Anna’s Transformation Ch. 06

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Thursday – Day Six

She slept late, only waking when the sun shone in her eyes. She yawned, stretched and only noticed she was naked when she rolled onto her back and her big breasts wobbled across her chest, firm enough that they only slightly pancaked. She instinctively started to pull up the sheet — and stopped. “Why do I need to cover up in my own bedroom?’

She tossed the sheet off and lay there mobilbahis güvenilir mi naked, thinking about her last two incredible days with Jack. ‘God, was it all a dream?’ She relived their last coupling and how incredible it felt to slide up and down his hard shaft……

Without realizing it, her hands had migrated to caress her breasts and nipples, now pointing proudly at the ceiling. mobilbahis She reached down to caress her labial lips and felt the wetness beginning — and dried remnants of Jack’s last discharge. ‘Oh, my, I’ve still got some of my lover inside me!’ She grinned.

She stretched again and headed for the bathroom, enjoying the sensual feeling of her breasts bouncing free. While she showered, she thought of Jack’s mobilbahis giriş asking her to spend the night. ‘It doesn’t seem right to spend the night with another man — I’m married to Andy. But I so want to share his bed, be his lover. God, how many times would we do it in a night?! ‘ She giggled at the thought.

She picked another new bra I couldn’t believe it was happening. What we just did- oh god, wow, Jack. You do me soooo good, baby. I love it slow, I love it on top and on bottom — and from behind — whoo! And I love it fast and hard, like you just did — I thought I was going to explode!” She giggled. “And I love it that you’re still so big and hard inside me now — feels so good.”

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