While The Cat’s Away…

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The usual slog through the rush hour this particular evening at least had a welcoming end – the charming and sensual Lesley was staying with us for a few days.

We had been married for six years, my older adventurous wife was a nurse, locked into the drudgery of shiftwork, our lives often reduced to waving from the decks of our ships… occasionally we had house guests to brighten up the weeks when we were totally apart. Lesley was one such house guest.

Double my age at 48, she oozed the kind of sexuality that had underpinned my fantasies for years. The “older woman” thing had floated my boat for many years already, even at a relatively tender age. Orgasming for the first time at 13, whilst listening to my step father giving my mother the fuck of her life across the landing, the older busty curvy woman had ever since been my sexual nirvana. Oedipus in exelcis probably, but the gasps and moans of a saucy 32 year old are still with me now, I don’t care if that sounds shocking now. All that happened is I heard my mother cumming repeatedly, begging to be fucked harder, gasping in pleasure, moaning with delight – and it was the horniest sound I had ever heard.

For me, bahçelievler escort Lesley was now the nearest thing I had to compare to my mother – she resembled her in shape and form, even at 48 she had curves to die for, a magnificent cleavage and an ass that could stop the traffic!

She greeted me with a wholesome hug, her ample breasts squeezed against my chest, already unknowingly causing my loins to stir. We chatted about the day, her journey over, relaxed with a bottle of wine. It was only 7 p.m. still two hours before the Nurse (as I called her) would return.

Lesley asked if she could shower, feeling grubby from the journey. Alas this was a new starter house, we had only been in for a month, and there was still no shower. She was desperate to wash her hair – all we had was that plastic hosing/taps you put over your bath taps. I volunteered to shampoo and rinse, and we went up the stairs. Lesley quickly changed into her bath robe while I sorted out things in the bathroom. She came in, knelt forward over the bath and I began to soak her hair slowly. The water cascading over her hair, dripping down her face and neck suddenly started balgat escort to take on an eroticism that I didn’t expect. I was knelt over her, still in my office wear, unashamedly realising that I was becoming very aroused. I shampooed her hair, and started to rinse it with her leaning forward still, but soon realised that this wasn’t ideal. She sensed this and turned around to face me ,and arching her back, leant over the bath backwards, me kneeling over her.

I started to pour the water over her hair, removing the soapiness, feeling strangely turned on, as her breasts were inches from my fingers and her nipples were hardened and showing through her robe. She moved slightly to get more comfortable, and her robe opened just enough for me to see her beautiful full, dark, right nipple hardening as the colder air encircled it.

I carried on rinsing but the nipple carried on stiffening, and I felt my cock throbbing in unison. I held my breath, and throwing caution to the wind, slid my hand inside her robe and ran my fingers slowly around her erect nipple. She jumped immediately, my mind raced forward to heated arguments, embarrassment, the inevitable ankara escort incriminations – but she paused. Looking me full in the eye, she slipped her robe off her shoulders to reveal her positively Amazonian breasts, and leant forward to kiss me on the mouth.

I responded with my tongue and , licking my fingers, ran them over both breasts, feeling them harden to my touch. Her frantic hands took mine, and she guided my fingers between her legs, stroking my hand over her clit with her own hands, furiously finger fucking herself with my digits. Her pussy was on fire, she was dripping with desire, her smell engulfed me, I was intoxicated with her and so wanted to make this woman cum. She licked the juices from my fingers, plunged them into her tight delicious pussy, pulled my mouth to her nipples, and ground her clit against my hand till I felt her throbbing with orgasm, and she greedily sucked at my mouth, her lips sucking mine. She had cum within a minute, and her trembling continued as she lay back, opened her legs, leading me by my now rock solid cock. She parted her lips with one hand and pulled my blood engorged member between them, seconds later I was up to the hilt inside her, her legs around the small of my back.

“Now come on, you horny bastard, fuck me hard” she virtually spat the words out in mock disgust, ” I want you to fuck me harder than you’ve ever done, I want that cum inside me, fuck me hard baby, show me what you do to that daughter of mine…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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