A Wish, Long Forgotten Ch. 01

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I love it when my wife, Judy, surprises me with one of her unexpected, sexy bedroom games. She’s the undisputed master of spinning a complicated web of events out of seemingly innocent actions, and keeping it a total secret until she’s ready to spring it on me. Such was the case on that Saturday evening as we sat across the table from each other having just finished an early dinner.

“Now that you’re done,” Judy said matter-of-factly as she glanced over at me, “I want you to go up and take a good shower. I have a little surprise planned for you tonight.”

“Is that so?” I asked, playfully. “What kind of surprise is it?”

“Oh, that’s a secret.” Judy said, as her face turned into a devious grin. “And,” she added, “I want you to shave that stubble of your face, too.”

“Oh, hell yes!” I moaned in reply. I definitely knew what that meant – Judy was probably planning to sit on my face later, something I dearly love. But, since she keeps her pussy smoothly waxed for me, she hates doing it when I have a day’s worth of prickly beard to irritate her smooth, hairless pussy lips.

“One other thing,” Judy said, as she leaned back in her chair, crossed her arms across her chest and looked at me with a serious expression, “I don’t want even the slightest bit of trouble with you tonight. Am I making myself totally clear?” My wife asked.

“No problem.” I answered, grinning broadly. I’d seen her act this way before plenty of times. It was a mix of melodramatic huffing and puffing which she used from time to time to confuse me and throw me off balance long enough so she could implement her plan without me figuring out exactly what she was doing.

“Good.” She replied as she smiled across the table at me.

Then as I watched her, she blushed, and as the redness spread across her face, she pushed her hair back over her shoulder and I watched her expression change. A slight smile crept up from the corner of her lips and she reached her hand out to me across the table and touched my arm.

“I love you.” Judy said, whispering the words to me. “Tonight is all about you, Rob. I’ve wanted to do this for you for a long time and tonight it’s finally going to happen.”

I thought I saw her eyes start to water as she spoke to me, and at that moment I felt utterly consumed with love for her, I felt compelled to stand up and walk around the table to kiss her. But, before I could do it, she suddenly slapped my arm in a teasing manner and told me to get upstairs and get started on my shower.

Without saying another word, she pursed her lips together to stifle the smile that was forming and she slowly stood up, picking up her plate and she looked at me. “Well, get going.” She said. “I’m on a pretty tight time line here.”

I took one last sip of wine, and pushed my chair back. Then, standing and moving around the table to walk up behind her, I snuggled myself next her, wrapping my arms around her body and cupping her tiny breasts in my hands.

“I love you.” I whispered. Then pushing her hair out of the way and kissing my way down her neck, I tweaked her nipples with my fingertips and blew hot air down her neck.

“Come on,” Judy said, wiggling free of my embrace, “don’t distract me, Rob. I wasn’t kidding, we’re on a strict time line tonight and if you’re not in the shower in five minutes, I’m probably going to have to call the whole thing off. And believe me, you don’t want me to do that.”

“Okay! Okay!” I replied as I moved toward the doorway. “I’m going.”

“I’ll be up there in a few minutes.” She called out, as I was making my way up the stairs to our master bedroom. “And, don’t forget to shave!”

I stripped my clothes off and left them in a pile on the floor of the bathroom. Reaching into the medicine cabinet above the toilet, I snickered to myself as I grabbed Judy’s scissors, thinking I might just give my pubic hair a quick trim while I was in the shower. I knew she secretly loved it when I trimmed myself down there and each time I did for her, I was rewarded for it later.

I was doing just that — using the scissors to trim my pubes as close as I could to the skin when Judy opened the sliding glass door to the shower and peered in at me. I looked up from my trim job to see her grinning, obviously happy with what she saw me doing. After watching me for a few seconds, she closed the door to the shower and returned a few minutes later with a razor and her hand lotion.

“Here.” My wife said, opening the shower door and handing me her razor and a bottle of intensive care hand lotion. “If you’re going to trim it, you might as well just shave it all off.”

Telling me she’d put a new blade in the razor and instructing me to use the intensive care lotion instead of shave cream, she pointed down to my crotch and said, “Don’t dawdle, Rob. And don’t play with yourself, either.”

She and I exchanged glances momentarily before she pulled the shower door closed, but, I could tell from her expression she was ecstatically happy my cock was going to be hairless, too. I know she likes to see me shaved as much as I like to see her with a freshly pendik escort waxed set of soft, pussy lips. I just don’t do it very often because of the looks I get at the gym after I work out. Never the less, every time I’ve shaved it off for her, she’s always shown her appreciation in a big way.

Once I was done in the shower, I used the same razor to shave my face at the sink as she puttered in and out of the bathroom nonchalantly checking my progress and smiling at me in the mirror. It was hard to concentrate on what I was doing because she had taken off all her clothes except her panties and she kept coming in and out of the bathroom, walking behind me and pretending she was straightening up the bathroom after my shower. However, I know for a fact she was trying to tease me. She knows I can’t keep my hands or eyes off her when she prances around in front of me in just her panties, and tonight was no different. She was stopping and pausing for a few second at a time so I could get a look at her, and then she’d leave for a minute or so and then come back in, repeating the cycle all over again.

Simply said, I love her little A-cup breasts — they match her petite body perfectly, and as far as I’m concerned, her tiny, pink tipped cones are the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen, and she knows I’ve always been turned on by them. Her nipples are very sensitive, and they pop up and come alive with just the slightest stimulation.

Through out all of this, I realized she was putting a lot of effort into teasing me. It was obvious she selected her panties with something special in mind, too. They weren’t her everyday panties, and the first time she walked into the bathroom with her tight, pink satiny panties on, I knew this was going to be a night to remember. These weren’t the panties she had on this morning and it was clear to me she put them on just for my benefit. And it worked. Seeing her cute little breasts exposed and the way her tight panties creased up between her pussy lips, I started to get hard while I was standing at the sink shaving my face.

Finally, she sauntered up next to me and watched in the mirror as I shaved off the last of the stubble on my face. My eyes wandered up and down her body, stopping at her crotch to see the puffiness of her labia pressing against the thin fabric of her panties. I could plainly make out the slit between her lips and as I looked up into her smiling face, she reached down to grasp my hardening member.

“You’re not helping me get done any faster, you know.” I moaned as she began to stroke my hairless cock.

“Sorry.” She giggled, letting go of my cock. “I couldn’t resist it. You know how much it turns me on when you’re shaved like this.”

Then, without another word, she dropped to her knees, pulling me to face her and she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck my enlarging penis. Looking up at me, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled, saying, “You promised not to give me any trouble tonight. Remember?”

“I remember.” I replied. “I promise you won’t have any problems from me.”

“Just remember you said that.” Judy answered as she stood up next to me. Still grasping my cock tightly, she squeezed my shaft and told me to hurry up. And then, smiling as she left, she closed the bathroom door, leaving me to finish.

Once I was done, I cleaned up my mess at the sink and put on a tiny bit of the cologne she gave me for Christmas. Then, opening the door, I walked out into the master bedroom. What I saw in there made me stop in my tracks.

Judy had completely removed the comforter from our large bed, along with the top sheet, and they were neatly folded and set on the floor in front of her closet doors. But that wasn’t what stunned me so much.

Judy had put our tie up straps on the bed just the way I normally did, one across the top of the mattress and one at the bottom. Each strap had eyelets to fasten the cuffs we used. Now, usually it was me trying her up — wrapping the soft leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles and then fastening her arms and legs widely apart so I could use all our different dildos and vibrators on her one at a time. Sometimes, I’d keep her in that position for an hour while I assaulted her body with every toy in our toy bag until she’d cum so much, she was literally dripping with sweat and totally exhausted from so many climaxes.

But, apparently, this time it was me that was going to be tied up and to make matters a bit more interesting, Judy was waiting next to the bed for me dangling the blindfold in her hand, smiling and gesturing for me to step toward her.

“You’re my prisioner tonight, Sweetheart.” Judy said to me. “You’ll have no choice other than to lie here and let me do whatever I want to you.” I looked her right in the eye and asked why she needed the blindfold.

“Rob,” she replied, “you promised not to give me any trouble tonight. If you play along, I promise you’ll thank me later. Now,” she added smiling, “get over here so I can put the blindfold on you.”

I did as Judy asked, stepping toward her until she reached out and grasped escort pendik my hardened penis to pull me right in front of her. Tenderly, she kissed me and told me not to worry about anything. “You have to trust me tonight.” Judy whispered into my ear. “Just be a good boy, do exactly as you’re told and trust me.”

Without another word spoken between us, my wife reached up and wrapped the blindfold around my head and fastened it in place securely. I couldn’t see a thing — even when I looked down my nose hoping to see a sliver of light and a promise I wouldn’t be completely blind, but it was useless. The blindfold covered my eyes perfectly and I couldn’t see a thing.

“Come on.” Judy said, hooking her arms into mine and pulling me to the side of the bed and turning me so I could sit down on the mattress. “Move to the center so I can put the cuffs on you, Sweetheart. Help me out, okay?”

As I moved to the center of the mattress and spread my arms and legs out so she could put the cuffs on, I asked her why the blindfold and restraints were necessary.

“Because it will be better this way.” Judy replied softly as she fastened the first wrist cuff to my right wrist and hooked it into the eyelet of the strap to secure my right hand. “I know it’s usually you tying me up, but, tonight is special and I want you to experience this just the way I’ve envisioned it.”

Then, continuing down to my right ankle, she fastened the leather cuff and stretched my leg way out to the side so she could hook it into the strap. It wasn’t until exactly that time that I realized how totally helpless and unable to move I was going to be.

As my wife moved around the end of the bed, she grasped my left ankle and began to fasten the cuff around it. Then, stretching my leg way over to left side, she attached it to the strap and I wiggled my butt into the mattress to try to get comfortable.

“You’re losing your hard-on.” Judy said quietly as she put the final cuff on my left hand. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem here in a few minutes, though.” She added, as she giggled lightly. “I think the problem we’re going to have is keeping you from cumming too soon.”

“But,” she added, as she attached my left hand to the strap to complete my total restraint, “if that happens, I’m sure you’ll recover quickly enough. I think I know enough tricks by now to keep you hard.”

I started to ask her what was going to happen next, but, she told me to be quiet and relax, saying, “Rob, believe me when I say you’d be better off just lying there comfortably and not trying to figure out what’s going to happen. I want you to enjoy tonight and everything you experience. Don’t try to figure it out. Just accept it and enjoy what’s going to happen. If you can do that, it will make me incredibly happy.”

I was really confused now. Here I was — naked and blindfolded, tied to the bed and it was still quite early — just a few minutes before 7:00 PM. I didn’t have any clue at all what she was doing — and what she was going to do. Then, I felt her climb up on the bed next to me, and just a second or two later, I felt the warmth of her mouth around my softened cock. Within a matter of a few seconds, my cock was growing hard again and Judy was having a good time with it, slurping up and down my shaft and giggling as she brought me back to an erected state.

“I told you.” Judy said softly as she removed my hardened member from her mouth and jacked my cock in her hand. “You’re hard again.” She went back to sucking me for a minute or so, and then she suddenly stopped. I felt her moving on the bed for just a brief moment and a second later, I felt her straddling my waist as she bent down to kiss me.

As we kissed, she sat down against me, grinding her panty covered pussy against my cock as we kissed. Her mouth was hot and wet, and she seemed to be almost out of breath as we kissed. Our kissing got more and more passionate as she ground her crotch against mine, rubbing on me so my cock massaged her clit as well as her pussy lips.

When our kiss broke, she began whispering in my ear as she ground her crotch against mine, telling me how much she loved me and thanking me for trusting her tonight. Before I knew it, she was kissing me and panting as she humped my cock through her panties.

“Promise me you’ll do what I say tonight?” She panted to me as she rubbed her crotch against mine. “Promise you won’t question me, you won’t resist and you’ll go along with what ever I say?”

“Please, Rob. It’s important.” Judy whispered as she rubbed herself on my cock. “I have to hear you promise me, and you have to mean it.”

Like I really had a choice? I was tied to the bed and she was rubbing her pussy against me. It felt good and I knew if she kept this up, she’d make me cum just from the friction she was creating against my hard member.

“I’m gonna stop what I’m doing and forget the whole thing if you don’t promise me.” Judy said, almost out of breath and on the verge of cumming, herself.

“I promise.” I moaned. “I’ll do whatever you say and I won’t resist. I am totally yours tonight, Babe.”

As pendik escort bayan soon as I said it, Judy let out a very low groan from the pit of her stomach, and she started to shake on top of me. I could even feel it as her orgasm started, but, when she pressed down on me with all her weight and smashed her panty covered pussy down onto my cock and rocked back and forth, she began to tremble until the full power of her climax unleashed itself inside her body and she shook uncontrollably on top of me.

Panting, she lay lifeless across my chest trying to catch her breath. Every now and then, her body would flinch and she’d press her pelvis into me one more time. All the fear and worry I had up to now had vanished, and I was waiting for her to recover so she could make me cum. But, that wasn’t in her play book.

Shortly, Judy caught her breath and started kissing me again. Of course, I expected her to get off me and do something to make me cum, but when our kiss ended, she leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“I haven’t forgotten about you. Sweetheart.” Judy said softly. “But, I can’t let you cum yet. You’re going to have to wait for that.”

Then, I heard her giggle a little bit and she added, “But, I bet you’re gonna like this.”

I felt something brush briefly across my nose and mouth. A second later, I felt it again, except this time it moved much slower, lingering long enough for me to figure out it was a pair of panties which she was slowly and deliberately dragging across my face.

“Panties.” She whispered softly. “Soft, fresh, and wet panties.”

I started to moan as soon as she said it. And just then, I began to understand more of Judy’s nasty plan — her goal was to tie me up and tease me with her panties until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then maybe she’d suck me while I sniffed her panties, or maybe she’d give me one of her wonderful hand jobs with her panties draped across my face.

Judy definitely knew my soft spots. After years of marriage and sharing our intimate fantasies and desires, she knew the panties were enough to drive me over the edge. She knew she’d get my attention and I’d agree to absolutely anything……. as long as she let me have her panties to sniff and lick.

Ever since the beginning of our relationship, I’ve made no apologies for my panty fetish. Judy and I discussed this long ago — way before we were married, and she knows full well that I’m a pantyholic. Call it a fetish, a longing, an interest, or anything you care to call it — the truth is, I am totally addicted and turned on by panties.

“So, this was it, huh?” I said to myself. “She’s going to tease me with panties until I beg for mercy?”

About that time, Judy pressed the panties directly up to my nose and held the crotch panel against my nostrils. I inhaled deeply, and as soon as I did, I realized it didn’t smell much like my wife’s feminine aroma I was smelling.

I felt Judy wiggle down against my cock again, and it was then when I totally realized Judy had never moved from where she sat on top of me…… she was still in the same position she was in earlier when she was dry humping me — rubbing my cock against her panty covered pussy — and she had never taken her panties off.

Judy began to push down against my cock again, slowly rubbing herself against me as she pressed the soft panties against my nose.

“Take a long sniff, Sweetheart.” Judy said. “These are really fresh, Rob. Can you smell how sweet and fresh they are? There’s even a nice wet spot on them.”

It was true, they were wet — I could feel the wetness of the material against my upper lip and even though the smell was different than Judy’s smell, it was good — very good.

“Open your mouth.” Judy then whispered.

I did immediately, and when I did, I felt her tuck the crotch of the panties inside my mouth. “Now, suck.” My wife said.

Following her instructions, I sucked the material exactly the same way I’ve sucked her panties in the past. My tongue thrust against the material and I could feel the thick, sinuous, sticky fluid that clung to the crotch of the panty. The taste was lighter than Judy’s, but the texture was just as thick and there was a lot of it there.

“Go ahead,” Judy said, “take your time and enjoy those for a few minutes. I know you well enough to know you can’t resist a nice pair of panties.”

My wife’s actions on top of me became more deliberate. I was concentrating on the panties she’d put in my mouth so I really didn’t realize she was dry humping me again until I felt her lift herself up and adjust herself on top of my cock.

“Don’t stop.” Judy moaned down to me. “Keep sucking until you clean every trace of pussy juice out of those panties.”

It was like she was almost fucking me now; rocking back and forth, sliding her pantied, hairless pussy up the length of my cock and then back again. I suspected these weren’t her panties and I probably shouldn’t have gotten so excited as I sniffed and sucked the crotch of the underwear she pushed inside my mouth, but I couldn’t help it. The friction of her movements, combined with the tangy taste of the feminine secretions that were filling my mouth were intoxicating, and the idea of Judy, my own wife, making me suck another woman’s panties was bringing me close to the edge.

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