Beautician and the Need

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Traffic was light that day and it was a beautiful spring afternoon. The kind where you want to just throw on your sunglasses, roll the windows down and go for a ride. He thought about just pointing the car westward and going for a ride. As he fantasised about how nice it would be to just drive until it felt right he was snapped back into reality as a car cut him off! He laid on the horn and yelled some obscenity, he honestly wasn’t even sure what he yelled. It wasn’t that anything was wrong, just a few things were off. His sex drive was through the roof and well, his needs just weren’t being met.

He mindlessly pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. As he entered the building he noticed it was oddly empty for an afternoon. The beauty shop where Katie worked was always busy. He didn’t think to long about it and headed to where her chair was. As he walked in, Katie had her back to him and appeared to be looking at he phone. He noticed how great her ass looked in the leggings that she was wearing. Her slightly punky style was a definite turn on. The little tennis shoes with the leggins, today there was a tank top for the shirt and the little peek of a bra strap. Katie liked to work out as he knew from their many conversations and it showed. She was a 5 foot 3, toned in all the right places with a curvy ass and a nice pair of breast.

As she turned around, Katie screamed “FUCKING PRICK!” She jumped as she saw him standing in the doorway.

It was clear she had not heard him come in, but to try to make her smile he simply said, “I’m Sorry!”

She giggled and said, “not you, my boyfriend. I thought he was going to come home and we would actually be able to fuck. I guess it is another night of using my Bob.”

This did not shock him as their conversations always went a bit further than he expected. It was one of the reasons he liked to have Katie cut his hair. On casino oyna top of that she did a fantastic job and was beautiful. As he sat down the thoughts of Katie driving a battery operated toy into her pussy had him a bit extra horny. The thoughts had made his dick hard and it was throbbing against his jeans and subsequently the cape that he had on was pulsing with his heartbeat.

Katie happened to look down and commented, “someone is excited.”

He replied with, “yeah I just had a vision of you with a dildo in your pussy, squeezing your tit and screaming in pleasure!”

Then she said something that he was not expecting. “If you can give me an orgasm, I will give you 6 months of free haircuts!”

He sat quietly and pondered the offer. He asked, “So what am I allowed to use?”

Katie answered, “whatever you would like to.”

He thought for a second and carefully spoke. “First, let me be clear, neither of our significant others can ever know about this. Second, I need to know that you are all good. I hate to ask, but do you have any STD’s? I do not and obviously a change in that status would negate the first thing I mentioned.”

She paused and he was afraid that he had upset her. “No, I do not have any STD’s and I totally understand you asking and yes I agree, they can’t know.”

Without a word he locked the door to the room they were in and took her to the back room out of view of the glass door. He pressed into her and held her body against his. She could feel his hard on press against her thigh as he ran his hands from her hips up the sides of her body feeling her gorgeous tits. His hand continued upward caressing her cheek as he pulled her in. He whispered her name and she bit her lip. He pulled her to him and lightly licked her lips. She opened her mouth to return the favor and as she did he began to french kiss her. He then sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and began canlı casino to suck on it as he ran his left hand back down her body. He reached her pussy and could already feel the warmth building.

He released the kiss and she took a deep breath. He then pressed his lips against her cheek and began to kiss down her neck. He moved smoothly as he did so and pushed her tank top down exposing her breast. He gently rubbed a nipple as he made his way further down. The nipple stiffened significantly as he began to pinch it lightly. When he put his mouth on it and gently raked his teeth down it, she shivered. As he went from nipple to nipple sucking, licking and biting he began to pull her shirt overhead. Once it was off he had his fingers on either side of her bra strap and was removing that.

As he continued to have his way with her chest, he looped his thumbs in the waist of the leggins and began to remove them. She shivered once again but slid out of her pants. Katie sat down and guided a hand down to her pussy. He slowly moved it dragging fingertips along her taut abdomen. He moved further down and rubbed the outer lip and moved his fingers around to the outside of the lips. He lightly pinched her labia together between his two fingers and she began to moan. The moan soon turned to a deep, breathy guttural sound as he slid a finger between the lips to gently rub against her now swollen clit. As he moved his hand further down, his middle finger teased at the dripping wet entrance to her woman hood. He took the outer lips of her flower and began to massage them between his fingers. She shivered again as he did so. He also moved his face down and inhaled her womanly scent. It sent him through the roof and he took the outer lips between his lips and began to suck on them. He then spread her open and took her dainty, tucked inner lips in his mouth. As he did so, he entered her with a single finger and began massaging kaçak casino the inner most sacred part of her body. She grabbed his hair and pulled his face up to her Clit. His mouth locked onto her clit and he rubbed his fingers across her G-Spot. Katie arched her back and began grinding her clit against his lips and face. He gently rubbed her G-Spot repeatedly and she began to cry out. He felt the muscles of her pussy clenching on his fingers. He cleaned up her delicious juices and pulled his fingers from her divine lady. He put them in his mouth and cleaned them off.

Katie sat in the chair panting, she exclaimed “well I guess you get those free haircuts!” “Now we gotta do something about that guy” as she pointed to his very clear erection.

She sat up and unzipped his pants and opened his boxers. His cock came out of the boxers and was throbbing with is pulse. She took it in her mouth and began to suck it. She looked up at him with those hazel eyes and was sucking like it was the first time she had been given a sucker. He closed his eyes and was just getting into things when it stopped. He was just about to open his eyes when he felt a hot, wet pussy slide onto his cock. Then he felt her ass push up against him. He took no prodding on this matter and grabbed her hips and began to work in and out. He felt her pussy start to clench again and he could barely hold on any longer. He warned her that he was needing to cum and was about to. Katie said nothing but continued to work her pussy. He kept sliding in and out of her and warned her again that he was going to cum.

She finally cried out, “Cum inside me!”

He pulled her toward him drove his cock all the way in. He felt the spasms build. He shot the first spurt inside. It was followed by 6 other spurts of cum. When his balls were drained, he pushed all the way as his body began to spasm with the intense orgasm. He slowly pulled his cock out and set his clothes straight.

He told her “I think that covers the initial agreement.”

They returned to the haircut and at completion he scheduled his next haircut for the next month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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