A Little Fun after the Party

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I’m invited over to your place for a party. When I get there, I join the fun for a little bit. Eventually I head off to a quiet corner. I find an empty outdoor lounge chair and lay down, and accidentally drift asleep.

You wake me up, the party over. Everybody else is gone. “You look cute today,” you tell me, “I wanted to talk to you but I couldn’t find you.”

I respond, “I found this quiet corner of your yard pretty early on. I guess I fell asleep.”

You climb on me and lay down, “I’m tired, too.”

I smile, and kiss your forehead. You look up into my eyes, then grin, “but I don’t want to sleep”.

You reach your hands down between us, and unfasten my jeans. You slide my pants down, along with my underwear. I slide your shirt off over your head, and you remove your bra.

You lower one tit over my mouth so I can kiss it, then the other. You slide my shirt up over my head. You lean your head over mine, and plant a kiss squarely on my lips.

“Mmmm” I moan into your mouth. Our lips come apart then meet back together. Our tongues begin a slow dance, moving from your mouth to mine, and istanbul escort back into yours.

You slide back off of me, and push my legs apart. You wrap your hand around my thickening cock. Your eyes take it in, as it does a little jump at your touch.

You reach below my shaft with your other hand, and grab my balls in a handful. You look up into my eyes as you lower your head towards my growing erection.

You lick it from the base to the tip. Your lips close around it and you lower your head partway down the shaft. You begin a slow up and down, as your beautiful brown eyes look up at me.

I watch as your head bobs on my cock. I look into your eyes when you raise them up. I reach my hands down and brush some loose hair from your face and hold it back.

You lower your head more onto my dick, as far as you will go. Your hand strokes beneath your lips. Then you release my cock from your mouth with a popping suction noise.

“Now it’s your turn,” you say to me, and you stand. You drop your remaining clothes to the ground. Then you avcılar escort walk over to an outdoor table, and sit on the edge. You begin to play with your body, enticing me to hurry to you.

I’m already on my feet, heading towards you. When I reach your body you place your hands behind you and lean back.

I run a hand along your soft skin; from your breasts, down your side, to your pussy. I run my fingers between the folds. I kneel down, my mouth is level with the tables edge.

You slide forward until your pussy is an easy reach away from my face. I begin to probe at your entrance with my tongue. I pull back the folds of your pussy with my fingers, and slip my tongue inside. I can taste your awakening desire.

I begin to fuck your dampening cunt with my tongue. I find your clitoris with my thumb and toy with it, releasing larger streams of your wetness to drip out below my meaty tongue.

I slide my mouth up to your clit, and push two of my fingers into your soaking pussy. I finger fuck you to a great first orgasm. Your cunt clenches around my fingers, and you squirm şirinevler escort on the tabletop.

You let out a pleasurable groan as you come back down after your orgasm, but you aren’t satisfied.

I stand up, wiping your pussy’s juices on the back of my arm. I reach my hand out to gather some of your leaking lubricant from your cunt and slather it around my stiff cock.

I line up, then grab your hips. I push myself in slowly. Then slide out almost all the way, just the tip is left inside. I slide in again, deeper this time. Then deeper again on the third thrust, until I am sliding in and out at a regular pace.

I begin to play with your exposed clit. Rubbing it as I thrust faster. I see a wildness begin to grow in your eyes.

I push into you, and don’t pull back. You sit up with my cock still filling your hole, and you wrap your arms around my shoulders. Your legs wrap around behind me.

I reach around and grab a firm hold beneath your ass. I lift you off the table, still on my dick. I begin to bounce you up and down my shaft.

You start coming a second time. I can feel your orgasm travel all the way through your body as I hold you.

Our pace never slows until your orgasm is over. I lift you off my cock, and set you back on the table.

I grip my drenched cock in my hand and begin pumping. Within moments I erupt into my own orgasm. Beads of my cum cover your thighs, pussy, and stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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