BFF Ch. 03

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At brunch Shannon had force fed me mimosas in a fairly obvious attempt to destroy my inhibitions. Though in less than twenty-four hours I had agreed to be her personal bitch, had been happily forced to eat her ass, and she had given me an anal orgasm through a well learned method of ass eating and dildo play, so whatever she was trying to reduce my inhibitions for had to be pretty extreme.

“Where the fuck are we even going?” I inquired to my goddess through a mildly drunken stupor. We were heading into strip club row, which was a part of town dominated by titty bars, liquor stores, and strange strip malls with stores so niche it was a miracle they were able to exist at all.

“Well first of all, bitch, you don’t get to question me. You are now my fucking property and if I want to drive you to the shittiest part of town and toss you out in an alley for a good ol’ fashioned gang bang then that’s exactly what the fuck I’m going to do!” Shannon proclaimed in stern defiance of my drunken questioning.

Her response caught me off guard and sobered me up by about fifty-percent. “WAIT! WHAT!? Are you seriously taking me out here to get gang banged?!” I exclaimed in wide eyed terror.

Shannon erupted in laughter “You are such an easy target when you’re drunk! No dummy I’m not taking you out here for a gang bang with a side of gonaherpasyphilese!”. I was immediately and wildly relieved. “Besides that whore ass is MINE. MMMIIINNNEEE!!! And if anybody is going to open it up it’s me!” she laughed in a state of sexual drunken bliss, this was her wildest fantasy and she was going all in. “Now once I get you cock ready if Momma wants to rent that ass on the corner so she can get a Mercedes then that might be a different story!” she declared in a half joking tone but with an underlying context that let me know prostitution may genuinely be in her plans.

With that we pulled into the parking lot of Jameson’s Grocery and Novelties. “What is this place?” I asked genuinely confused. “This is where your goddess gets all her sex toys. We’re here so you can by your mistress a cock so she can fuck your faggot ass.” Shannon responded with sarcastic yet sensual glee.

As we excited the vehicle I was feeling extremely exposed “If they ask let’s just say anything we buy is being used on you, ok?”. Shannon stopped dead in her tracks and walked seductively towards me as she removed her sunglasses. She then grabbed my face and pulled it in close as though we were about to kiss. She licked my lips and then pressed her forehead into mine and she spoke in an aggressive whisper “We. Are. Buying. A. Strap-on. They WILL know I’m going to use it on you and if they don’t ask I’m going to tell them. If they sell leashes you’re leaving this building on a leash and carrying your owner’s new strap-on without a bag. YOU, are a BITCH. You’re my bitch and you better start acting fucking happy about it or you’re never sticking your tongue up my ass again. UNDERSTOOD? BITCH!”. Any hope at avoiding public humiliation was officially gone and I could embrace it or say goodbye to her perfect body.

“Sorry goddess, I understand” I responded in the sheepish tone she was looking for. “YAY! You get to buy me a cock!” she squealed as she took my hand and walked me in the building.

The inside was surprisingly nice. The store sold every type of sex toy and bong imaginable. There was a busty bombshell in a latex bustier behind the counter, and it seemed Shannon was a regular. “QQQUUUEEENNN!!!” the cashier screamed, a greeting which Shannon mimicked. As the two embraced the busty woman inquired “So is my favorite slut in ataşehir escort bayan here for a new toy or did you break ANOTHER bong? And who is this sexy man you’re towing?”

“New toy for sure. I’m here for THE toy, and this isn’t a sexy man it’s my bitch?!” Shannon exclaimed in a wild girly tone. “WHAT?!?! THE toy? OH. MY. GOD. Does he know?” the salesgirl asked with rising glee.

Shannon took a dramatic pause “This little slut is here to pay for his goddesses cock! I’m pegging him today! He already sucked my vibe like a dick and took it in his ass today! THIS IS IT! AAANNNDD…. Are you ready… he agreed… to take a real cock!”. With that both women screamed and nearly began to tear up with wild excitement. After several moments of celebration, and Shannon promising to let her witness me with another man at some point, the two got down to business.

“Okay bitch this is it. The Daddy-2600. It has special sensors that determine the temperature, speed, and wetness of the business end and it sends stimulation through the electrodes on the other end into your little pussy. It has lube sensors on both ends and will even spray your bitch boi with artificial cum when he gets you off. The Presidente model comes with eight, ten, and twelve inch interchangeable cocks. This is the closest thing to having a cock without making a major life change that you will ever find.” The salesgirl held the elaborate strap-on up as though it were a magical device being presented to the protagonist on a heroes journey.

Shannon took in the sight of this beast as she squeezed my hand tightly then turned and looked deeply into my eyes “That’s it, that’s what I’m going to take you with baby. Now buy your Queen a cock and let’s go fuck that pretty ass. OH! And we need a fucking leash!”. We exited the store, Shannon with her all time fantasy one step closer and her bitch on a leash, and me $2200 poorer.

As we got back to her car she opened the door then positioned me to block the view of her from the other side “What are you trying to do here?” I pondered. “DUH! I’m putting my cock on!” she responded with sarcastic laughter.

Shannon the dropped her pants and proceeded to load the batteries and attach the strap-on before pulling her pants back up as though nothing had happened. We drove in silence for a few minutes and then she started massaging my inner thigh as she drove. “MMMM yeah, you look real hot baby. That’s a sexy little mouth you’ve got there.” she was speaking like she was in a 90’s porno.

I erupted in laughter “What are you doing right now?!”. Suddenly she jerked my leashed hard toward her “Well, BITCH! You don’t have any weed, you just spent all your cash, so ass, cash, or grass, just leaves ass doesn’t it?! Now shut your whore mouth and suck my cock faggot!”. With that she unzipped her pants and jerked me by the leash toward her crotch.

I reached into her pants and pulled out the eight inch strap on, it was warm and soft and almost felt real. I started by tonguing and sucking the balls. The sensation the device sent into Shannon must have been more than she expected because she almost lost control of the car when she yelled “OH FUCK!”. I slowly made my way up the shaft toward the bulbous head. Shannon’s hand went from the leash to the back of my head. As I reached the tip I flicked my tongue seductively across it.

“YES! FUCK! Lick that cock faggot!” Shannon was dangerously in sexual delight as I pleasured her cock. “OH MY GOD DO IT! DO IT! JUST FUCKING DO IT! GIVE ME ROAD HEAD YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!” She screamed in need, but I knew what I was doing. escort kadıöy I teased the head of her cock, flicking my tongue across it, up and down the shaft but never fully putting it in my mouth. Shannon pulled the car into an alley and quickly put it in park.

She was ravenous. She aimed the cock around my teasing and the head entered my mouth with a “plop”. “Oh yes! YES! YES! YOU’RE SUCKING MY COCK! SUCK MY COCK BITCH!” Shannon then put both hands on the back of my head and pushed as hard as she could. The eight inch member thrust deep down into my throat as I gagged. I was about six inches down and resisting due to a natural gag reflex when Shannon lifted herself from the seat by putting her body weight on the back of my head. I choked and gagged as my nose pressed into her stomach.

Shannon was in bliss “YES! DO IT COCKSUCKER! YOU’RE A FUCKING COCKSUCKER NOW! BITCH! BITCH FUCKING FAGGOT!!” I began to work my mouth up and down the shaft and she released her killer grip on my head.

As I bobbed up and down, gagging myself, on her cock she began to push up to meet my actions and it was clear she was getting close. “DON’T STOP! DON’T FUCKING STOP BITCH! YOU SUCK MY COCK FAGGOT! YOU GAY FUCKING FAGGOT COCKSUCKER BITCH! FAGGOT! COC-COCK-COCKSUUUUUCCCCCKKKKEEEERRRR!!!!” with that she came and began to gyrate hard into my mouth. Some how the strap-on new and even shot a round of fake cum in my mouth.

As I lifted my mouth from her cock I reached across to put the window down so I could spit the cum out when she grabbed my face and kissed me deeply. The cum left my mouth for hers and she pulled away from the kiss before coming back into it and kissing the cum back into my mouth “I just took your mouth virginity now be a good little faggot and swallow my fucking cum.”. I looked her deeply in the eyes and did as I was told.

“YAAASSS!!! FUCK BABY! That was hot! You’re such a good cocksucker!” she cheered as she got the car moving again. Suddenly she was zigging in and out of traffic and driving like mad back to her apartment. “Get in the back.” Shannon ordered flatly. I did as I was told and she adjusted the rear view mirror for a better view of me. “The windows are tinted, strip bitch.” Her order was far more aggressive this time. I stripped except for my shoes which she wanted left on. She then reached back and handed me several packets, it was lube.

“Ok bitch, you’re going to get that ass well lubed up and then I’m walking you into the apartment in nothing but those shoes and your leash with a well lubed ass. The second we’re in the house I’m taking your faggot ass!” I was overwhelmed but compliant. I put my legs on the arm rests and made eye contact with Shannon through the rearview. I made sure she had a perfect view of my ass as I began to finger lube into my asshole. The lube had a warming sensation and my rock hard cock was bouncing with every bump in the road. I began using two fingers to glob lube into my ass and the sensation caused me to let out a moan.

“Fuck yeah! You love that don’t you faggot!” Shannon was an animal and I knew it meant my ass was about to get pounded. She pulled into the parking lot hard and didn’t even grab her purse before she flung open the back door and grabbed my leash.

Before I knew what was happening I was following behind her trying to keep up as I was drug naked and leashed through the thankfully empty lobby. The second the elevator doors closed Shannon yank me to my knees and pulled her cock out in one motion. “Suck my fucking cock faggot! Get on your knees and suck cock like the bitch you were born to be!” maltepe escort she screamed as she began to roughly fuck my mouth again. She had a vice grip on my head as she pounded her new cock past my lips and as far into my throat as possible. Suddenly the elevator slowed and dinged, and it wasn’t our floor. Shannon looked down out me with animalistic zeal as she continued taking my mouth “If somebody get on this elevator I’m standing you up and fucking your gay ass right in front of them!”.

I had never been this turned on. My ass now ached and I was as desperate as her to have that cock inside me. The idea of being naked, on a leash, and having a perfect stranger watch as the hottest woman in the world fucked my ass like a bitch was so exciting I almost came as the doors opened. Nobody was there.

Shannon laughed exasperatedly “You lucky little bitch.”. As the doors closed she yanked be back up to my feet and spun me around. She began to hump her cock between my ass cheeks as she yanked back on my leash “I’m going to rape this faggot ass you little bitch! I want this SOOOO fucking bad! You ready to get raped bitch?!”. As she continued to pump between my cheeks I wanted it desperately “Yeah I want you to rape my whore ass! Open me up like a bitch! I want you to pop my anal cherry then I want to get fucked by a man just to turn your perfect ass on!”.

The elevator doors opened and we both ran full tilt toward her apartment. As soon as we entered the door she pushed me over the couch and I reached back and spread my ass “Do it Shannon! Fuck me like a faggot! Rape me like a bitch!”. She slapped my ass as hard as she could and then grabbed my hips. I felt the head of her cock at my whole, I was so hard I was already about to cum.

Her breathing was heavy and she could barely speak, this was her biggest fantasy come to life. With that she pressed in and my well lubed ass gave no resistance as she slammed into the hilt. I let out a feminine “Uuuuugggghhhh!” as she took what was hers. Shannon responded with a breathy, barely audible but excited “FAGGOT!”.

She pulled out and slammed back in and I was on the verge of cumming. On the third thrust I pushed my ass back to meet her cock. “Oh fuck yes! That’s it fuck your ass on my hard cock you fucking bitch!” Shannon was obviously as close as I was and we both began fucking as hard as we possibly could.

“I’m making you suck a real cock! Men are gonna fuck you! You’re just a dirty little faggot! Say it bitch! Tell me you want real cock!” Shannon was screaming and pounding so hard the entire building had to hear.

I pushed back into her cock with everything I had “I want it! I want to get fucked by men! I want to be on my kneeeees like.. like a.. like a fucking FFFAAAGGGOOOTTT!!!” I couldn’t hold back any more and my cock erupted gallons of cum on Shannon’s couch. Hearing me scream faggot must have been too much for her too as she yelled “YYYEEESSS! FFFAAAGGGOOOTTT!!!” and her artificial cock fired the first shot of cum into my ass.

We pumped violently through our orgasms and then collapsed forward onto the couch. She slipped out of my ass with a loud plop and I suddenly felt empty. We both laid there panting in silence. She reached over and grabbed my hand and we both squeezed hard, which was the most either of us could muster.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a deep masculine voice. “Well I hope that wasn’t all talk. What do you guys think? Can that ass go another round or should I come back later?” it was Shannon’s neighbor, in our lust we never shut the door. He was 6’4 and had the body of a professional wrestler. Shannon had once lamented that he was straight because he was exactly the type she wanted to watch fuck me.

Shannon lifted her head and laughed “Get your ass in here and shut the fucking door. Give us a minute and I’ll have my sluts ass ready for that daddy dick!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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