A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 15

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Bahamas, Day 14 – Friday

Friday morning, I woke up to the sounds of giggling coming from the patio. I went to the kitchenette, thankful that a pot of coffee had already been made, poured a cup, and walked to the patio door. There I saw the three ladies hanging out, each in only a pair of panties, talking and laughing.

“Good morning, ladies.” I said.

“Good morning, Jason,” the three of them replied simultaneously. This caused my cock to twitch a little bit.

“Sleep well, love?” Jessica asked.

“Oh, yeah. Like a rock.” I replied.

“The three of us have been thinking, and since this is our last day in the Bahamas, we would like to go back to Keira’s island and spend the night there,” said Jessica, “What do you think?”

“I love it. Spend one more night away from the world. Just the four of us.”

“It’s settled, then.” Said Keira.

After a bit more chatting, the four of us went into the shower and cleaned up from the previous night. The smell of day-old sex emanated from the bathroom. We spent some time cleaning each other’s bodies, and before things escalated to a full-blown orgy, we hopped out of the shower, got dressed, and parted ways, Keira and Rey heading home to pack for the night, and Jessica and I heading into town to gather supplies for our overnight camping trip.

We headed to the general store for food and liquor, picking up some kebab meat, potatoes, mushrooms and peppers, as well as some beer, two bottles of wine, and a fifth of whiskey. After grabbing a pack of soda and water, we took a cab down to the docks and unloaded the food and drinks into Rey’s cooler. Shortly after we finished, both Keira and Rey walked up the dock and placed their items into the boat. After fueling up, we embarked into the open ocean, heading towards Keira’s island.

We cruised along for a short time, and after we had lost sight of land, Keira stood up, pulled off her bikini top and bottoms, and sat back down.

“Still horny?” Jessica asked as she stood up and stripped down.

“Well, always, but I want to keep my full-body tan. No tan lines.” Keira replied.

“I’m right there with you,” Jessica said as she sat down next to Keira at the bow.

“Well, count me in.” Said Rey as she reached behind her back to untie her top.

“Allow me. ” I said, standing up and helping Rey. I untied her top and slipped it over her head, freeing her breasts to the ocean air. I then hooked my thumbs into her waistband and pulled down, sliding her thong onto the deck.

“Thank you, hon,” Replied Rey, “Now, can you take the wheel?”

“Of course.”

We traded spots, and as I placed my hands on the wheel, Rey reached over and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling it over my head. She then untied my board shorts and slid them down to the deck, allowing my cock to be free in the air. Rey took a quick look at my cock then turned to the front of the boat, admiring the view of the two beautiful ladies at the bow. She then walked up to them and took a seat between them, right at the front of the boat.

At this point, I knew where I was going, so I pointed the boat towards the island and sat down, cruising our way to our destination. While motoring on, I kept looking at the bow, and the three naked women sitting there.

Apparently, the three of them hadn’t had enough from the night before, and within minutes, their hands were all over each other. Jessica had placed her hand on Rey’s thigh, caressing her skin. Keira soon followed suit, and took the next step, sliding her finger to Rey’s pussy lips. Rey placed one hand each on Keira and Jessica, and before I knew it, the three of them were finger-fucking each other. I watched intently as Rey was the first to come, overwhelmed by having two hands on her pussy. Keira was the next, then followed up by Jessica. Then, Jessica and Keira, after their orgasm had seceded, sat back into their seats, while Rey stood up, walked to the aft, and grabbed four beers from the cooler, passing one to me, then one to Keira and Jessica. We all continued our cruise to the island, with the three women drinking their beers and relaxing on the bow, and I piloting the boat, my cock hard as a rock most of the way there.

We reached the island, and as had been, we saw no one there. We unloaded all supplies for the night, setup camp, and sat down on the big beach blanket to soak up the sun. After a few more beers, we decided to go for a swim to cool off. Jessica took my hand, and we walked down to the water, wading in chest deep. Jessica then hopped on me, her legs wrapping around my waist. My cock sprung to life once again, and grew harder, pressing into her ass.

“Mmm… Someone is awake.” Jessica said to me.

“I wonder why? I have a beautiful, sexy, naked women in my arms, with her tasty pussy pressing into me. How could I not get hard from this?” I told her.

“Good point, love,” She returned, “Well, you are going to have to save that for me later.”

“No problem by me.”

Jessica hopped off me and swam over to ataşehir escort Keira and Rey, who were splashing each other and playing around in the clear blue water. The three of them kept playing for a few minutes, but the play escalated to groping and kissing. Keira kept squeezing Jessica’s ass, so Jessica returned the move with a pinch of Keira’s nipple. Rey joined in too, sliding her hand between Jessica’s legs, pressing her hand against her pussy. Jessica gave a quick gasp but followed up by grabbing a handful of Rey’s ass, sliding one finger to her asshole. The three of them groped and petted each other while I snuck into the picture, pulling in behind Keira, pressing my still-hard cock against her ass. Keira pressed back, sliding her ass crack along my shaft.

“Who wants another beer?” Rey asked, parting from the sea orgy and heading back to camp.

“Ooh, I do. I do.” Replied Keira.

The four of us returned to the beach towel, spreading out under the sun. We drank a couple more beers each, which caused all of us to lose inhibitions. I sat up, resting my upper body weight on my shoulders, and looked over at Keira and Rey, who were making out. Jessica started to touch herself, clearly turned on by the pair of them. Jessica slipped a finger in her pussy, using her thumb to rub her clit. I started jerking myself off, watching the three of them.

“Climb on top of me,” Said Keira to Rey as she laid down on her back, “Sit on my face.”

Rey followed her instructions, and climbed on top of her, lowering her pussy down to meet Keira’s lips. Rey then bent down and placed her own lips on Keira’s pussy, lapping at her slit. The two of them sixty-nined each other while Jessica and I watched, Jessica moving over to have a seat next to me. She began to stroke my dick while we watched, and I moved my hand to Jessica, sliding my fingers up and down her pussy lips.

“God, that is so hot,” Jessica said as she watched, “Keep going, baby.”

I followed her instruction, sliding my head down to her lap. I stuck my tongue out and started licking her pussy, moving to her clit to provide it some attention. Jessica began to moan from my work, her breathing increasing in pace.

Keira and Rey were so focused on each other, neither of them looked over at Jessica and I. Keira was already about to cum for the second time today, Rey working wonders with her tongue. Keira’s hips lifted off the towel, then came crashing down as her orgasm took over. This spurred Keira on more, and she pulled Rey down to her mouth, completely covering her face with Rey’s pussy. Rey began her second orgasm of the day, her pussy juices flowing onto Keira’s face. The two of them kept going and going, with both women cumming a second time on each other.

“Fuck, that felt great.” Said Keira, collapsing down on the towel.

“Yes, it did.” Said Rey as she climbed off Keira’s face.

“Yup. Just what I needed.” Said Jessica, looking me in the eyes.

“Did you two fuck? I didn’t even notice.” Said Rey.

“He ate me out. I love his tongue work.”

“Damn. I missed it!” Said Keira.

“Well, would you like first-hand experience?” I asked.

“You damn well better believe it!” she replied.

I laid down on the towel and motioned for Keira to come over to me. She stood up, walked over, threw a leg over me, and lowered herself down, placing her wet pussy right in my face. I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her closer, pressing her slit to my lips. I stuck my tongue out and slid it along her slit, tasting her fluids. I moved my tongue up to focus on her clit, moving in slow circles as I brought her to another peak. Keira grabbed my head and pulled it into her body, her orgasm overcoming her yet again. Once her pleasure subsided, she rolled off of me and collapsed down onto the blanket, panting.

“Alright, who’s next?” I asked, looking at Jessica and Rey.

Jessica looked over at Rey, who was clearly wanting to go next. “Have at it. I just had one.”

Rey took her turn using my tongue, her pussy sliding up and down my chin. While I was focused on the job at hand, I suddenly felt warmth on my cock, which had been rock hard for a while. I knew that mouth to be Jessica, as I could still see Keira laid down next to me. This rise in excitement caused me to increase my pace on Rey’s pussy, bringing her to climax faster than I did Keira. Once her orgasm subsided, she laid down on the blanket, taking a spot next to me, on the other side of Keira.

Jessica, not wanting to deny another orgasm, pulled my cock from her mouth, slid up my body, and placed her pussy on my face, waiting for me to start my work.

“Tongue-fuck me, baby.” Jessica demanded, lowering her pussy to my mouth.

Of course, I obliged, offering my tongue for her pleasure. At first, all I did was stick my tongue out and let Jessica do the work. Jessica rode my tongue, sliding its surface against her slit. After a few minutes, I grabbed her ass and held her still while I pulled her down to me and stuck my tongue inside kadıköy escort her walls. Jessica began gyrating her hips on my face, circling my tongue. She started bucking on top of me, her third orgasm of the day rising within. She came all over me, her pussy flowing with fluid. I laid there lapping it up, reveling in the tastes of her sex.

Once her orgasm subsided, she too rolled off of me and landed between Keira and I. The four of us laid there in the sun for a bit longer, until I sat up and grabbed another beer, needing refreshment from my labors. I drank the whole beer in a couple pulls, then grabbed another one and sat back down between Jessica and Rey.

“Thirsty?” Asked Rey.

“A little.” I said, “That was a bit of work.”

“But fine work you do, hon.” Responded Rey.

“Very fine.” Said Jessica.

We laid out in the sun for a bit longer, enjoying each other’s company. My cock stayed at full attention the entire time, as I hadn’t had any pressure relief all day. After many different conversations on several different topics, we decided that we should get dinner going. I started the fire while the ladies prepared the food. After the fire was blazing and many coals had been developed, we placed our kebabs over the fire, being supported by a makeshift stand I built. The fire cooked our food while we finished the rest of the meal preparations, including pouring 4 glasses of wine to go with our steak kebabs.

“That looks and smells delicious,” Keira said, taking a sip of her wine, “Are they done yet?”

“Getting close,” I said, “any minute.”

Once the kebabs were cooked, I pulled them off the fire, handing them out to the ladies. We sat around the fire, eating our food, and drinking our wine. Once we all had our share, of food and wine, we kicked back once again, our eyes shifting from the fire, to the beautiful clear sky, to the moonlit ocean, and back to the fire. All four of us were soaking up the serenity of the island. Our souls finding peace in the isolation.

“Damnit, Jason!” Jessica exclaimed out of nowhere.

“What, baby? What did I do?” I asked, confused.

“I am still so horny! All I can think about right now is fucking you!”

“And what’s stopping you?” asked Keira.

“I’m just going crazy. I have never been this horny. Like, all I have been able to think about for the last two weeks is sex!”

“That happens when people come to the Bahamas. This place just evokes sex.” Said Rey.

“Well, I do believe Jason has not cum all day. I think he has been a good man and could use a good fucking.” Said Keira.

“I agree.” Said Rey.

“Me too.” I replied, stirring up laughter from the three of them.

Jessica stood up from her seat, offered me a hand, and pulled me up. She wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me in close to her. She lifted up to her tippy toes and planted a kiss on my lips, then lowered herself down to her knees, placing herself directly in front of my cock. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it. Precum was already oozing from the tip, which she cleaned up with her tongue. Jessica then slid the tip into her mouth and spun her tongue around my head, causing my cock to twitch with excitement. I could feel my pressure building very rapidly, as just as I was about to empty my balls, Jessica pulled her mouth from around my cock, stood up, and called for Keira to come over.

Keira followed instructions, kneeling down in front of Jessica, pressing her mouth to Jessica’s pussy. Jessica then instruction Rey to do the same in front of me. Rey kneeled in front of me and wrapped her hand around my cock, stroking my shaft very slowly. Keira worked on Jessica’s clit, sliding her tongue up and down, and then slid one finger inside her pussy, then two. Jessica was on the edge when I leaned in and kissed her on the lips, sending her over. Her orgasm shook her entire body, and she nearly collapsed on top of Keira, but, using me as support, managed to stay on her feet. Jessica moved in closer to me and wrapped her arms around me. She then turned around and lowered herself to all fours, pushing her ass in the air, begging for my cock. I knelt behind her, and with Rey’s assistance, guided my cock to her opening. Rey slid my cock up and down Jessica’s slit, coating my shaft in her fluids. Rey then pulled on my cock, forcing the tip to slide inside Jessica’s pussy. I continued the push, pressing my dick deep inside her. Once I was all the way in, I paused for a brief moment to revel in the situation.

“What are you waiting for, baby?” Jessica asked, “Just fuck me. Please?”

“As you wish, milady.” I responded.

I slid my cock out, then plunged back in, pounding my hips into Jessica’s ass. Jessica let out a little squeal. I repeated the same motion, and yet another squeal escaped Jessica’s lips. I pounded her pussy, burying my cock to the hilt, while Keira reached under Jessica and started rubbing her clit in time with my thrusts. Jessica was near orgasm, which pushed me closer, and as she bostancı escort bayan was about to peak, Rey reached behind me, slid her hand between my legs, and pushed a finger inside my ass again. The initial feeling nearly had me coming, but the second feeling was what did it. Rey pressed against my prostate, massaging my spot, bringing my orgasm to fruition. I was unable to control anything at this point and started unloading my seed deep inside Jessica. Jessica, spurred on by my pulsing cock, started cumming on my dick. Both Jessica and I succumbed to our orgasms, our bodies flooding with pleasure. Once Jessica’s orgasm had passed, she pulled off my cock, spun around, and laid down on the towel in front of me.

Rey still had her finger in my ass, pressing on my p-spot. Even though I had just come, I knew a second was approaching. I reached over and put my hand on Keira’s head, guiding her mouth towards my cock. She happily obliged, sliding my head into her mouth, then the shaft, moving all the way down to the base. My second orgasm hit me, and I unleashed my next load deep down Keira’s throat, causing her to choke. Keira pulled my cock from her mouth and took a big gulp, swallowing the cum into her belly. I hadn’t finished cumming from this orgasm yet, though, and shot my next load all over Jessica, a bit landing on her breasts and more onto her face.

“That’s it, baby. Cum on me! Cum on me again!” Jessica demanded.

Not one to disappoint, I looked at Rey, and she took this as a sign to continue. She pressed once again on my prostate, then wrapped her free hand around my cock and started stroking. The combination of her hand on my cock and finger in my ass brought on the third orgasm, and before I knew it I was shooting another load of seed from my cock. The first wave landed on Jessica’s stomach, the second on her face again.

“Yeah, baby. Give me your cum! I want your cum!” Jessica screamed, rubbing her cum-filled pussy, using my seed on her clit.

I thought that three ejaculations in a three-minute timeframe was enough, but Rey, Keira, and Jessica had different thoughts. Rey kept her finger in my ass, actually sliding another one in, and Keira moved up to kiss me on the lips, placing her hands on my chest, giving my nipples a slight pinch. I copied Keira’s movements, moving my hands to her breasts, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. I could feel a fourth orgasm approaching, and as I felt the first wave hit, Jessica lifted her hips off the towel and pushed her pussy to within inches of my cock, causing Rey to release my dick from her grasp.

“Oh, fuck, baby. I’m coming again!” I stated, my body bending to their will.

“Me too, baby! Fucking cum for me!” Jessica screamed.

Jessica was the first to peak, her orgasm overflowing her body, her pussy releasing a flood of fluid. She squirted all over me, covering my cock in her juices. I felt the warmth of her liquid, and started coming myself, unloading my sperm all over her pussy lips. I have never shot so many loads in such a short time frame. I couldn’t believe it was possible for a man to have four orgasms in a row, with no recovery period, but I was living this with three beautiful women guiding my body to the experience.

“Oh, shit! Oh, Fuck!” I screamed, my body wanting to give up, but the pleasure preventing me from doing so. I still had Rey’s fingers buried in my ass, Keira’s tits buried in my hands, and Jessica’s pussy right in front of my cock. Overwhelmed with pleasure and exhaustion, I collapsed on top of Jessica, catching myself to make sure I didn’t crush her, and let it all go. I breathed very heavy on top of her, trying to catch my breath from all of the excitement. Jessica breathed deep too, recovering from her own orgasms.

“Jesus, fuck.” I said, panting for air.

“I know, right?” replied Jessica, “Now you know what it’s like for women when you make us come multiple times in a row. Fucking intense, right?”

Holy shit,” I told her, “fucking intense.”

I laid on top of Jessica for a while longer, reveling in the pleasure coursing through my veins. Jessica and I shared many moments in this time, passionately kissing each other, loving each other, like we never loved each other before. Once the moment had passed and we both recovered from our orgasms, we looked over to our side to see Keira and Rey fucking each other, tribbing their pussies together. Jessica and I watched the scene unfold before us, both Rey and Keira Coming from contact with each other. They both slowed their movements and stopped, then collapsed in each other’s arms on the towel.

“Damn, ladies. That was fucking hot.” I said.

“Well, we saw you two loving each other,” Said Keira, “Like, so loving each other. It got me turned on again.”

“Me too. I hope to have someone someday that loves me the way you two just showed your love to each other. He’s one hell of a catch, Jess.” Said Rey.

“Yes, he is.” Replied Jessica, looking directly in my eyes. I leaned in for another kiss, trying to show her my love for her.

After regaining some energy, the four of us cleaned up our mess and went back to the campfire. I added some more logs to the fire, then cuddled up next to Jessica and relaxed, staring into the orange flames, reliving the fortnight in paradise.

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