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I work for an insurance company as an Assessor. It’s strange, but some people seem to think that insurance companies are run by generous and gullible idiots who will listen to their sob story and then throw money at them. It doesn’t quite work that way. Our helpful people will certainly listen to your sob story but before they throw money to you they often have someone like me investigate.

I will go out to the site of the calamity and check things out and make a recommendation to the company as to the validity of the claim. This can result in claimants getting letters saying yes, we’re sorry that your house burnt down and that you lost everything, but it was noted that the furniture you’re claiming for was actually stored at a friend’s house from the day before the fire took place. It is also considered that pouring gas all over the floor and dropping a match is not grounds for claiming an accidental fire.

It’s amazing how stroppy some people get when you turn down a claim. It’s always my fault that they’re out of pocket. Their arson is irrelevant because anyone can plainly see the house burnt down. Yes, definitely my fault.

One recent case I had was to drive out to the country to check out a farm high in the hills. As far as I was concerned these hills were high enough to be called mountains. The claim was for the replacement of a tractor. The owner had a new for old replacement policy and had had it for a few years, paying his premium regularly and in a timely manner. Still, replacing an old tractor with a new one could be a costly exercise. Those things are not cheap.

The reason I was checking up was the simple fact that tractors are not easy things to destroy. They’re built to take a lot of punishment. Sure, they break down, but breakdowns aren’t covered. They’re considered fair wear and tear. This claim was for a destroyed tractor and I was interested to see how they managed to destroy it.

Way up in the mountains I came to the farm. Not a bad place, really, being well maintained and looking prosperous. I pulled up and knocked on the front door.

A couple of teenagers answered the door and I decided that this was my lucky day. Approve or deny the claim, my day was made by the sight of these two young lovelies. They looked enough alike to be twins. They stood about five foot six, had black hair and hazel eyes. Their skin was lightly tanned and silky smooth from what I could see and I could see a lot of it. They were both dressed the same in ragged shorts and cut-off tops. The bare essentials were covered but that was it.

“Good morning,” I greeted them, smiling happily. “I’m from the insurance company, here to check the damage to the tractor.”

That’s when things started going downhill.

“You’re not fucking us,” snapped girl one.

“Yeah,” agreed girl two.

Both of them were giving me black looks.

“OK,” I said, drawing it out slowly while I tried to catch on to what was going on. “Ah, are you twins?”

“Do we look like twins?” came the prompt rejoinder.

“Um, as a matter of fact, yes,” I admitted, feeling silly for even asking.

“Well, we’re not. We’re nothing alike. For a start Sally is only eighteen, a full year younger than me.”

“And I’m a D cup,” put in Sally. “Mae’s only a C. Anyone can tell we’re not twins.”

My eyes drifted down to their cups. C versus D? Both sets looked fine to me and if Sally was slightly larger than Mae then slightly was the operative word.

“Like I said, I’m here to look at the tractor. What makes you think I’ll try to fuck you?”

“Apart from the fact that you’re a man?” Mae asked sweetly.

“Um, apart from that,” I agreed.

“Pa said that a stooge for the insurance would be coming around to check the tractor and that he’d do his best to fuck us and we weren’t to let you,” Mae had pleasure in informing me.

“Ah, I see. Perhaps you misunderstood his meaning. I suspect that he was trying to tell you that I would try to cheat you out of your insurance claim and that you weren’t to let me.”

“No,” said Sally speaking rather decisively. “He did mention that the insurance creep would try to find a reason not to pay us but that was before he told us that you’d probably try to fuck us.”

OK. Time to get to work. Thinking about fucking one of those gems was doing naughty things to me.

“If you could show me the tractor?” I suggested.

“Right,” said Mae. “Follow me.”

She stepped past me, walking towards the side of the house. I followed, watching her bottom swish back and forth as she went. Then I was watching two bottoms swish as Sally hurried past me to walk next to her sister.

“He was watching your bottom wiggle,” she hissed quietly to her sister. Trouble is, I have excellent hearing and caught the whisper.

Mae just made a humphing sound and continued on, her bottom swishing in a more pronounced manner. So was Sally’s.

We passed the house, heading towards the barn. We didn’t enter the barn but went around the side of it and there was the tractor, or the remains canlı bahis of the tractor. It was pretty obvious what had happened. The tractor had been parked next to a big old oak tree and at some stage the oak tree just gave up the ghost and fell over.

When I say big and old I mean very old and very big. The tree must have been in the vicinity of two hundred years old and probably weighed tons. The trunk had landed neatly across the engine compartment and totally crushed it, with heavy branches putting paid to the cabin. Just one look was all I needed to know that the tractor was a complete write off.

“Any idea how it happened?” I asked.

“It was a windy night and we heard a crash. Next morning we found this.”

“You didn’t go out and check when you heard the crash?” I asked. I’d have thought that would be the logical thing to do.

“Of course,” said Sally, sounding scornful. “We’re not idiots. Pa raced out and checked the barn as soon as we heard the crash. The barn and the animals were fine so he came back inside, figuring anything else could wait until the morning. He was really pissed off when he went to get the tractor. How do you clear away the wreckage when it’s the tractor that’s wrecked?”

I took a couple of photos to show what had happened. I’d read their policy before coming and they were covered and would be paid out. Actually, what would probably happen was that the company would tell them to pick up an equivalent tractor at one of the big firms we deal with. We get substantial discounts and having an item replaced rather than being paid out in cash tended to discourage fraud.

I told the girls that I would recommend the claim be approved and that their father should get a letter to this effect shortly. That had them smiling.

“Now, before I go,” I said. “As a matter of curiosity do you do everything your father tells you?”

The girls looked at each other and then back at me. Mae gave a small shrug.

“Generally,” she said. “Why?”

“Curious,” I told her. “Um, generally means that there have been occasions where you haven’t necessarily obeyed him, right?”

“Possibly,” said Sally. “Why?”

“I just wanted to know where I stood on the no fucking you statement,” I explained. “If you sometimes don’t do what he says that means that this might be one of those times and I can fuck you.”

The girls exchanged glances and then started giggling. Eventually Mae turned to speak to me.

“Nice try, sport,” she said, still giggling, “but you’re overlooking one little thing.”

“Trusting that you’re not referring to me in a rude manner I have to ask what that would be?” I asked.

“Whichever of us you pick would mean that the other one might tell Pa and he’d come looking for you with a shotgun. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.”

“True,” I agreed, “but now you’re the ones overlooking something.”

“Really?” Sally asked.

“Most certainly. You must understand that I’m a gentleman. How could I possible pick one of you, leaving the other out in the cold? That would be reprehensible behaviour. No, I’m afraid that I’d have to choose both of you.”

This time there was dead silence from them. They looked at each other and then back at me. Finally Mae spoke up again.

“You’re kidding.”

“Certainly not,” I protested. “Are you saying that the two of you have never enjoyed the company of one man?”

“How could we have,” giggled Mae. “I don’t think Sally has ever got that far?”

“Shows what you know,” snapped an offended Sally. “Like you’ve got a ton of experience.”

“Really? Who?” asked Mae. “You’re bluffing, aren’t you? You haven’t ever done it.”

“Have so and it’s none of your business who,” retorted Sally.

“Ah, girls, you’re getting off the subject,” I put in. “The question right now is which one of you do I fuck first?”

Always take agreement for granted. It makes it harder for them to back out of you can make them believe they’ve agreed. Unfortunately, Sally wasn’t buying it, although from the thoughtful look on Mae’s face, she was.

“Hey, hold on,” she said. “We didn’t agree to any such thing.”

“Yes, you did,” I contradicted. “The only reason you had for not doing it was that if I limited myself to just one of you then the other would get upset. Mae suggested that you wouldn’t be interested and you implied that you would be.”

“I did no such thing,” Sally protested. “I didn’t say that, did I, Mae?”

“Um, actually, your implying that you have had some experience did suggest that you were willing to have a little more,” Mae said with a giggle.

Sally directed a killer look at Mae and I hastily intervened.

“Ah, we’re starting to get a little off the subject,” I said. “Did you know that there’s a simple test a man can do to see if a woman would be willing to have a friendly fuck?”

The pair of them directed disbelieving eyes at me.

“It’s true,” I protested. “Look, I’ll show you.”

I moved over to stand directly in front of Sally.

“Just stand still for a moment,” bahis siteleri I told her, reaching for the buttons on her shorts.

I like buttons. They come undone so easily. I had hers undone and was easing her shorts down before she really caught on to what I was doing. I just slipped them down to around her knees, taking her panties with them.

I slipped a hand between her legs, pressing up against her mound.

“There, you see,” I said, straightening up. “An easy test and one that says that yes, you’re currently willing.”

“What?” demanded Sally in a half scream while Mae was doing some more giggling. “How does your pulling my shorts down prove anything?”

“Well, really, Sally,” I said softly. “Would you permit a man to take your shorts off if you weren’t willing to have sex with him?”

I had her there and we both knew it. There was no way known she’d normally let a man take down her shorts. I’d taken her by surprise and she didn’t know what to say. I turned and smiled meaningfully at Mae.

“Oh, no,” she said quickly. “You’re not taking off my shorts.”

“I won’t need to,” I pointed out. “You’ll do that yourself. You’ve already decided to go along with it if Sally does and as you can see Sally is going to.”

Now it was her term to yell, “What?”

“Admit it,” I said while smiling happily. “If you weren’t curious and willing you’d have grabbed Sally and been out of here just as soon as I suggested it. Have you got a place in mind that we can go that’s a little more private than standing here?”

The girls exchanged what I can only describe as enigmatic looks. It seemed to me they were talking silently to each other.

“The loft?” Mae said, giggling again.

“The loft,” Sally agreed, starting to giggle herself.

“The barn,” Mae said, grabbing my arm and pulling on it.

“Ah, a moment first,” I said quickly, looking at where Sally was starting to pull up her shorts. “Um, instead of pulling those up why not take them right off? I’ll appreciate watching you walk even more like that.”

Sally hesitated and then pushed her shorts and panties down, stepping out of them with a blush.

I turned and looked at Mae, giving her a quizzical look.

“Fair’s fair,” I idly observed.

She blushed just as much as Sally had but her shorts and panties also went down, leaving both the girls half naked. They turned and headed into the barn with me close behind, watching two bare bottoms that were swishing from side to side with deliberate intent and malice aforethought.

In the barn the girls strolled over to a ladder at one side of the barn, leading up to a hayloft.

“After you,” Mae said.

“Oh, no. After you,” I insisted, running my eyes over her, clearly indicating why I wanted them climbing up first.

There was no argument, just a lot of giggling as the girls climbed the ladder, knowing I was watching them and just what they were showing to me. I was going to have to be careful climbing that ladder or part of my anatomy was going to get caught on a rung. I scrambled up the ladder after them.

By the time I reached the loft the girls had already got rid of their tops and were standing there naked, symphonies in pink and white. If one set of breasts was a C cup compared to the other as a D cup you couldn’t prove it by what I saw. I barely had time to take this in when they tackled me, knocking me down into a pile of hay.

If you have to be assaulted then having two naked beauties as your assailants is the way to go. By the time I caught on to what was going on I was flat on my back with both girls in top of me, pulling at my clothes. I must admit they showed a certain amount of expertise in stripping me until I was just as naked as they were. No, I’ll correct that. They left my shoes and socks on while they were bare-footed.

Their hands started running over me, touching me in what I can only describe as being of a very familiar manner. I very naturally returned the compliment, hands going out to close over breasts and pussies, getting a general feel for the job on hand.

After a couple of minutes of this very pleasant diversion I called a temporary halt.

“Before we continue I want to give you both a foretaste of what is coming your way. I’m just going to, ah, dip my wick in each of you, if you get my meaning. Just a straight in and out to help you anticipate what is coming. Mae, as you’re the oldest it’s only fair that you have first taste.”

With that I rolled Mae over onto her hands and knees, moving into a kneeling position behind her. I didn’t muck about, just parting her lips and pushing in. I’m not saying I thrust in, more a nice easing forward, letting myself sink in nice and deep. While doing this I was watching the look of instant lust on Sally’s face as she watched her sister accepting me.

Once fully inside her I held there for a moment and then pulled back quickly, disengaging, hearing her give a small shriek as I did so. Now I turned to Sally.

“Your turn. Same position. Quickly,” I rapped out and she scrambled bahis şirketleri to obey.

I gave her the same treatment, slowly filling her, hearing her gasp as she felt me surging deep into her. This time it was Mae watching with some fascination, the same lusty look on her face that Sally had worn earlier.

Ignoring Sally’s complaints as I withdrew I pushed them both flat on their backs with me kneeling between them. Fondling their breasts was easy, having two hands and two girls. It was a case of one hand each, rubbing and teasing them. It became a little harder when my hands moved lower. While I could assign a hand to each love mound I was spoiled for choice when it came to nibbling on nipples. One mouth and four nipples. I just had to hop to it and do my best, trying not to spoil one more than the other.

I love being ambidextrous. It’s amazing how you can duplicate your actions on two willing bodies. I rubbed their mounds, slipping fingers inside them and teasing them, handling both at once.

Sally was the one fortunate enough to have me touching around her clitoris first. She bucked and gave a sharp squeal when I brushed too near to it, the sensations proving a little too intense for her.

“What happened?” Mae demanded, trying to turn to look at Sally.

“Oh! That,” she said with a stunned edge to her voice as she found the demonstration repeated on her own clitoris.

Now both girls were squirming about under my touch as I continued with the teasing in the same area. They were squealing and making funny noises and offering suggestions of other things I might like to do, you bastard.

I just kept right on doing what I was doing. They were aroused and passionate and getting very excited and I did nothing to stop their excitement rising. Quite the opposite, in fact. I deliberately stirred them up, pushing them towards a climax.

The reason I wanted them to climax was quite simple. It would both give them pleasure and leave them a lot more receptive for when I started fucking them in earnest. Also, I wouldn’t have to do nearly as much work to bring them to another climax which was a good thing. There was only so much I could do with my cock and two girls meant I had to soften them up.

It was interesting (and annoying) to observe that while Mae’s excitement seem to steadily increase as she got herself all worked up, Sally seemed to reach a plateau and remain at that level, maybe because she had less experience than Mae. Whatever the reason, a slight change of plan was called for.

I abandoned the girls’ breasts, moving down to fasten my mouth to Sally’s mound, laughing silently at her shocked cry. From her reaction she’d never experienced this type of foreplay. My tongue dipped between her lips, seeking her clitoris.

As I was also still stroking Mae both girls were now really getting worked up. My tongue proved more effective than my fingers with Sally sounding slightly horrified as she writhed about, squealing. She gave an even louder squeal as she suddenly climaxed. I suspect that seeing Sally go off was the trigger for Mae as she promptly climaxed as well.

I drew back a little, smiling at the girls who both looked a little — ah — I’m not sure how to describe the looks on their faces. They definitely had similar looks though.

“Sorry, Mae,” I murmured, “but I suspect that I’m going to have to deal with Sally first. Being younger her excitement will just die away if I leave her unattended for a few minutes whereas I’m sure you know enough to keep yourself excited. I’ll let you steer me into place, though.”

With that I took hold of Sally’s ankles and lifted them high and wide, leaving her totally on display, not just to me but positioned so that she could see herself and my cock threatening her tender parts. Mae was giggling as she took hold of me, steering me into place. I just wished I had a camera so I could take a picture of Sally’s face as a cherished memento.

True, I had already slipped into her earlier, and I could see her remembering that, but now she was faced with seeing me enter her and she could see how large I looked against her. She was slowly shaking her head from side to side, disbelief rather than rejection. I started leaning into her, my cock sinking in.

I knew she was ready for me. After the preliminaries how could she not be? Accordingly I just drove in fiercely, filling her with one hard thrust while she squealed and arched her back, pushing up hard to meet me, her passage closing tightly around me as she clung to her prize.

I didn’t give her any respite. I just pulled back and thrust in again, hearing her cry of eager acceptance as she took me. I pounded into her, driving her wild, her passions exploding and running away with her. She was almost mindless now, just accepting the pleasure I was giving her.

I wasn’t able to keep up the pressure for long. Not from a lack on my part but from an inability on Sally’s part to last the distance. Already over-sensitive from the tongue lashing and earlier climax she just totally crashed. She climaxed and I was actually expecting her to be screaming her head off as she went. It dawned on me that the only reason Sally wasn’t screaming was Mae’s hand covering her mouth while Mae giggled like a demented hyena.

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