Bachelorette Hookup Ch. 02

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This is part 2 of a three part series. You may not understand the story if you did not read part one.

Thanks for reading.


Chapter 2 – Dakota

Dakota woke up feeling the cold air and the room spinning. She opened her eyes and saw the dark hotel room and assumed that she was in hers. Then the cold got into her consciousness and she wondered why in the world she was naked and on top of the covers. As she became more alert, she noticed the pressure in her bladder and got up to head to the toilet.

She stood up and noticed the light from the hallway under the door. She knew where the bathroom was, so she headed for relief in the darkness. After three steps or so, she stepped on some clothing and almost fell into the dresser and television. She cursed as her hand hit the edge and then stumbled more, almost falling on her face.

Suddenly, someone was holding her arm and helping her up. It was a man from the noise as he moved to her and the strong grip that he had. Then she recognized Zach’s voice as he spoke.

“Easy there, come on.”

Dakota was alarmed, but still a bit woozy from all the alcohol, and he gently walked her to the bathroom. He helped her inside and then lifted the lid for her to sit down. He started to leave but she said.

“Wait, just shut the door.”

Zach did so and the darkness was oppressive now. Dakota could not wait and let her urine go regardless of what Zach was doing there. As she was finishing up, she said.



“What are you doing in my room?”

“I thought this was Dillion’s room,” he replied after a pause.

Dakota felt confused and hoped it was just the alcohol. Forgetting she was naked, she said, “Turn on the light please.”

“Um, are you sure?” Zach asked.

Dakota felt herself grimace. She needed to find the paper.

“Yes. Turn it on,” she ordered.

“Okay,” he said and counted down so she could close her eyes.

The light came on and she could see the brightness through her eyelids. As she opened them slowly, she could see Zach holding his hands in front of his privates. She wondered what had happened that she did not remember.

“Um, why are you naked?” she asked.

Zach looked down at the sink and turned a bit pink. Even so, she noticed his physique. Then she remembered that she was naked as well.

“Did we?” she asked.

“No!” was his quick response. His red tint got deeper, but she could see him glance at her chest.

She was done on the toilet and wondered if she should get up or not. Her mind was still fogged from the drinks and she knew that she was not thinking clearly yet.

“So what’s going on? Why am I naked?” she asked.

Zach sighed heavily. She could not believe he got even more embarrassed, and then he confessed.

“Dillion took off your clothes. She said you wanted me to… But I didn’t! I mean we didn’t.”

She saw his eyes drift to her chest again, and then down to her legs. She took the opportunity to check him out and saw him shift his hands. She still did not understand completely, but was getting curious as to what he was hiding. So she flushed without standing up. As she looked back at him he looked even better. Muscular and cut, she bet his behind was even better and she loved guys’ butts.

“So she wanted you to screw me and casino oyna you wouldn’t.” She said, trying to remain stern.

“You were asleep, it wouldn’t have been right,” Zach said. He shifted his hands again and her curiosity went up.

She changed her tact, and rubbed her forehead as she said, “be a honey and find me some Tylenol on that bag.”

Zach hesitated but then grabbed the opaque carry bag beside the sink. As he moved his hands, she saw his tool sticking out but not completely erect. She felt her mouth water and thought if they did it now no one would know. He looked bigger than her fiancé and was not completely hard yet. She could do this and not tell anyone. No one would be hurt. She also saw his butt from the side and wanted him even more.

Zach opened a bottle and got a cup of water and brought it over to her. She was still sitting and instead of taking the medicine, she grabbed his penis and leaned forward. Dakota then slid her tongue over his knob. She looked up at Zach as she did and saw his surprise and then pleasure as her lips closed around his head. She noticed a taste that was not normal. She pulled off as she processed the taste. As she did, her hand slid up and down Zach’s shaft slowly.

After a moment, she decided that it did not matter what it was and turned back to his erection. It was stiff and sticking up now. She pulled it down gently and covered it again. Dakota went down further now, taking part of his shaft between her lips. She inhaled as she pulled back and went down again, just a bit further. This new taste was intoxicating and she always enjoyed giving head. She liked watching men try to hold it together as she worked on tearing apart their control. All it took was her mouth and her eyes. She looked up at Zach as she worked him. He had his eyes closed and looked to be concentrating on the feelings.

Dakota pulled off and then tickled Zach’s opening with her tongue. His eyes popped open in surprise and she grinned at him. Zach grinned back and watched as she took him into her mouth again. This time she took most of his big shaft and felt the thickness all the way to her throat. A moan escaped Zach and he pushed in softly. He pulled back and started pumping himself into her mouth slowly. Each time, he pushed in a little further until she gagged on the fifth or sixth thrust.

Zach pulled back and Dakota stood up after cleaning herself quickly. She had a soft smile but could see that Zach was struggling with something.

“Don’t worry, this will be our secret,” Dakota whispered. She knew she was still a bit drunk and should not do what she planned, but figured no one would ever know but Zach.

She took his arm and led him out of the bath. Once in the room, she heard Dillion turnover and stopped. It hit her like a bolt, what had happened. She thought about the taste and Dillion and then Zach’s embarrassment.

“Sorry, I was trying to think of how…” Zach began.

Dakota put her hand on his cheek and he stopped talking. She wanted to be upset, but was horny now and quickly decided that Dillion was right, she should have one last fling. She reached up and pulled Zach down to kiss her and they made out for a few minutes standing by Dillion’s bed. As Zach got more into it, his arms enveloped her and she felt his strength. He was holding her tightly against him and she felt the moisture emanating from her vagina. canlı casino She thought about him having Dillion and then her and wondered what he must think of them.

Dakota slid her hand between them and she felt his grip ease as she did. His erection was against her belly and she grasped it before starting to stroke up and down. Zach moaned into her mouth and one hand dropped from her back to her behind. They kept going like this, with their tongues dueling and she found that instead of getting more aggressive, Zach was becoming more tender. She liked the way he was now running his hands over her body though not touching any erogenous zones.

Zach broke their kiss and she opened her eyes and looked into his.

“Sam is a very lucky man,” Zach said softly.

She pulled away from him with a huff, moving to the empty bed. Dakota did not want to be reminded of her fiancé. She felt the guilt of doing this after promising herself to one man, even though they were not actually married yet. She faced away from Zach and crossed her arms. After a moment, she felt his hands slide onto her arms and his breath on her neck. Dakota tilted her head without thinking and felt Zach’s lips on her, lightly kissing her over and over. It felt wonderful and she lifted her arms, allowing him access to her breasts. Zach’s kisses became bolder and his tongue joined with his lips and he nipped her as well. His hands also found her boobs and caressed the sensitive underside.

Dakota let out a sigh as her attitude changed again. She had lost her mood and now he was bringing it back with a vengeance. Soon his fingers were making circles on her areola and her nipples were sticking out like erasers. He had kissed his way forward and her head was thrown back as his tongue was right under her chin. She had a vision of a vampire taking his willing victim and was she was to be Zach’s. His hand slid down her stomach and stopped on her tunnel. She was sure that he could feel her wetness as he started massaging her labia. Her breath was getting heavy now and soon he took one finger and massaged her slit as his digit went up and down.

Dakota lowered herself slowly and Zach moved with her. He was back kissing the side of her neck and she felt his manhood against her back. She grabbed the covers and pulled them down. She wanted to lie down, but did not want Zach to stop what he was doing. Dakota waited a moment and then whimpered softly. She was ready for more.

Zach pulled away and she spent a few seconds getting the sheets and pillows arranged and then found him again. He was watching her and smiled as he saw her grin. Dakota slithered onto the bed and turned onto her back. Zach was already moving to her and she expected him to climb over her to make love. Instead, he lowered his head to her loins and kissed her thigh softly. Dakota felt her breath get heavy as he got ready to go down on her. Sam had only done this once, and even when she tried to guide him to lick her he would not. But Zach moved in quickly, with two kisses on each thigh. There was a kiss right on her vagina and then his tongue took over.

Knowing Dillion was on the next bed, Dakota tried to stay quiet. It was hard, for his actions felt amazing and she felt an orgasm beckoning already. She wondered if he had done this with Dillion. Part of her hoped he had not, and part hoped he had for he was great at it. He licked her all kaçak casino over and spent considerable time pushing as far inside her as he could. Now he was sucking her clit and then popping off it every few seconds. Dakota heard herself mewing with each pop. Zach was sucking harder each time and before long she came hard. Her breath left as she groaned and her legs closed around Zach’s head.

After a bit she took a deep breath and relaxed. She realized she had been squeezing Zach and reached down to check on him. As she felt his hair between her fingers, he started licking her softly once again. As good as it felt she wanted more now.

“Uh-uh,” she said softly and started pulling Zach up.

His head moved above her and they kissed some more. If there was any doubt about the earlier taste, there was none now. It was not exactly the same but close enough. Dakota thought it was odd knowing she had tasted Dillion and how it had turned her on.

Her legs were open with Zach between them and soon she felt his hard dick probing for her opening. Dakota could not wait and spread her legs wider to help him push inside her. He did after another moment and she broke the kiss as her body reacted. Her hands went to Zach’s sides as Zach started stroking slowly into her honeypot.

His shaft felt huge as he pushed in repeatedly. She had lubricated him enough that there was almost no friction. As she lost herself in the ecstasy, she felt him start pushing in further and his sac bouncing against her. Her legs were now in the air and she felt like a slut giving herself to this relative stranger.

Dakota came over and over as Zach continued. He would speed up for a bit and then slow back down during her orgasms. During a rare moment of lucidity she realized that he had screwed Dillion already and she should expect him to go on awhile. She smiled at the thought and pulled this wonderful man into an unexpected hug. As soon as she did he stopped while still buried inside her.

“Are you all right?” Zach asked softly.

Dakota thought her smile would break her face, “Oh yea. This is great baby.”

Zach kissed her and then started pumping into her again. As soon as he did she moaned and said, “Fuck me hard Zach.”

Zach lifted up and she felt his knees move up beside her hips. He grabbed her and did exactly what she wanted. He started pounding Dakota’s loins and the slurping of her pussy taking him repeatedly was loud in the room.

Dakota could not help herself. She was squealing with each thrust and seemed to be as aroused as she had ever been. Zach’s big member stretched her open and felt sublime. She was pounded relentlessly for another few minutes and she could not hold back. As her orgasm arrived, so did Zach’s. Dakota felt her eyes roll back into her head and tried to relax before she passed out. Zach’s orgasm was great and she felt his load now deposited in her canal.

As she came down she heard Zach breathing very hard. Dakota leaned forward and pulled him down on top of her. She then held him tight while he recovered. In the few seconds that he stayed there, Dakota thought about how Sam had never made her feel as good. How she owed Dillion a debt and could never say thank you. How she needed to let go of Zach emotionally. She already wanted him in her life.

When Zach rose up, they kissed a soft sweet kiss. He moved beside her and as he did, she slid in tight beside him. They hugged and kissed once more and Zach settled into the bed. Dakota was surprised but delighted that he was staying and snuggled in before dropping off to sleep.

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