Ashleigh Pt. 02

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The following day was the same routine for Ashleigh, only now, she knew that Simon was aware she may be watching. So instead she found herself in the upstairs bedroom with a pair of binoculars. She felt like a pervert, but rather than making her feel disgusted with herself, it just turned her on all the more. From this angle and with the increased magnification she was even more hot under the collar as he clambered aboard the bike and set off. “Christ Ashleigh. If someone was watching you now. You are no better than a peeping Tom!” She left the binoculars on the window-ledge and moved away on slightly trembling legs, resisting the urge to play with herself. For the past few days, she had masturbated after each voyeuristic session, she knew she just had to stop before she rubbed herself to death!

Two hours later, Ashleigh was back in the kitchen, making another cup of tea, when Simon returned from his cycle ride. He had removed his top, due to the heat of the morning, his cycling shorts, like modern-day braces, had shoulder straps to keep them up, and as he stood his bike up, Simon slipped the straps from his shoulders and undid the zip at the front, allowing himself to cool down. Ashleigh moved into the shadows of the kitchen to watch. She had not seen him come back before and mentally registered the time, so that she could catch him again. Strangely thinking that there was nothing wrong about her ‘stalking’ behaviour.

Simon’s body glistened with sweat, his shorts had settled about the top of his hips, though Ashleigh was willing them to fall further. His hairless body rippled with muscular power. The flatness of his stomach made his waist seem tiny, in proportion with the large triangular shape of his torso. His skin, flawless in youth, a golden colour, radiated the warmth of the morning. Simon cooled himself down as he tended to his bike, before putting it away.

Ashleigh let out a breath. “Oh my God, that man is incredible.” The butterflies in her stomach had given rise to other feelings throughout her body. She looked down at her chest, not at all surprised that her nipples were showing through both bra and dress, sticking out large and hard enough to hang the washing on. Her crotch was filled with heat. The faint smell of her sex permeated through her little panties and filled the air with her pheromones. The very short summer dress that she wore, made touching herself too easy and as she turned from the window, she had almost immediately broken her vow of not playing with herself today as she found her fingers were already on her vulva, pushing her wet panties into her vagina. She reached her other hand down and pulled the damp material of the panty gusset to one side. “This has got to stop!” Ashleigh reprimanded herself, but then looked across at one of the kitchen chairs and immediately groaned; her resolve to resist her body’s needs crumbling in seconds.

She had never really noticed it before, but then why would any sane person think otherwise? Looking at the back of the chair, it had two up-right spindles on either end. And in her current state of heat, Ashleigh saw them as nothing less than phallic. She suddenly realised too, that they were of the perfect height and girth for her to… “Noooooo Ashleigh, this is not… oooohhh fuck… But I need…”

Her fingers were already slurping in her wetness, surprising herself that she needed release again so soon after her last session. But she was so turned on, more so than first thing when she saw Simon leave, and needed something more than a quick fingering to give her release this time. Raising her right leg and placing her bare foot upon the seat of the chair, she positioned herself over the spindle and began to slowly lower her dripping pussy towards it. Her brain, called to her to stop. This was madness, this was just not done to fawn so over her next-door neighbour’s son. But her body would not accept ‘no’ as an answer. It wanted and needed sex at its basic and most raw and it wanted it now.

She had not had sex with a man or woman, for over six years and it was obviously beginning to show. Ashleigh loved having sex, but thought she was not someone that needed it to survive. She had done without for so long, that she had felt masturbation was enough. Seeing Simon these past few weeks and especially today, she realised she needed to re-appraise that thinking and with a vengeance.

To give herself release once a day, every day, or sometimes twice on some days, was unheard of. In the past if she masturbated even twice in one week it was a rarity. But as she bent her knees and felt, as well as watched her vaginal lips being forced apart by wooden girth of the phallic shaped, chair spindle, she knew she had turned a corner there too, crossing a further line of depravity.

The four inches of spindle slipped easily into her wet pussy. She groaned as she watched her vagina consume the phallic object, until her clitoris, which was already prominent, came into contact casino oyna with the back-rest of the chair. That cold contact, sparked a fire that ignited her whole body. “Jesus Ashleigh, you horny bitch! Oh shit…oh, ummmm huh.” She raised herself and then plunged back down, fucking the chair for what it was worth. Her right hand, slide across the chair back and grasped the other four-inch phallus, fondling it intimately as if it were another erect phallus. In her mind, as she closed her eyes in pleasure, she was being serviced by two men. A fantasy that was more her ex-husbands than hers. In the early years of their marriage, he had often asked her if she wanted to have a threesome, MMF. Though he admitted he was just as open to MFF. Ashleigh had refused him, saying that he was more than enough. But maybe she had changed her mind on that too?

Now though, as she rode the chair onto orgasm, she fancied that she was being taken and abused by two men. Both looked like Simon, both had enormous cocks and both wanted her to come. Her left hand had strayed into the top of her dress and bra to her naked breast, playing absently with the enlarged swelling of her nipple. She flung back her head, biting her lip as her excitement increased. Her hair tumbled down her back and fell across her bare shoulders as she began to shake her head from side to side. “Yes, Simon fuck me. Oh God your cock is so sweet. Oh, my pussy is aching for it, fill me with your come. Oh yes, ohhhhhh, oh, huh, fuck, oh God!”

Ashleigh was now riding the chair frantically; her juices were trickling down the spindle. Her cunt was slurping with each dismount and re-mount, she could smell her scent now heavily in the air, the smell driving her on all the more. Her right hand had taken to wanking the other chair spindle as she wanted to bring all of them to orgasm at the same time. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut as in her fantasy, she saw and felt the object in her hand ejaculating, as well as the one tightly inside her. Ashleigh cried out as she pushed down ruthlessly on her clitoris, ramming in onto the hard surface of the chair. Her fingers grasping her nipple and squeezing it through the thin material of the summer dress. Her breasts bouncing erotically as she fucked the last vestiges of orgasm from the four inches of wooden cock between her dripping lips. “Fuck me, fuck me…yes, yes…YES!”

With her final scream of ecstasy, came the ring on the front door bell. Ashleigh was in immediate shock. She quickly dismounted, in two minds as to whether she should answer the door, or leave it. The bell rang again. She knew at that moment, that whoever was at the front door, would have had to pass by the kitchen window to get to it. And had no doubt looked in as they had done so. To be greeted by a woman humping a chair, and playing with her breast. Her pleasure turned to acute embarrassment, then to self-loathing. As she approached the door, she could see the tall outline of a man and opened the door to find Simon standing there.

The young man didn’t need to say a thing. His face said it all. His hair was tussled and wet, he had obviously come over fresh from a shower. His face was bright red from his hair-line to his neck. ‘Oh my God,’ thought Ashleigh, ‘he saw everything!’ She realised in her haste to answer the front door, that she had not put her small panties back in place properly and with the object of her desires standing before her, she felt a little trickle of her juices running down her thigh. Her short summer dress would not hide it for long. Particularly as his eyes were already roaming her body, returning again and again to her very obvious, erect nipples.

“Simon”, she panted, still not having got her breath under control. “How nice to see you. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine thank you Mrs Clark. How are you?”

“Ashleigh, please call me Ashleigh. Mrs Clark sounds so formal, and we have known each other now for years.”

“Certainly Ashleigh,” he said with a wry smile. His flushing coming under control. “I popped round for a couple of things that I wanted to put to you.”

Ashleigh, still fresh from her orgasm and full of sex endorphins was more than willing to let him do anything with her that he wanted. She couldn’t stop the involuntary groan that escaped her lips, and tried unsuccessfully to make it sound like a cough. The trickle of her glossy vaginal fluid had now reached mid-thigh. She knew it must be visible and even if not, he must be able to smell her sex, as it was pungent and raw in the air about her. “Yes?” She enquired breathlessly, “What did you want to do with me. I meant for me…that is what did you want to discuss.” It was Ashleigh’s turn to flush fully, though it was difficult to notice as she was still covered in the full flush of her recent self-pleasure.

She was shaking a little, her eyes could not hold his and so she kept looking down, but in doing so, would lock onto his manhood, she would look away again, appearing somewhat canlı casino furtive. It was rare for her not to be in control of a situation, rarer still for her not to be in control of her own body. She knew the reason for both and he was standing right before her. The fact that she felt like she was being visually stripped was really not helping.

“Are you ok Ashleigh? Look have I caught you at the wrong time? Do you want me to come at a more convenient time?”

“Ohhh…” Ashleigh gripped the door tightly. Her legs were feeling like rubber and Simon’s words, said in his deep masculine voice were just spurring her on.

“Ooooh, er, well. Well I was engaged in something.” She said desperately trying to pull herself together. “But what was it you wanted to say?”

“Well, I don’t know whether you noticed, but one of the adjoining fence panels in our back gardens has come down, and looking at the state of them and the posts, I would say they are up for replacement. Dad says that he will pay for half, if you can pay for half too, to get them repaired? If so, I will do the labour? The other thing was, I am going to tackle the facias at the front of our property, as it is adjacent to yours, would you like me to do yours too?”

“Oh God Simon, I would love for you to do mine!” The words spilled out of Ashleigh before she could stop them. “I haven’t had it done for years.”

“Yes, I can see that,” Simon said innocently stepping back to inspect Ashleigh’s facia. “Well if you are in agreement, I will be able to get on with it immediately, as I am off for the summer, then going on to university.”

“Oh, that’s good!” Ashleigh immediately thinking that she was going to be missing out on her daily treat. “To study what?”

“I’m studying art.”

“I was wondering if you would take that route,” said Ashleigh. “You really must show me some of your drawings some time.”

“Sure,” he said, “though I should warn you that a lot of what I have done in the last years at school is figure work. You know nudes and studies of various detailed body parts. You might find some of it a little shocking.”

“Oh, I think I’ll manage. I am a woman of the world you know.”

“Well, I must be getting on. I’ll come and grab you again, if you don’t mind, when I need to discuss what colour to paint your facia.”

‘Ohhhhh fuck Simon, you can grab me anytime you want.’ Ashleigh thought to herself. But replied meekly “Sure thing.”

“Bye then.” He turned and left.

Ashleigh looked down at herself and saw that the rivulets of her come had reached her knee. She was disgusted with herself, but so incredibly turned on at the same time. She nipped to the toilet and cleaned herself up, then sat on the same kitchen chair, opened her legs wide and finished herself off. One orgasm was not going to suffice. Knowing that the man of her fantasies had seen her screwing herself on the chair back, just made her twice as horny as she was whilst doing it.

The next day, having watched her early morning pick-me-up. Ashleigh had a shower and a quick breakfast, before nipping out to the shops. She wanted to look for some colours for the facia and to grab some undercoat too, because it was her intention get Simon to do her back facias as well. The thought of that made her weak at the knees. She also wanted a wood stain for her fence, rather than a dull brown colour. And finally, could not resist getting a more revealing bikini set.

As she walked back into her house and deposited the paints by her patio doors, she noted that Simon had already been hard at work. He had not only removed the rotten fence panels, but many of the posts too and had dug some of the holes for the new posts. As she stepped out onto the patio, he carried four posts round from the front and dropped them on the ground.

He was wearing some knee-length shorts, which had an assortment of pockets for his tools, some work boots, but very little else. His body glistened with the sweat produced by his efforts. But Ashleigh saw the ease with which he handled himself and the job in hand. She knew that he could do this sort of thing all day long, not being the worse for it either.

Ashleigh stared at him in utter worshipfulness. Thinking that his body must have had some lineage to the model for Michelangelo’s David. Of perhaps he was formed by the Gods, another Ares or Apollo? The young man’s back was facing her, his narrow waist and pronounced Latissimus dorsi, Teres and Trapezius muscle groups, gave the teenager a profound triangular definition to his back, which at the moment as he was digging, had Ashleigh standing with her mouth open. She could not help herself from getting out her phone and recording the young man at his back-breaking task. Her breathing had become erratic and she could tell without looking that her light jumper would be showing the signs or her arousal, as her nipples were just about at full turgid erection.

She stopped before he turned and noticed kaçak casino what she was doing, and went into the house to change. Dropping her tight leggings and removing her jumper, she elected for a tight summer dress, with bodice like top section, but flowing skirt that settled just about her knees. It was an off the shoulder item, and as she buttoned it up, she realised her bra straps would ruin the effect. Rather than getting one of her strapless bras, she elected to just remove the one she was wearing.

Her nipples when released, seemed to expand all the more. The three-quarter inch nubs of hard flesh delighting at being let out to play. Ashleigh tutted at this open display of her arousal, but smiled at the same time, knowing that Simon would also be very well aware of them. Leaving the final few buttons undone, to better display her cleavage, Ashleigh slipped on some flat shoes and headed back outside, via the kitchen. She grabbed a couple of chilled lagers and went back into the garden.

Simon was sitting on the pile of fence posts taking a breather, when he saw Ashleigh coming over to him. He noted how the sun played upon her long flowing locks of hair, tinging it with shades of gold. It also made her little summer dress transparent in places and seemed to emphasise her curves and humps and particularly her two bumps! Her lustrous hair, fell about her shoulders in swathes of black. Her deep-red lipstick contrasting on her tanned beautiful face. He took several mental snap-shots in his artist’s almost photographic memory. He would capture those images later, playing with the sun and the material of her dress. She walked to him smiling and he tried his very best not to stare at those two large swellings upon her ample breasts, erections which she must be aware, were very prominent.

“Hi Simon,” she breathed. “Guessed in this heat you could do with a lager?”

“That is very thoughtful, thank you Ashleigh.” Simon found himself croaking a little, his eyes kept flicking to her breasts and back to her face, where she wore a knowing smile.

As she passed the bottle to Simon and he took a large gulp, Ashleigh watched a little dribble of the condensation on the bottle drop to his chest, and her eyes locked upon it as it took its complicated journey over his ridges and vales of musculature, to eventually disappear into his shorts. How she longed to be that drop of condensation.

“Wow, looks like you needed that, do you fancy another? Or something else maybe?”

The inflection in her voice was lost on Simon. “No thank you. It will make me drowsy and I’ve plenty to be getting on with.”

“You certainly don’t waste your time getting down to it do you?” Ashleigh’s words appeared to be about removing the fence, but inferred so much more; as she intended them to.


“You have done a great job so far; it looks like hot work?” She emphasised the word ‘hot’ and allowed her eyes to survey his body lazily. “You’re in very good shape Simon, do you go to the gym?”

Simon noted her hungry eyes and felt immediately embarrassed and naked under her gaze. “Er yeah, a couple of times a week. Um, I need a decision on the type of panel that you want me to put in.” He said quickly changing the subject so that he felt less awkward. “Whether you want to replace like with like, or go for something different. Have you got any ideas?” He could not stop his eyes from locking onto her breasts, no matter how he tried. Her large erections, sitting on those ripe, plump mounds were magnetic.

“Oh I certainly do…” Ashleigh was getting turned on watching this young man squirm under her gaze and she was getting more and more blatant about letting him know too. She saw his eyes constantly flicking to her girls and back to her face. Her nipples were painfully erect and she knew her panties were already getting wet. This young man was having such a profound effect on her body that she had not felt in years and she found it completely intoxicating. Subconsciously she had made a decision to do something about it too, but the ‘how and when’ were still an issue. “When do you need to know by Simon, I’ll have a think. Do you want me to get them or just let you know?”

“Just let me know. I have a friend that gets them in, he does them at a cheap rate for me.”

Ashleigh was beginning to shake a little under Simon’s intense gaze. “OK. To be honest, you could just get them. I’m sure you will do a better job of picking than me. The only thing is, I want a half panel and half trellis look, if that is ok with you and your parents?”

“Yeah, they are hardly in the garden, it is mostly just me anyway.”

Ashleigh knew that well, hence deciding on a panel where both gardens could easily be looked into. “Well, I’ll let you get on, shall I?” She wanted him to say something like ‘No I’ve decided to fuck you instead.’ Or, ‘Let’s go up to your bedroom.’ But Ashleigh knew from this shy young man, this was just plain fantasy.

“Look,” he said with a little flutter in his voice, “If you want to do some more sun-bathing and want the privacy, I can finish for now. It is getting a little hot for doing this kind of stuff anyway?”

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