Babette’s New Experiences

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When I’m angry or upset, I like to fuck.

That day I lost my job, my apartment and my boyfriend. Now I was angry AND upset. So I went to the park to walk and maybe fuck. I love the park experience. Trees, streams and strangers. Horny strangers.

By sunset, my walk took me to the stream. It was cold, but the cold air cooled my anger. A man sat on a bench by the stream, throwing old photos into the rushing water.

“Sir, mind if I sit on the bench?”

He looked up, surprised. “OH, SURELY.” The man cleaned off a place with his handkerchief.

“What’s wrong sir, whose pics are those you’re throwing away?” At first he wouldn’t talk about it, as he was a man. But I was a woman so I asked him again… and again… and again.

“My ex-wife. She divorced me. Thirty years flushed down the toilet.” We both watched the photos swirling in the stream.

Suddenly my own problems seemed small. But as a woman, I told him anyway.

“What? You lost your job, apartment, and beau, all at once?” He smiled oddly. I guess he was happy to hear of someone else’s trouble. “Honey, you’ll get a new job quickly, because you’re cute with an impish smile and very nice um… tops.”

“Tits sir, I have nice tits. They look bigger when I wear a bra.” I lifted my chest, shaking my nipple bumps. He laughed, and we talked in the moonlight. “Sir, it’s cold, could I move closer?”

“Certainly.” He laughed. “My name is Gerard. What’s yours.?”

“Babette,” I said, squishing my body against his as he held my shoulder.

He whispered, “Babette with an impish smile. I’ll bet you got fired for doing something naughty?”

How in the fuck did he know?


I got fired when the bakery owner caught me naked with her son, Leon. She said he was too young. Hell, he was eighteen, but years of homeschooling left him dumb as a dick about girls. Who better to teach his dick, than me?

Plus it’d be a new experience—me being the sex teacher instead of the sex student.

At the bakery, Leon used to look at me like a hungry dog, especially after he saw me in the bathroom with my panties down. He was a nice guy, held back by his witch mother.

So one day, when the witch was away, I whispered “Meet me in back.”

When he entered I kissed his lips. “Leon, have you been with a girl yet?” He blushed and shook his head. I dropped my panties and asked a rhetorical question. “Would you like to make love?”

He mumbled, “make love? You mean fuck?”

“Yes Leon. Fuck.” He nodded like crazy.

We undressed, and when he saw my naked body his prick stuck up, ready as a rocket. But, being a woman I made him wait for it. We kissed and touched. He squeezed and sucked my tits and tried to finger me.

But like all newbies, I had to help his finger find my hole. “Leon you’re a good finger-er.” I lied.

Finally, I pulled him on top of my naked body. Leon shook with excitement as I took his stiff cock in my hand, pressing it to my waiting slit. “Oooh yes…” He groaned and pushed into my yielding flesh. His stiff cock felt good inside me.

Leon spurted right away, but being a young stud he was still hard. So we screwed again.

The guy rammed his prick into my pussy with great energy. His young cock warmed my insides. Soon his gleaming eyes stared into mine as we both jolted in orgasm.

We kissed, shared an illegal cigarette, and he wanted to do me again. “Okay, this time it’s Cow Girl style.” Mounting his boner I rode him like a runaway horse, my hair flying and my teardrop tits bouncing in his face.

The guy sucked my nipples, inhaling them as I humped his shaft. Leon climaxed first, then I did and collapsed on him.

Of course, after that day Leon wanted to screw every day. “Sorry, but I already have a beau who bangs me every night.” But I saw Leon’s pathetic boy frown and the painful lump in his pants.

“Okay Leon, I’ll squeeze you in whenever your mom is out of the bakery.”

Maybe ‘squeeze’ wasn’t the best word. Because Leon would always sneak a squeeze of my tits, pussy and ass. But it was okay. Girls are made to be squeezed.

I gave Leon more sex lessons, showed him how to please a woman, with his tongue, his fingers, and of course, his eager prick. But then his mom caught us screwing, and I was tossed out on the street.

Leon’s witch mother was also my landlord. And the witch even told my boyfriend.


Now it was freezing in the park. “Mr. Gerard, my nipples are frozen. Could I sit under your coat before they fall off?” The big man laughed and held open his leather coat. I snuggled close as he put the warm jacket around me.

“I could warm your frozen nipples if you like?”

Flattered by his flirting, I whispered, “Maybe casino oyna later…” I could help this man so easily. Surely making love with a sexy young girl would lighten his dark mood? And taking his cock into my silky folds would make me feel good inside… both ways.

“Sir, when was the last time you were inside a woman?”

He laughed, and I snuggled closer… Then he kissed me, and kissed me harder, sucking in my lips—a surprisingly exciting kiss. I thought kissing Gerard would feel like kissing my father. But he kissed like a lover, a wanton lover.

I let him pull down my top. He stared at my naked tits with his mouth open. “Go ahead mister, help yourself to my nipples.”

As he sucked my tits, it reminded me of the movie I was named after, Babette. An erotic film where a lusty young girl works at a gas station and fucks all of her customers, mostly older men. Hmm, my mother used to work at a gas station and…

Then I realized I’d screwed a lot of teenage guys, but never an adult. Maybe I should try it for a new experience. Gerard’s hand squeezed my wet pussy.

So I rubbed his lump. I love men’s cocks. I find them so funny and exciting, the way they pop up. Gerard might have been an older man, but his cock popped up like Mr. Happy!

I stroked his prick the way men enjoy, pulling and squeezing. We kissed and cuddled, my small hand pulling his fat cock as our tongues and lips twisted together.

He whispered, “Will you come home, to my bed?”

“No, let’s make love by the stream.”

He spread his coat on the grass, and I took off my skirt and panties. I’m never ashamed to show off my naked twat. With two fingers, I opened my slit to let Gerard look inside. Men love that.

Gerard fingered me and whispered, “Ahh, the velvety miracle of pussy.”

I giggled as the big man spread my legs. He grabbed my tits like handles, and climbed on top. Gerard’s body felt warm in the dark, cold night. Screwing outside was so exciting.

My hand moved his stiff cock and set it to my sex slot. He pushed in quickly. Normally I liked a slow screw, but it was cold as fuck. So I pulled on Gerard’s hips with my feet, urging him on like a racehorse.

It’s always exhilarating, the first fuck with a new lover. Even though he was older, I enjoyed his stiff attention and his big cock shoving into my tight young pussy.

Gerard’s shaft drove deeper, stretching my pink tunnel. I heard my heart beating as he pumped his rigid cock into my willing cunt. Then I realized I’d known the man for less than an hour…

This was stranger sex. But it’s only natural.

When a man meets a woman, there’s always sexual tension. And it’s only natural that the man wants the woman naked, with her breasts on display and her pussy spread before him like a glistening pink flower.

Stranger sex makes excellent orgasms.

Gerard lifted my feet to my ears, and with every fuck stroke we grew closer. I felt his fat boner stretch my hole, knowing that I was just a simple girl, who enjoyed strangers… fucking the hell out of me.

Gerard heaved and humped. Holding my face, he kissed me harder. I lifted my hips to meet his strong strokes. I could feel his long prick hitting the bottom of my fuck-hole. He pounded away.

And soon, I was surprised to find I was going to have an orgasm with this old man. A toe-curling climax raced through my body as I jolted up and screamed, “OOOOH GERARD!”

He looked up. “Babette are you all right? Did my cock hurt you?”

I giggled. “No silly.”

I wanted Gerard to cum, and wrapped my legs around him, squeezing his stiff cock with my pussy muscles. He heaved and pumped harder. I felt his big balls slapping my ass. Soon the man grunted, spewing his hot cum into my warm tunnel.

Such a good feeling. I do so enjoy, fucking good sex!

Gerard collapsed on my boobs. “That was so nice, being inside you Babette” He kissed my lips sweetly. “Honey, I have a car at the end of the park. I’ll drive you home.”

“But sir, I have no home. I was hoping to stay with a friend.”

“Well, I’m your friend now.” He squeezed my pussy. “So I’ll drive you to my home in my old car.”

His old car was a self-driving Tesla. I realized my new lover was loaded. We got in and the Tesla took off on its own. I asked him for some tissues. I didn’t want to ruin his lovely seat with the goo leaking from my crack.

As the car drove, we kissed and hugged until we reached his place—a grand house, with a swimming pool and a flower garden.

“You live here alone?”

He nodded and we showered together. Gerard scrubbed my pussy and sucked my nipples until they were both, squeaky clean.

Gerard turned up the furnace so I could run around naked. I like to be naked, canlı casino and I felt comfortable amid the fine artwork and fine furniture as if I was part of it—a fine, nude girl to complete his collection.

Gerard had me pose nude on top of his grand piano. He took some naughty pics, then carried me to his bed. Wow. The man had a bed the size of a small country.

I played with his cock, and we screwed again. I like a good fuck before bedtime. If my mother ever told me I’d be happy in the bed of an older man, I would’ve laughed in her face.


As I lay in bed, my thoughts turned to my older brother, Marc. I was in high school the first time my brother climbed into my bed. “Time for some fun Babette.”

Marc was bigger than me, and stronger too. But I would’ve done what he wanted anyway, because… you know how I am.

I slept only in panties, so my naked tits were right there for my brother to suck. He kissed lips and licked my nipples. Nipple licking made me wildly aroused. Then Marc showed me his cock.

Wow, I thought guys’ cocks were no bigger than a finger— boy, was I wrong!

Grabbing my wrist, Marc forced my hand on his boner. In the dark, my curious fingers felt up and down the rigid monster. And something inside my loins began to stir.

Marc yanked off my panties, pushed my knees apart, and stared in my virgin hole. I was too frightened to stop him. Then I felt his cockhead rubbing on my pussy lips, and suddenly I remembered my first sex-ed lesson: “Slot and Key.”

Sister Roxana said, “Only girls have the little slot, and boys have the key that fits inside the slot.” I yowled as Marc pushed his big key into my tiny slot.

My brother heaved on top of me, his swollen shaft tickling my clitty with each stroke. Marc pumped away in my sore hole… it seemed like hours. Then he pushed in all the way, groaned and collapsed on my body.

I wasn’t sure what just happened until I felt sticky stuff leaking out of my crack.

My brother liked shooting his stuff inside me, as he did it almost every day for the next year. Marc gave me my first orgasms— and I liked it. I loved the feeling of his cock inside me, also the feel of his naughty tongue lapping my pussy.

But one night, Marc forced me to suck his cock. He pinched my nose so I couldn’t breathe as his prick shot wads of cum down my throat— And I choked so hard I almost suffocated on cum!

I never fucked him again.


At Gerard’s house, I enjoyed prancing around naked, making him catch me. I liked the man’s soft eyes, his rugged face and hands, and his of course his delightful dick. He loved to push it inside me all the time, and I didn’t mind.

Sometimes when we made love, he tickled my clitty while sucking my big nipples… That made me climax like crazy.

We screwed in the kitchen, in the shower, on the coffee table, on the pool table, under the pool table… And of course in his ginourmous bed.

We made love slowly. We made love furiously. We even did sixty-nine in the garden.

Once, on a walk in the park Gerard pushed me against a tree, shoved his tongue in my hole, and licked me out. Wow. I never imagined Gerard would Eat Pussy in Public!

For an older guy Gerard was surprisingly inventive.

I liked it best on my back with my knees bent into a comfortable fuck-saddle. Gerard’s big body fit nicely between my thighs, and his cock drove deep inside me.

We grew closer, as happens when you share orgasm after orgasm. I liked to watch Gerard’s when he climaxed, and I always enjoyed feeling his cum spewing inside my gripping tunnel.

But we had a problem. I DIDN’T LIKE BLOWJOBS. Ever since my brother cock-suffocated me.

Mr. Gerard kept insisting. Saying that a girlfriend should suck her lover’s cock. And I was reminded of Babette in that movie, who’d drop to her knees and suck a man’s cock like she was shaking his hand.

So I took him in my mouth.

“Suck, really suck it, Babette! Stroke the shaft with your hand and pull on my balls.” I was surprised by Gerard’s yelling. But I knew it was just his balls talking.

Mouthing his prick, I stroked his shaft while pulling on his hairy balls. My head bobbed up and down, and I heard Gerard panting. When his cock swelled, I knew he was about to cum. So I force myself to keep sucking, fighting my fear of cum-suffocation.

My throat gagged when he spurted, but I kept the tip of his cock in my mouth as more and more cum flooded into my throat. I wanted to puke but didn’t. I forced myself to choke down every gooey drop of his sperm.

When I pulled my mouth off, Gerard grinned. “Thank you Babette. I knew you could do it.” He lifted me to my feet, kissed my forehead and we both swam naked in his kaçak casino pool. I liked that.

The next morning we had our usual wake-up fuck. And as I wiped my pussy Gerard said,” Babette you’re hairy as a jungle girl, why don’t you shave it?”

I laughed at him. “But you know I’m ‘au natural.'”

“Do it for me. “

I live for new experiences. So I shaved. It felt funny to have a shiny bald pussy, but Gerard loved it. He licked my pussy like a horny dog almost every day. So Wow, it was fucking worth it!

Also, he wanted me to wear high heels. So with an impish grin I dropped my clothes and strut around in the high heels. It was difficult at first, but just like blowjobs, I got used to it.

Gerard would have me leave the spiked heels on while he fucked me silly.

Soon the rich man bought me silk lingerie and dangly diamond earrings. Made me feel like a glamorous movie star, not simple Babette from the bakery.

That evening his horny prick cornered me in the shower. Gerard sucked my nipples as his soapy hands slid all over my body. Then his prick found my pussy slot and fucked me against the shower wall until I gripped his back in orgasm.

Gerard hadn’t cum yet. He turned me around and wanted anal sex, which I don’t usually like. But this man was my lover. Spreading my ass-cheeks, he fingered my butt and nibbled my ear.

I gritted my teeth when his fat cock wedged into my anal ring.

“Ouch!” He thrust in and out of my rump, making a funny whacking sound as his wet hips hit my wet butt. And I felt his ball sack slapping my pussy. Gerard lifted me up against the wall so he could fuck me better.

My feet dangled like a puppet’s as I got skewered helplessly, his big pole ramming up my asshole.

Gerard whispered, “Babette I want your mouth.” He yanked his cock out of my ass, shoved it in my lips, and spewed. I sucked his ass-slimy shaft, gulping down a squirt of cum.

Ass to mouth is gross. Gerard pulled his spewing prick up and gave me a sticky facial.

Gerard washed my face in the shower and whispered something wicked in my ear. We both laughed and peed on each other. Then the man wanted to pee in my mouth…

I did things for Gerard that I’d never done for any man. Nasty things. But sex is like food. It’s good to try new flavors. Yes?

That weekend we went out to a fancy restaurant. Gerard told me, “Dress up like a movie star. Satin gown, high heels, and your diamond earrings.” I did, and it was great. After dinner, his car drove us home as we kissed and groped.

Gerard wanted anal sex again, with me riding on top. “Babette, even movie stars do it that way.” I mounted his stiff boner, pushed it up my anus and butt-fucked myself like a movie star. Or maybe a porn star.

Life was perfect…


Life was perfect until his grown children moved into the house. I didn’t know he had children!

They walked in while I was posing naked on the piano. Oops. Now there was no more walking around naked, no more screwing in the pool, or on the dining room table, or in the garden.

And worse yet, his son and daughter were older than me. They didn’t like their dad having such a young girlfriend. Behind my back, they called me a tramp!

It was time to leave.

Packing my bag I went to say goodbye to my lover. Gerard sat me on his lap while he squeezed my tits. And under my butt I felt Mr. Happy getting excited.

“Babette, remember that day you told me you lost your job at the bakery, and I smiled. I smiled because I own that building. And your old bakery is behind on the rent… Do you want it Babette? Your own bakery?”

“Oh yes sir, yes I do.”

“Good.” He nibbled my ear. “You can call it Babette’s Baguettes.”

“What happens If I can’t pay you the rent?”

“Then Babette gets a good butt-fucking.”

“What happens if I pay the rent on time?”

“Then Babette gets a good butt-fucking. It’s a Win-Win.” Gerard laughed, kissing my ear. “Now it’s time to take care of Mr. Happy. Bend over the desk Babette.” I did and pulled down my panties as Gerard pulled out his cock.

I felt his knob at my pussy lips. Gerard whispered. “Today I’ll give you a two-hole fuck.”

“What’s that, sir?”

“You’ll see.” Gerard pumped his prick in my pussy for a bit, then he pulled out and pushed it in my ass. That made me squirm. My lover kept moving his prick back and forth, screwing my pussy and ass. Giving me a naughty two-hole fuck.

I just lay there enjoying it. This man always surprised me.


Opening my bakery was a great new experience. Gerard visited my bakery daily, and I always made sure he had fresh bread and fresh pussy. Leon stayed on as an employee. And I’d squeeze in sex lessons for him.

Gerard liked to watch the sex lessons.

Sometimes he joined the sex lessons. Sometimes I got sandwiched in the bakery, with Leon screwing my pussy, while Gerard fucked my ass.

Always a new experience.

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