A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 08

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“Perfect, we will see you Saturday around lunchtime then,” I said as I hung up the phone. God that man was stubborn, but I guess being a multi-billionaire slave owner means you are used to getting your own way. My initial offer to breed the girls had been a quarter of my net worth, and I was surprised when Julien had accepted it. Two million was quite a bit for me, but buying even one of his pets usually ran up to ten.

He had steadfastly refused my offer to pay out half the contract amount, saying the failure was an unforeseeable circumstance. When I insisted on paying for the girls time with me, and he had offered to accept ten percent it was clear he did not care much about the money, but I wonder how much of his carefree attitude had to do with the sounds I could hear in the background. It was clear that one of his pets was giving him a blowjob when he answered the phone, although I never would have known by his voice.

He finally agreed to thirty percent, with the caveat that Felicia would be a free guest on my future visits to the island and would not be considered a guest when it came to playing with his pets. Apparently, my little kitten had made an impression on the girls and they wanted to adopt her as an unofficial sister. The other condition would be taken care of on our first visit as well.

Our discussion had brought up other ideas now that I knew I could not have any children, but I wanted to see how kitten liked the island before bringing them up to Julien. As I left the den, I decided to go find the girls. It is not as if I had anytime else I needed to do. As the owner of the company, my job duties were mostly as a figurehead anymore. I had been letting my CEO handle more of the operations end in the last six months after I had announced my intention to retire, and he was more than capable. I only went into the office for a few hours a day to make sure nothing unexpected came up.

I figured Elizabeth was still over at Sonia’s house being punished, and seeing the punishment kit gone when I checked their room confirmed it. Saying I was shocked when Elizabeth asked if Bernardo could fuck her ass as part of her punishment would be an understatement. I never realized that Sonia and Bernardo would be interested in playing with the girls, but I agreed and hoped they would not be too harsh on the punishment side. Maybe they would be interested in the other part of my bargain if everything worked out.

The girls were not in Amanda’s room, nor were they in Teodoro’s room for what I had come to jokingly refer to as their afternoon blowjob practice. I had given Felicia permission to join them when she asked, saying she did not have much experience and wanted to be better for me after the girls left. Her sexual awakening had been a surprise as well, but I gave her permission to play with anyone she was comfortable with. I honestly did not mind her having sex with others as long as she was honest about it. My second wife might still be around; if it was not for the fact, she was fucking the pool guy behind my back.

I finally found Amanda and Felicia in my bedroom, playing with each other on the bed. Well, at least Amanda was playing with Felicia. From the look of it, my kitten had started on her knees and elbows as she usually did, but her shoulders were on the bed and her hands were out to the sides clutching at the bedspread. From the layer of sweat and the distinctive smell of her arousal, I would guess she had already had several orgasms.

Amanda was on her hands and knees behind Felicia, and from the look of it, had her tongue buried in my kitten’s ass. I removed my clothes and climbed up on the bed before Amanda pulled her head out of kitten’s ass crack and smiled at me. “Good, you are finally here. We did not know how long you would be, so I have been playing with her ass since mother left. Your kitten would really like you to taker her anal virginity now and I have her relaxed and ready for you.”

I glanced up and saw Felicia giving me a pleading look as she wiggled her ass at me. I had the feeling that I had been set up, but I was not going to complain about it. When I nodded, Felicia put her head back down on the bed and started to purr as Amanda poured some lube down her ass crack. As I moved up behind Felicia, Amanda grabbed my cock, covering it with lube as she stoked me.

Once she felt I was lubed up enough, she laid down next to Felicia and her hand came up to stroke Felicia’s clit. “This is going to hurt a bit your first time,” Amanda told her. “Even as warmed up as you are, you have never done this before so your body is going to have to adjust a bit. Just stay relaxed and the pain will pass. Once you get used to it, you are going to love it.”

As I lined the head of my cock up with her ass and pushed forward, I was surprised by how relaxed she actually was. It took far less pressure than I thought it would to get past her sphincter, and I pushed half of my cock into her virgin ass before I stopped. I felt the vibrations of Amanda’s fingers rubbing Felicia’s pendik escort clit as my kitten whimpered in pain. I could hear Amanda’s soothing whispers as I stroked Felicia’s back.

“Stay relaxed and breathe little kitten. The worst part is already over,” she told her. “This is what you have been waiting for, your master’s cock claiming your last virgin hole. I can tell you are already starting to get used to it, the feeling of your tight little ass stretching to accept his cock. Are you ready for more little kitten?”

Her nod was followed by her slowly pushing her hips back and fully impaling herself on my cock. “Give her a minute to fully adjust Master,” Amanda said as she continued to play with Felicia’s clit. “Kitten, you need to hold still as well. I know you think you are ready, but your body needs to get accustomed to him so you do not tear. Tomorrow we can go and see if we can find a bigger plug for your tail. It will make it easier for you to take him in the future.”

Felicia smiled and nodded before patting the bed in front of her. Amanda smiled and moved around in front of Felicia before scooting down and spreading herself open. “Just think kitten, next time master cums in my pussy you and mother can take turns licking his cream out of me.”

I heard kitten’s contented purr as her head descended to Amanda’s pussy and figured I had waited long enough. I pulled about half way out and grimaced before sliding back in, causing Felicia to gasp. I have had both Elizabeth’s and Amanda’s asses a few times over the years, and they were both tight back there, but Felicia’s ass was the tightest thing I had ever experienced. It was almost painful to move with as tight as she was.

Amanda looked up at me when Felicia gasped. “Nice and slow Master. This is her first time, so she is going to be extra tight for a few minutes. Short and slow strokes until you feel her start to open up more. It might help if you play with her clit until she cums. That is what Master did when he took my ass for the first time, and my climax helped me relax.”

Julien had far more experience with virgins than I did, so I figured Amanda’s advice was probably good. I reached under kitten’s body and started stroking her clit with my cock buried in her tight little ass. After a couple minutes, she started to purr again, so I began taking shallow strokes into her ass.

She had loosened up enough so it was no longer painful, but I was having a different problem now. Her deliciously tight ass felt exquisite wrapped around my cock, and I did not know if I could hold out long enough for her to get anything out of her first time.

My fingers kept moving on her clit, and as she got closer to her climax I was able to pump her ass faster, but it did not help the situation. I still felt that I was going to cum before she did, and the increased pace was just going to bring it on sooner.

A few minutes later, I was pounding into her ass and was right on the edge of climax. With one hand still strumming her clit, I slid the other up her side and cupped her breast. Rolling her rock hard nipple between my fingers, I thrust my cock deep into her ass as I started to cum.

I felt as if my climax would never end as I flooded her bowels, and heard Amanda cry out as my kitten pushed her over the edge as well. I strummed her clit and pinched her nipple harder, finally feeling her body start to shudder under mine as her climax rolled over her.

When I finally finished cumming, I leaned forward and started kissing along her shoulder. She turned her head and I captured her lips with mine, savoring the taste of Amanda’s orgasmic juices in my sweet kitten’s mouth. The kiss went on until my cock softened and slipped out of her ass. As I rolled off Felicia’s back, Amanda was waiting with some washcloths to clean us up. I was so absorbed in the kiss that I had not even noticed her getting off the bed.

“Even though she had an enema to clean her out before we started, it’s always best to clean up after anal sex. It only takes a minute but it can keep her from getting an infection,” Amanda explained. “One of my sisters forgot to one time and her partner will still hard after cumming in her ass so they started on her pussy right away. Thankfully it was just a yeast infection, but it could have been worse.”

“No need to spare my feelings my dear,” I told her as I looked over to Felicia. “It was Elizabeth, not one of her sisters, and it was my first trip to the island. I was worried about performance issues because it was shortly after my second divorce, so I was taking Viagra. The next day was the most embarrassing day of my life actually. Did you hear the rest of the story?”

“No,” Amanda said shaking her head. “Mother only told me what how it happened.”

“Your Master was probably around ten years old at the time, but his father had been teaching him proper care of his pets,” I explained. “They came to my cabin with Elizabeth in tow. Her ass was flaming red from having just been punished, and I saw her maltepe escort wince as she sat down. Enguerrand then proceeded to have Julien repeat his lecture about the importance of proper cleaning after anal sex. He then explained that Elizabeth’s punishment was for failing to explain it to me and making sure I was properly cleaned between anal and vaginal intercourse, as well as not being able to complete her obligations to me for the rest of the week.”

“When I tried to explain it was as much my fault as it was hers, he looked at me as if I were the child and explained it was entirely on Elizabeth because she knew better. To make up for her failing to properly take care of her obligations, they gave me a choice of one of the other pets for the rest of my vacation, and insisted I had to come back at their expense so Elizabeth could make up her obligations to me. I spent half that next vacation trying to apologize to her, but she ignored it every time.”

“She was right to ignore your apologies Master. You had nothing to apologize for, because it was her fault,” Amanda told me. “Despite our Master’s preference to call us his pets, the truth is that we are his slaves. She knew what was expected of her, and she failed to fulfill her duties. She never held it against you, and would be embarrassed, even now, to hear you say you were to blame in any way. On an entirely different note, what did Master say when you called him?”

“We will discuss that when Elizabeth returns so I don’t have to go over it again,” I told her as I shook my head in confusion. I had never been able to understand their views on proper slave behavior, but as long as they were happy, it did not matter too much to me.

I needed time to think about everything that had changed today, so I asked the girls to go wait for Elizabeth. Felicia looked concerned until I told her I just had to gather my thoughts and figure out a good time for our first visit to the island.

I asked them to come back in when Elizabeth returned then kissed them both before laying back on the bed. I knew Felicia would probably love the idea of retiring on the island, but I wanted her to at least see it before I talked to Julien.

Awakening with two pairs of D cups pressed into your chest and a warm mouth wrapped around your cock is probably the best feeling in the world. I groaned in pleasure as I started cumming in my kitten’s eager mouth and heard giggling from the blond heads on my chest. “I told you he would wake up when he climaxed,” Elizabeth said.

“We saw you were napping when we came in and decided you needed a nice wake up call,” Amanda told me when my climax ended. “Felicia has never gotten to finish you off with her mouth, so we let her do the honors. Now that we are all here, and you are extra relaxed, can you please tell us what happened when you called our Master?”

Felicia, who had crawled up and straddled my hips, was looking down at me with as much curiosity as the other two were, “Very well my dears, but there is not too much to tell. Julien was very sympathetic when I told him what had happened, and tried to refuse to let me pay for the two of you even being here the past six months. We finally came to an agreement that still seems as if I am heavily underpaying for your time with me, but it should make everyone happy.”

“Felicia will be visiting the island with me in the future, and is going to be allowed free access to you and your sisters if you all want to play. She will also be choosing a pony she would like to bring home with us,” I told them. “If Sonia and her husband are interested in having another experience with an extra partner, I will allow them to play with my new pony as well.”

“I think they will be,” Elizabeth told me. “Sonia seemed to enjoy having another woman to play with more than her husband did. I think he just wanted to experiment with new things sexually, but she really enjoyed herself.”

I would have to talk to Sonia, but if Elizabeth was right, I would like to leave the pony with her when I retired to the island with kitten. That was assuming that Julien would even allow us to retire on his island. Julien had insisted I had to visit next month to pick out my pony, so I would see how Felicia felt about living there at that time.

“Julien will be coming to pick the two of you up on Saturday, and we will be coming to visit around the middle of next month. I asked if he would like to stay the night again, but he said something about having a very frustrated gazelle waiting at home,” I told them as I ran my hands down Elizabeth and Amanda’s backs, drawing a gasp from Elizabeth when I brushed over her ass. “I would guess he left one of your sisters at home, but I have no idea who as I did not even know the new ones during his visit. I do need to know if I am going to catch hell about your bottom though, how bad is it?”

“It’s not that bad really, just very tender right now. Amanda looked it over when she put the aloe on after I got back and said I may have some light kartal escort bruising, but it will fade in a couple days with proper care. We have a lot of experience in that area,” she told me. “As for who is waiting at home, she is very anxious for our Master to return, but not because she was left behind. The girl with the beautiful purple eyes that was here at Christmas is Violet. Violet has been waiting for Master to claim her, and next week is her birthday so she will finally be old enough, but Master will not touch her until after her birthday on the island.”

“Ah I see, and knowing Julien’s preferences I am going to guess she has been saving herself for him,” I ask. “Poor girl must be climbing the walls by now.”

“I can speak from experience that the last six months is the worst,” Amanda replied with a smirk. “I was there not all that long ago myself. Having Master claim me was worth the wait though. I think your kitten understands after having waited so long for you to claim her.”

I look up and see Felicia smiling and nodding in response. “I just hope she is not too disappointed at only having me to play with for a while once you leave. She seems to have acquired a taste for other women, and she may have to go without for a while.”

Felicia smiled and shook her head as she tapped Amanda on the shoulder and pointed to the nightstand. Her gentle rocking against my groin as we talked had gotten me hard again, so as Amanda rolled over to get her speech device, Felicia slid my revived cock into her pussy.

She slowly rode me as she typed out her response. “I will never be disappointed with just having you every night Master. I do enjoy having sex with other women, but spending a couple months with just the two of us will be wonderful. You said we were picking out a pony when we go to visit, and they have told me enough about their home that I know what that means. If I get a craving to play with another woman before that while you are at work, I can always see if Sonia wants to play, but I can go without if I need to. As long as I have you, I will be happy.”

I reached up and gently caressed her cheek, “Have I told you how much I love you yet today kitten?” She smiled and nodded as she handed her speech device back to Amanda, then leaned forward and started licking my face. I put my arms around her and lightly stroked her ass as she continued her slow grind as well as her tongue bath.

After a few minutes, I hear Amanda start giggling. “We should give them some time alone. I think our little kitten is feeling extra frisky tonight.”

I laughed as kitten crawled off me, pushed Amanda back on the bed and started to lick her face clean as well. Again, I was struck by the childlike glee she gets from being a kitten. I knew she had worked her way through college while raising her son, earning a master’s degree in social work. I also knew she had spent thirty years working for social services, helping people with speech or hearing problems work through the government bureaucracy to get the help they needed, but I had a hard time reconciling what I knew with the innocent sensuality of her kitten persona.

“She certainly is playful today, but it is probably a good thing she stopped riding me. I have already cum three times today, and I am not sure I would have anything left for tonight if I came again this early,” I told them as I glanced over at the clock on the nightstand. “Nicolina has probably started dinner already, so we should get ready to eat, but I want to check Elizabeth’s bottom before we do.”

Elizabeth had a worried look as she rolled on to her stomach so I could inspect her ass. “Just remember that is looks much worse than it really is because it is fresh.”

I nodded and winced as I looked over her bottom. “I will go get the aloe,” Amanda said as she got up and left the room. Elizabeth was going to need it. Her ass was bright red, and I could feel the damage to her skin as I lightly ran my fingers over it.

“Are you sure you are okay,” I asked her. “It looks worse than I remember seeing it after our incident all those years ago, and I know Enguerrand would not have held back.”

“It is a bit worse actually,” Elizabeth replied with a grimace. “I will be fine though. Amanda and I have a lot of experience making sure someone does not bruise after a punishment. It will be gone, or at least mostly gone before Saturday. Not that he would be upset over me being punished.”

“She is right, He would only ask her what she had been punished for, and if she needed further punishment,” Amanda said as she came back in and started applying the aloe. “Do you need further punishment mother, or did Bernardo do an adequate job?”

“They felt satisfied that I had been punished enough,” Elizabeth replied. “Over forty swats with the paddle, then another twenty with the strap before he fucked my ass a second time. I could not even enjoy the sex because his hips kept slapping against my sore ass. The last part was much more pleasant, as Sonia wanted to use my body as a plaything. I kind of hope we get to repeat that part before we leave, because she tasted lovely. Before you ask Master, yes, they both had a recent blood test and I verified both were clean before allowing them to take me without protection.”

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