Yes Master-2_(0)

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I bit down softly on my tongue in anticipation. The door opened and I was greeted by her beautiful figure, completely naked. Those blue eyes glittering a soft smile on her face. Her breast hung free. Her pussy lips freshly shaven walked up to her pushing my way into the door. I cupped her sex; she let out a soft gasp.
“I like the clean shave better than the trim cunt” I said pushing her back slightly as I entered.
I dropped my bag to the floor it landed with a soft thud. I closed the door and locked it. I looked over to her, lust in her eyes. A smile played at my lips. I decided to satisfy her later.
“Show me to your room cunt” I demanded.
“Yes sir” she responded swiftly.
She headed up a staircase towards the center of the house. When I turned, she wasn’t even halfway up the stairs. I smirked, knowing she was trying to put on a show. As she walked up the stairs, her ass swayed. Each time you could catch a glimpse of her wet lips. Her raven hair spilling from her head. She reached the landing and walked into the master bedroom. The room was quite large with the bed taking up most of the room. A walk in closet was left open with different outfits lying on the floor. My eyes continued to scope the room I saw a closed door off to the side of the room. I assumed it to be the bathroom. I turned back to look at her.
She was on her knees, legs spread partially, at the foot of the bed. Her sloppy cunt clearly visible as her raven hair spilled over her shoulders just barely covering her puffy nipples.
“How may I please you master” she asked raunchily. A soft smile playing on her lust filled lips.
“Get on the bed” I demanded.
“Spread your legs and play with your pussy until if tell you to stop” I added
I walked over to her closet. After looking around a bit, I decided on an outfit that would suit my needs. A simple fishnet gown with a pair of black leggings’ made it a personal rule to no longer allow her to wear underwear, save crotch less panties in public. I walked back into the room to see her spread out on her bed eyes closed, masterfully fingering her wet sex and playing with her swollen clit at the same time. I slipped out my phone and took a picture.
“Alright slut you’re done” I said throwing the clothes at her
“Get these on” I directed
She whimpered uselessly as she pulled her fingers out of her snatch. She slipped the leggings on and then the top.
“What now?” she asked curiously
I smiled at my good fortune. The perfect opportunity to punish her, she forgot my title.
I flew across the gap of space between us. Slapping her hard across the face. The sound satisfying.
“NEVER, forget to call me by a title” I yelled at her.
She cowered in fear.
“What do you think I should do to you now whore?” I spat at her
She hung her head in shame.
“I deserve punishment master” she answered
I grabbed her by the throat and flipped her onto her stomach. I pulled the gown off her.
“Over my knee bitch!” I commanded
She got down onto her knees and crawled until she was lying across me. I grabbed the waist of the leggings and pulled them up until they were wedged deep in her ass crack. She moaned slightly as the cloth rubbed her clit. Without warning, I slapped my hand across her ass. It quaked from the force. As she gasped in pain. Then I let five more slaps loose on her ass each tie her ass jiggling. Just watching was making my cock rock hard. I slipped my hand in between her cheeks, feeling for the lips of her sex. Everything felt the same, she was dripping juices.
“Now, we both know a slutty fuck of your caliber has some toys. Therefore, I want you to bring them to me. All of them!” I demanded
She scurried to her feet; I smacked her ass as she rose to get her moving. She walked into her closet and came back out with a suitcase. I smirked, what a fucking whore. She got down on her knees pushing her hair out of her eyes as she unzipped the bag. My mouth dropped when I saw its contents. Every kind of sex toy imaginable including strap on’s and quite a lot of lube. I smiled again, something caught my eye. A butt plug still in its package, never used.
I stood up slipped off my shirt then my shoes and pants until I was standing in front of her, raging hard on proudly on display. I walked over to the suitcase plucked a bottle of lube and the plug with one hand and with the other; I grabbed her hair dragging her over to the bed. I threw her on to the bed; lying on it with her, I gave her a command.
“Get on top of me slut!”
She was on me in a flash her dripping cunt presented in front of me. I could feel the heat coming off of it. I ran a finger delicately over her sex. She let out a gasp of pleasure in response.
“Why aren’t you sucking my dick?” I asked rhetorically
Her mouth enveloped my cock. Her lips expertly gliding over my shaft. She played with my balls as she devoured my cock.
I quietly took the plug out of it package as she sucked me off. I set it aside as I spread her cheeks to get a nice look at her asshole. I licked her cunt along its opening causing her to moan in response. I licked her a few more times as she took my cock into her throat, milking it for all its worth. I felt my balls begin to boil, sperm churning waiting to be let loose.
I bellowed loudly as I let my sperm shoot down her throat. Rope after rope until I was empty. She continued to clean me after. I took this time to rub the butt plug around the lips of her pussy collecting juices all over it. I pulled it out of her sex and without warning shoved it into her ass. She let out a loud cry
“Please no! Take it out!” She wailed. Trying to roll off of me.
I held her legs tightly preventing her from moving.
I clicked my teeth as I spoke in a soothing voice. “If you stop clenching so hard it won’t hurt as bad!”
She continued to struggle for a bit but after a while, she calmed down. I rolled her onto her back and got onto her stomach, still restricting her movement. I gently wiped the tears from her eyes and gazed into her blue eyes. She tried to look away, so I grabbed her head and forced her to look at me.
“I need you to remember, that when we’re in the bedroom. Alternatively, anywhere else when having sex, I’m in charge. Now you can ask me any questions. “I finished placing a kiss in her lips.
She turned away, and then sighed. “I understand master. But can I take this out of my ass please!” She pleaded near the end.
I smiled and kissed her again. “Nope! I’ll clean you up and then we’ll see how well you take it up the ass”
I got off of her stomach; she canlı bahis tried to rise with me. I pushed her back down forcefully. Her blue eyes twinkled with confusion. I moved my fingers down to her cunt and tickled her clit. She immediately began to quicken her breath. I pushed a finger into her cunt, she was still dripping. I began fucking her faster and faster until I felt her clenching. I pumped faster and faster. She started screaming and writhing on the bed until she literally squirted all over my arm, drenching the bed. I smiled as she lay there her arms and legs still shaking. I flicked the butt plug causing her to jerk. I stood up from the bed.
“Told you that you would like it” I teased
She turned to face me.
“Thank you master!” Her sapphire eyes brimming with happiness.
The rest of the day was pretty chill. We watched some TV and I made some food for lunch. All while I forced her to stay naked. Everything was going great until something unexpected happened. The door rang. We were watching TV her head in my lap, the door rang again.
“You expecting someone Sarah?” I asked. (She had asked me that I call her by her first name when we weren’t having sex)
She picked her head up. “No, have no Idea who that could be”
I stood up, panic beginning to register. Shit! Please no!
“Get up stairs and put something on” a told her
She sprung up and headed for the stairs. I grabbed her and before she could make it.
“Play along if it comes to that” I asked
“Of course” was all she said as she ran upstairs.
I grabbed my jeans from the floor of the living room and slipped them on pulling a t-shirt over my head. The door rang again. Not daring to call out I walked over to the door. And looked through the peephole on the door. My heart dropped. My fucking sister. Nosy ass bitch! I yelled in my head. How did she know I was here!? Then the thought dawned on me. Maybe she didn’t. The bell rang again. I looked through the hole; her smooth hair was in a ponytail. Moreover, she didn’t look like she was leaving. Sarah came down the stairs wearing a t-shirt and a pair of leggings.
“Are they still here?” She asked. Concern in her eyes.
“It’s my sister!” I explained
“Shit!” She replied. “Go hide somewhere I’ll handle it”
I was in no state of mind to come up with a better plan so I complied moving over to the coat closet and pulling myself inside. I heard the door open.
“Hi! Ms. Mahogany” rang my sister’s voice
“Oh, hello Melanie. What on earth are you doing here?” asked Sarah
“Just stopping by, wondering if we could talk” was all she said.
“Sure come on in” replied Sarah
I heard them walk into the living room and sit on the couch. No! Just send her away. Their voices were quiet so I quietly moved from the closet and crouched down behind a potted plant closer to the living room.
“So what is it you wanted to ask me? Melanie?” Questioned Sarah.
“Where is he” was all Melanie said.
“I’m sorry?” Sarah asked again acting confused
I knew it wouldn’t fool Melanie. Nevertheless, I still wanted to know whom or what tipped her off.
“You’re wearing his t-shirt and I called all of his friends, he’s not with any of them” she retorted becoming more aggressive in tone.
Sarah said nothing. I let out a soft sigh and revealed myself.
“What do you want Melanie” I said loudly moving from my cover.
“I knew it!” She practically yelled
I just kept walking up to her, psyching myself up to confront her.
“You two were fucking on Friday, in the fucking school” she yelled obviously excited about her “discovery”.
“Mom is going to be so livid when I tell her about about this I..” she never got the chance to finish.
“Cut the bullshit Melanie” I said cutting her off. I kept walking up to her until I was inches from her face.
“What do you mean?!?” She asked frightened by my sudden boldness in the situation.
“Oh I’m talking about the little video I have of you rubbing your filthy slit in the library. Yelling MY name.” I said yelling the last words.
“So unless you want THIS video all over the internet. Or sent to mom from an anonymous email, or BOTH.” I yelled. Using my new leverage to test my power.
“I’d get on your fucking knees” I commanded
There was a gap of time, and then slowly but surely she got on her knees’ was surprised that she listened. (She is my older sister after all) I glanced over at Sarah. She was rubbing herself furiously over her leggings.
“What are you going to do?” Asked Melanie her breath shallow.
“I’m just going to give you what you want, what you need” I said
She gasped as I began to undo my pants.
“Please! Eric not this, that was just some sick fantasy I had in my head! We can’t do this, its incest,” she pleaded.
I looked over to Sarah.
“What do you think cunt?” I asked her beckoning her over to us. She picked herself up from the couch and made her way over to us. Each step she shed another piece of clothing. Until she was stark naked her raven hair and blue eyes oozing sensuality.
“She deserves punishment Master,” she said kneeling down next to me hands places behind her back.
I looked back over to Melanie her head shaking in desperation. “Punishment! For what, a fantasy about my brother!” She pleaded. “You both know I’m a nobody at school. Shit! I’ve never even kissed a guy and I lost my virginity to a fucking dildo!” She sobbed. Her tiny frame quivering.
I was shocked by her confession, to the point of having second thoughts. I mean she was always so confident around me despite her situation at school. I snapped out of it. Stick to the plan I told myself (Whatever that is). I knelt down so that our faces were level. I pushed her chin up to my face. I brushed her hair back and kissed her, deeply. At first, she tried to pull back, but then she simply enjoyed the kiss as our tongues danced. I pulled away; she looked up at me and tried to kiss me again. I put. A finger to her lips stopping her.
“Go upstairs. Only room with an open door, Sarah will be up to prepare you shortly,” I commanded
Surprisingly, she did as I asked. Heading up the stairs slowly a soft smile on her lips. Ponytail swinging. Sarah went to follow Melanie but I stopped her.
“Are you alright with this?” I asked
“What? You mean the whole incest thing” she replied
I nodded.
She let out a soft chuckle. “In all honesty I think it’s kind of hot”
I smiled. “So can you do it?”
“You mean make her feel pretty?” She asked
I nodded again a serious look on my face.
“Of course” was all she said.
As she turned bahis siteleri to leave, I stopped her one last time.
“What?” She asked, “That makeup isn’t going to do its self”
“Can you find out if she’s…?” I hesitated “you know like you” I finished
“What is that supposed to mean?!” She scoffed pretending to be offended.
But I knew she was going to make me say it.
“A filthy little whore” I whispered. As I thrust two fingers into her snatch.
I started pumping without remorse. Aiming to make her cum. She just stared at me wide eyed gasping like a fish felt her clench and I knew she was about to cum. I slipped another finger in, driving her over the edge. She drenched the floor again. I pushed her onto the floor and rubbed her face in it.
“Drink it” I commanded
She slurped her juices off of the floor hungrily.
“Now share” I said bringing her mouth to mine.
Her liquid swished in both of our mouths as our tongues wrestled. I pulled her off me and pointed up the stairs.
“Go” was all I said.
I smacked her ass as she walked to the staircase. Watching it quake I thought to myself. If that’s what her ass does, I wonder what Melanie’s would do?
I waited a while, watching some TV. When I realized that, they probably wouldn’t be done for a while. I figured I would make some plans. I bought some tickets to a movie on the other side of town. I figured it would prevent us from running into anybody from our school. As I figured, hanging out with one of your teachers along with your sister would raise some suspicions. I grabbed my duffel bag from its resting place. And pulled out some new clothes. After sorting around, I found some comfortable clothes. I grabbed them and after some wandering around on the ground floor. I found another bathroom with a shower. All along, I could only think about what my sister was going to look like after Sarah finished with her. I took a shower and got changed. After that, I just sat and waited. Organizing files on my phone.
After some time had passed I felt a hand touch my shoulder. It was Sarah. I turned and she just stood there smiling.
“Well?” I asked curious as to where Melanie was.
“We were supposed to have a big unveiling, but she chickened out and refuses to come down stairs.” She explained.
I just shook my head. “Figured as much. She’s shy you know that”
I stood up and motioned to the stairs.
“Come on, you gotta get dressed or we’re going to be late” I told her heading up the stairs.
“Where are we going?” she asked as I walked up the stairs
“Movies I called” Not stopping.
I paused for a second and looked back down stairs. Wondering how Sarah was going to get dressed if Melanie had locked herself away in her room. I poked my head around the corner, but she was gone. I shrugged to myself and went upstairs. I stopped in front if the door. And tried the knob, of course. Locked.
“Melanie, let me in.” I called. Knocking on the door.
“No! Just go away. Ok” she called back.
I was growing impatient. “Open the goddamn door Melanie or were going to be late.”
“Going were?” She asked
“Open the door and maybe I’ll tell you” I responded playing into her curiosity.
I waited a moment and then the door unlocked. When it opened and I stepped in, my jaw dropped. She was beautiful. Granted her eyes were a little dark from crying. However, she was beautiful. Her hips were hugged by a pair of leggings a tight t-shirt that showed off her quaint breast. Her brown hair had been curled into perfect springs that dangled from atop her head. I couldn’t help but stare.
“It’s that bad?” She questioned
Her voice brought me back from my trance. I didn’t have to see myself to know that my eyes were brimming with love or lust. I didn’t know and I really didn’t care. All I know is that I pushed myself towards her. Bringing my lips to hers, she stopped me.
“Oh no, not this time. I want you to tell me what you feel not just turn me to jelly with a kiss” she explained on the verge of tears again.
I froze for a second. Then I steeled myself and told her what I felt. “I love you Mel, you know that and I think we both know that this is something that doesn’t need to be said”
She turned and looked at me, an embarrassed smile on her face. “That’s it?”
I smiled back. “I also think you look beautiful in these new clothes.”
She grabbed my arm and led me to the bed. “Shame they won’t be staying on long.” She teased.
I grabbed her legs and lifted her off the ground pressing my face to her’s. I sat on the bed as she straddled me. She brought her lips to mine as we started to kiss. Her tongue wrapped around mine as I tried to take off her t-shirt. She rolled off me, slipped off her t-shirt, and began taking her bra off with it. I stripped off my jeans and shirt. Finding myself naked. My hand instantly began stroking my cock. It was an understatement to say that I was rock hard. I was throbbing. I kept stroking its length as I walked over to the bed. Melanie finished taking of her bra and her quaint breast hung free her hard nipples like sensitive little pebbles. I went ahead and tweaked one of her nipples causing her to gasp.
“Stop for a second, Eric let me take off the pants!” She giggled.
I flipped her onto her back kissing her deeply. I spread her legs and grabbed the thin material of the leggings right over her pussy. I could feel the warmth. I ripped it, revealing her panties.
“Eric!” She gasped. “These aren’t mine” She said as she giggled more.
“Shhh, just enjoy it.” I answered.
I pressed my face to her pussy. I licked it through the fabric causing her to moan. I licked along her slit. Another gasp. I put my mouth over the waist and bit down ripping away that side I moved my mouth over to the other side and did the same. I pulled it away leaving her slit exposed. She was soaked. I thought that it was just wet because of my spit but I see that I was wrong. Her clit was swollen and Melanie was gasping. I blew on her clit causing her to wrap her legs around my neck.
“Please! Eric just do it!” She begged.
I wasn’t going to make it easy. “Do what?” I asked. Looking up at her.
“Please! Eat your sisters dripping pussy! I need it now.” She begged.
I dived in. I put my mouth over her cunt and forced my tongue all the way in. She screamed so loud I thought my ears would burst. She locked my face in place. I didn’t try to resist, I just dove in further.
I moved my tongue like a snake inside her pussy. It drove her mad. I felt her try to grip my tongue with her pussy I knew she was close. I went into bahis şirketleri overdrive licking and sucking as hard as I could until she squirted. And boy did she squirt; her juices coated my face even though I tried to drink it all. She went limp on the bed. I unfolded her legs from my neck and moved up her body planting kisses as I went. Until I was at her face, she had a giddy smile on her face I knelt down and kissed her mouth sharing whatever trace of her juices were left. Her hazel eyes glistening with pleasure.
“Thank you” she said.
“I’m not done yet!” I growled as I pressed my dick into her opening.
My dick pulsed as I pushed myself further in. Her pussy was tight already; it was grasping the head of my cock pulling me in.
“Oh, Eric you feel so big!” She squealed as I kept pushing in.
I managed to get all the way inside. And as soon as I did, I pulled almost all the way out and shoved my throbbing cock back inside of her. She cried out.
“Please Eric fuck me!” She cried.
I continued to drive into her, her pussy milking me with each thrust. Harder and deeper was my goal. She was starting to meet me at each thrust, fucking me just as hard as I was her. I grabbed her legs and put each of them on one of my shoulders. I had to slow down to do it.
“No, babe please don’t stop.” She begged, as I changed positions. She grabbed my neck with her arms trying to drive herself back into me.
I lifted her off the bed and pushed her against the wall. That’s when I really got the leverage I needed. I pulled all the way out leaving her gaping pussy open leaking her juices. Then I slammed home. She cried out a moan of ecstasy.
“Harder!” She growled. Her nails now digging into my back.
I complied; I pounded into her hard and deep. Going into my hilt and then pulling all the way out and slamming back. Her pussy squelched and squeezed me every time I went in. It gripped me so hard it was like her cunt itself was begging me not to leave. Sweat was pouring down our faces. I kept fucking her until she came her pussy gripping me so hard I couldn’t pull out and then forcing me out of her along with a torrent of her juices. She soaked my legs. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head and she was shaking in my arms.
I carried her over to the bed and laid her down on her stomach. I pulled the remains of her leggings off of her body with a sharp rip. My mouth dropped for a second time. For the first time ever I got a look at her bare ass. I could not help myself. I slapped it. I got a moan out of Melanie as it quivered and quaked like jelly. It’s mass perfect in every way. Now I always thought of myself as more of a tits kind of guy. But her was ass making me consider switching teams. I knelt down and spread her cheeks. I licked from her pussy all the way to her asshole and after I did it, I froze, wondering how she would react.
“Please keep going!” I heard her beg.
I didn’t need to be told twice. I started tonguing her nether hole. Stretching her out. I heard her moan again, louder this time.
“That’s right Eric; eat your sister’s ass out!” She cried out.
I continued to tongue her ass out until my tongue felt like it would fall out. Then I brought my face to hers.
“Do you want it?” I asked hoping she would agree.
“Let me taste it!” She begged.
Her lips attacked mine her tongue wrapping around mine and licking whatever trace of herself from my mouth in seconds. She took herself off and looked at me lust in her eyes.
“Now fuck my ass, hard.” She begged.
I never imagined Melanie would be this kinky; I hadn’t even fucked Sarah in the ass. That didn’t mean I was going to refuse her. I forced her onto her stomach and positioned myself behind her. I pressed my cock to her ass hole. She let out a gasp.
“Keep going,” she breathed.
I pushed a little harder. The head of my dick popped in, it was twice as tight as her pussy. Almost to the point where it was beginning to hurt. I pushed a little harder getting myself about half way in. Words can’t describe how amazing it felt to have my dick in her ass. I spread her ass as I tried to pull back out so I could get more leverage.
“No!” She whined. “Just shove it all the way in and fuck me,” She begged.
I smiled; maybe I was lucky enough to have two sluts on my hands. I stopped straddled her ass while staying inside, and forced myself all the way in. I felt like I was going to cum right then and there.
Melanie let out a scream. “Keep going!”
I started fucking her hard, my dick slipping in and out of her tight ass. Her cheeks jiggling and quivering as I pounded into her. I felt her clench up as I pulled back. And cry out as I pushed myself back in. She was sweating now, her body smelled of sex. I could just imagine how wet her pussy was. I grabbed her hair and gathered in in a fish pulling her head back as I fucked her.
“Oh yeah, that’s it Eric pull your sisters hair.” She yelled.
“Tell me how much you like it,” I grunted hoping she would spit out the filthiest shit I could imagine.
“Fuck! I like it! Shit, I love it. Your big fat cock sliding into my ass. I’m going to cum soon, make your big sister cum.” She squealed.
I was getting close now, I wanted her to cum first but I didn’t know if I was going to last. I drove into her ass as hard as I could aiming to make her squirt. I felt her whole body clench up she started shaking and grunting. This was probably the hardest orgasm I had ever seen. I didn’t let up though; I kept driving into her ass now only trying to get myself off. My balls boiled and tightened. And I let loose a guttural roar as ropes of my hot cum shot into her asshole. I pulled out and shot some on her cheeks too.
She tried to move underneath me, I let her get up as she turned over and pushed me onto my back. She took my dick in her hand and licked its length. Whatever cum was still on my dick was now in her mouth. She swallowed my length and took me into her throat. I was still hard but I didn’t know how long that would last. So I grabbed her head and forced her all the way down onto my cock fucking her throat. She took me in, spit slipping out of her mouth as I fucked her mouth harder and harder. Not once did she try to stop me, I noticed she was fingering her cunt. I felt myself grow close again, surprised I had any jizz left. I pumped in and out until I felt my balls clench as I came into her throat my burning seed coated her throat. When she couldn’t swallow any more she pulled her mouth off and jerked me off, the rest flying onto her face.
I looked down at her, she smiled.
“I could get used too fucking my brother.” She chuckled, a smile on her face.
“So could I.” Was all I said in response, as I let my head fall back on the pillow.

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