Becky Shows Me Herself

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I once in a night-club with friends. Much drink had been consumed and I was feeling merry. I danced happily, feeling joyous and classy (like John Travolta) but, in reality, looking foolish and clumsy (like Bill Clinton). Few women would find me attractive in this state but there was a girl there who had fancied me for some time and was willing to fuck me in any state.

I staggered back to the sofas where we sat, my friends and others we had met over the past few weeks. One girl, Becky, sat looking at me. She was a Goth, dressed in black with dyed purple hair and black make-up. She was a plump girl but she wore the right kind of clothes. A dark velvet corset which pushed her luscious breasts up and a dark pendant that hung between her cleavage. As I sat back and sipped my beer she leaned forward and whispered to me, “Happy Birthday.”

I was twenty years old that night though I’d never seen a pair of tits that impressive before. I muttered a thank you and looked her over hungrily. I wanted to fuck her bad but I didn’t realise how much she wanted it too then.

My friends and I made our way back to my house and we sat, drank and smoked for a few hours before people began to disperse. Before I knew it I was left only with Becky. We had gathered in my bedroom (where the TV was) and now we were alone, sitting on the bed together.

She moved to me and casino oyna started to kiss me hard. I responded, revelling in the hot taste of her mouth and the fury of her tongue. Her hands began to stroke my back as my hands started to move over her full body.

My hands slipped her corset down a little, exposing her large cleavage more so her nipples showed from the top. I bent my head down and began to kiss her tits lovingly. It felt like such an honour to be near them. She was moaning now and I opened her corset enough to let it fall apart and release her breasts. They were wondrous, full and firm with large nipples which stood erect in my mouth. My eyes glanced down and I saw her skirt had ridden up a little, exposing a fleshy, white leg. It looked beautiful, contrasted against the darkness of her clothing.

As I sucked her tit my hand pulled her skirt up to her waist and I started to feel around her panties. Even through them I could feel her wetness and she began to groan deeper and longer as I slipped a finger through her panties and onto her pussy lips.

She was kissing and biting my neck as I sucked her breasts and pushed a finger deep in her cunt’s wetness. She bit me hard as I started to pump my finger in and out. her wetness squelched and she lost control as I finger fucked her hard and fast. Eventually I stopped playing with her tits so I canlı casino could watch her face as she came again and again. Her cute face contorted as she swore and cursed her way to climax.

I felt the juices on my hand and then she lost it completely as she ejaculated onto my hand, arm and clothes. She collapsed, exhausted.

As she lay down I licked her cunt juice of her legs, the bed and, of course, her cunt. She writhed as I did so and then we kissed deeply, she tasting herself with relish. Then she pushed me down and yanked my trousers down hard, releasing my cock as it sprang into the air. She took it quickly into her mouth and started to mouth it deeply. There was no finesse here, just hard sucking and rough stroking with her hard on my balls. I wasn’t going to last long and when she slipped a finger up my ass I pushed my cock hard into her mouth and shot my cum deep down her throat. She sucked and kissed the cum out of me until I was empty.

She then stood up and said, “Watch this.”

Then she moved across the room to where my sink was, in front of a large mirror. Then she placed one hand on the sink and leant over, her ass in the air for me to see. She spread her legs and then started to grind her ass cheeks so they undulated sexually. I watched, becoming aroused again as her other hand reached between her legs and started to finger her cunt. kaçak casino Her fingers moved fast and furiously, opening her lips and then slipping two fingers into her soaking cunt. She flicked her clit hard and then pumped her cunt deep, then repeated the process.

Looking up, I could see her face, eyes closed in pleasure and her breasts, heavy and swinging, in the mirror. I felt my cock hard again and I started to stroke it as I watched the horniest girl I had ever known bring herself off before me.

Finally, as she reached near-orgasm, I walked behind her and bent down behind her, taking her asshole in my mouth. As she fingered her cunt hard before my face I kissed and sucked her tight asshole . She was dripping juice again and I felt it fall onto my chin and then drip onto my chest, down to my cock.

She was shaking now and I stood behind her. I took my cock by its base and placed it at her wet asshole. I rubbed by cock head around her hole as she continued to finger her cunt and then I pushed myself into her.

Gently at first I fucked her asshole but I then fucked her harder and harder. I reach around and felt her breasts as she fingered her pussy. Her ass felt so good around my pumping cock, so tight and so wet from my cum and saliva.

She cried out that she was cumming and she pushed three fingers into her cunt as I thrusted one last time, pulled out and sprayed my cum all over her back. I slumped onto her, exhausted as we breathed hard together.

Eventually we laid together on the bed where we feel asleep together, her naked body in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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