A Lost Daughter Ch. 04

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The drive to Sienna’s house was somewhat tense. After what had been one of the most unexpected events of my life, it was generally understood that Sienna was crawling out of her skin to get out from under the oppressive environment her adoptive parents had created. She wanted to move in, immediately. Obviously, Amber and I were ecstatic. Sienna was an amazing young woman who we had grown extremely attached to and fallen in love with almost instantly. Add to that the fact that we had entered into a wild, debauched incestuous relationship and you had a lot of excitement about the prospects of our new living arrangements.

The problem, of course, was how this was going to be received by Sienna’s parents. Sienna was due to head to college in September so it would technically be about a three month stopover between then and now that she would be living with us as opposed to them. It might not be as much of an issue if it weren’t for the fact that two days ago Sienna had never met us and these next three months were likely a very important time for her adoptive parents to spend time with her before she went away. Sienna, however, was utterly determined.

Amber and I were no doubt as committed to her moving in as Sienna but for her it felt as though it was life or death. It was likely a glimpse of the things she’d been denied for so long had whet her appetite to a ravenous level, overwhelming her hormones and awakening a rebellious streak reminiscent of her mother at her age. When Amber had said ‘like mother, like daughter’ I could never have anticipated how accurate it would be.

Throughout the course of the three hour drive Sienna had been prepping us on what we could do to make the best impression on her adoptive parents. Avoid swearing, no smoking, take off our shoes upon entering the home, shake hands, smile, everything you could think of Sienna covered. Most of the things she suggested were obvious but it was still good to have her hammer it home as we were not going to get another opportunity to make a first impression.

I could sense Amber’s nervousness and anxiety without even looking at her. To avoid smelling like smoke she’d abstained from smoking for the entire trip, a length of time that was simply incomprehensible in any other situation. Introduce the general stress of the moment and there was no question that she was feeling it worse than any of us. I reached out my hand and softly caressed her left cheek and ran my fingers through her hair, something I knew she loved. She leaned into my touch and closed her eyes, thankful for my attempts to calm her nerves but unable to shake the obvious strain that remain on her face.

We followed Sienna’s directions until she pointed out the house at the end of the street, a large white two-story home with light brown accents, a two-car garage and an immaculately tended front yard. It was impressive, to be honest. It put my modest home to shame and I felt the familiar creep of inferiority start to become present in my mind. I fought it back and tried to focus on the task at hand—which was to charm the pants off these people. Figuratively, of course.

We parked in the generous front driveway and collectively took a deep breath and each released an audible sigh, trying our best to expel some of the nervous energy that infected the car at that moment. With one last glance at each other we opened our doors and stepped out toward the giant oak front door. The door opened before we had even reached it and a petite blonde woman in a white sweater and a loose light blue ankle length skirt greeted our approach with a tentative smile. From behind her appeared a clean-shaven man with side parted brown hair and gold rimmed prescription glasses in a white button-up and brown slacks who didn’t even attempt a grin.

“Hey mom, hey dad. This is Amber and Matt. Amber and Matt meet Julia and Ben, my parents,” Sienna chirped enthusiastically, trying her best to infuse a sense of positivity into the air right from the start.

“Hello, hello. Nice to meet you both, I’m Julia,” greeted the forty-something blonde woman, extending her hand to Amber.

“Nice to meet you too Julia, I’m Amber.”

“So you must be Ben, good to finally meet you. This is a beautiful home you got here,” I offered, trying to compliment my way into the stern looking man’s good graces.

“It’s good to meet you. I appreciate that,” he replied, his face still unreadable.

We continued on, shaking hands and exchanging greetings until everyone was acquainted and we were invited in. So far no one was overtly hostile, but there was certainly a sense that these people really didn’t want us to be interfering in their daughter’s life and viewed us as intruders if nothing else. I understood why, they were the ones who raised Sienna for 18 years. I worried strongly about how Sienna moving in with us was going to be received.

We all filed in and followed Sienna’s parents into a large open room with couches and a fireplace. Above the fireplace was a large cross istanbul escort and below that on the ledge were various religious books. Amber and I sat on the large brown sofa next to one another while Julia and Ben each took a lounge chair at either end of the sofa, essentially surrounding us. To our surprise Sienna joined us on the sofa, sitting right next to Amber. I’m sure Amber felt somewhat vindicated and at least supported, even if only in spirit.

“Would you like some tea?” Julia offered.

Both Amber and I politely declined, hoping to keep this encounter as brief as humanly possible.

“So, how was everything?” Julia followed-up to Sienna, ignoring us for the moment.

“Great, mo-Amber and Matt are really nice and it feels like I’ve known them forever even though I just met them,” Sienna answered, catching herself before referring to Amber as ‘mom,’ although I saw a slight wince from Julia who no doubt noticed the slip.

“That’s good, honey,” Julia replied, seeming to bite her tongue a little.

“So, Matt. Do you have any children?” Ben asked, intentionally ignoring the fact that Sienna was my biological daughter.

“Actually no, it’s just Amber and I. We love kids but we’re unable to have them, unfortunately,” I explained, refusing to be baited into Ben’s challenge.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Julia offered with a tinge of genuine sympathy.

“Sienna is an amazing young lady, you both have done an incredible job raising her,” Amber said, adopting my complimentary tactic of ingratiation.

“She is a wonderful girl and we love her dearly,” Ben replied proudly.

We continued for another ten minutes, many questions being asked back and forth. Our jobs, our home, religion. It all came up and for the most part we kept up well enough to keep everything pleasant, even when Amber took the reigns for the religion part and used her backlog of knowledge to impressively paint us as devoutly religious despite it being exactly the opposite. This seemed to be the turning point of the discussion, as both Ben and Julia visibly softened their demeanor for the rest of the conversation. Everything had gone well up to this point, better than I could have expected, but I still feared having to tell them about Sienna moving in with us. Finally, Sienna decided it was time and took charge.

“So mom, dad, I have something to tell you. Please don’t get mad, just listen and let me explain,” she presented, trying to properly frame her question.

They both nodded in acceptance, being more agreeable than I anticipated, at least so far.

“I want to spend the time I have left before going to school with Matt and Amber. I know it’s fast, because I just met them yesterday, but there is so much catching up to do. I’m probably never going to get another chance to spend a ton of time with them because I’ll be at school and then moving to somewhere to get a job, blah blah blah. So, this is really a perfect time to try to catch up on everything we’ve missed and it means a lot to me,” Sienna explained, rambling on a little long most likely because she feared what she might hear in return.

“How much of the summer are you talking about?” Julia asked a little bit shakily.

“Well, it’s only three months so.. I wanted to go now,” Sienna replied.

“Now? You mean tonight?” Ben asked sounding surprised, and not in a good way.

“Yeah, I came to get some stuff and then I’m going back with them,” Sienna responded, not budging in the face of increasing resistance.

“Honey, you just got home. I think we should talk about this as a family and decide together what’s best and what makes the most sense,” Julia pleaded practically.

“I have decided though, I’ve thought a lot about this. This is something that is very important to me mom,” Sienna replied strongly.

“Your mother is right, Sienna. Matt and Amber seem like decent folks but this is something that really should be talked about as a family,” Ben countered.

“We’re not saying no, honey. But we want you to make the right decision,” Julia added, working in tandem against Sienna.

“I understand why you’re concerned, but I’m 18 and I can make my own decisions. This is what I want and I’m going to do it,” Sienna replied sternly.

With that a tense quiet filled the room, blanketing all of us in a paralyzing silence that tempted the first person brave enough to fill the void. Sienna was that person.

“I’m going to go pack,” she exclaimed, disappearing in a flurry of steps up the stairs.

“Could I go up and see her room?” Amber asked meekly.

“Go ahead,” Ben responded apathetically.

“So Matt, is Sienna going to have her own room?” Julia asked, apparently defeated.

“Um, yeah. We have a full-sized bedroom that we’ve used a spare that she’s been staying in. It has a nice bed, computer, closet, so she should be comfortable,” I replied, still waiting for some sort of outburst from one of avcılar escort them.

“Does the computer have a filter?” Julia asked.

“A filter?” I asked, unsure of what she was talking about.

“Yes, we have a filter on the family computer and on all of our children’s phones to block explicit and evil websites. I’m surprised no one at your church has mentioned it. There are so many terrible things on the internet that kids can stumble into,” Julia explained.

“Oh, that kind of filter. Yes, of course. We have a family setting on all of our electronic devices. I don’t want any of that garbage filtering through,” I lied, hoping my net-nanny lingo was accurate and believable.

“That’s good. The internet is filled with so much sin. I worry about this new generation, I really do,” She continued on, completely unaware of the utter depravity Amber and I had bathed in for nearly 20 years.

“Do you mind if I join the girls upstairs? I’d like to get a look at Sienna’s room before I go if that’s ok?” I asked, dying to get out of that room before I blew my cover.

“Sure, go ahead Matt,” Ben answered, surprisingly cordial.

It seemed my good little Christian act had been successful. I was getting the fellow believer benefit.

I headed up the stairs and listened for my girls to know which room was Sienna’s. There were some feminine voices coming from the door down the right of the hall and I stepped toward it. I stopped and looked at the large cross on Sienna’s door, the same cross that was proudly displayed all over the house. Hung on the cross was a pink ribbon that was wrapped around the top and below the cross were a series of different colored letters that spelled S-I-E-N-N-A. I paused a few moments more and tried listening in to the conversation but couldn’t make anything out.

I gently pushed the door that was partway open and peered in. Sienna was standing at her closet and rifling through pants and blouses that hung neatly on hangers. Behind her on the bed sat Amber, who occasionally would catch one of the garments that Sienna tossed to her and then fold it and stuff it into a small suitcase placed next to Amber on the bed. As I appeared in the doorway they both greeted me with large smiles that radiated the relief they both must have felt to have passed the test, as it were.

“I told you it wouldn’t be that bad,” Sienna said through a grin.

“Yeah, I had my doubts but you handled that very well. I was impressed, to be honest,” I admitted truthfully.

“Have a little faith dad,” Sienna retorted playfully.

“I think your parents have enough faith for all of us,” I quipped, never missing an opportunity to make a dad joke.

That elicited an eye-roll from Sienna but it accompanied a nod as well.

As Sienna turned back to her closet I began looking around Sienna’s room. Her bed was covered with a white down comforter and her mattress sat within a four post white bed frame. On each of the posts were necklaces, mostly with crosses, and some beaded ones too. Above her bed on the wall was a picture of Sienna, Ben, Julia and what I assumed were her two younger sisters standing in a park in front of a tree smiling like a happy family. It looked fairly recent.

Next to her bed was a small white nightstand with a single drawer and a lamp. A well worn brown covered book with gold etching that read The Bible sat on the nightstand, a pink ribbon hanging out of it as a bookmark. Above the nightstand were wall-mounted shelving displaying dozens of trophies and ribbons. Most of them said ‘1st place’ on them. Sienna was a very accomplished high school athlete and she had the hardware to prove it.

In the corner of the room was a small computer desk with an older LCD monitor and what looked to be a fairly ancient computer connected to it. Sienna noticed me looking at it and turned to me.

“That computer is soooo slow. It takes like ten minutes to even turn on. All I use it for is school. It’s useless for anything else,” She explained, using exaggerated gestures and inflections to stress her displeasure and sounding like a very typical teenage girl prone to dramatic displays.

It was cute.

I nodded to acknowledge her complaints and she turned back to her rows of clothing, seeming satisfied to have vented her grievances. After completing my mini-tour of Sienna’s room I went and joined Amber on the bed. I sat next to her and placed my arm around her, smiling and enjoying her beautiful smiling face looking back at me. We gazed at each other a moment, silently basking in our collective appreciation for how everything with Sienna had gone. Eventually, Amber kissed me softly on the lips and laid her head on my shoulder.

The click of the door closing brought my attention back to Sienna, who was now leaning her back against the door and grinning at us deviously.

I didn’t immediately ask her what she was doing, and instead looked back at her with a puzzled expression.

“I want şirinevler escort to do something bad, right now. In my room while my parents are downstairs,” Sienna almost whispered.

A knot instantly formed in my stomach and I had to swallow hard to be able to speak.

“I think we should quit while we’re ahead and get out of here before your parents try to tie you to the bed or something,” I said, trying to use humor to mask my anxiety.

Amber had other plans, as I should’ve known. She seemed to be so in-tune with Sienna mentally that they worked in tandem without even speaking.

Amber was unbuttoning my fly and unzipping my jeans before I even had time to react.

“Come suck daddy’s cock, sweety,” she cooed softly.

Sienna literally did not hesitate for a second. She practically bounded over to us and kneeled on the floor as Amber slipped my penis out of the slit in my boxers and into view. I was already semi-erect and with every passing moment I became more and more compromised by my libido. I was being nearly molested by this tag-team of voracious nymphomaniacs. If it weren’t for Sienna’s parents downstairs, I’d likely consider this Heaven.

“I’ve never done this before,” Sienna admitted, looking up from her kneeling position on the floor and looking younger than her age.

Amber sprung into action and joined her on the floor, the two women now kneeling side by side in front of my now fully-erect member.

“I will help you, honey, but you need to be a fast learner. You need to make daddy cum quickly before your parents wonder what’s taking us so long,” Amber gently explained.

Sienna, looking more like a deer in headlights than I’d ever seen her, nodded tentatively to acknowledge Amber’s instructions.

“Open your mouth and put it in. Get used to sucking on the head, and use your tongue,” Amber continued to instruct.

I watched in amazement as Sienna opened her mouth and softly gripped my shaft with her left hand. She guided the head of my cock into her mouth and clasped her lips around it, sending a shudder through my entire body as her warmth and wetness engulfed me in pleasure.

“Good, now swirl your tongue around it with it in your mouth,” Amber commanded.

Sienna did as she was told and I began to feel her tongue explore all sides of my cock-head. She flicked and flitted her tongue along every inch of it, causing me to flinch more than a few times as lightning bolts of bliss reverberated throughout my body.

“Now I’m going to help you make daddy cum, sweetheart. Just relax and let my guidance tell you what to do,” came Amber’s words.

I opened my eyes, unaware that I had even closed them, and watched as Amber put her left hand on the back of Sienna’s head. She pushed Sienna’s head down softly, allowing Sienna to become comfortable with exactly what she as doing, before Sienna obliged her encouragement and went with it. I felt my heart hit another gear of rapidity as my entire cock slid past Sienna’s tongue and into her throat. I heard a soft gag, but Sienna seemed to be handling her reflex well. With Amber’s help Sienna’s head began to bob up and down, taking me all the way to her throat and then back to her soft, wet tongue. It wouldn’t take long before my orgasm approached, this was simply incredible.

I maintained my awareness enough to watch the door out of the corner of my eye and try to listen for anyone coming up the stairs. It was hard to fragment my attention though, as Amber had really started working Sienna’s head at an increased pace. Sienna managed her occasional light gags and Amber seemed to understand that she was doing quite well, which prompted her to now forcefully guide her bobbing motions.

“Good girl, suck daddy’s cock,” Amber whispered as the cum began it’s ascent towards my daughter’s mouth.

“Babe, I’m going to cum,” I whispered, unsure to which woman I was actually speaking.

With that Amber increased her force on Sienna’s head, eliciting soft gargling and slurping sounds from the struggling 18-year-old with my cock down her throat.

“Swallow daddy’s cum, baby. Don’t waste it,” Amber encouraged.

I felt a mix of sympathy and ecstasy as I ejaculated a powerful shot of semen towards the back of Sienna’s throat. I worried she was going to hate the taste or gag on the sheer amount I was about to feed her or both, but it was too late and this event had hardly been in my control from the beginning. I surrendered to my orgasm, blasting shot after shot of cum into my daughter’s mouth. Amber continued applying a healthy amount of pressure to the back of Sienna’s head, making sure she didn’t allow my shaft to leave the furthest depths of her throat for the duration of my climax.

I felt Sienna gag a couple of times, but all in all she took every drop like a champ. Something else she had gotten from her mother it seemed. Finally, the last spasm ended and I almost collapsed back onto the bed. I watched as Amber released Sienna’s head from her grip and allowed Sienna to slowly release my phallus from her mouth. She was very obviously harboring a large amount of my seed in her mouth and her lower jaw jutted out in an attempt to preserve it.

As my shrinking penis slipped from her lips Sienna instinctively brought her hand up to her face in a gesture of trying to catch any spills.

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