A Marriage Redefined Ch. 01

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“How many men have you slept with? How large were their cocks? How about their balls? Did they cum a lot? Did you suck them off? How often? Did they cum in your mouth? Did you swallow?”

These were the questions my husband began to ask me, not too long after I divulged that I wasn’t completely honest with him about the number of men I slept with.

But before we go there lets start at the beginning. My husband and I have been married for only 5 years. I fell in love with him because he was kind, generous, loving and affectionate, but he was also mysterious. He was good at hiding. Hiding himself from the world and hiding his emotions.

We met 8 years ago, when I first walked into the store he worked at. It was a pet store called Exotics. I was there with my fiancé, and he came up to us and asked if we needed any help. He had a soft soothing voice, and I was instantly pulled to him. Compared to my fiancé he had a very pronounced chin, and deep set eyes. In those eyes I saw the pain and confusion I carried when I was young.

I stayed there for maybe 2 hours, even though my fiancé wanted to leave, I just couldn’t stop gazing at him. I watched him care for the animals around him, and listened to him answer all the different sorts of questions people asked him.

After that initial meeting, I wanted to know everything about him. Luckily, I had a few pets so it was a great excuse to go see him. I would stop by after work and ask him questions and have short conversations with him. We never formally introduced ourselves, yet he knew my name. I even became flattered when I began to notice that he went out of his way to make sure he would be the one to help me.

“Does this guy like me or am I just projecting my own emotions?” Was a question I asked myself often.

Soon we would have another habit. I would leave for work and see him heading for the store, we smiled and waved at each other. That’s when I knew he lived nearby and if I left the same time every day I would be able to see him. We began to smile and wave bursa escort to each other almost every morning.

The thing I haven’t mentioned yet was that while I was 28, he was only 19. This was the part that bugged me. I was a woman about to be married, and yet I had this obsessive fascination with this young man.

After a year of just being friends, doing nothing more than saying hi and getting advice for my animals, I invited him over to pet sit for two weeks as I went away with my fiancé for a vacation. He gladly accepted to come over and we made a date.

The day he came, I was so anxious. I didn’t know why, but I was so nervous to see him outside of the environment that I was used to. When he arrived, he seemed a bit nervous too. We were a bit awkward at first but eventually we came to a state where we couldn’t stop talking. The conversations started out about what my daily routine is for my pets to personal memories from our childhoods, our philosophies on life and even about relationships. Minutes turned to hours and soon I noticed the sun had set. I told him my fiancé will be home soon, and I should get food ready. He said goodbye but before I could let him go I asked for his number. (You know so he can keep me posted on my animals while I was away.)

We began texting the second he walked out that door and never stopped. We texted all day, and all night. Throughout my entire vacation I barely slept because we couldn’t stop texting. This is when my fiancé began to question my relationship with this young man I so was infatuated with.

On the last day of the trip I noticed he grew tired of seeing my face glued to my phone.

“Why are you talking to this guy all the time? He’s a kid! Do you like him or something?! He shouted.

“I’m just wondering about the animals at home” I lied but continued.

“Anyway I’m not sure we’re going to work out, we haven’t been happy for the last year and I know you only planned this vacation to try and keep us together. But I don’t think we should stay together. bursa escort bayan Things just don’t seem right. I’m sorry for letting us go this far.”

He withdrew after that statement and became passive aggressive, but I couldn’t think about that. All I could think about was the youthful man that at that moment was alone in my apartment.

When we arrived back, my fiancé and I still lived together but for an entire month I would sneak out to meet my young lover. We would stay up until dawn just talking and wandering around. We never had any set destination, we would just walk and see where the night would take us. At first, that’s all it was, just talking and walking but one night before he said goodbye to me, he pulled me in and kissed me for the first time. I felt like a teenager, falling in love for the first time. I giggled and blushed. I haven’t felt that happy in such a long time. After that our nights were now joined with long sessions of lip locking and tongue tying.

The only issue was that every morning before the sun rose, I would sneak back into my home to see my fiancé sleeping on the couch. I knew our relationship was over but there he was, and I felt guilty for sneaking around. I should have waited for him to be out of my life completely before I started a new relationship. When he would wake up our days were filled with shouts and fights. He would ask me where I was all night and I wouldn’t answer him.

It was a month after I came back from my vacation, I was leaning against a fence, my tongue was deep inside the mouth of my lover. His hands cupped my ass, as my legs were wrapped around his waist. He was slowly thrusting his pelvis into me. I felt the bulge in his pants hit my mound with every thrust.

“If we keep going, I won’t be able to stop. I want to fuck you, I want to rip your pants off and have you right now!” He asserted in a voice that I just couldn’t resist.

I was shocked, that’s the first time my sweet, young lover ever talked to me this way. It was the most sexy thing he’s ever escort bursa done. I wanted him to ravage my body right there. Our kissing became more passionate, our breathing grew harder. I knew he was about to take me and I wanted it.

My fingers began working down his shirt, unbuttoning it, revealing his smooth chest. My legs loosened, and I slid down his side until I felt my feet hit the floor. With his hands still on my pants, he yanked them down. He was surprised to see that I had no underwear.

“I haven’t worn any undies on any of our nights out” I whispered to him.

Now it was my turn, I undid his pants and stuck my hand into his underwear. I’ve had a guilty pleasure of imagining his cock. As I pulled it out I had a rush as finally saw it and held it in my hand. I wanted it inside of me.

I felt his hands grabbed my bare ass, I jumped and wrapped my legs around him again. He held me up against the fence.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned as I slid down onto his beautiful, young cock. There it was, the feeling I’ve been longing for. I finally had him inside of me. It was a dream come true.

He instantly began to thrust hard and deep, as if he couldn’t wait to fill me up. He grunted with every plunge.

I held his face and stared into his beautiful glistening eyes as we moaned in sync.

I screamed out, as I tightened my grip around his waist. My hands held his face tight, I wanted him to continue looking into me.

The rise to orgasm came on quick. I felt him erupt inside me. I shrieked in pleasure, as my climax sent ripples throughout my body.

He held me there until his penis went limp, and fell out. Our eyes never pulled away from each other. I began drip, and felt our juices run down my legs.

We kissed, and put our clothes back on, but went back to his place to continue having fun for the rest of the night.

That morning, he lent me the shirt he wore the night before. I came in to find that my fiancé had his bags packed and was leaving. He asked me to come with him but I told him I’m staying, and I watched him walk out the door.

Later that day I told my lover what had happened and he came over. No love was made that night, we just held each other and he reassured me everything would be ok.

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