOhhh…” Kiran’s mouth still on her, he looked up to see her breasts pointed in the air as her back arched. Kiran knew it was time.

He rose upon her quickly and kissed her roughly as he aligned his hips with hers. Then releasing them from the kiss, he watched her face as he began to slowly push his cock into her pussy. Her face contorted in pleasure as he pushed in and out. She moaned loudly and Kiran felt her legs go up in the air. He wanted to fuck her sooo bad! He groaned and her tight pussy milked his thick cock as he pushed in and out. Then finally, he pushed his cock in roughly and moaned with pleasure.

Amria had winced slightly but then moaned in pleasure as Kiran’s thick shaft penetrated her over and over. “Oh Kiran…please…don’t stop” she gasped and closed her eyes in pleasure. “I don’t want to…” Kiran moaned and continued to thrust. She was so tight! Kiran continued to thrust and moaned as each thrust felt better than the last. Yes she had to have been a virgin. Kiran smiled to himself with satisfaction and thrusted faster. Amria began to breath faster and moaned.

Amria felt as if she was being filled and had never felt such physical pleasure in her life. Her hips followed the rhthym of Kiran’s and her hands came to rest on his hips to guide him. “You like being fucked my bride?” Kiran asked and then moaned as he felt Amria’s pussy tighten around his thick shaft. “I want you to fuck me all night” Amria said lustfully. Kiran pounded her hard and then placed his hands on her jiggling tits and squeezed. Then still pounding her, he grabbed for the sari that was still on the bed and grabbed Amria’s hands, bounding them above her head with it. Amria looked up in surprise yet was more aroused by the thought of being bound. She moaned and spread her legs wider.

Kiran thrusted harder and faster and knew he was about to cum quickly. He wanted Amria to experience to pleasure before he did however. Slowing himself slightly, he grinded his hips against her and buried his shaft deep. Amria moaned and began to feel a heat in her sex as Kiran continued to fuck her. Then suddenly she felt a huge wave of pleasure throughout her body as her tight pussy climaxed around Kiran’s hard shaft. Amria moaned loudly and arched her back. Kiran’s hands gripped her tits and her back was arched and continued to pound.

He felt his own pleasure coming quickly and then without any restraint, came into her and thrust harder, until he was soft again.

Slowly, he took his cock out of her and then lay beside her on the bed. Kiran was still breathing hard and looked at Amria’s beautiful face. She looked at him and sighed and then sat up quickly. Kiran couldn’t help but notice how her bit tits jiggled as she did so, and went hard again. Amria noticed and giggled. “Can we do it again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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