What Friends Are For

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For as long as I can remember, Rob and I were best friends. We met on the first day of elementary school, and remained close all the way through high school. We were both kind of socially awkward, so we just stuck together.

My name’s Jim and I’ve always been short and skinny. I have pale skin and blonde hair. I’d always considered myself a quiet person. I usually didn’t talk much and always just went along with what other people said. I was in no way what you’d call a leader. I suppose you might say I saw myself as being bland and compliant. And since I had that low self-esteem, it really meant a lot for me to have a friend like Rob.

Rob was more handsome than I was. He had an interesting look that made him more appealing to girls. He was taller than me, for starters. He also had these very defined cheek bones and shaggy brown hair. He looked like a cool guy. But as I said, we were both socially awkward, so he was never elevated to the status of ‘popular.’

It was in our senior year that a guy named Randy transferred to our high school. He immediately began to make a lot of friends. He was seen as party guy and bit of class clown. People were just naturally drawn to him. He was a big guy. Not really fat, but big. He was pretty tall and proportionately wide. He had this big curly red hair and a goofy grin.

I didn’t know him very well. I’d see him around and stuff, but I never actually spoke to him. That changed when he started hanging around with Rob. I guess that they had some classes together and had begun to develop a friendship. And since Rob and I were friends, Randy inevitably began hanging out with me as well. He was a fun guy. Maybe a little crazy sometimes, but in a good way. I grew to like him and consider him my friend as well. That’s when something strange happened.

We all went over to Randy’s place one evening after school. His parents weren’t home and we were going to hang out and watch movies.

I remember that in his living room there wasn’t much furniture. There was just a narrow couch that could only fit about two people comfortably (maybe three if they really squeezed in) and a old-looking recliner. They were both positioned around a very small television set. I sat down on the couch next to Randy, and Rob hopped on the recliner. For about an hour or so we just sat in his living room hanging out and talking. Having a good time.

Then at one point Randy stood up, “Wait, you guys have to see this.”

“See what?” Rob asked, but Randy was already walking out of the room.

He came back in an instant, holding a disc. “I’ve been watching this thing, like, nonstop recently. Its the fucking best.” He crouched down by the television and inserted the disc into the machine. Then he stepped around and started fiddling with something on a shelf behind the screen.

“What is it?” Rob asked as the disc was still loading up.

“You’ll see.” Randy came back over and sat down beside me. “Check it out.”

The image appeared on the screen. A sexy blonde woman was slowly removing her shirt. Underneath was a red bra that was just barely able to contain her big tits. She squeezed them tightly together as her shirt fell to the floor.

“Is this porn?” I asked. I felt like an idiot almost immediately for asking such a stupid question. That’s why I don’t talk much, I thought.

“Yeah!” Randy laughed. “But this is my favourite video right now. This girl, I don’t know who she is, but she’s amazing. She really knows how to please a guy’s dick. She’s such a little slut.”

I thought it was weird that Randy would put on a porno movie when he had two friends over, but I didn’t say anything. I just watched as the pornstar collapsed on a bed and slid her jeans down her long legs, and then started to rub her pussy through her red panties. I felt my cock stiffening in my pants. She was pretty hot. Her bra came off and her tits spilling out, bouncing a bit as they did. Her big pink nipples were already erect.

“You guys want to jerk off to this?” Randy asked amiably.

Rob and I shot him weird looks. “No way,” Rob said.

“You don’t like her?” Randy looked confused.

“No,” Rob said slowly. “I mean yes. The girl’s fine. I just don’t want to jerk off in front of you.”

Randy blew out of his mouth dismissively. “Look, man, I don’t want to see your cock or care about seeing it. I’m just getting pretty hard and horny right now. I feel like jerking off.”

I was feeling pretty hard and horny myself, but I kept silent. “Can’t you wait until we leave?” Rob asked.

“I didn’t realize you were such a prude. There’s nothing wrong with jerking off. I mean, look at how fucking hot that girl is! You saying you don’t feel like jerking off to her right now?”

“Sure I do, but…” Rob began.

Randy cut him off and turned to face me. “Jim?”

I paused. “…I do.”

Randy comically threw his hands into the air. “Then what is the big deal with you guys? Lets just enjoy this video and relax, ok? And maybe not be so uptight and awkward about our bodies… Jeez.”

“I’m not uptight, but…” Rob tried to begin again.

“Then prove it.” Randy shot back. He got to his feet and started to unbuckle his belt. A second after this, Rob stood up and began to do the same. I stood up last and with more hesitation. This evening was seeming to take an unusual turn, I thought.

All three of us started stripping off all our clothes, right down to the socks. I was the last to finish, so when I looked up, my friends were already completely naked. My eyes were first drawn to Rob. We had known each other for years, but we had never seen one another naked. Now he was standing in front of me: lean body, light skin, a patch of brown hair above a hard, pink cock. He was a little bit bigger than me. I became aware that he was looking right back at my cock as well. My cock is pretty small, even when its hard, as it was. I began to blush and feel awkward about my nude body.

I quickly shifted my eyes away from Tom’s manhood, but they quickly fell on Randy. His cock was huge! It was about as big as the one’s guys have in porno movies. It was sticking straight up from a nest of curly red hair. It was long, thick and veiny. My mouth dropped open.

Randy saw my expression and laughed. “You like it?”

“You’re fucking huge.” I said with disbelief.

“It gets the job done,” he mused with a prideful stroke. Then he sat back down on the couch.

Rob and I followed his lead and seated ourselves. The pornstar on the television was sucking a guy’s cock now, and we all began masturbating. My gaze darted over to Rob, his hand caressing his tool, it was a strange sight. I turned away again. It seemed better if I just kept my attention on my movie.

A silence fell over the room, except for the sucking sounds coming from the television and the fleshy noise of three guys beating off.

“Hey, Jim,” Randy turned to me. “Jerk me off a bit, man.”

I jumped back. “What the fuck?”

“Come on. It feels so much better when somebody else does it.” Randy continued masturbating as he spoke.

I looked at him with confusion. “That sounds pretty gay.”

“Are you joking around?” Rob asked. He was as confused as I was.

“No way,” Randy explained with his big meaty cock in hand. “How can it be gay? I’m not gay. You’re not gay. We’re just some guys trying to get off to a porno. And you would be doing me a huge favour by making it feel that much better.”

I gave Randy a suspicious look and them turned to Rob. He just shrugged back at me. My eyes went back to Randy, “You really don’t think that’s gay?”

“Fuck no!” He responded as though I was being completely foolish. “You’d just be helping out a friend, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And nobody will ever have to know about it but us. Total secret.”

I still had pendik escort my reservations, but maybe I was making too big a deal out of it. “Ok. Only for a couple minutes,” I allowed.

Randy laughed excitedly. “Great, man. Thank you.” He removed his hand from his dick and settled more comfortably into his seat. I turned to Rob one last time to see what he thought of my decision, and saw that he had turned away from me and back to the television. That made me feel a bit more at ease, at least, that he wouldn’t see this.

I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of Randy’s cock. I felt it harden slightly in my palm. I remember thinking that it didn’t feel completely strange. I had, after all, touched my own penis enough to know how one felt to the touch. But this penis was different. It was longer, thicker and unfamiliar. I gave it a slow stroke, feeling the soft skin slide through my hand.

Randy shifted himself again as I did this. He closed his eyes and put his hands back behind his head. His long, hairy legs stretched out in front of him. I continued to stroke. With each motion of my hand I became a little more at ease and a little more confident. It really wasn’t so different then jerking myself off. I knew what felt good to me, so to do it to somebody else wasn’t so challenging. My strokes became longer so that each time I reached the top of his shaft, my hand would brush over the head of his dick before sliding back down toward his balls.

“Fuck that feels so good, Jim.” Randy moaned. “You’ve got to feel this, Rob. He’s a pro.”

My eyes shifted over to where Rob was sitting. He wasn’t paying attention to the television any more. He was watching me. I became suddenly ashamed and self-conscious. My hand slowed to a stop and released Randy’s cock. As I let it go, it slapped back against his belly before bouncing upright again.

“Hey, why’d you stop?” Randy opened his eyes and gave me a puzzled look.

“I don’t know.” I wiped my palm on my bare leg. “This is sort of weird. I don’t know about this.”

“Come on, relax. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Its cool.” He gestured to Rob. “Hey Rob, come sit over here on the other side of Jim.”

Rob hesitantly stood up, and walked across the room. It gave me an odd, nervous feeling to see that his erection wagged in the air with each stride. I had to shift closer to Randy in order to make room for him on the narrow sofa. We were all squeezed in so tight that the skin of our thighs were touching. I kept my legs closely together and my hands planted on my knees.

“Just show Rob what you showed me.”

I paused for a moment. And then reached over into my friend’s lap. I clasped his dick in my hand. He let out of soft groan that made me turn my head toward him. Our faces were uncomfortably close and our eyes connected. I quickly looked away, starting to blush, and began jerking him off. Once again, I began timidly, but slowly started to grow more comfortable. Tom’s penis was a bit closer in size to my own and somehow didn’t feel as unfamiliar as Randy’s did. I just had to stop myself from thinking about the fact that this boner belonged to my best friend.

“There you go. That’s better.” Randy grabbed me by the arm and pulled my free hand back to his cock. I took hold of it and started to jerk it with the same rhythm that I was jerking Rob. They both reclined as I stroked them. I looked forward at the television to watch the sexy pornstar with her legs spread wide open, as a fat dick slammed into her pussy. But this movie was now completely forgotten to both of my companions. It was me that was making them hard now. I felt a strain in my own erection.

“Jim, that’s amazing.” Randy groaned. “What’d I tell you, Rob? He’s great, right?”

From the corner of my eye I saw Rob nod. “Yeah,” it was almost a whisper.

“Thank you for doing this, Jim,” Randy continued. “My dick feels amazing right now. But would you mind…”

I felt him squirm next to me. My arms were started to get tired from the motion of jerking them off. “What?” I asked.

“Could you just use your mouth on it a little bit?” Randy put his arm around my shoulder. “That would be fucking amazing, man.”

Both hands stopped. “My mouth?”

“Yeah. Just a little bit.”

I removed my hands and put them back on my knees. “I don’t know, Randy. This is one thing, but that seems pretty gay.”

Randy made another dismissive sound with his mouth. “You’ve got to get over that, man. Like I said, we’re not gay, so it can’t be gay. There’s no difference between jerking us off or sucking us off, really. Its all about feeling good, dude.”

The word ‘us’ struck me. “Both of you?” I heard my voice crack a bit.

“Well, I’d certainly like a blowjob,” Randy said casually. “Its up to Rob what he wants. What do you say, Rob? You want Jim to suck your prick?

I turned my head to Rob again, and then immediately remembered how close his face still was to my own. We were right next to each other and looking into one another’s eyes. “Is that okay with you, Jim?” He asked softly.

I felt myself start to blush again, but I forced myself to keep looking at him. “I guess so. If you want.”

He bit his lip. “Yeah, I want it.”

“Great!” Randy sprung to his feet. “But me first.”

I remained seated and Randy positioned his crotch in front of me. He stepped up to the edge of his couch so his big cock was pointing right toward my face. I looked up at his grinning face and took a deep breath. My eyes closed and my mouth opened. I extended my tongue and leaned forward. I felt the tip of his cock press against the tip of my tongue and slowly glide into my lips. He felt really warm and smooth in my mouth. There was a unique taste to penis that, although unusual, wasn’t necessarily bad.

He was too big to take him too far into my mouth. So I put one hand around that fat shaft and began to stroke very softly as I pushed and pulled him in and out of my mouth. He placed a hand on the back of my head and started to guide me as I did this. He moaned, “Oh yeah. That’s perfect, Jim.”

For some reason, I instinctually reached out my free hand and found Tom’s cock. I began to jerk him again as I sucked on Randy’s tool. My hand that was on Randy drifted down to his balls and squeezed them lightly.

“Let Rob try.” Randy said.

Rob stood up as well and position himself right next to Randy so they were both on either side of my face. With one hand still on each, I popped Randy out of my mouth and slid Rob into his place. I felt Rob stiffen significantly as my lips closed around him. Since he was smaller than Randy, I was able to fit much more of him in. And my mouth glided softly up and down his shaft.

I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not only was there a penis in my mouth, but as I looked up I saw my lifelong best with his eyes closed tightly and a look of pleasure on his face. I looked up at Randy and saw him looking back down at me with his big grin. I once again felt my own cock stiffen. It was at this point that I realized there was something a sort of hot about this. I wasn’t physically attracted to men, but I found myself aroused by the idea that I could turn them on in the same way a girl could. The thought that I could make two guys hard, made me feel sexy.

I moved my mouth back to Randy and started to suck him again. My dirty thoughts had spurred me on, so I began to suck harder and faster. I switched back and forth between them with greater frequency, and each time attempted to take more of them into my mouth. Something inside of me was saying, if I am going to suck a dicks, then it should be the best suck those dicks have ever had. I’ve put myself in this situation, so I might as well do a good job.

I began to sense the taste of their pre-cum mixing with my saliva. A wet sheen of my drool coated escort pendik their cocks. As I took Randy into my mouth again, he suddenly stepped forward. He climbed up onto the couch so his feet were situated next to my knees and he grabbed hold of the back of the seat. This move forced me to lean all the way back. He was crouching with his cock still in my mouth and using the back of the couch as leverage as he began to thrust.

My hands seized onto the couch cushions as Randy shoved his dick between my lips. He start to fuck my face so quickly, I felt spit coming out the sides of my mouth and running down my chin. My jaw had to stretch to accommodate his big prick as he went deeper and deeper until he started to go down my throat. I started gagging a little.

Without even thinking, I felt my hands remove themselves from the cushions and grab tightly ahold of Randy’s ass cheeks. I felt them helping him push into my mouth. When I opened my eyes, all I could see was Randy’s belly in my face. As he pulled out, I began gasping for air. I thin string of spit still connected the head of his cock to my lower lip as he remained perched on the couch. He stood over my, slowly stroking his dick. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked over at Rob. He was stroking, too.

“Wow,” Randy sounded almost out of breath. “You really surprised me, Jim. You’re really good at this. I mean, you’re awesome.”

“Thanks.” I said meekly, not sure how else to respond.

Randy stepped off the couch and stretched his arms. “What next?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I closed it. I didn’t understand what he meant. Was he asking me what I wanted to do next? This gave me pause.

“Rob, what do you want to do next?” He slapped Rob on the back.

Rob looked uneasy. “I don’t know.”

Randy made a face as though he had just come up with a brilliant idea. “Jim, you’ve been so cool so far. I wonder how you feel about letting us use your ass a bit.”

I saw Rob react with visible shock to that, but I had half expected this suggestion coming. My stomach twisted slightly with nervousness. “No.” I said with conviction. “That’s too far, Randy.”

His face seemed to sink a little. “I don’t mean anything too hard. Just gentle, you know.”

“I have to draw the line here, Randy.” I looked to Rob for support. “Right, Rob?”

“Yeah, that’s too far,” he agreed. But there was something on his face, as well. It looked almost like disappointment. I couldn’t believe that. Did he want to go further?

“Well, its up to you. Its just that you’ve been so cool to us so far. Its really been such a great time. I mean, I haven’t had a blowjob that good in forever!” Randy sighed. “The way I look at it, we’ve already gone this far. It seems kind of silly to start drawing lines now.”

I took a moment then to evaluate the situation. I was sitting on a couch, naked and hard. My best friend and my newest friend were standing over me, just as naked and twice as hard as I was. I, who had never done anything sexual with another guy before in my life, had just jerked and sucked them off. Furthermore, I had to admit that a part of me liked it. And when I looked at it like that, Randy’s argument almost seemed to make perfect sense. It did seem arbitrary to draw a line here. What did it matter if I let them fuck me, too? Was that really any worse?

I finally spoke up. “You said that nobody would ever know about this.”

Randy put his hand on his heart. “I swear, man. I don’t want anybody knowing about this any more than you do. I don’t think Rob does either. Its a total secret between us.”

I looked at Rob. He nodded.

I paused. “Ok,” I said. “But Randy, you’re kind of… big.” I added sheepishly.

Randy laughed and put her a hand on my shoulder. He pulled me to my feet. “Hey, don’t worry, man. Rob can go first. I don’t mind.”

I looked at Rob. He appeared about as embarrassed as I felt. “Are… Are you okay with this?” He asked me.

I gulped and nodded. “Yeah, man. Its cool.”

“You’re fucking amazing, Jim. Really, this is way better than I thought.” His hands landed on my shoulders and he spun me around so I was facing away from them. Then he pressed down on my back, bending me over. I put elbows on the couch cushions and stretched out my legs, so my naked ass was sticking up straight into the air. I felt my cock dangling between my legs. I closed my eyes.

Randy put his big hands on my ass cheeks and kneaded them like dough. Then he spread them apart. I felt a slight breeze on my asshole as it opened. Randy slid his hand right between the cheeks and started to rub my hole. It puckered as he touched it and my cheeks clenched. His fingers started to rub more persistently. They withdrew for an instant, I heard him spit, and then they returned to my asshole, feeling wet and warm.

The gentle rubbing of his fingers continued until I gradually felt my sphincter relax. As this happened, I felt his finger wiggling slowly into me. I clenched up again. I felt strange. I whimpered softly. The finger slid deeper, and deeper. Randy whistled, “Jim, you’re so tight.” The finger started to pull away, by my ass muscles were now holding it in place. I felt Randy use more effort to yank it and the finger popped out. I gasped. That last part actually felt pretty good.

“Rob, get in here, you’re going to love it.” Randy was spreading my cheeks open again as I felt Rob stepping up behind me. The head of his cock pressed up against my asshole. It felt much bigger than the finger did as it he began forcing it inside. My face contorted as I felt myself opening to allow Rob into me.

It hurt. His hard dick filled my hole. My hands clenched into fists. He was easing himself in so slowly, and my tight hole wasn’t making it easy for him. Finally, I felt his balls slap my ass. He was all the way inside of me. Randy removed his hands from my cheeks and Rob grabbed me by the waist. The pain started to subside as I tried to relax. He felt hot and heavy inside of me, my anus was stuffed.

Rob began to shift his cock, trying to pull out and then trying to push in. He was having a hard time getting it to move. He kept doing this until I felt my muscles loosening their grip. His thrusts became longer and more frequent. He slid slowly back and forth inside of me, while his hands around my waist guided me to and away from his dick. The pain was mostly gone now, and I felt something unusually pleasurable about how this felt.

So this is what it must feel like to be a girl, I thought. And with that, it suddenly dawned on me that I was now having anal sex with my best friend. My best friend was now fucking my ass. It was so ridiculous that I let out a small laugh.

Randy took that laugh for affirmation of my enjoyment. “See? It ain’t so bad, is it?”

This seemed to encourage Rob because his thrusts grew harder and seemed to come easier. I found my whole body being forced forward with each push. I started grinding my ass on him, working his dick. My mouth hung open and I began moaning softly. I could hear Rob breathing hard behind me.

Randy tapped me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. “Let me sit down there,” he said. I shifted my arm so that he could sit down on the couch in the spot where I was leaning my head into, so that his lap would be right in my face. I planted my hands on Randy’s thighs for support as Rob ploughed me from behind. Randy slid the tip of his cock into my mouth and pushed my face down onto it. I started sucking him with fervour.

There was no longer any question that it felt good to have my ass fucked. It felt really good. Rob was swivelling his hips and really giving it to me. Each time he slammed his cock into my ass, my mouth slid down onto Randy.

“Lick my balls, lick my balls.” Randy pendik escort bayan moaned.

I popped his cock out of my mouth and buried my face in his balls. I began licking and kissing them. They were really big and hairy. I sucked one of them into my mouth with a loud slurping noise and rolled my tongue over it until it fell out. Then I did the same with the other one. Randy had taken his dick into his fist and was masturbating furiously.

I felt so dirty and so sexy. I moaned again, this time more loudly and I allowed for a satisfied smile to cross my lips as I pressed them against Randy’s fat ball sack. Then he shifted himself. He raised both his legs in air and stuck his ass in his face. “Now my ass.”

I wrapped my lips around Randy’s hairy asshole and began to kiss it like it was girl’s mouth. I stuck my tongue into it and swirled it around inside of him. His balls were resting on the bridge of my nose. As I looked up at him jerking off, he looked back down into my eyes. “You’re so good, Jim. Yes, that’s so good.” I closed my eyes as passionately licked his ass until he pushed my face aside to stand. “My turn Rob, I have to get a crack at that ass.”

Rob’s thrusts slowed to a stop, and then he began to pull out. I remembered how the feeling of Randy’s finger coming out how been good, but this felt really fantastic. As he slipped out of my asshole, my whole back went stiff and I shivered all over. I heard myself make a sound that was almost a purr.

“Oh man, you’re crazy, Jim.” Randy laughed. “You’re really wild.”

Rob walked around and sat down on the couch next to my face. I looked up at him, and he looked back down at me uneasily. “Did you… like it?” I asked timidly.

He blushed and looked down at his own erection. “Yeah. I guess I did.” My cock stiffened. “You seemed to… like it?”

This time I blushed. How could I admit that I liked it? I wasn’t supposed to like it. “I…”

My thought was interrupted by a gasp as I felt the big bulbous head of Randy’s cock poking into me. I buried my face in the cushions and braced myself. It might have been easy, if he was the same size as Rob. But he was so big that it started to hurt all over again. My groans were muffled by the cushion in my mouth as he loaded himself in. He could only make it about halfway down the shaft before he had to stop.

He began to shift himself as Rob had done before, my anus slowly loosened it’s grip. But it happened much more slowly this time. It took much more work. This time I truly felt like I was completely filled with dick. Randy’s thrusts were more powerful, too. He had more weight behind them. It didn’t take him too long to ramp up to a speed and force that was far beyond what Rob had done.

I lifted my face from the cushion and let my mouth drop wide open and my eyes open wide. My whole body shook from the powerful thrusts. I thought that I had just been fucked, but I now saw that Rob had just been going easy on me. Randy was giving me a real fucking. I looked at Rob and saw that he had started masturbating again. It was starting to feel good, better than good. It was starting to feel great. Randy’s dick was so warm and thick.

“Oh yeah,” he sighed between heavy breaths. “Man, this feels so good, Jim. Your ass feels so good.” His thrusts became so powerful that each time he pushed into me, my hard cock would loudly slap against my belly. There was a loud crack as Randy spanked my ass. It jumped, my cheek stung with pain.

“Do you like that, Jim?” He asked. “Do you?”

I didn’t respond. I just moaned and whimpered softly, my mouth still agape.

“Tell me you like it. Tell me you like my cock in your ass.”

“I…” He spanked me again. Harder.

“What’s that?” Randy slowed down his rhythm and began to really stick it in deeper. I started to feel those big nuts hitting me from behind. I groaned loudly. My eyes shut tight. My head was spinning. “Come on, Jim. Tell me you like it.”

“I… I like it.” I wheezed.

Randy laughed. “Yeah, I know. You love the way my cock feels in your ass?”

“Yes!” I shouted.

“You like being fucked?”


“You like being treated like a little slut?”


“Good. You’re my little slut. Say it.” He spanked me again.

“I’m…” I gasped for air, it was hard to speak and even harder to think. “I’m your… little… slut…”

“Say it again.” Spank.

“I’m… your little… slut.”

“Again!” Spank.

“I’m your little slut.”

“Rob, get up and get ready here.” And with a sudden force, Randy pulled his huge cock out of my asshole. The mixture of pain and pleasure was blinding. My legs grew weak and I collapsed to the ground, shaking all over. Before I could think, Randy had pulled me to my knees. “Open wide,” he said. I did as he commanded. “Ok, Rob, both of us at once.”

I managed to open up my eyes just in time to see both Randy and Rob cramming their raging erections into my mouth. My cheeks stretched wide in an attempt to accommodate them. They were too big and each time one got in, the other would fall out. But finally they managed to jam both of their heads in. I tried to suck but it was too difficult, so I reached up and started jerking their shafts.

“That feels so good, slut.” Randy moaned. “Does that feel good, Rob?”

“Yeah.” He said quietly.

“You think you’re friend makes a good little slut?”

Rob didn’t say anything for a second, but then he spoke up more loudly than before. “Yeah. Fuck, you’re such a slut, Jim.” It felt so strange to hear him say that, but it just made me jerk faster and harder.

All at once I felt a spasm in both cocks and my mouth started to fill up with hot liquid. There was no time to spit it out, I just let it drip down the back of my throat and swallowed hard. It just kept coming and I continued to milk their pricks into my mouth. It took three gulps before I was able to stop. The taste of their cum lingered in my mouth as I popped them out.

I fell down backwards onto the floor, my chest rising and falling quickly. I was covered in sweat and there was a dull ache in the ass and jaw. My cock was still standing up stiffly. It felt as though if I touched it, it would explode immediately. I closed my eyes until the dizziness passed. When I looked up again, I saw that Rob and Randy had sat down on the floor beside me, looking just as sweaty, exhausted and naked.

“Let me help you with that,” Randy said as he grasped my dick in his fist. He gave it two quick pumps before a geyser of cum sprayed out of me and covered both my belly and Randy’s hand. He laughed and wiped it off on my leg. I felt a satisfied smile passing over my face. I could have fallen asleep right there and then.

After a few moments of silence, Rob stood up. “I’m going to go clean myself off.” I watched him start to walk away, his flaccid dick waving as he did, and I saw him give me a look. It was a strange look. It was a look of confusion or apprehension or pity.

I was suddenly sobered. Maybe I enjoyed that too much. Maybe I went a lot further than I needed to go. Maybe I made a mistake. With horror, I recalled what I had shouted while Randy was fucking me. ‘I’m your little slut,’ I had said. My face grew red. I looked down at the globs of my own pearly white cum that speckled my body. Something inside of me was telling me that things between me and my friends were going to be very different from now on.

I looked at Randy, who was studying me with amusement. Without a word, he got to his feet and padded across the room. Even in its shrunken state, his dick was still larger than mine was fully erect. And that thing was somehow inside my ass, I thought. He went to a shelf behind the television. I noticed that the porno had long since ended, but nobody had cared. He picked something off the shelf and walked back toward me.

My heart stopped and my mouth fell open.

Randy held his video camera up to me and pressed the button to stop recording. He grinning and left the room.

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