Aurora’s Two Week Adventure, Day 2

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Waking up the next morning, Aurora was pleasantly sore. She went to the bathroom, taking a quick shower and brushing her teeth.

She headed to the living area naked, part of the contract terms, looking for Gideon. She found him in the kitchen, in only a pair of pajama pants, making breakfast. He smiled at her over his shoulder as he flipped eggs in a pan, motioning for her to sit at the table. She did so, folding her hands in her lap.

“How did you sleep?” He asked, dumping the eggs onto a serving plate before flipping a set of pancakes on the griddle.

“I slept well thank you. I’m a little sore.” She responded shyly.

She could hear the smile in his voice. “That’s to be expected. I had more in store for you today. Do you think you’ll be up for it?”

“Yes, of course. I should be perfectly fine.” She blushed thinking about what they might use today. All nervousness she had deciding to come here had been abated, and she was excited to be here for the next two weeks, doing what he liked.

“Good. While I finish up, why don’t you put those toys on the table on, and we’ll start after breakfast.”

Aurora nodded, looking at the toys, already wet with anticipation. A heavy bra and panties sat next to a small dildo that looked to be inflatable, the tip bigger than the base, though the pump wasn’t attached that she could see. A bottle of lube sat beside it, and she threaded the dildo into the round slot in the underwear before covering the tip and sliding the material up her legs, carefully maneuvering the dildo inside of her. It was small, so it wasn’t too distracting, more of just a gentle reminder that something was inside of her. There was something hard in the crotch area, probably a vibrator.

The bra was put on next, and she could feel something hard against her nipples, causing them to perk up. Definitely vibrators. She looked down at herself appreciatively. The material looked nice on her, the light blue complimenting her skin tone.

She carefully sat, the dildo almost unnoticeable as she waited for Gideon to finish. He made them both a plate, bringing them over to the table and setting one in front of her. She thanked him, holding back her offer to help. He had stated that he wanted to do any and all chores, including making her food.

Picking up her fork, she took a bite. It was delicious, and she took another, smiling. Gideon began eating too, one hand reaching into his pocket to pull out a small flat remote.

Aurora paused immediately, recognizing it for what it was. Gideon only chuckled and urged her to eat.

She took another bite, eyes on him as he hit a button and a low vibration started against her right nipple. She paused mid-bite, trying to adjust to the feeling.

When she had taken a few more bites, he hit another button, and a vibration started on her left nipple. She was better at adjusting to this one, barely pausing before she continued. A low huff sounded across the table, and Aurora looked up just in time to catch him hitting another button. Her breath hitched as the vibration rose in frequency, and her breath picked up as she felt blood rush between her legs.

He waited longer this time, she was nearly done with her food, before he hit another button and a vibration started in her clit. Her fork scraped against her plate involuntary, pulling a chuckle from Gideon as she set the offending utensil down and pressed her palms against the table, looking down.

The panties already had a wet spot, and she closed her eyes as the vibration upped. A whirring noise started, then she felt something move inside of her. Her hand shot to her stomach, her head rolling up to stare are Gideon.

He had a finger steady on the remote, the dildo inside her vagina growing inside as it pumped itself up. She felt her walls stretch a little, the base finally starting to inflate with the head, which was about the size of a golf ball now, if she had to guess. He stopped, gesturing for her to finish eating. She did, finishing the last few bites slowly before washing it all down with some water.

“Fantastic. I’m going to clean up this mess. There’s a basket by the front door, why don’t you head into the yard and go pick some of the peaches out there?”

“You want me to pick peaches?” She asked, a little confused and disappointed. She thought this was heading somewhere else.

“Yep.” He emphasized with a smack of his lips.

She was at a loss, staring at him for a moment before responding. This was a job after all. She shook herself. “Okay then…”

She rose from the table, the plug now noticeable inside her, and walked to the front door. There indeed was a basket, and as she bent to grab it, she felt the dildo inflate a little more.

Gideon was at the table, smiling smugly at her as she straightened with shaky legs and opened the front door, walking delicately on her toes off the front porch to the full peach tree in the front yard.

She spent the next half our struggling to pick peaches. The vibrators in her bra and panties picked up and dropped speeds randomly, often making her drop peaches she had plucked, or miss them entirely, causing her to stumble. The stumbling didn’t help the sensation of the dildo inside of her, which inflated and deflated every few minutes as well.

She was panting and trembling, close to orgasm when she heard Gideon open the front door and call her in. She walked on unsteady legs up the stairs, ready to say something to him when he cut her off.

“You smell like grass and sunshine, pet, I love it.”

Aurora flushed, thanking him softly as he gestured for her to go in before him, instructing her to go to the back room. She did, him at her heels.

Once inside the room, Gideon closed the door, guiding her to the flat table towards the back wall. He had her stand a wait while he flicked some things on and filled up a bucket with water from the hose attached to the side of the table.

The top of the table had restraints in various places, and sections that moved and slid and angled. Some other random pipes and gadgets attached to the underside and legs of the table had her puzzled, but she waited patiently all the same.

Gideon knelt down in front of her, pressing a few buttons on the remote to turn off the vibrating bahçelievler escort and uninflate the dildo. Once done, he put the remote back in his pocket and slid the panties down, humming in appreciation at the slickness between her legs.

He guided her up onto the table, which was surprisingly warm, and gently pressed her back until she was laying down, cuffing her hands and arms flat against the table. Another strap was tightened just under her breasts, and he gave one a gentle squeeze before moving on.

He moved something around on the bottom of the table, and a metal stirrup jutted out. He guided Aurora’s foot into it, and she broke out in a nervous sweat as he cuffed her foot solidly into the stirrup.

“What are you doing?” She asked, as he pulled out the second stirrup and put her foot in it.

“I’m going to give you an enema.” He replied, strapping her in and then adjusting the stirrups so her legs were wide apart.

“Umm…” she started, uncomfortable, but he interrupted, sensing her discomfort.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to work through it slowly, it will be small at first.”

“Okay…” she said nervously. She didn’t like enemas. She had agreed to put them on the list because she saw the practical use behind them, but something about having someone else do it to her, seeing that intimate part of her, was nerve wracking. She had done enemas for clients online, but she had never emptied herself on camera. If she was strapped down he probably would want to do that too, since he was so strict about doing everything.

She could hear him messing with things at the end of the table, and lifted her head to look. He held a small bulb in his hand, that he was filling with lube. He moved between her legs, turning the bulb to drip a little onto her clenched bud, using his thumb to massage it in and prep the way.

Aurora closed her eyes at the sensation, resting her head back against the table as her sensitive ring tingled and she felt him repeatedly drip lube and stroke with his thumb, sometimes applying pressure and sometimes just circling around the tight entrance.

“Just relax. I’ll take care of you.” He said, still circling.

Aurora nodded, trying to unclench her muscles, and he continued to play, until finally she felt the tip of the bulb against her, pushing in, sliding slowly into her until the bulb was pressed against her round cheeks.

The thick liquid pooled into her, warm against her insides, distracting her from him pulling the bulb back out. The lube tingled where it touched, and she was turned on from the gentle play that Gideon had been giving her. She tried not to pant as his thumb came back to her entrance, and as this time he held a tube about the size of her pinky finger leading to the table between her legs.

He slid the tube past her entrance quickly, giving her a shock and making her clench a little, and he rubbed her leg in comfort as he slowly fed more of the tube into her.

She was really tingling now, and she heard the clock of a button and could feel a gentle vibration through the table as the system underneath turned on. She didn’t feel anything inside of her besides the tube though, and quickly forgot about everything as Gideon moved up the table to massage her breasts,

gently pulling and twisting her nipples.

She let out a rush of breath as he continued to play with her, hands trailing up and down her body to tease her, his fingers circling her belly button, to caress her hip, to venture close to her mound. She felt like she was burning up from all the play, both from picking peaches before and from his meticulous handiwork now.

She let out a relieved whine as he dipped a finger between her pussy lips, circling her pulsing clit as the water started to fill her. It was warm, like the lube, and filled her much slower than any of the home kits she had used. She barely could keep her focus on the water as Gideon continued to play with her, teasing and pulling and caressing.

She watched as his head dropped down to her nipple, and nearly came as his mouth sucked at her breast and sent adrenaline jolting through her body. She moaned, and he let out a sound of pleasure at the noise without taking his mouth away, pulling at her and flicking over her with his tongue.

He pulled his hand from between her legs, mouth leaving her breast with a little pop as he made sure she could watch him taste her, licking her juices off of his finger before he switched to her other breast, leaving a moist trail down her tummy as he again picked up circling her clit.

She could feel the water filling her more prominently now, and though he did a fantastic job at distracting her, she couldn’t stop focusing on her stomach and the way it felt to be slowly filled by water. She let out a noise of discomfort distorted with pleasure from Gideon’s teasing, as her stomach started to cramp a little.

She felt Gideon’s free hand move to her stomach, his mouth not leaving her breast as he rubbed light circles over her stomach with the back of his hand to relieve the tension. It helped, and she gasped as his tongue flicked over her nipple sharply. She was so wet she thought she might die, and she could feel her juices sliding down around the tube between her cheeks and onto the table.

Another cramp hit her, this time more powerfully, and her face pinched in discomfort as she tried to ignore it. She let Gideon play with her for a few more moments before the uncomfortable sensation became too prominent.

“Gideon, it hurts.”

He lifted his head immediately, his left hand still playing with her clit, his right hand flipping to rub her stomach more thoroughly, trying to ease the tension in her stomach.

“You’re cramping pretty badly? Is it too much?” He asked, alert.

“No, I’m alright, it’s just uncomfortable. Is there much more?” She asked hopefully, thinking about the enemas she had given to herself at home, the awful cramping and discomfort that had come after. She watched as Gideon leaned over, still playing with her, to check the tank.

Her turned back to her, all smiles. “You’re almost done. Just a bit more, okay?”

Aurora nodded, trying to take shallow breaths so she didn’t start another wave balgat escort of cramps.

Gideon paused, watching her before he strode around to move between her legs. He dropped to his knees and Aurora heard, “This should help, pet.” before his mouth was over her clit and she gasped a loud moan, pleasure overwhelming her as he sucked and his tongue swirled around her powerfully.

She writhed against the restraints, trembling with pleasure as he licked and sucked at her. She was building, starting to call his name in warning when he pulled away, sensing her release.

She hadn’t noticed, but the table had stopped pumping while he was working on her, and now the cramps came back to her as he gently pulled the tube out and she clenched to keep the water in. Gideon started unhooking her, first the straps at her feet, then her chest and arms, and helped her to the floor. He pointed to a little curtained off area in the corner of the room, a toilet behind it.

“You go ahead and empty out the enema. I’m gonna get the next part ready, pet.”

He watched her though, she saw, as she walked awkwardly, a hand on her tiny distended belly, trying to hold off the worst of the cramps. She made it to the toilet, grateful for the privacy of a curtain between her and Gideon before she released the water inside of her gratefully.

Heat stained her cheeks pink from embarrassment, and she tried to remind herself that this was her job, that she was getting paid to do this, that Gideon liked this, and it was totally normal and fine. It was hard to remember though, especially when she could hear the clanking and scraping of metal and plastic as he set up something new, and was that water that just turned on?

It sounded like a shower, or maybe a hose, and Aurora sighed in relief as she finished emptying herself, rising off with the bidet and searching for toilet paper. There was none.

She spent a few more moments thoroughly cleaning herself with the bidet before she flushed and called out, “Gideon? There isn’t anything to dry off with.”

“I know,” he replied, and she popped her head around the curtain to see that it was indeed a shower she had heard. There was a drain in the floor, and water cascaded down into it, horizontal bars sectioning off two sides of the area at about wait height.

Gideon was just pulling off his pajama pants, boxers straining at the band from holding his erection up against his stomach. She swallowed as he continued. “We’re going to shower together here. I want you to come touch me.”

Aurora swallowed, walking over to him slowly. He watched her with a hungry stare as he pulled off his underwear, his erection swinging and flexing as it was released from the band. She looked him up and down, his eyes on her the entire time. He held out a hand, pulling her closer to him, hiding her down to his erection, wrapping her fingers around his shaft.

She flexed, and he let go, eyes on her as she took him in both hands, looking up at him before she started playing, getting use to the length of him. She cupped his balls in one hand, gently massaging them, while her other slowly moved up and down his shaft, getting used to the feel of him. He was big. Her fingers didn’t quite close around him, and her nipples tightened at the thought of how he must be in bed. She brushed her thumb against the tip of his head, felt him flex under her fingers.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, leading her back into the water, groaning as she continued to play, the water falling down on them like rain from a faucet in the ceiling. It was warm, and it provided a nice lubricant for her to play with him more, moving her hand up and down, stroking his large head, moving back down.

His body was tense under hers, and he groaned as she cupped his entire head in her hand, the large bit pulsing under her fingers, a pink flush filling it as she aroused him more. She got a few more strokes in before he pulled away.

“Enough. I want to play pet. Bend over that bar please.” He pointed at one of the bars sectioning off the shower area, and she walked over obediently, having to stand on her tiptoes to bend properly.

“Spread your legs farther apart please, pet.”

She obeyed, grabbing the legs of the bar for support, most of her wait resting against the bar, toes barely touching the floor.

She heard Gideon hum in satisfaction behind her, the scraping of metal on metal as he picked up something, walked back over to her. He grabbed her hips, and she held her breath as he pulled the globes of her ass apart, thumb pressing against her puckered entrance. It was thick with lube, and she felt him press the tip of it into her tight ring slowly, in and out, greasing her back up. She keened lightly as his knuckle pushed in, her breasts warm, water bouncing off her as he pulled his thumb out and pressed an object in. She felt it open her up slowly, only about the size of a small marble, before it slid into her and she felt her ass close around it.

A second push at her entrance made her realize that it was anal beads that he was pushing into her. This one was bigger, and she let of a little moan as he used his thumb to push it home, her ass sucking him in a bit too before he pulled back out. He pushed a third ball in before he left her take a break, the weight of the rest of the beads still to come pulling at her insides as she clenched around the sensation of the fullness inside her. She could see the string dangling, six clear glass balls and a ring left swinging. The ball at the end was large, about the size of a small egg, and she moaned nervously as Gideon massaged her.

She jolted as she felt a slap against her ass, and Gideon had to grab her waist to keep her from toppling over. He rubbed the hurt, before repeating the action on the other side. Aurora moaned, and Gideon hummed in satisfaction behind her. She felt a ball pushing at her entrance again, and groped the legs of the bar firmly as Gideon slowly fed it into her. This one about the size of a large playing marble, and slid into her slowly. She could feel the click of it hitting the other balls inside of her, the weight of them slowly sliding further in.

Aurora rarely put big toys in her ass, so most of the things she had were plugs and small ankara escort dildos. Those last few balls made her nervous, and she could already feel her ass starting to stretch to it’s limit. The weight of the balls inside her made her pussy ache, and she had a string of juices starting to drip from her.

She felt his thumb press against the string, lubing her up more, saw him grab the balls, pushing another into her. This one made her moan as it spread her open, and Gideon held it in place, keeping it from slipping in as it stretched her out she trembled from the pleasure of it, the stretching, and her muscles clenched, pulling against him. He let go of the ball, and she felt it push against the rest.

Her ass burned as he slapped it hard, pushing the breath out of her in a rush, insides clenching, shock and lighting and pleasure zapping through her. Her head spun from the pleasure of it, and she cried out.


“Fuck.” They both said at the same time, and Gideon chuckled, tugging at the string.

“Hey now, that’s my line. You doing okay, pet?” He rubbed a hand down her back, over her ass, comforting, caressing.

“Yes.” Aurora replied, then paused. “More please.” She asked breathlessly, barley able to get out the words. She knew he liked that, liked her to beg and want, but she was flushed and shy to realize that she wanted it as badly as she did, that the request wasn’t an act, it was real, and she needed this as much as she imagined he did.

She felt him pause behind her, heard him growl, “Fuck yes, I love it when you beg, pet.” And then he smacked her other cheek, groaning in pleasure as she cried out and moaned.

She felt another ball start to enter her, felt the balls inside of her push back against it, her insides heavy. Then she felt something move, the first ball, moving past something inside of her, pushing further. She felt it again, then again as that sixth ball was pushed in, filling her up.

She was panting, making little noises continuously. She was bent further over the bar now, and her feet weren’t touching the ground. The weight of the balls inside was pulling the ones outside of her in, and the seventh one pressed against her ass on its own. Another spank had her crying out, and Gideon gripped her legs to keep her from going over the pole. He pressed his waist against her, his erection sliding against her wet pussy.

He fed the seventh ball in, and she whimpered, both in pleasure and pain as it stretched and burned her opening. The last two would break her.

The balls inside her continued to move inside her, pushed deeper, settling further. She didn’t even realize he was working on the eighth ball until it crested her anal bud, stretching to its widest point as he slapped her rear, this time centered across both cheeks, right on that ball. Aurora cried out as it entered her, anus stinging, body trembling as her pussy clenched and she nearly came, crying out Gideon’s name.

“Gideon! Please.” She moaned, “I need to cum. I’m so full. Please.”

She felt his dick twitch against her clit, sending sparks through her abdomen. She was so close. She just needed a little push. She could hear Gideon breathing heavy behind her, saw the head of his dick between her legs was an angry reddish purple, the shaft veiny and bulging. It was huge, and the sight of it nearly pushed her over the edge.

“One more, pet. Can you do one more?” He asked, voice strained.

“I’ll do anything. Please! Please Gideon. I need to cum. Please.”

She hadn’t even stopped begging before he was giving her what she wanted. The last ball pressed into her, and she cried out as it stretched her uncomfortably.

Then Gideon was closing her legs. She gasped at the fullness the change in position brought, and then moaned as his dick was trapped between her thighs, rubbing against her clit. He started to rock, still pushing the last glass ball in with his thumbs as he gripped her hips. She felt herself start to peak, and then the ball slipped in, and she started cumming, seeing stars and she shouted Gideon’s name.

She heard him curse, and then vaguely felt cum shoot onto her stomach and chest, sliding down to her neck, but she stopped seeing anything, feeling anything, as he started to pull the beads out, mid orgasm.

She screamed then, some primal noise of pleasure that she had never made before coming out of her, and she existed just as a bundle of pleasure for longer than she could count.

When she came back to reality, she was laying on the floor under the water spray against Gideon’s chest, his large hands slowly stroking her chest with a sudsy cloth as he cleaned her up. He looked down on her with a knowing smile.

“You enjoyed that.” It wasn’t a question. There was satisfaction in his voice.

“Mmhmm.” Aurora said, suddenly shy. She avoided his gaze, settling further into him as if she could disappear that way. Gideon grabbed her chin, made her meet his eyes.

“That was amazing, pet. You made me cum so fucking hard I thought I might pull something. Don’t hide from me.”

Aurora kept his gaze, and nodded, even if she was still a bit uncomfortable and unsure of herself.

He continued after a pause, “You deserve to be spoiled. How does some couch time and a special dinner sound?” He was still stroking her with the cloth. She was clean now, but she had the suspicion that he just liked to touch her.

“You mean watch TV?” Aurora asked. Gideon nodded, trailing the washcloth down between her legs. She arched against him, still sensitive.

“Can I read instead?” She asked, distracted.

He paused. “You’d rather read?” He asked, and there was something in his voice that put her on alert.

She looked up at him, hesitant now. “Yeah, I don’t watch much TV. Can we sit on the couch and read together instead? Is that okay?”

The unease in him settled immediately, and he began stroking her again. “Of course. Do we read the same book or a different one?”

“Mmmm,” she said, closing her eyes as he tossed the rag and used his hands on her, ditching subtlety. “I could read to you, if you’d like. I brought a Kindle.”

“You did?” She could hear the smile in his voice. She just nodded, and he coughed out a low laugh, cut short by her moan as his fingers creeped inside of her and found just the right spot. He curled his fingers, eliciting another moan from her, before he pulled away and started to help her up.

“Let’s go pet. We’ll be here all night if we don’t stop now.”

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