A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 03

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Please read A Crossdressers tale part 2 before moving on to this story.


I stood proud in more ways than one, glistening in semi-transparent blue latex and wondering whatever could happen next.

Karen was the first to interrupt the silence.

“What do you think of this toy?” She asked as she pulled out a small leather harness which had a double dildo on the end in clear rubber, the same type of jelly dong as before. One was enormous, about the same size as the strippers cock the other one directly above it was about the size of mine but a bit slimmer.

“Very exciting,” I said. “I expect that one is for my dirty wife over there as I only have one hole to fill.”

“Ten out of Ten John, I’m going to stretch your dirty latex wife in both holes at once, but her pussy probably won’t need much pussy stretching as her rubber cunt has taken nearly a foot when we were out, “she teased. Knowing this would get me thinking about my wife taking the strippers cock deep in her pussy a few hours earlier. And also knowing this would excite me even more as my reaction to the video of my wife getting fucked at the club was immediate and very hard.

“Oh yes baby, wait till you see both of those nice thick cocks invading my sweet wet holes, and you will see them very closely, pumping in and out of my latex clad ass.” As my wife directed me to lie on the floor with my cock inches form her mouth and my face nuzzling in between her latex thighs, my tongue inches from her pussy and swollen clit. The latex rubbing against the rubber of my mask slipping with all the lube involved.

My wife didn’t need any more lube as her juices had already started to flow in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive, her juice dripping onto my tongue and down the rubber mask. Karen knelt behind my wife and gently but accurately placed the tip of the large cock at the entrance to her cunt.

“Here it comes my lovely latex friend!” exclaimed Karen, and with a push entered my wife just far enough for the anal dildo to be at the rosebud entrance to my wife’s ass. Karen eased this in causing both her pussy and her ass to be filled at the same time.

“Oh my god that’s so hot,” gasped my wife as Karen eased further in and started rhythmically fucking my wife.” OH yes Karen fuck me hard Please Please, look at my holes baby can you see me getting DP’d from my sexy latex girlfriend, can you see my latex holes full of nice meat sweety.”

“Yes baby yes baby,” I replied gasping at the awesome sight. The big dildo stretching my wife’s pussy lips as they slid down the shaft and gripped it as it slid in and out and filled her. I couldn’t quite see the anal dildo so I reached around and felt the smooth jelly dong sliding in and out of her outrageously wet ass hole.

“Now get all your holes filled you sexy wife and take his cock.” Directed Karen.

No need to repeat the instruction as she took my full length latex clad penis deep into her mouth, gagging at the base and she was finally triple filled and moaning like a woman possessed. My latex babe fucking and getting fucked and I was the recipient of an amazing latex blow job. This was just incredible. The Rhythm continued as the dildos slid in and out of my wife’s hot latex pussy and my latex cock slid in and out of her mouth.

I so wanted to see my semi transparent blue latex cock fucking my wife’s latex face but couldn’t just yet so I improvised and reached around and started to ease my rubber fist into Karen’s gaping rubber cunt as she fucked my wife.

Karen gasped as I entered her quite easily, her pussy so wet.

“Oh fuck John, yes that’s right baby, you look after me while I’m looking after your wife, fill my rubber cunt you naughty boy.”

I continued to fist Karen and couldn’t believe how much of my latex gloved hand and wrist were disappearing into her pussy. Her pussy lips stretched wide over my wrist as my hand went inside her. Wondering if Karen still had the butt plug in I reached around with my other hand and to my delight, and Karen’s I found the little ring handle and started to ease the plug out of her ass very very slowly. Each time as it was reaching the wider bit of the plug I allowed her ass to snatch it back from my hand and it once again filled her up. She gasped each time and seemed to be loving it. Both girls holes filled and all smothered in delicious latex which was now a predominant odour in the room, along with scented lube, come, and pussy juice.

I Started Fucking Karen as rhythmically as I could and tried to time this with her thrusts into my wife. My fist went in as the butt plug came out, then I managed to get both of them fucking her at the same time. She was feeling the same as my wife and my cock was so hard I thought it would burst the tight blue latex clinging to my shaft.

I sensed Karen about to come as her hips started to tremble and once again she provided enough gushing to lubricate my entire latex face. I pushed hard one last time on the butt plug and my fist then removed them and took a tight grip on her latex buttocks, pulling ayvalık escort her down closer to my tongue. I took her swollen clit into my mouth and sucked and rolled it. Feeling her legs buckle under the intense orgasm that was just about to hit her I flicked and probed, eating her pussy like a man possessed.

Sure enough this had the desired effect as she moaned loudly and a tirade of filth came from her mouth.

“Yes John, Yes John, eat my rubber cunt you pervert, make me come while I fuck your dirty latex slut wife. Look at her John! Look at her taking cock while you tongue my cunt. She’s a slut John, she’s a rubber whore, but she’s our rubber whore.” As she came and collapsed behind my wife the glistening jelly dildos slipped from my wife’s body. My wife gasped as he went quickly form full to empty and was on the verge of her own orgasm.

“Quickly John,” she begged. Get your rubber cock in my ass and make me cum.”

I Immediately took up the position where Karen had been and nearly fell into my wife’s ass it was so wet and gaping. She tightened her ass around my cock and I pumped my cock deep into her ass. Watching the Blue latex sheathed cock slide in and out between the latex panties was the best sight I have seen, I think? The rubber shining, and stretching taut over her ass cheeks. I reached under and began to finger my wife while flicking her clit in an effort to get her to come. This didn’t take long as she too began to buckle at the knees and her ass muscles gripped my cock tighter. She too became very vocal as she approached her own orgasm.

“Look at you John, you filthy rubber pervert. Fucking your wife’s ass in rubber, your dream come true. Fucking your wife’s friend in latex while we suck you. You do know we will be doing this again don’t you John?”

“Oh I’m hoping and praying for than baby,” I replied panting as I continued to fuck her and play with her hard clit.

“I want you to come at the same time John, “she said.

“I’m nearly there you horny bitch.” Was my reply.

“I’ll get you to come with me baby, I’ll tell you about tonight. Karen was sucking Aron’s big cock baby and I had to join in, I took his cock deep in my mouth then deep in my pussy like you saw on the film.”

“Oh I know baby I saw you, it made me hard and I have no regrets babe. I loved watching you fuck that big cock for fun.”

“But you haven’t seen all the videos yet have you?” She asked as she looked directly at Karen and smiled.

Karen returned the smile and licked her lips.” There was more than one stripper baby and I’ll show you the rest when you make me come.”

“Tell me babe, please tell me,” as I pumped harder and faster, knowing that her filthy recollection would make me explode and fill the sheath with my cum.

“Oh yes baby fuck that rubber ass harder, just like Aron did while his friend filled my latex cunt with 13 inches of big thick hard black cock. That’s right baby your sweet innocent housewife was double filled with big cocks before she came home and fucked her latex husband.”

“Oh Yes baby, its ok I’ve already seen the photos just not the film. You see you forgot your phone camera roll is directly linked to my cloud on the laptop so I’ve seen all the photos from tonight. That’s why I’m so horny for you baby. Now tell me how it felt with those monster dicks inside your sweet holes.”

The girls looked at each other and smiled.

“Oh baby they fucked me hard, they filled my cunt and my ass with cock as I sucked on the third. I had 3 cocks at once babe. She shouted as I pumped her. “But don’t worry babe no coming inside me, that’s reserved for you, for your cock only. For my kinky, latex loving, husbands cock.” I exploded into the sheath as my wife came all over my rubber cock, her ass gripping it tightly and milking every last drop of come from my hard shaft.

Convulsing my spunk into the latex sheath half way up her sweet ass. I withdrew and watched my wife in the throes of her own orgasm; I knelt down and kissed her hard and long on her mouth. Our latex masks slipping all over the others and our tongues probing each other’s mouths as her breathing slowed and a wave of absolute contentment and sex came over us both.

“Baby that’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had!” She said as she looked me straight in the eyes.”

“Me too my sweet sexy latex wife,” I answered.

“Ok love birds,” chirped Karen, “so we all had some amazing sex tonight which will probably change all our sex lives for the better, but what now?”

Well to be honest Karen I think I’ve run out of steam and Viagra for one night but the weekend is still young. Why don’t you stop over till Monday and we will see what happens.” I winked and smiled at both the girls as their pussy’s still dripped from the experience.

“Sounds good to me,” smiled my wife.

“And me too,” giggled Karen. “There’s plenty more in my magic bag to keep us all happy till Monday.”

The girls went off to the wet room to wash off the sex and clean and dry the latex they had removed. escort ayvalık I kept mine on to hopefully enjoy it again later, with a wink and a smile from my wife, and I couldn’t believe it another twitch of my cock, I poured myself another brandy and switched on the TV to pair with my wife’s phone. I downloaded all the photos and videos of the night to an external hard drive as this would be enough fuel for a decades masturbation when I’m alone at home in latex. However I didn’t think that would be too often in future as I now had two very sexy latex ladies who were only too willing to oblige my fantasies.

“I’m done for now and going for a nap,” I said.

“Ok but don’t change out of that slippy rubber just yet babe.” Added my wife.

I sloped off upstairs hoping to recuperate and knew from experience a couple of hours would do me. Still wondering how I would manage to sleep all horny wearing super tight and shiny latex. I must have drifted off and turned over to look at the clock, 3 hours had passed and I wondered what the girls were up to. I didn’t have to wait long as I heard soft moans from the spare room so I opened the door slightly to peek in. the girls were locked in a 69 position, still encased in shiny rubber however now they were wearing identical full length cat suits, one in a smoky grey colour and the other in deep glossy black. With hoods to match they were straight out of a porn film and they obviously thought the same as the camcorder was set up and angled towards the bed.

Without saying a word I entered the bedroom and decided to play porn director, lifting the camcorder from its tripod I got close in on the action and both girls greeted me with a smile and a dirty wink. As well as their tongues they were toying each other with two of the biggest dildos I had ever seen. The black monster buried in my wife’s latex clad pussy was stretching her pussy lips further than I’d seen before and she was obviously enjoying every thrust. I managed to get the camera close in and the result was amazing, every slurp of well lubed pussy as it swallowed the big black jelly cock, it must have been a foot long and as wide as a wine bottle but my wife was taking it all. The effect this had on my cock was instant as it engorged with blood once more and filled the slippy latex sheath. At the same time my wife was reciprocating with a giant fist shaped dildo, pushing it deep in-between Karen’s smoky latex covered cunt. I couldn’t believe how much she was taking and was obviously used to its size.

“Put your fist in my rubber cunt John,” Karen ordered in a desperate panting voice.

“I think my fist is bigger than what you have in there already,” I said.

“Exactly John, now stretch my latex hole with your sexy rubber fist.”

Removing the dildo I lubed up my clenched fist and wrist and paused at the entrance to Karen’s pussy to savour the tight latex making her pussy lips pout out as the rubber gripped tightly where the zip was opened. Still with camera in one hand I eased my fingers and hand into her pussy and with a sharp intake of breath she pushed onto it to fill herself up. She gave aloud moan and a thank you as I pushed in deeper until I was about ten inches in.

“Oh yes John you dirty fisting rubber slut now open and close your fist inside me.”

I did as I was asked and it was obvious I was all over Karen’s g spot as she gushed pussy juice and it squirted out from behind the latex glove. My wife was delighted as she was still in a positionposition to lap up all the juice and licked the length of my latex glove to taste the juice from her friend and lover. My latex arm now super smooth, glistening from its covering of pussy juice and my wife’s saliva. I put the camera back on the tripod and positioned myself behind Karen who was now receiving my wife’s well lubed fist in her pussy and was on all fours. She was paying my wife the same compliment now and my wife couldn’t stop bucking her hips, devouring the gloved fist deep into her pussy between the black latex zipper. I was now knelt with my knees either side of my wife’s head and I looked down into her eyes which were filled with lust. I positioned the head of my latex sheathed cock at the entrance to Karen’s ass and could feel my fife reach up and grip my balls pushing them towards Karen’s rubber ass. I don’t think there’s a better sight than a moist shaven well filled pussy, a latex glove being pumped in and out and the tight shiny rubber stretched across Karen’s buttocks and me with my cock head entering the delicious rubber ass of my wife’s best friend. Another push and Karen’s sphincter swallowed my whole length, she gasped as I drove it home and could feel my wife’s hand pumping her pussy as my cock was only millimeters away in her other well lubed hole. Karen was getting well and truly filled and shouted her encouragement to both of us.

“Yes! Yes! You filthy rubber perverts! Fuck me hard; fill my slutty body with your latex fist and your latex cock. Fill me up and stretch my holes I want to come all over both of you.”

We ayvalık escort bayan didn’t need any encouragement and could both feel Karen’s hips pushing back to meet our invading latex covered body parts, she gushed again and covered my wife’s beautiful rubber tits. I pumped as hard and deep as I could as Karen began to shudder.

“Oh yes lovers I’m coming, I’m coming hard please don’t stop. Fuck me harder! Fill my rubber cunt, fill my rubber ass.”

With that Karen rolled sideways and convulsed an orgasm, although my cock slipped out my wife was still nearly elbow deep in-between her smoky grey latex thighs and buried in her cunt. Karen continued to shake and pant fast and hard as she squeezed every ounce of orgasm from her body.

“Now that was a Fucking.” She smiled as she relaxed and collapsed at the edge of the bed.

“Baby I need your cock in me now,” said my wife. “I need it the same as you gave it to Karen, fill my ass babe.”

When I get offers like this I don’t refuse and asked my wife to stand at the side of the bed and lean forward. I hadn’t noticed before but she was actually wearing latex panties but they were very sheer and transparent, two sheaths were in place one in each hole. I had dreamed about seeing my wife in panties like these and told her I had bought a pair but never had the guts to ask her to wear them.

“Where do you think I got these from,” she told me.” I know all your kinky little secrets John but you don’t have to hide them anymore” she smiled. “Now get that rubber cock in this rubber ass,” she said as she pointed a latex gloved finger at her sheathed ass.

The feeling of my slippery, sheathed, glistening, lubed latex cock sliding into her warm slippy latex enveloped ass was amazing and definitely the best ever anal fuck I’d had. There was no effort to sliding my very hard cock all the way in till my balls were slapping my wife’s pussy. The view was incredible as the tight latex stretched each time I filled up her rubber asshole with my engorged cock. I asked Karen to film it close up so she got the camera and got a great angle of my cock head entering the rubber sheath in my wife’s ass and I slid in real slow as my wife begged me to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh yes baby that’s right fuck that dirty slut latex ass hard and fast, fill me up with cock baby, “she begged.

Pumping hard and fast as she buried her face in the mattress as I gave it everything I had. As I fucked hard and fast Karen could see the sheer sexual energy and lust in my eyes and began kissing me, tongue down my throat as I fucked hard. Her fingers reaching down and feeling the shaft of my cock as it slid in and out of my beautiful horny rubber wife.

I didn’t want to shoot my load yet as I knew this would be the last time in this session so I pulled out my cock and told the girls to carry on so I didn’t come too early.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Karen, We don’t want that just yet do we?”

Karen turned my wife over and they began to slip and slide all over each other, fingers in holes and tongues in each other’s mouths exploring each other. A very horny sight, 2 girls in rubber and latex masks kissing and fingering each other. Moaning and groaning as they obviously found each other’s clits and did what I suspect they’ve done many times before without my knowledge and they were making each other come. Hips bucking and backs arching as they began to moan and pant deeply, telling each other they were coming. Then it happened, two latex sluts coming together, writhing in latex as they shuddered to an amazing climax in each other’s rubber embrace. Kissing tenderly as they lay together made me feel quite jealous. But it also made me very happy and I looked forward to how they were going to make me come.

My wife asked me to lie on the bed on my back with my obvious hard on pointing up. I did as I was instructed. The girls got off the bed and from nowhere produced four cuffs and lengths of what looked like belts.

“We also noticed from the videos you have saved that you may like a bit of naughty bondage?” said Karen.

“Yes we did babe and we thought you might like us to take a bit more control of you, you naughty rubber slut.”

Before I could stutter anything out my wrists and ankles were in rubber cuffs with buckles, attached to lengths of leather which were secured to the bed legs. Although I could move around the bed slightly I could not turn over or roll away. Not that I wanted to if you know what I mean.

“Now you must not say a word just do as you are told babe and we promise we will make your dreams come true.”

Spread-eagled and lying on my back dressed in shiny tight latex, strapped to the bed with tight latex cuffs and leather straps. My erection hard as rock and two gorgeous latex clad would be dominatrix like figures at the side of me? Surely my dreams were already reality?

Watching the girls they both rummaged in Karen’s special bag and pulled out two pairs of latex panties with attached external dildos one pair in red and the other in glossy black. Pulling them on over their lubed glistening latex cat suits was easy and they slid into place easily. Now both girls with their own erect cocks joined me on the bed. My wife put a pillow under my hips to raise them so she could access my well lubed ass and Karen mounted me with her latex thighs at either side of my shoulders.

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