A Chance Meeting Ch. 01

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This is my first story to ever be submitted here at Literotica.com although I’ve been a reader here for some time. I plan on making this a series, (You’ll see why by the end) but first I’d like to get some feedback from you readers. In addition, I already have a this same story from “her” perspective as well. So when the time comes I might even be able add some bonus content as well! Please enjoy and all feedback is welcome!


I saw her in Macy’s. Both of us were in the perfume section. Our eyes met and we both seemed to know each other’s secret. I grinned and she returned the smile. It was obvious we both were trying on scents so we’d smell good for the day. It was the day before Valentine’s Day after all, and why bother buying it before trying it, right? Not exactly a criminal offense, but still enough of a thrill to be a little exhilarating. I took a moment to stare at the pleasing curves of her body, an instant turn-on, and as my eyes traveled back up to hers I was satisfied to see that she took no offense to my lingering gaze; instead she welcomed the attention.

I wandered over the few steps that it took to close the distance between us and asked what perfume she had. She answered and then asked me in return. We exchanged bottles and her hand grazed my own as she took it; her touch was deliberate and warmly inviting. She was close enough to where I could see the plunge of space between her generous breasts. Her top was cut just low enough to provide a peek, but enough to leave plenty still to the imagination. The curve of her breasts was warmly inviting. Part of me wanted to disappear between them. I smelled the bottle and then asked her, on the pretext of wanting to compare the scent in the bottle to how it smelled on her, if I could smell. She coyly agreed and I leaned in close to her neck, not quite touching her, but sure that she could feel my breath tickle the hairs on her neck.

Her head tilted to the side ever so slightly and the urge to kiss her bare neck was nearly uncontrollable, but I stopped short. She returned the favor on the same pretext and standing on her tippy-toes to reach me, since she wore flats, she smelled me as well; however, unlike I had done, she casually let her lips graze my neck. I could feel her breasts press against my chest and for a brief moment, my mind flashed to completely different surroundings, where we were alone together and her warm, naked body was pressed against my own, her hands clawing at my back and her soft moans ringing in my ears. Then in a flash it was gone and she was pulling away with a remark of, “That smells quite nice on you.”

“You as well,” I replied with a grin. We walked together down the counter of perfumes, smelling a few more. She was in no way shy and her body language showed it. A gentle touch here on the arm, and a subtle invitation. My hand found the small of her back as she leaned over the counter and another irresistible urge to trace the shape of her hips nearly overcame me. I heard a soft sigh that she only half-hid as she felt my hand graze her curves. The lines of her body drove me crazy as she seemed to flow in and out of the space around me like water. I fantasized about letting my hand stray down her beautiful round butt and down between her legs, feeling her plump pussy pulsating at my touch.

“I still like that first one best,” she said, almost as though thinking out loud.

“The perfume?” I asked, snapped out of my daydream.

“Mhmm,” she answered. She seemed a little dazed, less so than I felt at the moment, but still slightly out of breath even. Then she asked, “How about a coffee or something at the Starbucks outside?”

“Sounds like an idea,” I said.

She placed a hand on my chest and gently pushed me back a bit to make room for her in the aisle, then slid it slowly down my chest as she walked by. I followed, powerless to stop myself even if I had wanted to.

We made it outside and she stopped abruptly near the entrance to Starbucks. She turned around and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Take me.”

My heart skipped a beat for a moment, “Where?” I asked.

“In there,” she said tilting her head towards Starbucks. “The restroom. It has a lock. We can sneak in there. Just take me.”

I was bursa escort more than willing and it took all of my self-control not to bowl people over to get inside. I took her by the hand and opened the door that would get us closest to the restroom. Then I felt a soft tug on one of my belt loops, looked back, and saw her hand pulling me back.

“Wait,” she said quietly with a hint of a giggle. “We probably should order something first. It’ll be less conspicuous that way.”

I laughed softly too, “I suppose you’re right.” Although the thought of prolonging this even further sounded painful.

There were only a few people in the line but time seemed to stretch agonizingly slow. However it gave her time to excite me with more caresses and squeezes. She nuzzled close to me and wrapped her arms around me as we waited. She turned as though to talk to me face to face and with a grin, subtly reached down and squeezed my stiffening cock through my pants. It was torture in a way, as my natural reaction would have been to rip her clothes off right then and there. But she eased up and we finally ordered at the front counter. Two chai tea lattes.

We sat at the booth while waiting—the wait felt almost ridiculous—and she rubbed my leg and seemed to purr in my ear as we attempted to make small talk. Finally we collected the teas, though I had no interest in drinking it really with other more carnal needs on my mind. As we made our way back to the stools, she stole another stroke on my back. We sipped for a minute or two and a crowd seemed to grow in the store as lunchtime hit. She glanced back at the crowd, could tell that the baristas were distracted, and with a giggle, she grabbed my hand and led me towards the restroom. We stole one last glance back and then entered; I turned and locked the door behind me as I heard her drop her purse on the ground.

By the time I turned around she had already grabbed me and pulled me towards her. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement. I grabbed her hips and pulled her even closer while tasting the spiciness of the tea on her lips. The warm humidity of her tongue as it licked my lips made me want to moan.

My fingers strayed to the buttons on her blouse and tugged at them as I kissed her slower now and more deeply. She helped me with mine as well, her fingers fumbling at each one as she hurried to take it off. Her initial excitement had now cooled to something far more sultry and satisfying, though I could tell a hunger was still growing. And before long I could tell by her ragged breathing that she would soon grow hungrier. But I wanted to make this last, so I whispered in her ear, “Let me treat you like a queen first.” Then I kissed her again longer and slower, and after a while let my kisses trace down her cheek to her neck.

I pulled off her top and reached behind her to unhook her bra. She let her arms fall to her sides as I continued to caress her neck with my lips. Then I hooked my thumbs beneath the straps and slowly slipped them off her shoulder. Her breasts came tumbling out of her bra, the warm flesh crying out to me to be squeezed, caressed, licked. Her long hair, cascading around them, framed them for me, driving me wild. But I had another purpose in mind as difficult as it was to pass her beautiful breasts up. I passed them and bent down straight to her stomach. Kissing her stomach I reached for her pants. Nearly on my knees I undid them, letting them fall to the floor. I eased lower. Her hips swayed in a slow arc while I squeezed her ass and let my thumbs hook under her panties. Then I slipped them down and saw her pink pussy before me. Both lips already flushed and protruding. My self-control nearly crumbled at that point as part of me wanted to reach out and lick her until she came. I wanted to taste the sweetness of her sex. I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to worship her with my tongue. But first, I wanted her to be teased for a while longer. I kissed the inside of her thighs and her calves and then swung around behind her and eased back up to her butt. I gave it a nice squeeze and then continued to rise, behind her now. I lingered for a moment in the small of her back, licking up and down on the soft, warm skin and then traced the curve of her spine with more kisses. I bursa escort bayan could feel her shiver and goose bumps sprouted on her skin as I kissed my way up her back. It made me smile. Fully standing up now I reached her shoulders, kissed them, and once again rose to her neck.

Just as she had in the store, she tilted her head to the side, pulling her long hair aside as well so that I could kiss her. The soft curly hair behind her ears tickled my cheek as I reached around and cupped her round breasts in my hand. The ample flesh filling my hands only made me grow harder and she could undoubtedly feel my pressure against her lower back. I felt her reach behind and unbuckle my pants which fell to the ground, my cock now firmly pressed against her bare skin. I squeezed her breasts firmly but gently which elicited a moan that drove me wild.

She twisted in my arms to face me and kissed me again deeply and with more passion than before. Her hands wrapped around my head and her fingers tangled into my hair. She bit my lower lip, my absolute favorite turn-on in a kiss, and for a brief moment I thought I might melt right into her mouth. In response I grabbed a nipple between my fingers and squeezed. Somehow I knew this would be an instant turn-on for her. There was a sharp intake of breath, then she whispered, “More.”

I leaned down and took one of her ample breasts in my hands and sucked on her nipple. Already hard, it only grew more firm between my lips as I circled it with my tongue. The satisfying weight of her breasts in my hand filled me with desire. I imagined coming on her heaving chest and for a moment I thought I might not be able to hold back any longer. She sighed and grabbed my neck pulling me closer to her. The taste of her skin was sweet and I could faintly taste the perfume she had tried on earlier. I sucked greedily on her breast as she urged me on. Playing with her nipple like a cherry on my tongue, I then circled farther out around her areola, trying to cover every bit of her sensitive skin. Then with one last lick I switched to the other. I could feel her rubbing against me, her leg raised and rubbing against the side of my own. I could have spent hours drowning in the soft, supple flesh of her breasts, but my throbbing cock would never last that long. I kissed them a while longer, cupping them in my hands and moving them in slow circles that seemed to drive her wild with pleasure.

Then I kissed her once more on the lips and reached down between her legs to see if she was wet. I was pleased to find that she was dripping. With that knowledge, I kissed her once below her chin, once on her neck, once in the middle of her chest, down by her belly button, then traced a line of kisses down to the patch of hair that surrounded her slit. I could feel her quiver with the anticipation of what came next, but the teasing side of me won once again as I eased back up toward her stomach. I heard a moan that might have been meant as a slight disapproval before I eased back down towards her sex. I repeated the motion a few more times before finally settling all the way down. With my hands on her ample hips, I plunged my tongue into her dripping pussy; the taste of her was like ambrosia. I probed inside her feeling the silken smooth skin warm with the flushed heat of her excitement.

Finding her clit with my tongue, I played with her, and I felt a satisfying shudder run through her body. She reached out for the sink to steady herself and then widened her stance both to regain her balance and clearly to give me more room to work with. I reached a hand underneath her leg and rubbed just above her clit as I continued to sweep my tongue inside her. She tried to stifle a louder moan, but failed. Thankfully the lunch crowd was plenty loud outside.

I felt her climax, and my fingers came away wet as I took a momentary breath and licked my lips. After another minute or so she pulled me up and said, “Let me taste you know.” Copying my own technique she traced her own series of kisses down my naked body, but unlike me she wasted no time with teasing. She stroked my throbbing cock once with her hand and then slid it hungrily into her mouth. Her hair fell around her, obscuring her face until she pulled it to the side and I felt her escort bursa lips squeeze hungrily up and down my shaft while she squeezed my balls with her other hand. Her tongue swept deftly over it and she occasionally applied just the right amount of pressure with her teeth to drive me up the wall with pleasure. After a few minutes, she could tell that I was close to coming, although exploding felt like a more accurate word. She stopped momentarily and gave me a hard squeeze that seemed to arrest any further progress. “Not yet,” she said. “I want you inside me.”

I was surprised to find that perhaps I might have underestimated just how much of a tease she might be. She slung her arms around my neck and then pulled me towards the counter. Realizing her intent, I lifted her by her curvy hips and set her up on the counter so that her eyes were level with my own. She gave me one kiss, a quick peck, then another, then pulled herself to the very edge and eased my cock inside her while she wrapped her legs around my lower back. The firm pressure of her pussy was so inviting and as I felt the smooth wetness of her sliding over and around me I found myself nearly intoxicated by her beauty. Her smooth hair falling around her soft, swinging breasts; her head flung back in ecstasy; the swing of her hips as she kept in rhythm with my thrusts…all of these details and more only heightened the pleasure of the moment.

I felt her fingers digging into my back and knew she was close to coming. I only had to time my own in order to come with her. I held on for a few seconds longer as she began to let out a moan that grew into a low wail. A few seconds longer and she shuddered, after which I let myself explode inside her. There seemed to be electricity coursing through both of our bodies and I held her to keep her from falling over. When she had regained control and caught her breath, she grabbed me forcefully a moment later and thrust her tongue into my mouth, kissing me so passionately that for a moment I was unable to breathe.

I stepped back as she eased off of the counter and kissed me more. Then she reached between my legs, and although for a moment the erection had subsided, two quick strokes caused it to rise once more. “I’m not done with you yet,” she said as she kissed me and tugged at my lip with her teeth. She turned around, grabbed the edge of the sink and leaned forward, baring her wide hips and ass. “Take me again,” she said.

Excited, I eased my wet cock into her pussy from behind and felt her tighten her thighs to apply more pressure. I thrust in slowly at first and reached underneath her to cradle her freely-swinging breasts in my hands . I couldn’t get enough of those amazing handfuls of soft, warm skin. “Mmmm, squeeze me baby. Make me come again.”

I squeezed her and twisted both her nipples gently at first and when she cried for more, I circled my fingers around her areola, feeling her stiff nipples harden even more. My rhythm increased in and out. “Fuck me harder,” she cried. I thrust more quickly and could smell her sweat as I squeezed her and thrust against her butt and thighs. Her pussy was so wet that I slid in and out incredibly easily. I felt a shiver run down her body and she climaxed again. One hand reached down and she fingered her clit as I continued to thrust and only a moment or so later she again came. The thought of her coming only turned me on more and less than a minute or so later, I came as well. I eased out of her and she stood up turning around and kissing me again then bent down and sucked on my cock still wet with cum, cleaning every last bit. She licked her lips, stood up and then plunged her tongue into my mouth and circled my lips like a hungry kitten. We both turned around startled when we thought we heard someone turn the doorknob and then laughed and realized it was time to go.

We got dressed and then I cautiously opened the door and peeked out. It was still bustling and we both took a chance and hurried out unnoticed.

Once outside, she gave my arm a squeeze and said, “That was amazing.”

I agreed after which she said, “Except next time, let’s pretend we’re old college roommates instead of pretending we’re complete strangers okay? I think that might be fun. We’ve never tried that one before.”

“Sounds like a plan to me babe,” I replied. Unfortunately lunch was over. “See you tonight,” I said, although I was already wondering how I was going to get any work done this afternoon after that experience.

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