Beer Thursday Pt. 08

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Bob collapsed onto Mary’s back feeling totally spent. “I can’t believe you fucked another man, and let him cum inside you, that is so hot.” He panted. “I fantasized all evening you would be penetrated by a strange dick, wow…this was better than I thought it would be.” He flopped over on his side next to Mary.

“Twice, but I definitely did not plan on that, but if you had seen the look on the poor guy’s face, well maybe you wouldn’t have…but I just had to do it. I keep crossing these lines, though. I’m almost nostalgic to the way things were, but then I remember we had sex, maybe once a week, and now….” Mary pulled Bob’s arm over her as she pushed her ass back and felt his warm body pressed against her back. “But I have to get some sleep since I fly out tomorrow…today actually, for Seattle.”

“I’ll miss you, babe. You can do what you want with your co-workers, I have plenty of memories to keep me excited while you are gone. You just have fun, ok?” Bob said softly.

“Thanks, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” Mary said stoking his hand covering her breast.

He fell asleep wondering what exactly she meant by that.


“Ok, we have three rooms, a double king and two single rooms with kings. I’d say let’s draw for the singles, but Mary will be her usual married self and insist on having her own room, so…” Jack said as they headed for the elevators.

They ended up on the same floor with adjoining rooms, Tom and Bill sharing the double.

“Should we grab dinner?” Tom asked, “Oh wait – you and Jack are going to the Mariners’ game tonight. Don’t you have to leave in 30 minutes or so?”

“Yeah, we’ll get something at Safeco, but you and Mary should find something.” Bill responded. “Jack, let me get my crap put away and I’ll pound on your door.”

After they left, Tom gently knocked on Mary’s door. “You feel like dinner? There’s the seafood place we went to last time.”

“We can, but I am so tired, it was a late night last night.” Mary sighed. “How does ordering from room service sound to you, they have a great chef here. We can watch a DVD, I’ve got my laptop and there’s a RedBox downstairs.”

Tom laughed. “That’s right, you and Crystal were plotting something…I actually didn’t forget, but I was hoping you’d bring it up. I think I’d rather you tell me about that than a movie.”

“I think a movie would be more appropriate, anyhow I spent last night telling Bob all about it, let’s just go down get a movie and order dinner.”


“I can’t believe you haven’t seen this movie,” Mary said as she connected the HDMI cable to the back of the TV, “It’s really good.”

“I still don’t know why we didn’t get a movie you haven’t seen…” Tom asked.

“Because nothing else looked any good and I’d like to see this again, plus if I doze off, I’ve already seen it.” Mary said as she switched input on the TV. “You settled? Want anything to drink? Another beer?”

Tom settled back on the king and said, “Sure, are you having another?”

“Absolutely, these are great beers.” Mary said as she pulled two IPAs out of the mini-fridge. “And it just doesn’t seem right to watch a movie without a beer.”


Half way through the movie, Mary leaned over and put her head on Tom’s shoulder, “I hope you don’t mind,” She yawned, “but I am getting sleepy.”

Tom wrapped his arm around Mary and when she rolled over slightly to see the TV better, he felt the side of her breast through her blouse. He didn’t want to be feeling Mary up, but then again she seemed fine with it so he left his hand there. Soon he was gently stroking and feeling the warm, soft flesh pushing into his fingers and Mary rolled over more to straighten her legs out, but bringing Tom’s finger tips over Mary’s nipple. He immediately stopped stroking, but soon without thinking found his fingers rubbing across the hard bump under the silk blouse.

He thought Mary finally was aware that he’d been feeling her up when she rolled off him and got up.

“I’m going to take a shower and get ready for bed, I’ve seen this, and I know how it ends.” Mary explained.

Tom casino oyna started to get up. “I should head back to the room, you need privacy.”

“Don’t be silly,” Mary said, “I’ll close the door to the bathroom, but if you need to use it before I go in…”

“No, I’m good, you’re sure?” Tom asked sitting up.

“Lie down, watch the movie, you’ll enjoy the rest of it – it gets really good. Just hit the touchpad to start playing it again.” Mary closed the door to the bathroom.

Just when the credits started, Mary opened the door and came out wrapped in the bathrobe. “How was it? Good? I hope you liked it.” Mary said as Tom started to get up. “I hate recommending movies since everyone has different tastes.”

“I liked it, I loved the plot twist, I never figured they’d leave him like that. Great ending.” Tom said with a smile. “I’ll be going now so you can go to bed. What time do you want to go down for breakfast?”

“Stay, I’m a long ways from being ready to climb into bed.” Mary said as she walked back into the bathroom.

Tom watched her as she went back, “God I wish she’d drop that robe…she is naked right under there.” He ruefully thought as he plopped back down. Tom switched the TV back to cable and found ESPN and was watching the highlights when Mary came back in.

She stood looking at him, “Sports? No porn? I’m disappointed.” Mary said.

Laughing, Tom said, “I actually turned the volume way down and checked out the previews, but none of the girls were anywhere nearly as pretty as you and I wasn’t sure you wanted the bill on your room.”

“I’m sure the girls were very pretty, but thanks.” Mary said, “What channels were they though? Show me.”

“You sure?” When Mary nodded and looked at the TV, Tom went to the guide, selected Adult and went to the previews.

“Wow! They show a lot, I didn’t expect penises.” Mary gasped. “And you’re blind, that girl there is gorgeous.”

When the ‘Order Now’ screen came up, Tom surfed to another movie. “They show just enough to get you buy.” He almost sprained his neck when he turned to Mary and found she had dropped the robe to the floor and was facing him with her full, tear-dropped breasts, tight, narrow waist with no visible fat, but his eyes were drawn to the golden patch of hair and the smooth vulva right in front of him.

“You still want to go back to your room?” Mary asked chuckling when she saw his jaw drop.

Collecting himself, Tom swung his legs to the floor, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen your ass.”

Mary swung her arm and playfully punched Tom in the shoulder, making her tits flop around.

“Do that again,” Tom choked, “You breasts…wow, they bounced wonderfully.”

Mary looked at him with her hands on her hips, turned away from him and looked back over her shoulder knowing she was giving Tom a great view of her ass and her side boob. “Does this work for you, or should I just climb into bed and go to sleep?” Mary asked with a smile.

“This works.” Tom said, “Come here.”

Mary turned back and walked right up to Tom whose hands grabbed Mary’s ass and pulled her into his face. He buried his nose in that golden patch of hair and started nuzzling Mary’s pussy. He was intoxicated by how sweet she smelled and how soft and firm her ass felt. He lifted Mary’s thigh up and when she planted her foot on the bed he pushed his mouth onto her moist vagina and started exploring with his tongue.

“I guess this means you are going to stay.” Mary said, “Just keep going, this feels really good.” She continued when she felt his tongue open her lips up. “Right there…” She took her hands and rubbed, pulled and pinched her nipples.

Tom was letting her flowing cum wash across his tongue as he drove deeper into her wet hole. His hands kneaded her butt and he felt her butt flex more and more urgently into his mouth as he pushed his upper lip into her hard clit. Driving his tongue as deeply as he could into her, he was rewarded when Mary’s panting became more ragged and her thrusts against his face matched her ragged breathing. With a long moan she clenched her cheeks and pushed hard against his mouth while he saw her pulling her nipples an inch out canlı casino from her heaving breasts.

“Ok…ok…ok…that’s enough, oh that was niiiiiiccce.” Mary panted and she turned and fell on her back onto the bed with her legs spread wide. After a minute or two she opened her eyes and saw Tom between her legs looking up at her. She let out a laugh. “Is this opening up enough for you?” She said looking at her obscenely spread legs and dripping cunt. She pushed herself up and quickly started unbuttoning Tom’s shirt before yanking it off of his shoulders. Admiring his toned chest and abs, she ordered him to stand up.

Tom dutifully complied looking down at Mary as she yanked open his belt,, unzipped his pants and pulled then to his ankles and threw them aside when Tom stepped out of them.

“Ok, let’s see this seven inches.” Mary said licking her lips looking at the impressive tent in Tom’s boxers.

“Seven and a half,” Tom said, “all for you.”

Mary pulled the boxers down and groaned when she saw that not only was it the longest cock she’d ever seen it was almost as fat as Bob’s. She felt her an aching in her groin imagining that thing driving into her. “Oh my Tom. You were telling the truth, You want to put that into my pussy?”

“Yes, yes Mary. I’ve wanted to fuck you with this since we met.” Tom moaned.

“We’d better get it nice and wet.” Mary said as she started licking the head, bathing the head with her tongue. As she licked the tip she had to hold it steady since it jumped every time she touched it. “Very eager…you want to shoot your cum inside me…in my mouth…my pussy…” Mary cooed before sucking four inches into her mouth fisting the rest.

“Ahhhh…yesss. You look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth…your lips…aaahhhhh.” Tom sighed. Mesmerized watching her bobbing head, her bouncing breasts, the intensity with which she attacked his rod, he started to feel a grwoing ache in his balls. He put his hand on Mary’s cheek. “Stop…stop…I am going to cum….nnooooo, don’t do that with your tongue….OOOOHHHHHHH GGGOOOOOODDD…yes..yes…yesss…yesss.” Tom pushed Mary’s face off his slick cock staggering backwards. “You didn’t have to do that. I’ve never cum in a woman’s mouth before, what you did with your tongue was incredible. You swallowed? Best blowjob ever.”

Mary got up on the bed and patted the mattress. “Get over here, let’s get that thing hard again so you can stretch me out.”

Tom got on the bed, pulled her close and opened his mouth when Mary pulled his face to hers. He felt his cock stirring with her tongue wrestling with his and the bodies writhing together. He pulled away from the kiss, “Tell me about you and Crystal. Did you and her really fuck? Tell me.”

“Amazing, are all men secretly voyeurs? Should I have just made a sex tape and handed it out?” Mary laughed. “Ok, yes we did, and she was my first experience with a woman. I can’t believe I did it, but I actually went down on her and tasted my first pussy, I liked it. She is so soft and smooth, so much different from being with a man.” Mary said as she ran her hands through Tom’s hairy chest and over his hardened nipples. “She is completely shaved…down there, and her pussy is so perfect looking.”

Tom groaned, “I wish I could have seen that, two of the more beautiful women in the world, two stunning blondes, licking and squeezing each other…what a great fantasy.” He rolled over onto Mary spread legs, reached down, grabbing his now erect dick began sliding the head up and down Mary’s slit, moving deeper and deeper with each pass. He looked down at Mary’s beautiful face with her eyes closed, mouth slightly open, making an O each time he reached a new depth. When he felt her hands grabbing his ass, encouraging him to go deeper along with her thrusting hips he said, “Mary, are you ready, do you want all of it?”

“Yes, stop teasing, drive that cock of yours into my cunt. Fuck me, please.” Mary panted.

Tom pushed halfway in, drew back and went in another half inch feeling Mary push back, not showing any discomfort regardless of how big his dick was. With a last thrust he was pressed against Mary’s pelvis. “Oh yes you are tight, kaçak casino God you feel so good.” Tom groaned. He pulled all the way out and drove in, bottoming out again making Mary mew. Soon he was rhythmically pounding her, watching her massive breasts bounce with each thrust. Mary purred each time his head pressed into her cervix.

After five or more minutes of exquisite pounding, Mary moaned, “God, you feel so good, but I want to get on top, I want to be on top of you.”

Tom rolled over, his arms around the sweating blonde and pulled her up onto him, his cock jammed deep into her vagina.

Mary put her hands on Tom’s chest with her thumbs rubbing his nipples and lifted herself all the way so Tom’s head was just parting her lids and dropped down hard, “Ooooh” She pulled her ass up again and again thrust down hard. With each thrust she torqued her pelvis against Tom’s cock, as if she were milking it.

While Mary was gyrating on his penis, Tom reached up and had his first feel of Mary’s perfect breasts. His hands could not even fit around them they were so large, but they had no sag at all and proudly jutted out. His thumb found her erect nipples and he felt Mary respond by grinding into his cock with more intensity. leaning up he sucked Mary’s right nipple into his mount and used his tongue to bath the entire pink, swollen areola and nipple.

Feeling that Mary leaned down into Toms mouth and pounded her pelvis against Tom, “Ohhhh…yesssss. Suck my titties…that feels sooo gooood.”

Tom grabbed her ass with both hands while alternating between nipples, feeling her butt flex hard against his hands. When his middle finger found her anus, Mary groaned and pushed back against his finger. He pushed it in feeling his cock through the thin wall between her rectum and her vagina.

Mary’s thrusting became more urgent and proceeded the grind against him as hard as she could before she collapsed on Tom after a series of staccato pants followed by a low guttural groan. “Oh..oh…oh, yes, that was very nice…you have a beautiful cock. I felt you, I felt you against my cervix. That was so amazing.” Mary sighed. “Now, it’s your turn. How do you want me?” Mary asked while still moving up and down on his cock. “You ready to fill me with your cum? Please don’t pull out, empty your balls in me.”

Tom grabbed her hips and pulled Mary off his erection, slid out from under her and gently pushed her back onto her hands and knees.

“Ooooohhhh. I get pounded from behind.” Mary cooed while twerking her ass at Tom. “Ssssssssss” She sucking in breath as Tom drove his cock into her.

Tom grabbed her ass cheeks and thrust his hips repeatedly into Mary’s pussy from behind. He looked down at her pink asshole and thought what it would be like to stretch that out…that one thought and Mary still twerking her tight cunt on his cock put him over the edge and with a gasp jetted his cum into her womb. He quit thrusting and savored the way Mary’s rotating pelvis milked all the cum out of this balls.

Flopping back, he groaned. “Man, that was intense. What were you doing with your hips and your pussy squeezed my dick at the same time…How do you do that?” Tom panted. He crawled up and dropped his head back on the pillow.

Mary crawled up and lay on her back nestled in his arm. She reached down and stroked Tom’s now soft penis. “You have the best penis I’ve ever seen…felt. You sure must have made a ton of women happy with that thing.”

Stroking Mary’s breasts, Tom replied. “Sadly not as many as I’d liked. It is strange, but I haven’t dated a lot…haven’t found the right woman, now if you and Bob ever decide…Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I know you love Bob, but are you going to tell him about this? Will he be ok with it?”

“Thanks for asking after I blew you and we fucked,” Mary said laughing, “but he told me to have fun and he would be happy with whatever I decided. It’s a strange new world…anyhow you should get back to your room, I don’t want Bill to wonder where you are. Please tell no one we did this.”

Tom, pushed himself up, “You’re right, they should be getting back from the game, and we’d better get dressed, you know they will knock if they see your light on. Trust me, no one would believe me anyhow.”

After he left, Mary called Bob and found him awake and waiting to hear from her. “I’ve been bad…very bad.” Mary whimpered into the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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