Betting on Football is a Win Win

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There was a new warehouse opening up in the area and I was the weekend supervisor. As we continued to get into the flow of business the more staff we added. I did the morning meeting giving my staff their tasks for the day and went into the office to do my work. Throughout the day I’d walk the floor and make sure everyone was doing ok. Gia was one of my new workers. First thing I noticed was her ass. You couldn’t miss her. As I got closer I couldn’t help but think to myself that I’d pound Gia and her firm plump ass. I approached her and her friend that she was working with. Asking if they had any questions or problems just making small talk. They said they were good and I made the rest of my rounds

Later that day I was making rounds again. As I walked up in the girls they were talking about sex. They had no clue i was there at first. I stood there listening before laughing and commenting on their conversation. I told them it was ok I wasn’t that I’m gonna fire your boss for talking about sex in the floor and we all started joking together from that point one. Gia and I became good friends and still are to this day. She knew she could come to me with anything work related or not.

One night after work Gia text me asking if I could give her a ride home from work. She didn’t drive and her ride was busy. I’ve picked up and dropped off a number of works so of course it wasn’t a big deal. During work the next day I checked to make sure she needed a ride home. She said yes and I told her it was fine. The day went on just like another day. Finally time to go home. Gia and I clean up and walk out the door. She thanked me a few times for giving her a ride home. I continued to tell her it wasn’t a big deal. I joked with her and said no one rides for free and I didn’t want her money. She said that’s fine.

As I started driving I reached over and rub her pussy through her pants. Her head rest against the seat her eyes closed. I rub faster and harder before slipping my hand into her panties. Her pussy wet as I tease her clit. I pull my hand from her pants and tell her that’s all she gets for now. Gia disappointed moves around the seat. She can see my cock pressing against my shorts.

Leaning over the console in my car she grabs my cock through my shorts. “Guess I can earn my ride home” she says as she reaches in my shorts and pulls out my cock. Stroking me a few times before moving again and taking my cock into her mouth. As Gia sucks my cock I slide my hand down her back to her ass. I smack her ass hard causing her to gag in my cock. Gia doesn’t stop sucking my cock as I grab her amazing ass and smack it again. My slip my hand in her pants again teasing her pussy with the tip of my finger. As she pumps her head up and down on my cock her hips wiggle trying to get me to finger her wet pussy.

Gia starts pumping her head up and down faster and faster. As her head flys up and down my shaft her tongue swirls around the head and shaft of my cock. I can feel my balls tighten as i get closer and closer to Cummings. I grab her ass and squeeze bard and tell her I’m going to cum. I fire a blast of cum into her mouth and she stops moving her head. Catching every shot I fire. She swallows every drop. Pulling canlı bahis her mouth off my cock and sitting back into the seat adjusting her pants she tells me that I’m a tease. I just laugh as we pull up to her house and she jumps out.

Two weeks have passed since i have Gia a ride home. She asks me again if I can and or course I say yes hoping for an encore if the last ride home. Unfortunately I get asked to take someone else who to. Next thing I know I’m taking 3 people home. No fun with Gia. On the ride home we are talking about football. Turns out Gia is a cowboys fan and I’m an eagles fan. We argue the whole ride home whose team is better. I drop everyone off and end home. The next day at work I approach Gia and ask if she wants to bet on the Eagles cowboys game the following week. She says yes and we both smile evilly. They terms if the bet to be set by the end of the work day.

Through out the day we talk shit to each other about whose going to win and how they others team sucks. As the end of the day nears Gia comes into the office with a problem with the work equipment. I ask if she figured out what she wants if the cowboys win the game. She says yes that she will tell Me once I fix her device so I’m not distracted. I agree and get cracking on her equipment. After a few mins i finish holding it tightly in my hand. She grabs it and i refuse to let go.

“Well?” I ask.

“When the cowboys when I want you to tongue fuck my ass” she tells me.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I want to bend her over the desk right now and tongue fuck her ass before I slam my cock into her.

I quickly agree. She stands there looking at me. I’m so excited for what she wants I could care less if I lose the bet. Now it’s her turn as she says “well?”

“Ohh yeah umm. Ok If Philly wins I bet to fuck your ass” I tell her.

She agrees to my side of the deal grabs her equipment and walks out the door back to the work area. I’m practically drooling as I watch her ass walk out the door. The next week can not come fast enough. We continue to tease each other and the sexual tension continue to rise. Finally game day. All talking stops as the game starts. Being we work weekends we can watch the game but I check the score ever few mins. Half time and the score is tied. Both of us are excited. The bet is a win win so who cares. We told people at work we bet $50 so no one would know the real bet. This at work get crazy and the next time I get to check the score the cowboys are up 17. Gia saw me walking into the office and walks in with the biggest smile in her face.

“Next Friday you are giving me a ride home. You can eat my ass all night” she says giving her ass a smack before turning and walking out the door. Normally I hate losing but I’m good with this loss. I can’t wait till Friday. Eagles lost by 10 and Gia let me know if. Dancing around me at the end of the day rubbing in she won the bet.

Friday rolls around and the work day cant end soon enough. Finally going to eat Gia’s ass. The work day drags. Friday’s have 2 shifts and there isn’t much work to do. I tell my boss I’m going to send a few people home and leave myself. He says that’s fine. I call Gia to the office bahis siteleri and tell her we are leaving. She grabs her stuff and almost runs to the car. I get in and reach for her pussy right away. She smacks my hand and tells me I can’t touch anything until I pay up on the bet. She teasing me the whole ride to her house. Rubbing her hands all over her body. Finally we pull into her driveway. She leads the way into the house. She locks the door behind us. She grabs my hand and pulls me behind her as she leads the way through the house. We end up in the bathroom as she turns the shower on.

Gia sets the water and starts stripping. I stand there and watch her as she takes her clothes off. She quickly sheds her shirt and her bra. For the first time I get to see her 36c breast. Perky and firm. Her nipples hard with anticipation as she knows what’s about to happen. She steps out of her shoes and pulls her pants down. Her pussy shaved bare. Her lips waiting for attention. I can see the excitement running through her whole body. Her lips glistening with her wetness. I start to undress and she jumps in the shower. As I get in she is already washing. The water running down her body. As she rinses the soap off her body i see her differently. Her tits look amazing her nipples hard and ready for fun. Her tone tiny waste leading to her shaved pussy and her firm plump ass. Her body is that a of a sex goddess.

She has her back to me as she finishes rinsing off. I kneel behind her grabbing her asscheeks. One in each hand pushing them apart. Leaning in I tease her tight puckered hole with my tongue. She moans and leans forward against the shower. She spreads her legs wider making it easier for me to reach her asshole. I flick my tongue back and forth over her tight hole. She reaches down and turns the water off. Grabbing my hand once again and leads us out if the bathroom. This time we end up in her bedroom. She walks over To the bed and kneels in the edge.

Gia is waiting for me to eat her ass as she kneels with her feet hanging off the bed ass in the way still dripping wet from the shower. I squat behind her and lick from her clit through her pussy lips up to her asshole. I push my tongue against her backdoor flattening my tongue making it cover her entire asshole. I wiggle my tongue back and forth making sure her hole gets nice and wet. I slip my tongue back into my mouth before pushing my face between her asscheeks and ramming my tongue as deep as I can into her asshole. Tongue fucking Gia as deep and quickly as I can. She moans and gives a slight wiggle of her hips and I work my tongue in and out if her tightness.

As I continue to work my tongue in her ass I bring a hand up to her pussy. Rubbing her clit with my thumb as my tongue is working feverishly to make her cum. I slip two fingers into her dripping pussy keeping my thumb on her clit. Hoping my ass eating and pussy playing will be enough to make her cum before I fuck her. She starts rocking back and forth forcing me deeper into her. Her moans getting louder as I work my fingers like scissors inside her pussy and my tongue slides in and out if her asshole. I rotate my thumb against her clit as fast as I can and she tells me she is cumming. She bahis şirketleri says over and over that’s she is cumming. Her pussy squeezing my fingers. Her asshole squeezing and forcing my tongue out if it.

I stand up behind her. She still contacting form the orgasm as I line my cock up with pussy. Her lips part as I push my cock into her. I grab her hips and pull her back slowly as I sink inch after inch if my cock deep inside her. As I get about half way inside Gia I pull back out. Her lips straining to keep me inside her. I push back into her. Sliding even more if my hard cock deep inside of her pussy. She moans as I finally push my whole cock into her. My balls resting against her clit. Holding her by the hips refusing to let her move for a few moments as I enjoy how wet warm tight she is. Not waiting to forget this moment. Gia gives me a few moments before her desires kick in.

As we start fucking one an other we find an instant rhythm. Gia reaches between her legs rubbing her clit as I push and pull her hips as I glide forward and backwards as my cock pumps in and out if her pussy. Our pace stays the same though out. Her pussy starts squeezing my cock as she begins to cum again. This time in my cock not my finger. I lick my thumb and push it against her asshole. She starts bucking her hips as my thumb slides into her asshole making her cum even harder. I wiggle my thumb in her ass as my cock continues piston in and out if her pussy. She continues to cum over and over as she works her clit while I have both her hopes filled.

Her body relaxes a bit as she finally stops cumming. I pull my dick from her pussy and line it up with her asshole. My cock covered in her pussy juice slides into her well played with asshole. Her ass feels amazing as it swallows my cock. I push my cock slowly into Gia’s ass until my whole cock is inside her. I pull out slowly about half way. Slowly pushing my cock back into her. Pulling out half says agin and pushing back in a little quicker. I continue to pull out half way gaining speed as I push back in. Gia is face face in the bed. Her hands pulling her asscheeks open as I start fucking her harder.

I finally start fucking Gia full speed. My balls bouncing off her pussy lips. My hips smacking into her amazing asscheeks. My cock buried as deep as possible into her asshole. She lets go if her asshole and moves her hands. I feel her fingers against my balls as the bouncing off her. She reaches a little farther grabbing my balls as I hammer into her. Playing with sack as I get closer to unloading inside of her. She starts cumming in my cock as I fuck bed as bard as i can. Her ass is being hammered and her body loves it. Her ass clamping down hard on my cock as I fuck her like a savage. Her tight ass clamping down is to much to handle and I push deep one finally time holding her hips tight against me as I start cumming deep inside of her. 2-3 full blast of cum shoot deep inside of her ass. I start to pull out. As soon as my dick slips from her ass she quickly turns sliding off the bed taking my cock Into her mouth sucking me dry and clean.

As my cock softens in her mouth my cum begins to leak out of her ass as she squats in front of me. Scooping it with her finger so sucks my cum from her finger. She stands up kisses me in the cheek and asks when I want to bet again. We walk to the bathroom I grab my clothes get dressed as she jumps back in the shower. I show myself out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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