A Different Kind of Father In Law

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Family secrets. Every family has them, it seems.

I am Phoebe. I’m twenty two years old. I was an only child and I would describe myself as quite shy and maybe a bit immature. I am married to Brad, we married two years ago and he was the only man I had ever had sex with. Brad is twenty six.

Brad and I are not wealthy, so for now we have decided to wait to have children until our finances improve. We live in a small house, just two bedrooms and a neat little garden out the back. Brad’s parents live in the same street, just three doors away. At first I was a bit worried living so close to his parents, John and Olivia, but they weren’t too intrusive.

His mother Olivia is the bossy one. In fact Brad seems to come from a family of dominant women. His two sisters are both very strong willed. His father John is very quiet and laid back. Sometimes at family occasions he is so quiet you don’t even notice he is there. Despite his mother’s strong personality I get on very well with both his parents and they’ve always been really kind to me.

This was very true when I lost my job at the local bakery store when it closed down in April last year. I had worked there since I was sixteen, part time on Saturdays at first then full time. It was the only job I had ever had.

The store closed on a Friday afternoon, for the last time. On Sunday we went for lunch with Brad’s parents. We usually alternate our Sundays between Brad’s parents and mine, who live the other side of town.

Sunday lunch also included Brad’s sisters, their husbands and children, so was always a noisy occasion. Brad’s father took me aside as we sat in the garden after lunch.

“I was sorry to hear about your job. Let me know if I can help with anything,” John offered.

I was really touched by his sensitivity.

“I will. Thank you. I’m going to tackle a few jobs around the house and garden, especially while the summer’s coming. I’ll probably find a job. I’m going to be positive,” I said.

“Well good luck. I’ll keep my eye out for any jobs.”

John is a bus driver. At forty six he is quite fit for his age. Slim. Not a hint of fat. Receding hair certainly but otherwise in good shape.

Not that I am in any position to judge men. Like I said I have only ever had sex with one man in my entire life. Brad. I am very inexperienced and immature when it comes to sex. My only vice is to read porn literature sites. One day I discovered Brad had been looking at these in secret and I started. Now when I get some time alone I like to read erotic fiction and masturbate.

As far as I know, Brad doesn’t know that I know he looks at these sites and he doesn’t know that I look at them too. As far as I know. Still we have a good healthy loving sex life.

Anyway we had Sunday lunch at Brad’s parents house. That evening at home we talked about what I could do at home in terms of decorating. I mentioned that his dad had offered to help.

“That’s good of dad. He’s so thoughtful,” whispered Brad.

On Monday I did loads of tidying up. I really took to the tasks in a dedicated way, wanting to use my time well and also perhaps to prove my usefulness.

On Tuesday afternoon I was surprised by a knock on the front door. It was John, my father in law, on his way home from work. I made him a drink and we chatted for a while. I told him of my plans. He said he had every Thursday off so would be happy to come round then.

On Thursday he came round just after ten AM. We decided the biggest job was decorating the second bedroom and agreed to work on that together. So for the next couple of weeks John would call by after work two or three times a week and also all day on Thursday. We stripped off the old wallpaper , moved the furniture out and ripped up the old carpet and set about decorating. When the weather improved we would work on the garden.

He also spent time with me on the computer looking for jobs and offered to help upgrade my resume.

“Made and sold cakes to old ladies for five years! That’s my work experience,” I joked when he mentioned my resume.

“Well I’m sure we can be creative!” he laughed.

As the days passed the weather also improved. When not cleaning and decorating I would work in the garden, topping up my tan. Sometimes I just simply sat back and sunbathed. I also spent a bit of time each day on the computer looking at erotic fiction sites. Always this would end up in a masturbation session.

One sunny Monday morning I was upstairs on my bed, completely naked, with my fingers plunging in and out of my soaking pussy. I was hot, sweaty and feeling particularly dirty, having read a really good story. I squeezed my tits as I rubbed my cunt.

My pleasure was disturbed by a knock on the front door. My initial feeling was to ignore it and hope whoever was there would give up and go away. I was close to cumming and in no mood to stop now.

The person knocked again.

“Phoebe! It’s me, John. Are you in?” my father in law called out.


I quickly put on a bikini top and a loose flared thigh length esenyurt escort skirt and ran downstairs. I didn’t put on any panties.

“John, sorry! Putting some clothes away. Sorry. I wasn’t expecting you today.”

“No I know. I’m sorry I should have called. I was supposed to be playing golf today but my friend is unwell so I thought well we could crack on with the bedroom.”

“Oh well….”

“It’s ok if you don’t want to.”

“No it’s just that it’s such a lovely day it seems a shame to be inside. I was thinking of tackling the garden shed. It needs painting, but also clearing out,” I explained.

“Well let’s do that then,” he said, pulling off his shirt to reveal his bare chest. He was wearing a pair of shorts.

We spent the next two hours shifting loads of junk from the shed. It was hot, hard work, and we still hadn’t got halfway through all the stuff. We must have looked a sight. John in just shorts. Me in a bikini top and short skirt. Both wearing thick gardening gloves as we picked away at all the rubbish.

We needed a rest and sat down on two recliners in the garden. I brought out some ice cold beers.

“If I’d known you were coming I’d have made some cakes. Next time. Thursday?” I suggested.

“Actually, I am playing golf on Thursday. For definite this time. With Mandy. You don’t mind?”

“No. No. Of course not.” Mandy was Brad’s eldest sister. Thirty two. I got on well with her.

“Tell you what. Can you play golf?” he asked.

“Not for a while, but I used to be quite good.”

“Why don’t you come along. It’ll be fun. In truth Mandy does go on a bit about her job so I would enjoy the extra pair of ears,” he laughed.

“If you don’t mind. It would be nice to get out. I feel a bit trapped these days.”

We sat in silence for a while. I felt that our chores may well be done for a while. I went to fetch a book and sat down to read. Shortly after I realized John had fallen asleep.

As I read my mind drifted back to what I had been doing when John first arrived. I glanced over to him and checked he was still sleeping. I slipped my hand up my skirt and began to play with myself. I carried on for a few minutes but then I stopped. I looked at John and felt a bit stupid. What if he catches me? Dirty girl. I rolled over and lay on my stomach.

Again my mind wandered. I waited a while then slipped my bikini top off. I lay on my front for about half an hour. Feeling brave I then turned over onto my back, exposing my small but pert breasts. John was still asleep. I sat up and returned to reading my book.

After another twenty minutes, John woke up. He sat up a bit and made a couple of strange grunting noises.

“Nice sleep?” I laughed, not making any attempt to cover my naked breasts.


He cleared his throat then looked around.

“How long was I asleep for?” he asked.

Before I could answer he looked towards me and I could see in his eyes as he realized I was topless.

This put me off a bit and I began to lose my nerve.

“Oh…err…about an….hour…I…think,” I mumbled.


We continued to sit, still not saying much. I shifted my book up, so it covered some of my chest. John tried not to look at my breasts whenever he spoke to me, which made me even more self conscious. I realized I had been playing a game and was now out of my depth.

John stood up to walk inside to get more drinks.

“Beer?” he asked.

I nodded. As he passed me I noticed a bulge in his shorts. Once he was out of view I quickly put my bikini top back on. We drank our beers then returned to spend another hour attacking the mess in the shed. No mention was made of my little display earlier although in truth it was all I could think about. John went home at about four.

We met up for golf on Thursday and I was thrilled to beat both John and Mandy.

“We must do this again. Great fun!” declared Mandy.

On Friday afternoon John and I cleared out the shed and set to work painting it, inside and out. The weather was still great and we also had a chance to relax in the sunshine but I kept my tits firmly inside my bikini top.

However, when I was alone I discovered all I needed to do was think of my father in law’s eyes staring at my naked breasts and I could have a fantastic orgasm. I decided maybe I should let him see them again…..

We all met up on Sunday for lunch at Brad’s parents house. John and I were happy to bask in glory as Brad told everyone how good the spare bedroom looked and the continuing improvements in the shed.

On Monday I once again found myself alone and naked. This time however I was alone and naked in the back garden. I had started to do some more painting in the shed and was wearing just a bikini. Totally unsuitable clothing for painting! Anyway my mind drifted and I felt horny. So I stripped and lay out on the lounger in the garden.

I was enjoying a good leisurely wank and didn’t hear the knock on the front door. I did hear my avrupa yakası escort father in law’s voice calling my name over the garden gate.

“Phoebe! It’s John again! Are you there?”

Not again, I thought.

Thankfully he couldn’t see me.

I quickly put my bikini top on and walked around the side of the house to open the gate.

“Phoebe, good news. One of the cooks at the cafe at the bus station is leaving. I had a word with the boss and gave him your name. I hope you don’t mind. He seems very interested. He’ll call you,” he told me.

“Wow, thanks John.”

“It’s Monday to Friday 7AM till noon. Should be ok?”

“That would be amazing. Thank you.”

I put my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek and then he turned to leave. He had to go back to work. He had rushed back here just to tell me the news. Bless!

After he had left I began to have doubts about showing my tits in front of him. It wouldn’t be fair. He’s such a nice man, why tease him? It just isn’t me. I’m not some slut. I’m not like that. I decided that my previous display had just been a mad moment, caused by the sun and the beer.

On Thursday John came around about half past ten in the morning. We worked on putting up some new shelves in the shed for an hour or two before stopping for lunch. This time I had made some cakes and we also had some beer. It was hot and thirsty work again.

After lunch we decided to relax on the recliners for a while. John took off his shirt and I went upstairs and changed into a bikini. I came back down and we talked for a while. I told him that I had an interview at his bus station on Monday morning.

“It’ll be strange seeing you working there,” he laughed.

Soon we settled down to relax and enjoy the sun. I expected John to go to sleep. I lay on my stomach and after a while I decided to slip off my bikini top. We lay in silence for nearly an hour.

For a reason I can’t explain I was beginning to feel horny. I was thinking about the previous time, when John had woken up and seen my tits. Although I had decided not to repeat that, I was beginning to feel adventurous.

Taking a deep breath I rolled over onto my back. I sat up and started to put sun cream on my legs. I saw John glancing over at me occasionally. I rubbed cream over my sides and stomach then on my naked chest.

“Do you want help with that?” John said, laughing.

“That’s just the sort of thing Brad would say,” I replied.

“I thought so. I can just imagine my son saying that.”


For about a minute, silence.

“Trouble is, when Brad would say that it always ends up with us…you know….” I smiled.

More silence.

I looked over at John and noticed, not for the first time, a bulge in his shorts. I smiled to myself.

More silence.

“It seems you like what you see,” I purred.


I gestured towards his bulge and smiled.

“Oh sorry.”

“It’s ok.”

“I know I shouldn’t but…”

“It’s ok.”

“The only breasts I ever see are my wife’s and well, they’re not as nice as yours.”

With that I stood up and moved towards him. I sat on the edge of his recliner and placed my hand on his stomach.

“Can I see it?”

“Phoebe you know, that’s not a good idea.”


“You’re married to my son. It’s not really sensible.”

“Please. Pretty please,” I whined in my best school girl voice.

“I don’t think you should.”

I slid my hand down onto his shorts and over his bulge. He literally jumped at the feel of my hand on his shorts. I sat there for a minute with my hand resting on his bulge and stared into his eyes. He stared back at me, blushing and looking confused.

“Please?” I whined.

“I just don’t think….”

He seemed to change his mind mid sentence. I felt his body loosen, so I placed my hands on the sides of his shorts and yanked them down. His cock sprang free as the shorts came down. I looked at it. Only the second cock I had ever seen. I looked up from his cock to his eyes and smiled. He smiled back.

I slipped my right hand around it and squeezed it. It felt red hot and it twitched as I held it.

“Feels nice,” I said.

“Mmmmm, it feels nice to me too.”

I began stroking his cock. He seemed resigned that whatever he said now was not going to stop this happening. I continued stroking, feeling him breathe harder and faster. He reached forward and touched my tits, moving from one to the other. Just touching, feeling.

“Well?” I asked.

“Beautiful,” he replied.

I was now jacking him off and I knew it was only a matter of time. Despite my lack of sexual experience generally, Brad and I had done most things. He said I was very good at hand jobs and blowjobs. I also enjoyed pleasuring him in such a way, watching his face expressions as he got closer to climax.

It was the same for his father. John’s face grimaced and pulled in different ways as I worked anadolu yakası escort his cock. He rolled my nipple between his thumb and finger as I jerked him.

His cock twitched and then his cum shot out, exploding over my hand and onto my legs and his stomach. When no more was coming out I bent down and licked his cock and his balls clean, as I liked to do with my husband.

I lay alongside him and we just relaxed together, smiling and holding each other. My breasts were pressed against him.

“Don’t you need to…you know?” he asked, breaking the silence eventually.


“You know. Do yourself?”

“Do myself? What’s that dad?” I teased him. I often called him dad, usually when Brad was around.

“Masturbate?” he replied.

“Do myself? That’s not a nice phrase,” I joked.


“It’s ok. I’m just teasing. No I’m ok. I often like to make Brad cum like that. It’s fun.”

“Whoa!! Too much information. I don’t really want to know what my son gets up to. That’s your business!” he laughed, his cock softening.

“Really? Brad’s quite perverted you know.”

“Phoebe! That’s my son. I don’t wanna know!” he smiled.

“We do role playing. He likes me to dress up as a school girl and he is the teacher. Then he punishes me, if you see what I mean.”

“Phoebe, stop,” he was laughing even more now.

“He likes my small tits and small body. Nice and petite. Just like a school girl, that’s what he likes.”


“He likes that idea. Took me a time to get used to it.”

My father in law pulled up his shorts, then put his arm around me.

“I can certainly see why he likes you,” he said.


“You have lovely breasts. Very cute.”

“Thanks. I suppose you’re used to bigger ones. With Olivia?”

“Oh…yeah…but yours are fantastic. So firm and pert.”

“Thanks dad.”

We lay together quietly for a while, then John stood up and put his shirt on so I put my top back on. We found the energy to go back to the shed and do some more work, which we did mostly in silence.

“I reckon this will be finished in a few days. Just got to paint the outside,” said John.

“You’ll still come round to see me though?” I asked.

He looked at me for a moment, then nodded.

“If you want me to.”

We packed up for the day.

“See you for lunch on Sunday,” he said as I saw him out the front door.

On Friday I began to paint the outside of the shed. I stopped once to masturbate, thinking about my father in law. I kept hoping he would call by after work, but at the same time I wondered if that was just a once in a lifetime moment yesterday.

At lunch on Sunday, Brad and I were the last to arrive. John answered the door. I looked at him but he gave nothing away. In fact throughout lunch we managed to act completely normally.I was asked about my job interview the following day, and I had a lovely chat with Mandy about golf.

“We must play again soon,” she told me.

That evening Brad and I chatted about the decorating and work in the garden.

“Your dad’s been brilliant,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah he’s a good man. Just a shame everyone treats him like shit really,” Brad mused.

“It’s not that bad surely?”

“Well mum does. And my sisters. Well Tanya mainly. Mandy’s better now.”

“She seemed good at the golf with him.”

“Probably because you were there. Anyway. He seems happy enough.”

“He’s a good man.”

“I think he sees more of you than I do these days,” he joked. I wasn’t sure at first what he meant by that.


“Well you know he’s been round most days working with you.”

“Mmmm he’s been so helpful.”

“Probably glad to get away from my mother.”

On Monday I had my interview at the bus station canteen. The boss was really nice and he offered me the job there and then. I was to start in two weeks, when the other lady left.

“Better get a couple of games of golf in with Mandy then,” said John when I told him and Olivia that afternoon.

“You two had better finish your jobs,” Olivia announced.

John came round about two on Tuesday afternoon.

“I’ve almost finished the shed,” I told him as he sat down in the garden.

“Looks great.”

I was wearing a lightweight summer dress. No bra, and just a thong underneath. I was going to see if last Thursday’s activities were a one off or something more. I had no desire to cheat on Brad, least of all with his father, but I wanted a bit of fun. I had some real craving to let him see me naked, just to see me, nothing more.

We chatted for a while. We seemed to be avoiding any mention of what had happened. I didn’t really know how to bring it up and I think John was a bit embarrassed. As he sat in the sunshine I stood up to go inside to the kitchen. As I got to the door I deliberately lifted the back of my dress, revealing my ass cheeks. I continued inside, smiling to myself. I came back out carrying two drinks.

“You’re a cheeky girl,” he joked, referring to my little display.

“Oh did you like that?”

“Very attractive.”

Who knows where this conversation might have gone, as we were disturbed by a knock on the front door. I opened it and was surprised to see my mother in law.

“Hello dear. I thought I’d come and see just what has been keeping my husband so busy recently,” she said sternly, glancing at the glass of beer in my hand.

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