Wife’s New Job Pt. 02

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All rights reserved – this story is a work of fiction and remains the property of the writer.

Chapter 2

Leaning back, I looked at the sight before me. My wife leaned back against the desk, her blouse wide open, her fingers slowly teasing her nipple. I could see her pussy, wet, and inviting. To her left, Stan leaned back against the same desk. His thick cock had deflated and lay across his balls. He was looking into her eyes, and brought his hand up to her hip. They kissed slowly, and deeply. As they were busy with each other I could see their separate sex organs, beginning to twitch and naturally starting to move closer to each other. Sheila’s pussy seemed to be rhythmically pulsing, opening and closing in an effort to draw a penis into her depths. Stan’s cock had actually started to lengthen. I couldn’t believe it because he had cum twice today. Twice in the past hour. I watched in amazement as he grew longer, thicker, and a large, clear drop formed at the tip of his huge masculine penis. Their kiss lingered and Sheila made a “come here” motion with her finger. Motioning me to come to her. I eyed Stan’s mighty shaft as I moved to her. She pressed my head against her crotch and I tasted her. She tasted like sex, salty, warm, and somehow ‘organic’. I couldn’t get enough, and she was so wet I knew my cock would slip into her easily.

Sheila pushed my head toward Stan. They were still kissing, and Stan’s cock hadn’t started to stand, but it was noticeably longer than when I had released it from my mouth. I licked the tip, enjoying the salty drop. So warm, and sweet. I lifted his shaft and took the head in my mouth. Sucking hard I felt the surge of his manhood as he pushed into my throat, his cock engorging. Stan’s hands closed on my head and he pulled me onto him.

“Oooooh, yes. That’s so good. Your husband has a talent for this.”

“Yes, he seems to.” Sheila giggled. “I’m not sure he’ll let you get away”

Stan thrust into my mouth a few more times, his cock bursting with male power. The veins prominent on the shaft, his big head hard, and raging with lust. I slipped down and licked his balls; amazingly they were loose again, hanging low, and apparently re-charged with sperm. Pulling away, he held his cock in one hand, brining it to my mouth. Teasing me he let the head slip between my lips. I sucked hard, and although I saw the pleasure in his eyes, he pulled away.

“I’m ready for you again Sheila. Lie back on the desk. I need to be inside you.” Stan directed her to act, and she did. Without breaking his gaze, she lay back on the desk. Her knees pulled up, and spread. The cheeks of her luscious ass on the edge of the desk, leaving her beautiful vagina exposed, and glistening with her excitement. Stan turned to her moving in as if to penetrate her. Then stopped. “Jack, suck me again. Then place me at the entrance to your wife. The entrance to her womb, where I’ve been for the past months, taking her as I please. Putting my sperm where yours could never go.”

I leaned in and took him deep in my throat. Stopping to savor the feeling, I could tell how right this was. I was kneeling before the alpha male, taking his engorged sex organ in my mouth, preparing him to penetrate, in fact impregnate my wife. if he hadn’t already done so. Stan held my head still as he flexed his cock. Withdrawing slowly, he shuddered with ecstasy as his cock leaked more pre-ejaculatory fluid.

“No, that’s not for you.” Stan admonished as I tried to lick it from him. “That will be inside your wife. I’m going to take her, bahçelievler escort Jack, take her in the way you should be able to but can’t. My cock will travel up inside her, deep inside. To a place where you’ve never been. I’ll leave my cum in her, seeding her, breeding her. Just as she begged me to do so many times. Now feed me into her.” My head spun with desire. I saw her pussy, needing him to slide into her. His cock, hard, throbbing, veins bursting under the skin. The big head, dark and ready to perform its task. I moved him into position and placed the head of his penis at her opening. I looked into her eyes, down to her large breasts, swollen with pregnancy, her nipples dark and long, down past her expanding belly, past her beautiful, full hips, and saw him move slightly forward. His head slipped in and she sighed. Sheila arched her hips, and pulled him into her. This wasn’t just seeing her make love to another man, I was allowing it to happen, in fact I had helped, placing him at her opening.

“OH Yes!! YES!! Please now, I need you in me now!!” Sheila nearly screamed.

“Jack, before I bury myself inside your wife, I need to hear you ask me to do it. Beg me.” Stan had stopped, pulling himself out until only the tip remained in contact with Sheila.

“Yes, please do it.” I stammered. ” Please, she needs it. Look at her; she needs your cock, your bigger cock. She needs to be fucked by a real man.” The look of love in Sheila’s eyes was amazing as she closed them and concentrated on what was about to happen. “I can’t make her feel like that. Please Stan, make love to my wife.” I felt strangely resigned to this. Allowing her to experience this, and at the same time allowing myself to admit I wasn’t in control. An Alpha Male had taken over and showed me my place. Stan thrust into her slowly. Inch after inch disappeared into my wife as she clasped the side of the desk, her knuckles turning white.

“Oh my ……..Yes, that’s ……that’s……ooooooooooh. There.” Stan had bottomed out. He was close to her, but I could still see about a half inch of his shaft. “Are you in all the way? You’re so deep. I can feel you against my cervix.”

“I still have a little more, but you can have that in another position.” Stan said, beginning to rock his hips. Sheila pulled him forward and he fell into her, his entire length inside. “Oh my, you do need it don’t you?” He teased.

“Yessssss!!! Oh Stan that’s so good. I’m so full of your cock!!” Sheila was saying things I had never heard her say. I moved to her and took a nipple in my mouth. I sucked the thick nub as he began to slide in and out of my wife. Her breasts moved back and forth as he moved in her. I moved down to her crotch, where it met him and looked closely as her lips stretched tightly around his shaft. On one long stroke he slipped free form her and his cock slid up, along her mound, into my face. I sucked the tip quickly, but her protests convinced him to guide himself back into her. I reached under him, holding his balls as he thrust.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it. You now what to do. Keep it up.” Stan moaned as sweat dripped form his forehead. I went back to her nipple, then up to her, kissing her, looking into her eyes as he filled her over and over. Her first orgasm ripped through her and made her clamp down on my tongue in her mouth,

“Oh, oh, oh!! Yes, yeah, Yeah!” She flushed with color as the pleasure he had given her rushed through her. Her nipples were so hard, so dark. I noticed that I too was hard, and released balgat escort my cock form my pants. Offering it to her mouth, she turned and took me in, sucking hard on my rock hard penis.

“Look at that.” Stan said. “She’s so good, so hot. Sucking your little dick, while I fuck her with a man’s cock.” Hearing Stan’s berate me was getting me hot for some reason. I looked down and saw him thrust into her, his wide shaft stretching her lips. It was way too much for me. I knew I would cum, and so did Sheila. Taking me from her mouth, she stroked my cock while directing me to her tits. I took over and did what I needed to do. I spurted four streams of cum on her right nipple. I was lucky and got all the silvery cream on her dark areola. It stood out very well.

“Now suck my tits!” Sheila commanded. “Suck that sperm form me before it gets on Stan.” She pulled me down to her nipple and I closed my mouth over it, sucking my salty spend from the hard nipple and licking it from her areola. The salty, warm taste was like Stan’s, but slightly different. I savored the taste, and kept suckling her, wishing her milk would flow.

“I’m going to cum, going to cum in you – are you ready, my beauty?” Stan asked through clenched teeth. “I’m ready to give you my seed.” His eyes closed as he felt his contractions begin.

“Yes, please cum inside me” Sheila sounded like a porn movie. “Give me your man-sperm, your hot semen. I wish you could make me even more pregnant.” She looked down between her legs, having to peer over her belly as it began. Stan held still. Having buried himself inside her, he held her hips and held his penis perfectly still as it began to throb.

“Come over here and hold my balls. Hold them as they deliver my precious seed into your wife.” Stan commanded. I moved to him, reaching under him, I held the two balls in my palm. They were pulled up tightly against his body as they performed their final task, delivering his sperm into her. Into my sweet wife. I looked down at him, at them, they were joined and he was cumming in her. Bare backing her. Breeding her again. His cock sent stream after stream of his potent seed into her. I bent my head to his nipple and sucked hard at it. “Oh yeah!!” Stan growled. I felt him ease backward and could hear the wet sound of his huge shaft pulling free from her. “Take the last few spurts.” He granted me some of his semen,

I saw the thick cock lying on Sheila’s vagina, getting ready to throb again. I quickly took the tip in my mouth and received his final spurt of cream. Sucking hard I drew it from him. Stan pulled out of my mouth and stroked the last stream out of his penis onto my wife’s mound. Rubbing the semen with the head of his cock he anointed her with his cream.

“Oh I can feel it inside me” Sheila moaned, rubbing her pussy with both hands. She let one finger trail up to her navel. “He was this deep, Jack. So deep. He shot that cum in me so deep if I wasn’t already pregnant, you know I would be now. Now clean Stan up and then get my panties. You might get to drink his sperm from me later, but for now I want to feel it inside me. Feel it run from my pussy all the way home.”

I turned to Stan and went about the business of cleaning his cock. He pulled on his pants, and allowed me one last suck before zipping himself up. I found Sheila’s panties, and slid them on her. She got up, and straightened her skirt and blouse.

“Oh it’s running from me now. It feels so warm, so nice.” Sheila picked up her things and said, “Come with ankara escort me Jack, we have so much to discuss. Stan, I need the rest of the day off.”

We went home and as we walked through the door Sheila turned to me.

“Jack I think this can go one of two ways.” She said as she took her shoes off, and dropped her coat. “You can get angry and we would end up separate, or you can admit that this scenario is one you’ve been yearning for. One you have wanted for a long time. I know it turns you on to have a superior male take me, show me things sexually that you could never show me. How do you feel?”

I dropped onto the couch and looked at her. Sheila crossed the room, and dropped her blouse as she did so. It was easy to see where this was going. She knew I loved this. She knew I couldn’t say no. Her skirt slid down her legs leaving her in her bra and panties. With a quick flick of her finger, the clasp to her bra let go and her breasts were free. The nipples were hard, the areola darker than ever. Since becoming pregnant her breasts had taken on a whole new look and it was an amazing turn on. Fuller, and more demanding of attention. Pale blue veins showing through the skin, dark, wide areola contrasting so nicely with her pale skin. Her hips had filled out nicely too. She was, in a word, sexual.

“I was hurt and shocked at first, but I can see this is what you want.” I stammered.

“Now Jack, don’t lie – don’t try to make it sound like this isn’t just what you hoped for. An alpha male takes me, drives his huge cock into me and makes me cum, but lets you enjoy his male power as well. He allows you to taste his seed, the seed that made me pregnant. I think sucking his cock and swallowing his load will make you more of a man.” Sheila lay back on the lounge and slid her panties off, her legs extending up in the air, and spreading widely as the came down. I could see her vagina now. Her hands languished on her inner thighs, sliding toward the point where her legs joined her body. “Do you want us to stop?”

“No. You’re……..you’re right – I like it. Something seems so right about him taking you that way. About me feeding him into you and even the fact that he’s impregnated you. I can’t believe it but that seems so right as well. I just don’t know if I can…..”

“Jack….” She cooed, “if you don’t tell me what you really like about him right now, this all stops right here. Right now.” Sheila paused, covering herself with her hands, denying my view of that warm, dark place I needed so badly.

“I, I liked it. I like his cock. I mean I liked it when he came in you and he pulled out. The shaft was so wide and long, as it pulled from you it just kept coming and coming, and when the head finally slid out it stretched your pussy so wide. Then he la it across your pussy and that drop of white cum appeared at its tip and I couldn’t stop myself, I had to taste it.” Sheila held both hands on her inner thighs, and seemed to squeeze slightly. Her lips spread and white liquid ran from her pussy. I couldn’t believe it, but a thick stream ran down her lips, across her anus, and pooled on leather. She reached down with a finger, scooped some of the semen up and ran it around her nipple. Leaning her head down, and lifting her breast up, she took the dark nub in her mouth and sucked the sperm from it.

“Mmmmmm, its so warm, so sweet. Tastes like a man. My pussy kept it nice and warm inside me, come Jack, drink his seed from me.” I rushed to her and licked every drop from her sweet vagina, taking time to linger on her clit while I did so. “Ooooh yes jack, yes, that’s it – you want it so bad don’t you?” She moaned.

I did. I couldn’t wait until we met with Stan again. And as it turned out I wouldn’t have to wait long.

To be continued.

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