A Dedication to Her Craft Pt. 02

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If you are not comfortable with a wife engaged in sexual activities with a man other than her husband, please stop reading. This story is complete fantasy and no parties were harmed in any way during the writing. To summarize, Drew’s wife, Laura went off with her cast partner to get comfortable with the required nudity in the shoot. James and Laura arrive at the hotel room to go over their lines.


Drew arrived at the empty house. He’d heard Russell’s instructions and Laura’s claim she’d not do anything, but he also saw the man’s equipment and wondered whether it was true about size. He sensed his shriveled cock in his pants and had always assumed 7 inches was plenty. He tried to think about getting dinner, perhaps turning on the TV and seeing if there’s some sort of escapism. He finally gave up as no matter what he did he kept seeing his naked beautiful wife lying in bed, her arms around James. James’ hands on her breasts, on her ass, between her legs…He wanted to hit his head against the wall repeatedly to make the thoughts go away. He finally found telling himself that yes, she was naked with another man, but it is just her preparing for her role. She is not cheating. She’s doing it for the craft. He went over to the door and pulled it open after hearing the doorbell.

Madison wondered what she was going to say, “I’m here for an overnight bag so your wife can spend the night with that Adonis?” She looked at Drew, “Oh, Mr. Larson, um, they asked me to pick up a few things for Laura, you know, toothbrush…um…” She couldn’t think what else Laura would need as she’ll be naked all night.


Laura stood in the doorway to James’ room. She felt like fleeing or running home to Drew and holding him. She knew this had to be eating him alive, but he had repeatedly reassured her he knows it comes with the territory. She replayed the image of his stiff spine, his legs moving as if on auto. She knew he was in pain and decided to call him. She looked over at the man who immediately stripped down, “James, bear with me.” She looked at his impressive physique, his chest, his abs, that sausage dangling between his legs.

James shrugged and flopped down on the bed. He picked up his phone and thumbed through his emails. He hoped they’d be able to get through this. He was intrigued with being naked with this beautiful woman, especially since he’d found tapes of the parts she’d played and was taken with her great acting ability, but also with that body. He could find no instance where she’d removed her clothes and he knew many directors who’d have done anything to see this girl naked. On the other hand, he was a bit frustrated as he’d canceled the dinner date he’d arranged with Sarah who he knew was eager to get at his cock. Being with an uptight married woman was going to prove to be a long night.

Laura turned her back, not wanting to see the man’s genitals while talking to her husband. “Drew, honey. How are you? No, I’m actually not, not yet. I will, but I’d prefer it to be with you. Why? I can act without needing to…Really? I love you. I will. I’ll remember that and please don’t worry. Trust me, nothing’s going to happen, I know, I saw it a lot closer than you did I hope,” she laughed, “Don’t worry. It is you I’ll be thinking about all night. Ok, I love you…Bye.” She put down the phone and looked at the man, “Ok. Let’s do this, but I’m only doing it for the craft.”

“Laura, I know you are married. I’m an actor. Let’s get used to each other. I promise I won’t try to steal you away from him. I believe in the craft also.” He looked at the girl reach up to unbutton her blouse and realized even without getting laid this might be a good night, “Hang on,” he held up a finger, “Let’s do this right,” grinning, he pressed a button on his phone and 60’s burlesque music started playing. “Come on Baby! Take it off,” James cheered.

Laura saw the mirth on the man’s face and relaxed. She closed her eyes, began swaying with the music and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, popping each button right on each beat. As she opened the blouse up and slid it down her arms, she looked at James whose cock was now pulsing up his thigh. She felt a rush through her groin seeing his reaction and tossed the blouse over to a chair. His cock though still soft had now exceeded the size of any cock she’d ever seen. She thought about popping off the bra but instead popped each button on her jeans, her eyes locked on his.

James’ eyes widened as he saw how relaxed and into the strip tease the previously shy girl was. He wanted her to go slowly yet couldn’t wait the finally see her fully naked body. That which he’d seen was perfect and he hoped that she’d live up to his imagination.

As she worked the tight jeans off her hips, she saw that his cock was now looking nearing full tumescence and creeping upwards. She kicked the pants to the side, turned around, reached back and unclipped her lacy bra while looking at him over her shoulder. Watching his eyes travel down to her ass, she bent over letting her bra fall off her arms. She bursa escort then reached back and slipped her panties over her ass then down her legs where she kicked them aside. She bent all the way down and looked back at him between her legs, knowing she was exposing her pussy and ass to the man she’d just met.

James wanted to stroke his cock really badly but resisted. He checked out that nice slit and that tight asshole, resisting the urge to bury his face between those cheeks. He watched as she slowly rose up and spun around, arms out to her sides. He clapped enthusiastically and put his fingers to his lips and whistled. He loved how red she was as she ran over and flopped onto the bed. He turned the music off and looked at her, “You realize you were supposed to draw that out until the piece was over. You’ll get a lot more tips that way,” he laughed.

He was warming up to this girl. Maybe she wasn’t as cold as he thought, in fact, he saw her labia were a bit swollen and her nipples were rock hard. He felt his cock angrily throbbing and realized just watching he was as hard as he’d ever been. He had to resist leaning over and touching her…kissing her realizing he’d never been alone in a bedroom with a woman who stripped naked who wasn’t there for sex.

Laura wanted more than she ever thought to grab that huge throbbing cock. She so much wanted to feel how rigid it was, how fat it was, but most of all taste the cum seeping out of that fat head. She looked at James, “This might be a problem for you.” Her eyes flicked down to his cock.

He groaned, “You have no idea. We’d better discuss the script and how we want to do it tomorrow since you are having a really bad effect on me,” he looked at her, “though if I can make an observation, you’re getting a bit wet down there.” His eyes flicked down to her bush.

“What? No. I’m good, really.” She protested.

“Go on. Check. Ten bucks says you’re a bit dewy down there,” he grinned at her. He reached over to his pants and grabbed his wallet. “Here’s my ten.”

Laura blushed, opened her legs slightly and felt, ‘Holy shit, I’m soaked!’ She flopped back with a loud groan before getting up, padding over to her wallet and pulling out a ten. “Here, and that wasn’t fair. I did give you a good look,” she threw the bill at him. She lay back down and looked at him and started giggling.

As she giggled louder, James could not take his eyes off her jiggling tits, but put a hand on her arm, “Ok, what’s funny?”

Getting control of her giggling she rolled onto her side and looked at him holding the money, “I was thinking if this acting this doesn’t work out, I could become a stripper, but,” she pointed to the money, “If I have to throw bills at the audience I’m not sure I’d make a very good living.”

James grinned at her, took both bills, folded them up and tucked them between her breasts, “There. When you make it big, I want you to remember where you got your start.” He reached over and grabbed the menu, “I think we’d better order room service. I’m really getting an appetite.

Laura took the bills and sighed, “This might match how much I’ve made as an actress.” She tossed them over to the table on her side of the bed. “Ok, let me see that. My mouth is watering for some sausage,” she giggled. “But seeing that is not on the menu, I’ll have the quiche and salad, blue cheese dressing.”

He looked over at the girl. Making a point of staring at her tits, “I’m in the mood for a chicken breast, not sure why, but a pair of nice plump breasts sounds wonderful.” He took the menu, “Which they have. Nice. I got it, I’ll call it in. Should I have them send up wine?” Seeing her nod, he made the call and looked back at her after hanging up.

“So, you said you’d done nudity before, but not in a film. What, local theater?” James asked.

“High school. We did Romeo and Juliet senior year. The director came over from Berlin and insisted we do the love scene in Act 2 in the nude. They shut the lights on off stage, but they didn’t think about the rest of the lighting, fire rules I guess, because we were very well lit up. I saw some of the videos audience members captured and, well I was definitely naked.” She laughed, “looking back, it was I guess funny but at the time, you know, being 18 in high school I wanted to hide under a rock.”

“I can imagine. I never heard of a high school having nudity in a play. I’ll bet the parents were up in arms.” James said as he stroked the beautiful thigh.

“They were. The director was forced to resign and headed out to Seattle last I heard. It was interesting the amazing amount of furor over this, but all three shows were SRO.” She laughed, “They hated it so much, tickets were being scalped for $200 a pop.” She looked at him and paused, “Look, let’s make a deal. If I weren’t married, I’d have that cock in my mouth by now. I’ve never seen one that big, didn’t know they came that big,” she commented, “special order? Anyhow, I can see you look up quickly when I look over at you. Go ahead, I get it. Look all you want, that’s the point of this. Isn’t it?” She sat bursa escort bayan up, crossed her legs and faced him.

James sat up, “Ok, getting comfortable being naked is just part of it. But there’s more. We’re going to play a married couple and having never been married I’m not speaking from experience, but isn’t pretty much every bit of modesty gone? Can Drew touch you anywhere? Do you close the bathroom door anymore?” He looked down between her legs at that enticing pussy, “Can he do this if he feels like it?” He reached between her legs and gently felt her wet slit.

At first, Laura’s eyes widened, her arm jerked as if she were going to grab his hand, but then she relaxed and closed her eyes and sighed, “Not enough anymore, but yes.” She opened her eyes and pulled his hand away, “Ok, let me get a bit more relaxed before I get totally comfortable with another man’s hand touching me there.” She looked at his cock, “How would you feel if I did this?” She reached over and gripped his cock, stroking it. Seeing him grin, she pulled her hand back, “Ok, bad example.”

“You have the right idea though, by tomorrow I’d like us to feel…I guess the word is open or unabashed around each other. If you want to be believable, you have to not flinch when I touch you.” He had a thought, “You studied acting, I mean where did you last go?”

“Well, under Wallace, Dennis Wallace.” She said modestly, “Last summer.”

“You were in New York last summer? And you got into one of Wallace’s classes? I mean, those are really tough to get into. You must be good. What are they, a dozen students per quarter?”

“16, yes. I was lucky. He’s so good.” Laura said proudly.

“Ok, I know he stressed this, but if you’re doing a scene and someone dies, you call up incredible painful memories so your tears are real, so your micro-expressions match the sorrow. If there’s a funny scene, you have to tap into the time you and your girlfriends had that laughing fit since by take 20 the joke has lost its humor.” He stroked his hand up to her pussy, “When doing a love scene you need to remember the most erotic thing that ever happened to you, you need to be wet.” He said as his finger again felt her slit.

She wanted to push his hand away, but he was right. Acting and being had to become one. “I can do that. I can show passion, but this is still a role. It’s acting. I don’t want you to fuck me. I don’t want you inside me.” She said softly.

“Of course, you don’t. And during the death scene, you don’t want your fellow cast member to actually die, but you have to believe he’s dead. It’s called acting. It’s called dedication to the craft.” His finger slipped inside her, “And when making love, having sex, being raped or whatever, you have to be raped, be fucked, be into the act at least in your head or the audience will know. Whether your cast member is actually inside you, you have to feel his cock opening you up, penetrating your vagina.” He picked up her left hand and fingered the wedding ring, “And that’s not cheating. It’s called professionalism. And Drew knows that. Whatever we do, wherever I touch you or you touch me, it will not be cheating.”

“I can do that. I’ll get into it, I’ll get so I look like I’m really turned on and hot for you.”

“You missed my whole point,” James said as he stood and looked back at her, “Didn’t Wallace teach you anything? It isn’t the tears showing your emotions, it’s the emotions creating tears. It wouldn’t be my cock inside you that matters, it would be if you feel my cock inside you, whether it is there or not. Close your eyes and lie back. Open your legs wide. No, close your eyes, I won’t touch you.” He looked at the girl, “Ok, I want you to remember the last time Drew fucked you. Remember how you felt when he parted those slick lips? Now stop thinking about it and focus on feeling that cock inside you, the warm pressure between your legs. Touch your nipples, do it, there, feel how raw and sensitive they are? That’s it, you feel it don’t you? You can feel him getting bigger inside you. You feel him penetrating you with more energy. He’s not going to pull out.”

Laura felt herself nearing orgasm, yanked her hands down and sat up, “Holy shit. You almost had me cumming right here.” I see what you are saying. We can be believable without you actually putting your cock inside me.”

“Yes. I could for the sake of believability actually fuck you, it would make everything easier, but it is not required. It’s in you to feel me inside you, to express the intense feeling of my cock fucking you to show the arousal, the joy, the pleasure you truly feel that matters. That’s what the audience will see. They might suspect my cock is inside you, but your expression, your reaction is what makes them know it is, whether it’s there or not.” He got up and headed for the bathroom, “Think about it. I thought I’d shower before they bring up dinner and frankly all this talk about fucking you is going to require a long cold shower.”

Laura looked at the man, weighing his motivation, but she’d remembered Wallace pretty much preaching the exact escort bursa same thing. ‘Be here now.’ He used to preach. ‘Be more than the role, become the role you’ve immersed yourself in and once you do that, you no longer need to act.’ He was right and James is right. She can do this, she can do anything if she stays in the present, stays in character.

They heard the knock. “Can you get that? Oh, and don’t bother getting dressed, you know. Get used to nudity.” James said, peaking out the bathroom door.

Laura looked angrily at the man knowing he was loving this. She rolled off the bed and picked up her wallet as she went over to the entryway. She opened the door and turned back into the room as if being naked was totally normal. She saw the man trying to not look at her, but his eyes kept flicking over. “Relax, I lost a bet with my husband and he expects you to look. He’s pretty much a pervert…it’s the only way he can get it up.” She looked at the dishes, “Perfect, here. Let me sign that.” She handed back the pen and handed him a large bill, “Thank you very much. Oh, tomorrow morning we’ll be needing breakfast. You won’t be working then will you?”

The man smiled thinking how he’d have to swap shifts, but it would be worth it, “I might, I’ll have to check the schedule. Do you know what time you might like breakfast?” He asked.

She looked at him, “Probably early. We are both early risers, perhaps 7 or so? And coffee, it would be nice to get a generous pot of black coffee.”

“We put out coffee in the lobby every morning…Oh yeah,” he laughed as Laura swept an arm down her nakedness.

After the door closed, James came out grinning. “Was that fun? I was impressed. I was listening and you’re a natural. There’s hope for you yet.” He put an arm around her and reached over and picked up his chicken. “Mmmmm. Nice juicy breast.”

“That actually was fun. Once he realized why I was naked and he played along he relaxed. By the way, husband, you’re a pervert and have certain issues,” she chuckled.

“I did hear that. I was thinking someone needs a spanking,” he swatted her ass. “I guess the shower will have to wait.”

Laura jumped back laughing, “Ok, this is fun, but I think I’d like to eat my quiche while it’s hot.” She looked at the bottle, “Open the wine, won’t you perv?”

James watched as the girl plopped down seeing she was a lot more relaxed and a lot sexier. He opened the wine, poured a couple of glasses and anticipated getter her ready. “This is great. I am starting to feel like we can pull off the passionate couple,” he said, “I meant it when I said you must be good. What is the ratio, 1 student for every 3,000 applicants? Impressive. Maybe you should be coaching me.”

After putting their dishes back on the cart, the room phone rang. James picked it up, listened, “Ok, come on up. She can’t get much more ready.” He hung up and grinned at the cute blonde, “Your barber is here to do a little trimming.” He went over and flopped on the bed.

Laura answered the door and ushered Madison in carrying what looked like a medical bag and Laura’s overnight bag. “Sorry, we were told we didn’t look at ease enough being naked around each other. Actually, I wasn’t, as you can see James is fine with it.” She nodded at the naked man lying on the bed.

Madison laughed, “I feel overdressed. Let’s use the other bed, I was going to say, please get your clothes off, but…”

“I’m going to grab that shower now,” he winked at the girl, “Have fun. Oh, and I would remove it all since you might feel more open, more available. Just a suggestion.”

After showering, James came out to see the beautiful blonde lying on her back on the bed, one leg pushed open to the side and Madison kneeling between her legs wiping the girl’s crotch. “Can I help? I heard a few yelps. I hope she’s ok.”

“She’s fine,” Madison said, her eyes flicking over to the man’s large genitals, “Actually, Director Russell asked me to get you a bit cleaned up also.” She patted Laura on her pussy dismissing her, “Go on. Shower. When you get out I’ll need you two to rub this soothing lotion onto your newly bare areas. It will make you feel a lot better.” She handed a white tube to the blonde.

Laura headed into the shower. It was strange washing her labia feeling no hair. She’d always kept herself trimmed, but everything was as smooth as before puberty. She felt where the girl waxed around her anus. She hadn’t realized she had any hair there, but hearing the girl’s tsks when she turned her on her side made her realize she must have been a bit furry there. She got out and dried off. When she left the bathroom, she stopped.

Madison was now completely naked and kneeling between James’ legs. She was holding his rigid cock while wiping all around his crotch. Apparently, she’d removed all the hair from his ball sack along with between his legs and his ass crack. She wasn’t amazed he was hard. The tiny make-up girl was gorgeous. Tiny ass, small waist, perfect little tits. She had a look of innocence yet just seemed fuckable. Laura had never been tempted to do anything with another woman, but the way she was squatted down, her legs spread wide, her torso bent over with her face right next to what probably was the largest cock the young girl would ever see, made Laura want to go over and hold her.

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